2024 Most Touching Letters to My Wife During Hard Times

Marriage itself is tough. Sometimes, love is never enough. It takes commitment to keep marriage on an even keel while many factors are vying to rock, tip or capsize the boat. Life unpredictability makes marriage tougher.

Romantic love either dies off or gets subdued when the reality of life sets in. Genuine love rules. Love that isn’t dependent on feelings, beautiful flowers, romantic dinners or unrealistic expectations.

When life happens, reality sets in. Hands become ungloved. Relationship becomes tested, patience us stretched to limit, loyalty is tried and so many other things are put on scale.

Life happens. Husband loses uber job or contracts, or business empire crumbles. Wife is going through extremely challenging situation at work. Crises upon crises, difficulties set in. There’s trouble in Paradise: marriage isn’t for the fainthearted.

Money problems, tensions, bills pile up, urgent need begging for attention, debts rolling in by the dozens. It’s not all a dismal picture. Women are emotional creature: their love is enduring and mountain moving. Women are resourceful: appeal to their finer nature and they will gallantly rise up to the challenge.

To get your woman on your side, reach out to the core of being. She’s the angel whose love will tide you over the rough waters. She may be scared of the unknown or terrified by the onslaught of problems; when all is said and done, and the cloud settles, she’ll come through for you.

So, things are unbearably tough now or about to be; calm your wife’s frayed nerves with the strength of your love. The immediate future somehow looks bleak, calm her fears and infuse hope in her. Bare your heart and watch your moth transform into butterfly.

It’s not a time to be divided or uncertain. Hard times call for concerted teamwork. For a man to concentrate on honing his surviving and breakthrough instinct, the home front must be fortified.

It’s time to write that touching letter to the wife of your youth, your heartthrob, sweetheart, your very heartbeat. Want to be a massive encouragement to your wife as she toughs it out at work? Perhaps, you want to appreciate your wife for being an angel? Did she overwhelm you with love and support?

Plan on reaching out to be a massive support to you in times of hardship? Do you have so much to say to your beloved but you don’t know how to say it? Stress yourself no further. We have enough for you to choose from. Here we go:

Long Paragraphs to My Wife When Things Are Hard

Keep your wife’s hope high when things are on their lowest ebbs. Keep her up towards the brighter side with these most touching love letters to your wife during hard times. Best of love paragraphs to my wife during hard times.

1. Life is full of ups and downs; twists and turns; good times and bad times; awesome moments and terrible moments. Without the uncertainties that life offers at the most seemingly certain times, life would be routinely boring, unchallenging, and unstimulating.
Tough times are hard, unbearable, cumbersome, devastating and overwhelming. Tough times are unpalatable and daunting. It provides a platform for showcasing the survival of the fittest. Such challenges come suddenly (with little or no warning), and unbidden. They hit hard, right below the belt.
Thank you for being my helpmeet. My darling wife, I appreciate your relentless support, constant encouragement and prayers. Without you, I wouldn’t have just collapsed; I’d have simply ceased to be. You are my heroine!

2. We’ve been through so many tough times together and weathered the storm as a team. This particular storm rages with the express purpose of swallowing us up. That I’m still standing, though shaken, is only because you are always there for me. Through thick and thin, you are my buddy, warrior and pillar of strength. I love you to bits, my angel. You mean the world to me. You are the reason behind my holding up. I know our breakthrough is around the corner. Have faith, sweetie.

3. Tough times never last, only tough people do.
I thought I was tough enough to tackle any obstacle in my way, until one that was way too deep for me almost choke me. I’d have been tossed; literarily become history, but for you. You are the glimmer of hope that keeps beckoning me to breakthrough. You are the voice of love, truth and hope that keeps pushing me to victory. You inspire hope in me when all I want to do is to quit. I’m now so determined to be the next success story because you wrote the script and imprinted the manuscript… in my heart. Thank you, angel. I love you.

4. Life could be hard all by itself, with no help from anyone. Life could be exceptionally lonely and hard when you have no kindred spirit to share it with. Standing alone is hard enough; life is totally horrible when you are down and there’s no one to lift you up. You are a godsent my dearest wife. Thank you for believing in me. Thank you for taking care of all the important things, while I focus on the big deals. Thank you for freeing me from the shackles of debts, restraints of bills and overwhelming needs; just so I can face the challenges head-on. I have no word to qualify you; you rock, sweetie. I adore you so.

