150+ Long Love Letters for Her from the Heart in 2024

The letter days are not yet over, especially because love is still in existence. So why not send these awe-inspiring love messages to your lovebird?

The dividends of this act of love are numerous, but that which stands out amongst them like a lily in the midst of weeds will be her desire to live to love you for the rest of her life.

That’s your dream for sure. So, don’t let these letters pass by.

Do well to pick one and you’re only a click away from being the everlasting love of her life.

I Love You Letters for Her from the Heart

Want some I love you letters for her from the heart? Here are the very best of long love letters for her from the heart, perfect to be sent to your girlfriend.

1. Love Is Everlasting

Love is an everlasting flower with the fragrance of adoration, respect and appreciation. My love for you will go from now till infinity. I only see a future without an end with you. Whatever promises I’ve made to you, be sure to see me do as I’ve said. I’ll kill your lonely days and stimulate happy ones. My queen, I have no reason to take you for granted. Just take a look into my heart and you’ll be amazed at my feelings for you. A touch will do, a kiss will do, but love will be more than enough. At your feet will I lay down my life for you; when it comes to you, I’m proud without a pride.

2. My Heart Only Recognises You

As powerful as love may be, one would think it should take years to grow, but my love for you only grew in a matter of seconds, yet promises to be everlasting. I’ll love you in your own ways. I’ll never take your freedom away from you. My heart will never cheat on you, cause it only recognises you. I love the colour of your skin, it attracts me to you than a cluster of precious stones. I’m in your life to make you experience love, shield you from hurt and pain, and to protect you as long as you live. I love you, sweety.

3. I Want To Walk With You

In this journey of life, I only want to walk with you. I need no one else to be my friend; I have everything I need in this life with you. I’ll be wrong if I don’t love you the way I do. Will heavens forgive me, if I loved you less? I’m here to show you the true meaning of love. I’m so attached to your smile, concerns and your laughter. I wish to be the one to spend forever with you. I doubt if love can fail, but one thing is sure, I’ll never fail you, my love. There’s no place I’ll live my life without you being there with me, cause you’re my heaven and earth.

4. I Have Love To Give You

I have love to nurture you. I have love to give you. I’m at the door of your heart with an overflow of powerful emotions. My heart totally believes in you. I’m getting ready to make you my woman for life. I’ll be there to comfort you. I’ll be there to celebrate you. I’ll rejoice when you do and pacify you when you’re down. My love will kick the pain of hurt far from your heart. You’re the right one for me. I won’t blow your mind away with empty promises, but with love actions that’ll never leave a doubt, but fulfillment in your heart. I’m here to give you the best miracle you’ve ever experience and that’s love.

5. My Heart Loves You More Than You Know It

Never give in to doubt, nor to unfaithfulness, cause my heart loves you more than you know it. I’ve come to make your love life sweet and beautiful. You and I will achieve great things together than we would individually. I just want to love you all day long and all night long. My heart has gone out of my control, it’s filled with an overflow of sweet emotions for you. I feel something special for you; it’s special than the best and most prestigious titles in the world. My love for you is strong and powerful enough to pull down every obstacle in your life. My heart is for loving you.

6. Fallen For You

I have no reason to fall unless for you. There was no hope for my heart until I found you. Like the crescent of the moon in the sky, my love would shine on the walls of your heart. Wholly and faithfully will I bestow this love upon you. Let me find a home in your heart. Let me rest upon your loving shoulders. For till the end of this road, will I walk this path with you. In a strange way, your charm did sweep me off my feet. A passion I’ve never felt before, uncommon in its strength and mighty in its deeds. Suffer me not to put this feeling in words cause it’s beyond the understanding of man. All I ask is for your love in return because I’ll empty mine into your bosom.

7. Your Name Lingers In My Mouth

The sweetness of your name sounds the alarm of a new dawn in my ears. The remembrance of your voice sends shivers down to my spine. Your name will forever last in my mouth. And your praise will I sing until dusk. Marbled in the front of my heart is the memory of your kindness. For in times of bitterness, it inspires joy and hope. In the moments of fear and grief will I blurt out your name, for it has become joy and redemption to my soul. How powerful is this feeling! It makes a man wonder if eternity is enough to give. Even if my hand aches, I’ll give my all for you. For there’s nothing worth having if you won’t share them with me. Come taste this love, my darling. It is the reason why my heart gushes for you.

