Happy Birthday To The Man I Love Quotes

2023 Happy Birthday to the Man I Love Quotes

It’s another day, with boundless smiles. Another day, with that special person – the man of your dreams and that same man you love to the moon and back.

It’s the day you want are glad beyond words that heaven made an Angel in human form and sent on earth to meet you sometime in the future. And once the future came, he finally made his way into your heart and the stay has been beyond description.

Now, what about some happy birthday messages, wishes and quotes for the man you love?

Happy Birthday to the Man of My Dreams

You’ve been the best part of me that celebrating your birthday has been so much excitement for me. You have given so much to me that using a happy birthday to the man I love quotes is the least I could give for this day. Happy birthday to the man I love, the man of my dreams.

1. Each time this day comes round, I bless God for gifting you to your mother, I bless her for raising you right and I bless the day I met you. Happy birthday to the center of my soul.

2. We will not be here if today never came so it’s a day I worship. On this day your birthday, I reaffirm my love for you and pray that you will grow old in wealth and good health. Prosper on my love for the sky is but a takeoff point. Happy birthday.

3. The day I met you was the day I started living. Therefore, I don’t feel like it’s just your birthday because it feels like my birthday too.
You made everything right when all things were wrong and my prayer this day is that in this new year, everything will align in your favor.
Happy birthday, my man, my love.

4. May this new year bring to you all that is pure, all that is beautiful, all that is wonderful, all that is honorable. May you find peace in my love for you. I love you to pieces and happy birthday.

5. This new year will be a great year for you my love. For God will favor you on all sides. Happy birthday and I love you.

6. Happy birthday to the light of my life and my symbol of peace. Happy birthday to the man I love.

7. ‎As you go into the new year, everything will agree with you. Happy birthday my love.

8. ‎Flawless and so graceful. Magnificent and endearing shall your life be this new year. I love you and happy birthday.

9. ‎ On this new day, your birthday, I know the best I can give you is my love and I am promising again, that it shall always be yours and yours alone. Happy birthday.

10. ‎Each year we clock one more year, I always bless the Lord for gifting you to me. Happy birthday to the only man I love.

11. ‎Happy birthday to the pill to my headache and the massage to my weary bones. I love you so much, my man.

12. ‎Kisses and Love, prayers of blessings from me to you this new year. Happy birthday my love.

13. ‎This is to reassure you again that come what may, we are growing old together. Happy birthday my love.

14. ‎Happy birthday to the reason why I smile everyday. I love you.

15. ‎I met you on an ordinary day but that was the last ordinary day in my life. For with you, everyday is special and your birthday is the most special of them all. Happy birthday.

16. ‎You are the most precious thing in my life and on this day I pray God to bless me by making you the happiest man on earth. Happy birthday my love.

17. ‎May joy and gladness never depart from you, my love. Happy birthday.

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18. ‎As your love envelops my heart in a cocoon of peace, may you find complete peace and harmony this new year. Happy birthday my love.

19. ‎You make my heart race and my soul jump for joy. You excite me beyond happiness and on this day, I wish you the best of everything good and graceful. Happy birthday my love.

20. ‎This new year, I pray the Lord your life to sustain. Happy birthday my love.

21. ‎This new year, I am promising again that I will never let you go. Happy birthday my love.

22. ‎This new year, the peace of God shall reign supreme in our lives. Happy birthday my love.

23. ‎This new year, your success shall know no boundaries. Happy birthday my love.

24. ‎A man of great repute and a heart of gold is who you are and on this special day, may God bless you for me. Happy birthday my love.

25. ‎Waking up by your side is an everyday dream and I pray to keep doing it for yet a long time. Happy birthday my love.

26. ‎Sometimes I wonder if the world can’t see it or they are just not acknowledging that you are a superman. This makes me realize how lucky and blessed I am. Happy birthday to my superman. I love you.

27. ‎ This new year, like a cat you will walk up to your unsuspecting enemies, and like a Lion, you will tear them apart. For this is the year of your victory. Happy birthday my love.

28. ‎Honey to my tea, as you have sweetened my life, the Lord shall continually enrich your life. Happy birthday.

29. ‎To my strong and courageous love, I wish a happy birthday. May your strength never waver.

30. ‎From the depth of my heart, I wish you the best in all things and for all times. Happy birthday my love.

31. ‎Because you are in my heart, all is complete and I am contented. This new year, may the good Lord fill your life with good things that will make you feel contentment. Happy birthday my love.

32. ‎I am using this special day of yours to reaffirm my love for you. And I promise that in this new year of your life, I shall be nothing but a symbol of peace for you and to you. Happy birthday my love.

33. ‎As you have shined your love so bright into my heart, may the good Lord shine His peace so calm into your life this new year. Happy birthday my love.

34. ‎This new year, your oppressors shall be put to shame. Happy birthday my love.

35. ‎You will live long to enjoy the fruits of your labor as our children will grow to be your pride and strength. Happy birthday my love.

36. ‎My heart, My strength, My hope, My joy, My reason for everything I do, happy birthday my love.

37. ‎As we grow older, may our love wax stronger. Happy birthday my love.

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38. ‎I know how hard it was the previous year, but I also know the promise of the Father for the new year. So I am reminding you that He is still faithful that promised. And He will perfect all that is yours this new year. Happy birthday my love.

39. ‎ ‎As the wind blows the chaffs away so shall all your worries be blown away by the Lord this new year. Happy birthday my love.

40. As you go into this new year, know that my heart will always belong to you and I am wishing you the best of the bests among the bests of the bests. Happy birthday my love.

41. ‎All that was not right will be made perfectly okay this new year for you in Jesus name. Happy birthday my love.

42. ‎As you have curtain my life with your love, your life shall be coated with blessings this new year. Happy birthday my love.

43. ‎This new year, the Lord will set a table before you in the presence of your enemies and you shall neither lack nor want for anything in Jesus name. Happy birthday my heartthrob.

44. ‎This new year, you will rest easy all the time because the Lord has taken control. Happy birthday my love.

45. ‎You are the light in my life and you shall never go out in Jesus name. Happy birthday my love.

46. ‎This new year, whatever you lay your hands on shall prosper. Happy birthday my love.

47. ‎Arise and shine, for your light has come and the glory of the Lord is risen upon you this new year. Happy birthday my love.

48. ‎By faith, I have gathered all that is not useful in your life and I hurled them into the lagoon. By faith, I redecorate your life with goodness, mercy, favor, honor, peace and my love this new year. Happy birthday to my heartthrob.

49. ‎You shall live and not die, in good health and with sound mind. Happy birthday my love.

50. ‎ ‎Your going in and coming out this new year shall be marked with goodness and mercy. Happy birthday.

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