5. This too shall pass.
Storms of life have proved to be our destiny builders. Our past struggles only succeeded in building our strength while harnessing our gifts and drawing out talents/abilities hitherto unknown. Dearest wife, we’ve been through so much in the past and we came out triumphant.
This present storm, frightening though it is, will surely pass too. We are too tough, stubborn and unbeatable to go down. Hold on, my love. Our story will soon change for good.

6. There’s hope yet. Only believe.
I know you are wary, weary and scared. I know you are at the end of your tether; but, hang in there a while longer. Help is on the way: God never fails. The darkest hour is just before the dawn; our breakthrough is sure.
You’ve been my constant helpmeet and unrelenting support system. Your love and prayers are working for the changes we so desired and hoped for. Believe me, sweetie; things are about to change for us for good. Only believe.

7. Thank you for being there.
When the ride became rough, tough and bumpy; your love and presence became my anchor. I couldn’t have faced my worst fears and conquered without you in my life. I couldn’t have picked up the pieces of my shattered career and broken dreams, without you cheering me on. I wouldn’t have had the courage to pick myself up from the dust of failure and defeat, without your unshaken belief in me. You light up my world with the brilliance of your glory. I love you, dearest wife. Thank you for being there, always!

8. Nothing last forever
Every problem has an expiry date
It may be hidden to man; it may seem totally impossible; it may be long or short in duration. However long it takes, nothing last forever; our challenges inclusive.
Have no fear, darling wife. Do not be discouraged; rather, keep your hope alive.

9. When life throws lemons at you, make lemonades
Life is never fair. Bad things happen to good people. The best of plans go awry, for no reason. Ironclad plans crumble fall no reasons and things fall apart, the centre cannot hold. Whatever life brings away, we’ll make the best of the situations. Darling wife, we’ll be that unbeatable team that overcomes. We’ll turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones, triumph over trials and troubles and make sweet lemonades out of the bitter lemons life throws at us. Let’s do it!

10. Yes, we can!
We may not have control over the stormy turbulence of life, but we can turn the tide to our favour. We may be powerless to influence how each day plays out entirely, but we can control our attitude and determine the altitude we aim at. Troubles aim at rendering us helpless, but the onus is on us to prove our inner strength that refuses to be overpowered. The battle of life is ours to win, sweetie. Yes, we just can!

11. Dependable support system
An adage that says one knows one’s true friends only in times of trouble, couldn’t be truer. Trouble came calling, friends grew emergency wings to fly out of rich. Which is more devastating: trouble and its attendant problems or fair weather friends that became unveiled? I’m eternally grateful that I found friendship and love as a double package in you, my sweetheart. You are my sole support system through which I get the strength to survive and bounce back.

12. You are true to your vows. In good and bad times, you stood solidly by me. You overreached yourself to be there for me. You pampered and showered love on me. Your love more than made up for the absence of friends that have turned out to be enemies. I draw strength from your love to overcome every obstacle. That is our support system. You are my reality; I love you, babe!

13. Truly, love changes the world. Love heals, strengthens and restores. Darling wife, your love, faith and hope is so infectious that I’m motivated to pick myself up from the mire of despair life threw me into, and start all over again. The process of recovery may be long and slow, but I’m committed to doing you proud. Love wins!

12. Do not be discouraged, my beautiful wife. After a heavy downpour, the cloud clears to reveal the beauty of the sunshine in its glory. This hard times shall surely end and our breakthrough will come. We are living witnesses of waiting it through, while we pray, brainstorm ideas, work hard and do our part. It’ll surely end in praise.

13. My darling wife, thank you for being my lifeline and support. I couldn’t have faced this challenge without you. Keep on praying, our story is about to change for good.

14. “The price of inaction is greater than the cost of making a mistake “. Nothing ventured nothing gained; for life itself is a risk. For this, I have no regret whatsoever that I took the risk of investing heavily in that business. But for the fickle hand of fate that turned the tide against me. I’ve learnt a lesson or two. Your support means so much to me. I’m confident we’ll bounce back in no time at all.