8. I Was Made To Love You

I don’t doubt that I was made to love you. To adore the scents of your body and to reverence the words of your mouth. I’ll love like it’s my hope of survival. I’ll pour my passion inside your heart until every corner is full and I’ll bestow upon you the goodness of my barn in multitude. But I ask that you send your sweet kisses back to me in gratitude. If I can’t love you the way that I do, then I’ll fall short of my calling. I’ll live miserably on top of the roof. So, I plead that you make me worthy of your love, my darling. It is the purpose of this heart and it is the essence of my breath. Do not look away, my love cause I mean the words that I say.

9. There’s None Like You

I’ll cherish you like the earth does the cloud as it pours out its showers upon her, and its rays of life upon her yield. None equates to you before me. And none will be worthy of this love except you. Like a miracle in a hopeless state, I found my way into your heart and like a charm, you think of my kisses to be worthy of return. Hence, making my heart leap for joy at the sound of your footsteps. Not a woman on the surface of this earth loves me as you do. I wish there’s more time to love. For it seems my heart is overwhelmed with this passion for you. Let’s make time for us even in the wilderness of life. Let’s make time to love even in a wicked world like this.

10. Come Walk This Path With Me

The road to this love is narrow and rough. But be sure, I’ll spread petals of love as we tread upon it. Every stone would turn diamond, and the sands would make beautiful onyx if only you walk this path with me and I with you. Strange is its way, unfamiliar is its turn but when two becomes one even the highest mountain becomes valley. Trust me with your kisses, I’ll cherish them like gold. Bestow upon me your love and I’ll nurture it till I cross to the other side of this world. In your arms I want to live. Do not cast me away. Every twist and turn, every up and down will I walk with pleasure because you have called me your own.

11. My love for you has no height, it goes farther than the heavens. What I have for you lingers beyond day and night; it’s meant for eternity. My plans for you is to give you a better life, not just an abundance of material things, but a love to last, hold and cherish. I love you, my beautiful princess.

12. If I should leave this world today, be rest assured that I left fulfilled, cause I came to love you and to show you the true meaning of love.

13. Nobody doubts what I feel for you, because it’s palpable and yet, so surreal.

14. Love consists of you and I, and trust. That’s the triangle of our love.

15. If you want me to be anything, just tell me and I’ll become the man of your dreams within a split of second and thence, till forevermore. That’s how much I love you.

16. My joy is forever safe, cause I found love in the purest heart. I feel awesome waking up with your thoughts every day.

17. No matter where you go, I’ll follow you like a little lamb ready to be led and meek enough never to rebel against you, my queen.

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18. Everyone says the look in my eyes shines more than the brightness of the sun, but they fail to know that you’re the light in my eyes. You’re brighter than a twinkling star. You’re prettier than the sun. There’s no glory in the world that can overshadow yours. When you appear, every other thing vanishes, cause you’re a bright light that can never be overpowered. I love you, beautiful.

19. My heart knows you, better than you know yourself. Let me love you in an unbelievable manner. Though my love for you is surreal, it’s not subjected to doubt. Trust me with your whole heart and I’ll never prove you wrong. I love you, baby.

20. I imagine you and I on a tryst. I just want to tour the most beautiful landscapes in the world with the right woman for me. I have everything in life, but you’re my only fulfillment. You give meaning to my life than my personal accomplishments. The angels are so kind to me for bringing you my way.

21. I’m not shy to let you know that I’m weakened by you. You’ve humbled me with your poise and guts. I want to be loved by a firecracker like you.

22. There’s no replica of you in the world. And that’s why I’ll love you like I can’t find your replacement.

23. Love is like a cloth of ancient time, but it never wears out. Every human wants to try it on. I’m glad you propelled me to love and to do so completely.

24. You’re an exceptionally fine woman. The grace in your step is glorious than the smile on the face of the sun. I remain smitten by you even when you get on in age.

25. Like a dream, I found you and you agreed to be mine. I’ll keep you to myself by loving you in the way that you want me to.

26. I’ll never break your trust nor my promises to you. I’m here to build your world into your dream.

27. Of all the things I ever meant in the world, “I love you” is the sincerest of them all. You have my sincerity and never will I lie to you no matter what.

28. I can’t live without you. I prefer to be alone than to have another lady as my love. You alone can meet the desires of my heart so effortlessly.

