Sweet Friendship Messages from the Heart

2023 Sweet Friendship Messages from the Heart

Nothing is too small or too big to give to a friend. What is most important is the value of what is given.

Most times, material things don’t always have that much value especially if it does not come from someone of much value to you.

Friendship is the most beautiful ship in the world and the most valuable of all relationships and words are invaluable to human existence.

Why don’t you read on and find the best messages to send to that friend to make your friendship sweeter.

Cute Friendship Text Messages from the Heart

Sweetest friendship sms for friends from the heart.

1. You are heartwarming and reviving. I love to love you, my friend.

2. I celebrate you every day; the greatness in you, the lives you touch, and the joy that my friendship with you brings to my life.

3. Look how wonderful my life has become with you in it.

4. Hello, girlfriend, you bring sweetness to my life. You know you are the best, right?

5. You are the break I needed through life. Thank you for finding me when you did.

6. You are one person but just one word is not enough to describe your awesomeness.

7. Thank you for coming into my life to stay. I never want to let you go because you are my best friend.

8. My life would have been tasteless without you. Thank you for coming to spice it up.

9. You, my friend, are sweet to my life like early morning sleep. I would never feel healthy and active enough if I didn’t have you.

10. Your friendship is refreshing like cold water on a sunny and hot afternoon.

11. For making me feel like the most important person in the world, you are my most important person

12. Just to let you know that you are my most valuable person – MVP.
Thanks for being my best friend.

13. May you know more sweetness than you have brought to my life.

14. Hello sweets. Just checking to see that you are alright.

15. Doing life and sharing remarkable moments with you is what I will remain grateful for.

16. Being the most honest person, you are the most precious gift that I got from God. Thanks for being my friend.

17. Thank you for encouraging me even when I don’t have any excuse to be discouraged in the first place.

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18. My heart is full of gratitude for bringing a friend in your person to me.

19. I cannot pay you for always being my helper in times of need. God will raise helpers for you in your time of need.

20. My life is beautiful. It can never get ugly with you in it. You are too sweet for that to happen.

21. In our friendship, excuses are nonexistent and that is because of you.

22. Sweet heart, sweet face, sweet smile equals to the sweetest friend ever.

23. Hello sweet friend, this is to let you know that I am here, I care and will always be.

24. You have remained sweet and beautiful even with the separation and distance between us.

25. Thank you for staying true to what you profess. Thanks for being my sweetest friend.

26. Life is only for a lifetime; friendships are forever. I love you, my forever friend.

27. I don’t do cliques, but you my friend are like my shadow and with you, I have understood what real friendship is.

28. I can’t find words enough to express all the beautiful emotions that this friendship brings.

29. Everything has an end but our friendship has no end.

30. Yes, have been a better friend than I expected.

31. I go all mushy anytime you express your barest self to me without being ashamed.

32. You are the most real person alive. I love you just as you are.

33. The only one who can calm me down when I freak out.

34. The more I hate being so dependent on someone, the more I love that you are the best friend that I have and I can depend on you.

35. For being my biggest cheerleader, I will remain your biggest fan.

36. I love that I am your friend but I love you more.

37. I don’t know how you make it so easy for me, but I love you.

38. The parents we have, God chose. The friends we have, we choose but not without God designing them for us.

39. Beautiful friendships are made of beautiful people. You [my friend] are the most beautiful of all, that’s why we have the most beautiful friendship.

40. I know you are crazy but I love your crazy because I’m crazier than you and you love me.

41. Friends are always there for each other. You, [my friend] are always there for me. That’s why you are the sweetest friend ever.

42. Even though we don’t look so alike on the outside, we are so much alike on the inside.

43. Your presence in my life has made me see every good thing in my life as a miracle. You, my friend are the miracle.

44. My life will be boring without you. You bring out the zestier part of me.

45. I feel your prayers in my every day like only a sweet friendship brings.

46. Awesome and sweet are two words that I use to describe you: only you are more.

47. When life hits hard and I have reasons to complain, you come to mind and I find myself smiling when I realize that you are more than one reason to be grateful.