15. I will not take the counsel of my fears or validate intrusive clanging of my discouragement. I draw strength from your love, help and understanding. Self-pity party is over, wifey. It’s time for a comeback in grand style. Let’s do it, sweetie!

16. A woman’s worth is tested and proved in times of adversity. You’ve proved to be invaluable, priceless and exceptional. You are a rare breed; a woman of substance. The Sun’s brightness is peeking through the gloom already. The waiting through the storm is over! I appreciate you, my Jewel.

17. You are an uncommon breed, my superwoman; I adore you so! Without you, there’s no functional me. All my senses, being, intelligence and hardcore go-getting antenna comes alive with the trigger of your love, support and constant encouragement keeps the fire of determination within me. The will to rise again and do better. I promise to do you proud.

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18. You are a rare gem, sweetie. Hardworking, dedicated and support; That’s my girl. Thank you for being a pillar; I do not take it for granted. I assure you I will do my best to get us back on track.

19. True love is revealed in the day of disaster. Anyone can love someone when everything is fine and blooming. Anyone can grudgingly stick to her partner while giving off terrible vibes. Some women will start well but leave the husband high and dry, halfway through. My lovely wife, you are one of a kind. Thank you for throwing your lot with me till the very end. Our breakthrough is beckoning.

20. You are a star that outshines other stars in the sky. In the darkest night, your light refuses to be swallowed by the gloom of the sky; rather, it glows and shines unabated. The collapse of my business empire left you undaunted, unshaken, and unchanged. Our dire circumstances brought out your inner strength and ability that gave me hope of rising again. Yes, my darling wife; we’ll rise again, better and stronger!

21. Now I know, no one is an island. You are a woman of quiet strength and resilience. I appreciate the confidence you exude in the face of so many problems. You are always upbeat despite the challenges. You are a treasure in every facet of life. You are my anchor, thank you, Beauty. The least of our future glory will outshine the best of our past.

22. Sometimes, one never know the value of a thing until it is irretrievably lost. I’m thankful I didn’t pay the ultimate price of such foolishness. I’ve always known you are special, valued and treated you like a priceless gem. Now, I realise that I haven’t even scratched the surface. Thank you for sticking with me through thick and thin of life’s vagaries. You are awesome.

23. Your love and unflinching support, I do not take lightly, my sweet wife. It’s the only straw I’m desperately holding on to, for survival and recovery. You are awesome, my angel! Thank you for not giving up on me. Help is on the way.

24. Dearest soulmate, it may be extremely dark now; but your love and faith do not permit me to grasp the enormity of its gross darkness. I know that even the darkest night comes to an end, no matter how long the night is. Dawn will surely break. With it, the shadows of darkness fade completely, giving in to the brightness of the day as the sun shines beautifully. Our breakthrough is as sure as the dawn, darling wife.

25. Dearest wife, no one deliberately invites trouble unto his own head, except a fool. Foolishness isn’t in my DNA, as such, I never went all out to court disaster. Neither did you. Trouble struck like lightning; sweeping us off our feet like the eye of a tornado. We are shaken, but not swallowed. Frustrated, but undaunted. Stripped, but hopeful. Our hope won’t be put to shame as we put our trust in the Lord.

26. My dear wife, life is unpredictable. Whatever the tides are; we can build wonderful memories. Our situation doesn’t define us; rather, we give definition to each situation. It’s our prerogative and choice to build wonderful memories from them. We are a winning team, let do it

27. My beautiful Queen, thank you for believing in me. Thank you for lending a hand with a strong grip to lift me up, when I was down. I appreciate it when you patiently listen to my rambling and venting. Thank you for sticking around when others took to their heels. I love you.

28. We ventured on a trip of no return. Destination: Paradise. Duration: forever. But then, tragedy struck; disaster loomed. Trouble came calling in Paradise long before we ducked. The boat would have capsized and I’d have drowned but for your lifeline, as you refused to abandon me. You are an amazing woman, I love you more than ever. There’s treasure where we docked.