29. I’m the luckiest man in the world because I found the right woman amongst so many ones on earth.

30. I’ll never make you cry except those beautiful tears of joy. I’ll melt your heart with a daily dose of kind words that’ll make you feel like the queen that you truly are. I feel like a lowly servant who found favour in the eyes of a queen. You have my utmost respect, my love.

31. I never dreamt to be in the fanciest place in the world. I only dreamt of being with you, cause by your side will I know peace and joy that I’ve been searching for.

32. Let the world watch out for us, cause our love story will be so promising and fulfilling than the one of ancient time. We’ll make love the most beautiful thing on earth.

33. Loving you has put my heart to rest, cause you give me so much satisfaction, that I no longer have any need in this world.

34. My love, you’re beautiful than I can describe. However, I’ll show it to you more by my actions than words.

35. Hold unto me tight, cause in the storms of life, I’ll be there to shield you from the wicked breeze that blows.

36. Every glance at you is never enough, so I keep staring at you till I’m totally lost in you. I love you so much.

37. I’ll cater for the need of your heart, cause you’re my love and it’s my duty to meet your every needs no matter how strenuous it might be. I love you truly.

38. Love takes me high to the point of no return. You’re the reason I feel like I can fly even with a broken wing. I love you, sweety.

39. Nothing is meant to last except true love. My love will be standing by you through thick and thin. I’ll never let the world know the secrets that we share. The joy that you give me in a second can last till forevermore. No doubt, you’re the key to my lifetime happiness. I can’t afford to lose you, my love.

40. I wished for true love. And, you came immediately just after I had prayed for you. I’ll keep you and give you no reason to leave me. Let me be the light that shines through your darkness at all time and season.

41. What brought us together is love and without an iota of doubt, it will keep us till forevermore. There’s nothing else that tastes better than the fruit of love. A bite of it will leave you in eternal bliss and mirth. I’m glad I’ve tasted it with you.

42. If I could wish for one thing, I’ll take the whole of you. I do not want you to withhold yourself from loving me; love me with your entire being, for I’m here loving you with all of me.

43. My heart is at peace after a long time of searching endlessly. You made me find rest when I found you. You’re the one I’ve been waiting for.

44. My eyes are on you and my heart is affixed to yours. I’ll never let a moment pass without loving you.

45. The only heaven on earth is your bosom. I’m glad you’ve given me the freedom to be by your side, hon.

46. I will love you at all time because love has no choice than to keep loving the one the heart has chosen to love.

47. I came this far, cause your love has kept me hopeful that the best is yet to come. You’re the greatest blessing of God to me, my love.

48. I found love in the most beautiful person in the world. It gladdens my heart that you love me so truly.

49. I’ll multiply your joy and give you many folds of blessings. I’ll do all of these because I love you.

50. All day long, I’ll speak of my love for you. I can never grow weary of confessing my feelings for you.

51. My heart journeys to heaven on a daily basis, because you’re no less of an angel and your heart has become my celestial home, my love.

52. The brightest star in the sky isn’t as glorious as a strand of your hair. You’re a splendor to behold.

53. I pray nothing drifts us apart, otherwise I’ll come crushing down like a sinking sand.

54. The day I met you was the day I got saved. I love you, my baby.

55. Falling in love with you feels special and out of the world. I only wish, we had started earlier; I would have spent a greater part of my life in pure bliss.

56. Nothing about you can make me hate you, cause my love for you was birthed out of no reason.

57. I can take you to anywhere in the world, but love alone took you to my heart and made a home for you there.

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58. Just by sighting you for the first time, I ditched every distraction in my life and made myself whole for you alone. You deserve the best. Here I am as the right one for you.

59. I’ll be your everything. I’ll give you joy when you want me to. I’ll give you a shoulder to lean on without having to ask for it. I’ll give you a look of encouragement without having to say a word. You’re everything to me.

60. I’ve found the one in you. I hope you’ve found the one in me as well. I love you, hon.

61. I was like a wildflower when I hadn’t met you. But once I fell in love with you, I became a lily which deserved to be planted in your heart.

62. I have no limit to loving you. My love for you occupies every space on earth and beyond.

63. If you’re still in doubt of my love for you, I’m here to prove you wrong, baby.

64. I’ll give you peace. You don’t have to act perfectly before me, cause I’m ready to embrace your flaws like they were gold.

65. The only person on my mind at the moment is you. I nurse a beautiful stream of thoughts when I think of you, my love.