48. Life’s journey is meant to be embarked alone but a companion is needed. You, my friend, are not just a companion, you are the reason why I have not ended mine halfway.

49. My life is beautiful because of our friendship. My life is beautiful because of you in it. Our friendship is beautiful and so are you.

50. Your love is nothing less than incredible. I love you too dear friend.

51. You lavish your love on me. All you have done and continued to do, I’m grateful.

52. I love that you love me, and share your life with me. You are my best friend and I need no other.

53. Thank you for loving me unconditionally while letting me be me.

54. I love that your love for me is not informed by anything I did.

55. You are the most real person alive. If everyone can be half as real as you, there would be no problems in this world.

56. Your love destroys all the fear and hates in me. All I now have are courage and love.

57. Life is hard but you make it interestingly enjoyable.

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58. I am glad I have a reliable friend like you. You are more reliable than me.

59. Knowing you will never leave me, gives me the greatest comfort in this world.

60. To the only friend who gives me hope for a better tomorrow. I appreciate you; I care.

61. Thanks for being the best version of yourself: that has helped me make me the best version of myself.

62. Always getting on my nerves when you want to see my best.

63. My friendship with you brings to life all the faith and love that I have in life, love and God.

64. The sweetest soul of all times has given me the sweetest life by being in mine.

65. Knowing you is one thing. Keeping you as a friend is another.

66. It will take eternity to thank you for being a friend to me.

67. To the only one who understands my weirdness because she is weirder than me. I love you from my heart.

68. Knowing that you are my friend is all that I need to know.

69. The only person I can turn to when the smallest inconvenience happens to me.

70. Your friendship to me is the food that my soul feeds on.

71. How can one person have so much awesomeness?

72. I’m so full of you my best friend and I’m proud to be.

73. Your kindness and understanding even with my silence and hostility towards you is most endearing.

74. The only person I can be awful to and not sorry about it, yet he will understand.

75. Thanks for allowing me the freedom to fail.

76. I want to seize this opportunity to let you know that you are a keeper.

77. Life does not always give opportunities to do what we ‘want’ to do but we have to seize every opportunity to do what we have to do.

78. How can I have a friend so positive and not have positive thoughts?

79. Who else helps me to grief? My best friend.

80. You help me Forgive myself by forgiving every shortcoming of mine.

81. You tell me the truth no matter how hurtful it is to me; yet, it always turns out for my best.

82. You Help me move on with my life whenever there is a rough part, a stop or a bend. I know I have the best friend in you.

83. When you have someone who does you good even when you don’t appreciate it, know you have got the best friend.

84. You call me ugly when I display parts of me that are truly ugly. That’s why I know you are my best friend.

85. Only friendships that are life-giving as ours are healthy and you are the health in our friendship.

86. What is life without friendship, who am I without you?

87. I don’t think often but anytime I think, you are the best thing I think about.

88. If the world were filled with people like you, there would be no evil in the world.

89. May your life be as meaningful as you have made mine.

90. All I want for Christmas is my best friend.

91. Have you as the object of my love is the best feeling ever.

92. People don’t like us together but you make us the best together.

93. You, my friend, are more than one reason to believe in humanity.

94. Only a person with plenty of love and to spare does good to people who don’t deserve it.

95. This world is full of amazing people of which I’m one. Only an equally amazing person found that out and you my best friend are.

96. How do people without you as their best friend even cope?

97. To the only one who sees good things and refuses to benefit alone but endeavors to bring me some even when I don’t want to.

98. You, my friend, are the definition of friendship for life.

99. No words are good enough to describe how special you are, you are all and more that I need in a friend. That’s why you are my best.