29. Life isn’t a bed of roses; but, I’m glad we bonded strongly all through the hard times that confronted us. You understand me completely and gave me freedom and space to work things out. With you by my side, the shadows of the dark becomes less scary. With you, recovery and overtaking process is way shorter. I love you, darling wife.

30. It’s at a time like this that I feel extremely blessed that you aren’t just my friend, you are also my wife. No matter what life dish out, I can always count on you being in my corner. You are a wife in a millions! This gives the confidence to say, ‘this horrifying trouble’s days’ are numbered. We will come out, stronger and better together.

31. I know you are having a hard time at your place of work. I understand the stress you are going through every day and I can see it’s taking its toll on you. I refrain from advising you, just so I can put my arms around you in a bear hug. You have me in your corner, no matter the seriousness of the problem. Have no fear, I love you. I also know that it’ll blow away soon enough if you’ll keep your head. You are a champion.

32. Honestly, I wish I can help; but as it is a work-related problem completely beyond my reach, I feel helpless. I believe you can handle this; I know you can. Every problem has a solution. I pray the solution to this will come to you as you meditate, pray and critically analyse the case. Yes, you can! I love you, darling wife.

33. That your company is downsizing doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be one of those involved. You are very good at your job, so nothing to fear. If by chance it happens, then it’s okay still. You a real pro; a potential hot cake multinational companies would love to have. Either way, it’s a win-win situation. Cheer up, my love!

34. Please, keep your calm. I know you are innocent of the allegations levied against you. Allow the company to do their due diligence. Truth will surely prevail. You’ll be vindicated and compensated. Give up the worry, sweetie. I’m right here for you, all the way!

35. When you feel too overwhelmed to handle even a simple task, drop everything; just lie down and take a nap, listen to music, read if you can, whatever that catches your fancy. I’ll take care of everything when I return home. Don’t be too hard on yourself, sweetie. What you are going through is understandably devastating. Give yourself time to recover. I love you lots!

36. This is obviously a conspiracy to boot you out of work. The evidence slammed against you of gross negligence, is too damning to wriggle out of when colleagues and supervisor who knew the truth are the very ones confronting you with the lie. Take the suspension like a soldier. Such toxic environment could be destructive in the long run. One day, the truth will spill out and you’ll be vindicated. Envy is a monster. I love you, babe.

37. The bottom has just fallen out of my world, darling wife. When I thought things couldn’t get any worse, they took a turn for the worst. I feel distraught, my wife. I can only survive this by the reassurances that I can always count on your love, support and hug.

38. Right now, I’m at a very low ebb. I feel like I’m drowning in a deep ocean with no one to rescue. My voice is hoarse from crying, just because I’m tired of acting strong like a man when all I wanted to do is go bawl out like a baby. Things are so hard that I feel like calling it quits, altogether. I nip such thought in the bud because there’s no way I’d leave you, my darling wife and children stranded. Pray for me, will you?

39. There’s trouble in Paradise; I can’t put up with the pretense of make-believe perfect life, anymore. I can’t keep on borrowing to keep up appearance. The illusion of grandiose is no more sustainable and I feel choked by the staggering amount of debts incurred. My business has collapsed. Savings and credit lines have since been exhausted. The banks are after me, loan sharks are bearing down on me, while others being owed huge sums are threatening legal action. This is an SOS, dear wife. An anguished cry for help.

40. I’m at my wit’s end, wifey. Every attempt I made to get us out of this financial quagmire, seems to escalate matters further. I need help; lots of reassurances that things will be okay soon enough; loads of hugs overwhelming TLC, and tons of miracles. I know I can count on you, darling.

41. Life may be tough right now, but we are tougher. Things may be extremely hard, but we are made of sterner stuff. We may be down, but not out. My dearest wife, whatever comes our way, be certain of this: we shall overcome.

42. I’m not the richest man on earth, but you chose me. I’m not the bravest, toughest and smartest being you’ve come across with. I’m just the man who loves you so much he’d put his own life in the line to make life comfortable for you. Please, be with me, darling wife.

43. You deserve an award for loving me, marrying me and putting up with my shenanigans. I’m not the easiest person to live with, but you know you mean the world to me. Life is tough right now: let me reassure you that I’ll do everything within my reach to take care of you till things change for good. You are my life, sweetheart.