66. I believe in you and I together. Without you, I wouldn’t know this much about love.

67. I want to make you happy for the rest of your life. I want to compensate you for all your lonely days by giving you only beautiful memories to hold dear to your heart.

68. You’re my dream of love. My desire is never to let you go. I’ve turned your happiness into my lifetime goals. You’ll have no want as long as you’re with me, cause your fulfillment is paramount to me, my love.

69. I’ll stand by you at all time. I’ll never let you go no matter how violent the wind of life blows. You’re my only pride in life.

70. Every treasure I long for in a woman is in you. You’re my greatest treasure chest. I promise to treat you like a jewel that you are, no matter the point you may be in life.

71. I have seen many women cry, laugh, and in love but none has captured my heart with their emotions the way you’ve successfully done. I’m left to love you wholly without any reservation.

72. Even as much as I love you already, I’m yet to love you completely. Wait to see me loving you in the most unbelievable way you’re yet to see.

73. I believe in you, so I’ll give you everything I hold dear just to prove my trust in you, hon.

74. The most sacred thing in my life is the love I have for you. I promise never to taint it with any form of iniquities.

75. I will always hold on for you. I will remain strong just for you no matter what. I will go naked just to cloth you when it’s cold. I love you that much.

76. Everything about you matters to me. So, don’t be surprised when you see me treat the little things about you in an esteemed manner.

77. Heaven forbids I treat you wrong. My heart can never conceive any evil against you and my hand will only endeavour to make you prosper in all things.

78. Everything I own is to bless and love you; my heart, tongue and my possessions.

79. I need not take an oath of love just to prove my faithfulness to you, cause every day as I live, I’ll give you no reason to doubt my commitment.

80. Nothing can stop us from sailing together until we get to the land of love. I’ll always lay by your side till you feel eternally safe.

81. Loving you till the end is all that matters. Beside you is where my crown rests and by your side, I’ll make sure to wear it.

82. Love may be undeserving, but I want to earn yours. Give me a chance for life. And I’ll be sure to do things right.

83. No wonder, I couldn’t love another. It’s cause I was made to find your heart homely and the savor of your lips very pleasing. It’s you, my love. It’s you I was made for.

84. Come fill up my abode with the scents of love. For it is empty for you. Say your love confessions in quiet time, and I’ll be sure to hear you. Do me one favour, make me your man forevermore.

85. Some say love does not exist but since I found you, there’s no lie more unworthy of attention. So, let me give my love to you every day.

86. Let the men of this world cry in silence, for the best woman has chosen me to love.

87. Allow me into your heart and feel the wonders of love. I’ll let you inside of my home, for I know it is where you should reign.

88. Love like a wind, delivering me into your heart. A place I could not abode, if not for the sake of love.

89. Some things are not to be forgotten; your eyes, your smile and your face inclusive. Some shouldn’t be left alone; your heart and your hand.

90. The heavens would not accept my soul if I hadn’t a taste of your love. I’ll be unforgiven of my mistake if I ever let you go.

91. Loving you made right every wrong in my life. Kissing you was the healing I since waited for.

92. This chapter of my life, I don’t want to turn. So, let’s make this one last forever. And let heaven be the next destination of this feeling.

93. My eyes are filled with your wonders. My lips can only tell of your glory. And my heart feels it all but sadly, cannot explain.

94. Teach me the way of your love and I’ll be sure to go. Let me in to know you, and I’ll make no mistake of looking away.

95. This love is a privilege. Once in a lifetime for sure. However, I’ll be there always.

96. In my dreams, I see you. For I know not another to see nor think of. You complete me, my darling.

97. Let the moans of our love be heard in the gates of heaven. Let the tune of our kisses be the loudest in our hearts.

98. I’ll love like the only man on earth. Like the only woman with a heart, I will reverence you.

99. Cover me with your love. It’s the safest place to be. Extend your gratitude to me, it is the joy of my deeds.

100. Until my teeth start to fall off, and my back starts to ache, I’ll never stop loving you.

101. I’ll translate this love into actions. Now, get ready to be overwhelmed.

102. In the comforts of your love will I rest till the angels come to take me away. To you, I promise my love forever.

103. Let me show you the meaning of love. For it is what my heart knows to do best with you alone.

104. Love is beautiful. I know cause it’s what I feel for you.

105. The rainbows have nothing on you because you’re many shades of hope and beauty.

106. You’re everything I need to be whole. Happiness is what I feel most by your side.

107. I’m contented with the kisses of your lips and the warmth of your body. I’ll be by your side for the rest of my life.