100. May God give life to every of your endeavor just the way your friendship gives life to me.

101. You rescue, guide, empower and inspire me.

102. Thank you for not only choosing to die empty but also pouring your all inside of me.

103. I have only one friend in you because you are the best and I choose quality over quantity.

104. Only my best friend can give me the courage to be myself, to be vulnerable. Only you.

105. The only reason to live when I have no reason to live is a best friend, a best friend like you.

106. In the world, there are billions of people: in my heart, there is just one person; ‘my best friend forever’.

107. Only you help me go through the process of forgiving myself whenever I have to but I can’t.

108. There is no better title to qualify you other than ‘Best friend forever’

109. You turn my losses to gains and make the best out of it.

110. You make me forget that patience is not an easy virtue. You make waiting on God and being patient so easy.

111. You, my best friend is the evidence I have that heaven is real. You are heaven on earth to me.

112. A best friend is one who continually seeks your good even when you don’t acknowledge or appreciate it.

113. When they say ‘blood is thicker than water’, they mean that best friends are better than family. Thank you for being there.

114. One soul in two bodies that’s what best friends are. I’m glad to share a soul with you my best friend forever.

115. People do strange things for people and you my friend have done the strangest things for me. I am glad I can too.

116. If you are not my friend, what is my gain in this life? I love you, my sweet friend.

117. There are countless reasons why we should no longer pursue our goals but only a best friend can help us keep at it.

118. Every second we are away from each other, I feel your heart screaming to mine ‘I am here if you need me’.

119. You can be best friends with yourself but that friendship is intangible so we become best friends with people that we see ourselves in.

120. It’s only a short while since I knew you but it is like we have known forever because we have the best friendships anyone can think of.

121. Friends give meaning to lives. Thanks for giving my life a meaning. Thanks for being my friend.

122. May I use this opportunity to thank God for creating you? My life would be empty without you to fill it up.

123. Friends like you are like the air we breath. We can’t see it but we are sure of it’s ever abiding presence.

124. You make me so awesome that other people get jealous.

125. I’m the best friend ever who is here to make your dreams come true.

126. Friendship is the biggest blessing to humanity. I’m glad to have one of the best.

127. Even you know that friendship is a blessing to me, you are double.

128. I am so happy to have you because you are my friend and you are also my sister.

129. I needed a friend, but God gave me more. You, my dear, are more than just a friend.

130. Friendship is human, ours is divine.

131. The two of us, are ordinary people with an extraordinary friendship.

132. I believe that God is real because somebody like you didn’t just happen, he was created. So was friendship.

133. I never believed in friendship till you came into my life. Now, there is nothing more to believe.

134. I was given a reason to be happy, you.

135. I needed friendship, you allowed yourself to be the object.

136. I believe in God, I believe in you, and I believe in friendship.

137. I needed to be happy, and you allowed yourself to be the reason.

138. The core of friendship is sacrifice. I’m glad that we can sacrifice for each other.

139. To my dear best friend: thank you for being the light in the darkness of my life.

140. The only substitute for family is one who is more than family.

141. You are an excellent design made of God for me.

142. It is because I have you in my life that I don’t have problems. Not because they don’t come, but because you always help me solve them all.

143. You are enjoyment.

144. In all your quarrel and annoyance with me, all that I see is love in your heart for me.

145. You, my dear, are more than just a friend: you always seek my good even when it is not convenient for you.

146. You help me forgive myself, count my losses, make the best out of it and count my blessings.

147. I wish to take a break from many things in my life but our friendship is definitely not one of them.

148. Taking a break from other things will give our friendship more time, which is what I want as I don’t seem to get enough of us.

149. Thanks so much for choosing me. I can never appreciate you enough for being my best friend.

150. All I see is God in you and you made me see God in me. That is why we created friendship in our own image.

151. Thanks, sweets for being the only reason I am called a best friend and the only person that I’m calling the best friend.

Hope you enjoyed these? Are there others you can add. Kindly let me know by dropping your comments.


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