44. There’s no denying the fact that things are going downhill at an alarming rate, these days. Things are so terrible at the moment that even feeding is getting to be a major problem. Everything is so tensed that we live like cats and mouse. Best of friends almost strangers under the same roof? I can’t stand this, sweetie. Let’s not allow our daily challenges tear us apart. Rather, let the power of our love be harnessed to overcome the hurdles. Please?

45. Love conquers all battles. My beautiful wife, tearing at each other for no reason is literally tearing me apart. Nothing in this whole world should tear us apart as long as we love each other and we are committed to building each other up. This difficult times would surely cease one day and things will come to an end; what then became of us and our enviable love story?

46. Right now, I’m so fed up with the reality of the mess we are in, that I crave an escape. I need you, babe. Your smothering love, listening ears, understanding heart, companionable silence and more love. Truckload of it.

47. The road to greatness is bumpy at best. Without difficulty, climbing mountains to the peak would be achievable even by the fainthearted. Success and wealth are for the diligent who overcome barriers without quitting. My lovely wife, our trouble is but momentary. The end is success unlimited. Hang on, my dear. It will end in praise.

48. When you aim for the stars, you set your focus and aim high. When you aim for the moon, you raise your stake higher. We are destined for greatness; the challenges we face daily are the prerequisite experience we need hands on to manage the level of success we so desire. My darling wife, we can do this together. Your love and support mean the world to me.

49. If you could, you’d have offered me the whole world on a platter of gold; this I know, dearie. If you’d the power, you’d solve all my problems on the spot and clear away my worry lines with your beautiful smiles and remove the pain from my eyes. You are such an amazing wife, and I appreciate you. Just know I cherish your efforts. Thank you for being my reason for smiling.

50. The mission is to surmount every impediment to breakthrough. The goal is to be accomplished, successful and super rich. The strategy is to overcome, prevail and triumph over all difficulties in our way. Darling, backing down isn’t an option. Advance, resist and win, is the order.

51. You make me laugh. Sometimes, I forget that I’m carrying the burden of the whole world on my head…just because you care. Don’t you think you aren’t doing enough, my dearest wife? When things turn around for us; your love and tenacity in putting me in the right frame, played a huge role.

52. You are my heartbeat, my sweet life. If I could, I would spare you the agony this crisis has brought into our lives. I wouldn’t hurt you for anything in this world. Things are rather confusing at the moment, but the beauty of it is our brainstorming ideas sessions. We cry, we laugh and do everything in between… together. You are amazing!

53. If you are ever tempted to opt out; no one would be more understanding than I. If the urge to leave this unpalatable situation is so strong that you’re fighting a losing battle with it; do whatever you can to retain your sanity. I love you, my wife. You’ve been through so much with me with unfaltering devotion. I appreciate all you do and mean to me. I’m also confident that leaving me in the lurch isn’t what you’d take lightly. You are my heroine.

54. My love, you are the centre of my universe. You are the reason my world remains stable despite the financial earthquake crises and its attendant shattering implications on our family. Temptations of varying magnitude, trials in different proportion and tribulations upon tribal; reminiscent of the proverbial ” one day, one trouble “. Through all this, I draw solace, courage and strength from your love, calmness and faith. I know we’ll be fine, sooner rather than later.

55. It’s no news that we’ve through the wringers. You have been supportive and strong. When my strength deserts me, I lean on you. You are the definition of superwoman, super wife, supermom and superhero. You’ve done so much that I’m imploring you take a break, lest you have breakdown. You deserve this and more.

56. No man has been so truly and thoroughly loved as you love me, in and out of season. I appreciate you more than you’ll ever know. I love you much more. We’ve gone through a lot together; the good, the bad and the ugly. Laughing, crying, dreaming and sharing. The sun has risen in the horizon; our hope is alive.

57. When the chips are down, I’m left with absolutely nothing but your love. Such love! The intensity of which dazzles so much that it blinds my eyes to the many travails that besiege. Such love! Fiercely protective, encouraging, warm and so so sweet, that it momentarily takes away the brunt of the pain of hardship. Such love! It inspires hope and gives me the courage to face each day headlong, with determination to come out, triumphant. You are my everyday crush and heroine, my awesome wife!