108. The sound of your voice lightens up my mood. I get excited as I draw closer to you.

109. Tomorrow isn’t an assurance but my love for you will forever be.

110. A day without you will not pass by cause I’m willing to make sure you are by my side through it all.

111. Nothing gives hope for life than love. I’m thankful it is what I feel because of you.

112. Life is a temporary place to be. But in my heart, you will dwell forever till eternity.

113. Through you, I’ll have lovely kids. With you, I’ll build a home. I love you, my darling.

114. Nothing in life saddens me because, by your side, I’ve found love and peace.

115. There is time for everything. Thence, it is the time to love you and be loved by you.

116. From the core of my heart to the sincerity of my tongue; I love you, sweetie.

117. Breath would fail me if I hadn’t your love in my heart. Be the oxygen traveling around my body, my darling.

118. A dream of love is sweet but its reality is a blessing. You’re my dream of love and with you, I’ve found my reality. I love you, baby.

119. More elegant than the steps of Morgana are the ones of your feet. I’m carried away by your grace, my darling.

120. I love everything about you. Even the look on your face when you stumble.

121. I’ll defend your honour in front of many eyes. I’ll fight your battle because we’re one and in love.

122. How do you want to be loved? For I’m ready to make no mistake of this chance to be loved by you.

123. Nothing good comes easy. But life gets easier knowing you’re my cheerleader.

124. I’m inspired by love. I’m inspired by you. I’ll do my best to serve and to love you.

125. This love would be the best you’ve ever known. I’ll see to it that you’re contented with its taste.

126. I want to share every meal with you, every detail of my life with you. And every kiss on my lips, just with you, my love.

127. The One who created you is the most generous and kind one, for setting a lady of gold upon the surface of this earth. I know truly how blessed I am to have you.

128. My goal is to marry you and to love you completely. Take all of me, my darling.

129. Every step of the journey will be worth the choice to be with me. To you, I promise my undying love and unwavering support.

130. Love is a lot of things. It is what I feel when I cross the oceans to see you. It is the energy within me when I part the sea, so you walk on dry land.

131. My love for you is purer than the cloud and wider than the width of the sky. I love you so much, my darling.

132. You’ll be my only one forever. And always will I plant faithful kisses on your tender lips.

133. As our skin starts to sag and our bones grow weaker, I’ll love you more and more. Deeper than the depth of the ocean, my love for you will be.

134. I owe you my love every day. My trust, every sunrise and my faithfulness every sparrow-fart.

135. Take me to the ends of this world with your love. And I’ll be kind to your needs and desires. Let this love be my offering and sacrifice to you for the rest of our lives.

136. You’ve opened up my heart to a strange feeling. One I could not hope to understand. I’m incapacitated to express this. But I hope I try every day.

137. I wake up every morning with the expectation of your love, your smile and radiance. I love you, beautiful.

138. Under the sea and ocean is a new life. Inside of my heart is a new home for you, my love.

139. I realised that I love you when it dawned on me, it matters to me more that; you’re fine, healthy and happier than I cared for myself.

140. The memory of your perfume in my abode keeps me yearning for your presence all day long. You’ve sparked a flame within me that can never be quenched.

141. Love is a beautiful feeling especially when it comes to locking lips with you, my darling.

142. Since I found you, my hope of a happy life rests upon your shoulders. I hope you carry me along with you until the end of our days.

143. Your days are special to me and your worries are my pain because I am in love with you, my darling.

144. If I could make a promise come to pass so effortlessly, it is the one to love you till the end.

145. When love is true, it wants to stay. I want to abide by your bedside and to seat by your right side every day of my life. I hope you stay. For I’m in love with you, my darling.

146. The wonders of love lie in the grace to make all things possible for the one who is loved. I’ll do anything for you, baby and spark a smile on your lovely face, my darling.

147. Worth more than your pretty face is your beautiful heart. Precious than your lovely legs is your desire to walk this love with me, my darling.

148. I have faith in you and I believe in your promises to me. Hence, I’ll stick with you than any other.

149. I’m glad you shot this bullet straight into my heart making me bleed for your love. Fill me with your love, my darling. Heal me with the medicine of passion.

150. I’m convinced in my soul that, the one to love is you. I’m encouraged in my spirit to shelter you with peace unending. I love you, my darling.

Your dream of love is about to be achieved just with any of these love letters.

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