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58. Real love is proved not by length of time, but by time and tide. Adversity is the real test of love. My beautiful darling, you loved me without holding back in times of surplus. It’s also a fact that you love me generously and unreservedly in lean times. You mean the world to me; you are worth your weight in the rarest of gold. I love you. Thank you….for everything.

59. “Life is the sum of choices made”. I chose you, dearest wife, and I chose the best. If I had the chance, I’d pick you again as the reigning Queen of my heart. You are my life, my choice. Thank you for standing up for me, standing with me and standing against every problem confronting me. You rock!

60. My sweetheart, please don’t be discouraged. Have no fear, everything will be alright. Never doubt the fact we are coming out of this hardship, triumphant. We are a team, willing to work our way out. Our success isn’t up to the fickle finger of Fate or elusive Luck. We’ll create our own luck. For luck isn’t by chance, it’s by toiling. Fortune’s expensive smile is earned.

61. In achieving one’s goal, lifetime opportunities must be fully exploited. This comes with taking calculated risks or following one’s instinct. There’s never a guaranty; you lose some and win some. This particular loss is devastating. I couldn’t have coped with your unflinching support. Thank you for being there, my gem.

62. It’s okay to feel devastated by colossal loss. When something hits you below the belt, it tends to take the winds out of your sail. We’ve cried enough, darling. Thank goodness, there’s no blame game; still, pity party is over. Let’s take back the reins of our affairs to move forward. The price of inaction is far greater and more expensive than the cost of mistakes. We can do this, my smart wife. Yes, we can!

63. Failure to act is a grand slam failure. Acting without considering and weighing options, is being set up for failure. Excuses and regrets are failure’s best buddies. Despair and discouragement are failure’s recruiting agents. My dearest wife, why sit we here till we perish? Let’s give success as many good shots as possible. Hard times are only wake up calls to greater achievements. We can handle this; shall we?

64. Now that we have navigated through the eye of the storm; resting for reflection and mediation, is good. Sitting on our oars, isn’t. If we don’t paddle our own canoe, we won’t move. My sweetheart, our destiny is in our hands; let’s move on already.

65. Failure breeds fear. Huge loss takes a big chunk of one’s confidence, belittles one’s abilities, and mocks one’s sense of judgement. Fear is false evidence appearing real. Feel the fear, if you must, my darling wife, but let’s do the things we fear, anyway. Success is a process that needs some measure of failure to make it outstanding.

66. Life’s hard. Life is also unfair. It is prone to unpredictability. Being alive, staying alive and well involves real struggles. Some we win, some we lose, while others come with compromises. My wife, we may be down today; but, we’ll rise again. Our breakthrough chance is 100%, as long as we have the spark. That, we do! Heads we win, tails we succeed.

67. Sometimes, no matter how hard one’s efforts is, it’s never enough. Giving up isn’t an option subject to consideration. Every effort counts; it’s just a matter of time to see the result. My dearest wife, I know things are terribly tough now, but hold on. Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.

68. No one enjoys tough times or finds pleasure in difficulties, sweetie. Even a sadist finds pleasure only in the pains inflicted on others. Being a fighter means never giving in to despair, for failure is never final. It’s only final when one admits defeat. Our own destiny offers not the cup of despair, but the beautiful chalice of opportunities.

69. The longest day has an end, my love. Our travail may be unbearable, but, it will surely come to an end.

70. He that’s down, has nothing to fear anymore. If we open our eyes wide enough, we’ll see opportunities everywhere. If it doesn’t come to us, it’s for us to seek it. Why be afraid? Sometimes, my Cherry pie, our whole life’s turning point points out to one’s insane move. Let’s do it! Catch the wind if you can, my love.

71. Darling wife, if we get paralysed by fear of failure, we’ll never push ourselves beyond the limit it sets. If we go the extra mile, we’ll get the bonus.

72. You are one of a kind, my love! You knew exactly what to do to snap me out of my catatonic state. You goaded me into action. You knew the precise button to press to work the magic. Anger can be constructively employed if so used wisely. Life was undeniably harsh to me, but it gave me a precious gift to me when I married you. You were tough to be kind. I have the will to fight my way out of this.

73. Together with you, is a lifetime of fun, my sweetie. You are my good luck charm; with you, a desert soon becomes a forest teeming with life. This difficulty? It won’t last! We’ll get past this, as we did other past issues in our marital journey. You mean everything to me!

74. I don’t know how you put up with me without getting your dander up. You remain unruffled in the face of extremely hard time. You are a rare gem, an uncommon breed and a value adder! You are an unrepentant optimist; you hardly stop until others are infected with your positive spirit. I appreciate you, band. You are a champion! I’m hooked!

75. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me, in my entire life. You are committed, faithful and dedicated. Thank you for your single mindedness of purpose in seeking solutions to our problems. You are a superwoman, I adore you!

76. You are a great woman, and you’ve proved your worth over and over again. In times of surplus, you are prudent and moderate. In lean times, you are smart, industrious, and resourceful. I admire you a great deal. I appreciate your efforts in making life as comfortable as you can, for the children and I. In so doing, you give me leave to focus on rebounding, being free from the encumbrance of vital little details like the family wellbeing and bills. Thank you, my beautiful angel.

77. Words deserted me! I’m shocked to my bones! How did I get so blessed? You are God’s special gift to me: an angel of hope. Disaster struck without warning; goods became worthless, capital perished, savings got gulped down by quicksand and bank loans shark are moving in for the kill. Nowhere to run to, for help. Rejection on every side. Close doors everywhere, until help came for me from totally unexpected quarters: my wife. Such huge some for a temporary bailout! You just saved my life. This, I won’t forget in a hurry. Thank you, my love.

78. Nothing is adding up; everything is going awry. Suddenly, the light of every party has become a pariah to everyone. Friends are now confirmed enemies. Acquaintances became strangers. What a life! If everyone treats me as persona non grata because of my sudden misfortune, then I never had friends. You are my succour, darling wife. You embrace, encourage, respect and support me with every resource available. You are extraordinarily awesome, sweetie!

79. You are consistently inspiringly, encouragingly amazing, my heartthrob. You are my prayer warrior, gist partner, friend and lover. You are heaven’s perfect gift to me: I adore you. Times and find tide couldn’t change you; you stayed true to your sweet nature. Thank you for being my pillar while everything around me crumbled. I love you, my dear.

80. You aren’t a conformist: you always stand out from the crowd. All hell is usually let loose at the home front when a man’s source of livelihood gets snatched out of rich. With the collapse of the business empire, love and respect disappears or gets challenged. You, my wife honoured me and cared for me. You catered to my every whim; while actively seeking a way out with me. Indeed, you’ve won my heart over and over again. I’m hooked, for life. Thank you!

81. Thank you, wifey, for your amazing insight and contribution. You are incredibly smart! The solutions you proffered will definitely be my next line of action. You are my bright spot in a dark tunnel; the rainbow after a heavy downpour. You sparked hope in me; your support and encouragement mean the world to me. Thank you, sweetie buns!

82. A better wife than you is an illusion: you’re the real deal! I was shattered by my problems, you comforted, encouraged and motivated me to be the fearless warrior that confronts difficulties headlong, without fleeing. With you by my side, the battle is won already. I love you.

83. I’m not sure I deserve this level of loyalty from you, but I’m amazed! Dazed, even. I’ve wronged you in many ways that hurt. I’ve been negligent, insensitive and uncaring towards you. I was so busy making money, feeling fly and important, that I treated my treasure like trash. The bottom has fallen out of my world and I’m left with nothing and no one, except you. It’s payback time, but I got love, kindness, support and help in return. I’m shaken! Forgive me, my Treasure. Your repentant husband has learnt his lessons the hard way. I promise to be the man of your dreams, henceforth.

84. It’s really amazing! The apple of discord in the lives of others is the bond that kept our family glued together. Everyone is clingy, needy and holding on to one another for support. Our difficult situation didn’t send us in different directions. Rather, it brought us together… because of your uniqueness, response and actions. You deserve an award for being the best wife and mother ever!

85. I’m sorry, darling wife, for taking out my frustrations on you. You didn’t deserve that when you were only trying to help. Forgive me, will you? I’m a broken man, right now. I need you now, more than ever. You are my lifeline.

86. I’m not proud of my part in the shouting match and ranting we both unrestrainedly indulged in. I was really harsh and lashing out at you. The tension got to me, I guess. I’m so sorry for hurling those horrible words at you. I wish I could wish my problems away. I need my loving, caring, cheerful and supportive wife back. Truce?

87. I may be broke, but my heart is rich in love for you. My savings may disappear this very minute, but I’m sticking around. I may be temporarily out of work, but I’ll make myself available in every way that will make life easier for you and the kids. I’m down, but not out. I’ll ensure this temporary setback pave way for better job and more meaningful family life. Trust me, babe.

88. Bear with me, my sweetheart. Things will be tough for sometime
We’ll have to cut down our budgets and overstretch our little resources. We might have to do without a lot of things: but I promise you, I’ll do my very best to get us out of this predicament, as soon as possible. I know I can always count on your love, cooperation and support. Thank you, wifey.

89. Being broke is as alien as snowfall on a raining day in Nigeria. Being flat out broke is as strange as snowflakes on a sunny day in the blistering heat, in Nigeria. Still, it’s a fact. I am dead broke. Savings: gone. Investments: liquidated. Real estate: listed. How much lower can one sink, my wife? Life is going to be terribly different for a while. I need all the love, support and reassurances I can get from you, right now.

90. We were indescribably happy when we had more than enough to support a great lifestyle. Now, things has fallen apart, the centre is not holding zilch. I’m shattered, but I’m hopeful. I have a strong conviction that things will turn around. I have all it takes to work way up again, and God’s abundant grace. I’m ready to keep that smile on your face, even without the comfort of wealth. Darling wife, the card is all laid on the table if you are still with me on this journey.

91. Things may be hard for a while, dear wife, but not to worry. I’ll do my utmost best we don’t lack for the basic things. This, I promise. I know I have your support; let’s move on already.

92. Behind every success story, are endless toils, untold hardships, uncountable rejections, struggles and failures. An overnight sudden success story conceals much. Darling wife, it’s time to act out our own script. Sooner or later, the world will watch, read or hear about us and marvel. Let’s do it, sweetie!

93. Life is in phases, full of seasons. We’ve enjoyed the season of love, fun, abundance and extravagance. This is a new season; uncharted waters. A season of tests and trials. Difficulties and hardship that will bring out our strength and build us up where we are weak. This trying season too shall end, but our love shall remain firm and strong. You are my heartbeat, dearest. We’ll stick it through.

94. Nothing last forever. Seasons come and go. Every season has a duration. The good news, my gem, is that no matter how long or tough this season of hardship seems, it’ll surely come to an end. Don’t fret, sweetie. It’ll surely end in praises!

95. Oh, dearest, what makes you think I don’t understand or appreciate your greatest fear? Fear of the unknown? Fear of an onslaught of hardship with no visible relief? I do not have all the answers, but I assure you, we’ll push and conquer this problem together. Whatever betides, we’ll remain undivided and inseparable.

96. The wind of hardship just blew our way. It can sweep us off our feet and throw us where fate deems. Or we can stick together, combine forces and away to its movement, like music, while firmly staying true to our desired direction. The odds stacked against us can’t beat the power of our love, unity and strength.

97. My sweetie pie, you are the love of my life. I adore you so! I ought to be scared and shaken by our present predicament, but with a wife like you, I can’t help but be upbeat in the face of such adversity. Great news! We are tougher than our challenges! I love you, Honey!

98. We can choose to count our blessings or decide to lick/nurse our wounds while recounting unpalatable tales of our woes. We can live in the past, revelling in its glory, denying the harsh reality of the present hardship. Our blessings are many: we are alive, we are in love, we have sound health working towards a sound mind, we have God and the innate ability to breakthrough. Aren’t we blessed, my wife?

99. We didn’t choose this problem; it chose us. Raving and ranting are positive waste of energy. Hope in the midst of utter despair, is our friend. Hope will point us to the direction of light, while gloom will see darkness when blinded with light. Babe, we can beat this with patience and hope.

100. Whatever betides, my beautiful angel, it is well with our souls. What we pass through from now till daybreak won’t define us, but shape us for greater glory. Still, it is well.

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