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2024 Touching Love Rhymes for Him or Her from the Heart

Isn’t it cool to have someone you love? Someone you can remember and your heart would feel like jumping out? And when you are with such you just feel so attached that you don’t want to go? Unending Romantic bliss, you’ll say! That is the kind of a lover that I have… What about you?

When you want to express a true love to your boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife through rhyming love poems, either in the morning or at night, these love rhymes will help get the job done. Pick your choice and send to him or her.

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I Love You Rhymes

Make your lover think you are nothing but an angel sent to him or her from above. Just by sending him or her this romantic I Love You Rhymes.

1. Nothing is as sweet as you
You are so loving and true
Loving you back is what I will do
Forever and ever, it’s me and you

2. I love no one else but you only,
And I will give myself to you wholly.
I choose to leave critics to their folly,
And make them await our love’s glory.

3. I will never go back to the way I used to be.
Your love is making me better every day.
Your love means a lot to me.
And I will continue to love you in every way.

4. I’ve chosen you among thousands
You are my missing rib and only you fits perfectly.
No other person can fit into my life.
I can never fit with someone else!

5. I might try but can’t love you enough.
Your love for me is indeed more than enough.
Without you I’m not just human enough.
Without your love my heart will be on and off.

6. I can’t but say I’m impressed!
You being in my life has been the end of my love quest.
You are the best for my heart, and no one can contest!
May the day we met be blessed!

7. Your deed of love are much for me to number.
How many they are, that I cannot remember.
It is no joke, loving me from January to December!
Till death do us part, even all your cares will I remember.

8. Baby allow me to hold your hand,
Let me show you where I stand,
Let me make you understand,
That what I have for you is love firsthand.

9. I’ve seen sweetness, but none is as this sweet,
So so sweet, you are sure my help meet,
So so loving and lovely even to the teeth.
Without you sweet, I just can’t breath.

10. Even to my bone, your love is more than sweeter,
Warms my heart like a well made sweater.
I will ever be your lover, never be a cheater,
Even your best choice under any kind of weather.
I love My life with you.

Rhyming Poems of Love

11. Your love is a compendium of everything good
It fits all times and reasons and even all mood
I choose your love above all my daily food
And I can shout it loud in my neighbourhood.
I love you sweetheart.

12. Being with you, I love this life of mine
So easy, like Counting from one to Nine
With your love I got everything combine
And forever and ever you’ll be mine
Goodnight my lovely love

13. Sweet and sweet you are than love messages
So soothing to my bone, than morning massages
I’ve seen lovers, but your lovely type isn’t in this age.
Lovely and lovely forever I will keep you through our marriage.

14. I will treat you right and give you things money can’t buy
Morning night and noon I will cling to you and wouldn’t say goodbye
When you need myself I’ll be there for you standby
I’ll love will reign forever and will never die

15. You and me forever, that’s all that matters
We will be together, whether you are near or far
If I would be somewhere all my life
It’s with you I wanna be my sweetness.

16. Life is indeed great when people care
And when people care how you fare
I thank you for always been there
You are true and true my love, my dear

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17. You and I together forever,
No separation now nor never.
I love you my beautiful sweetheart,
Just want to say good morning to my angel.

18. Covenant of Love with you today, I make.
I promise that your heart, I will not break.
And I will be yours when I sleep or I wake.
Forever, whatever happens, you I won’t forsake.

19. I stick with you forever and our love won’t be outdated.
No matter what happens I will keep you ever elated.
Nothing will ever take me away from your love.
I love only you forever my sweet love.

20. Your love is my blessed thought ever.
Your care is my all-day desire!
Give me your hand and I will lead you on forever.
Beside you, there is nothing I desire.

21. No doubt you’re the right one for me,
For only you bring out the best in me.
You are my life, my joy and my destiny,
And I promise and vow to forever love you only.

22. Your love in my heart is more than what words can say
For the price of All you’ve done, all I’ve is not enough to pay,
Waking up with your thought gives more than brand new day
And so I will love and love you in all of my way
Good morning my sweetheart

23. Your love is so great that I pride myself on it
And every blessed day I want more and more of it
I’m confident in your love and I’ll stand by it
If I won’t have your love, I don’t want any Heart beat.

24. I have searched all around and didn’t find your match.
If I search for a million years, still I wont find your match.
I conclude you are the best for me, I can’t deny.
Please will you be mine?

25. For a taste of your love I could scale any mountain
And even cross the deep blue sea
For a feel of your love I could endure any pain
And even open my heart for you too see!
See, my love is real not a decoy
I’ll give you all you need be your daily joy
I will treat you like a precious jewel, not like freebie
Will be with you no matter what the case may be
And all I ask is, Will you please be mine?

26. You have given me more than enough reasons to love you
You were my shelter when I was homeless
You were my sweet delicacy when I was hungry
And you have proven to be my covering,
When life’s troubles got me emotionally/morally naked!
And all the best I have ever been, has been because I have you.
I love you.

27. When you have little, I want to give you more,
When you are defenseless, I want to be your guard.
When you are lonely, I want to be your first and surest call,
And in all you are, I want to make the best out of you.
I love you.

28. If your love is a debt, I can’t pay it all.
If your care is an ocean, I can’t swim it all.
If your smile is food, then I can never go hungry.
I see myself so lucky for having you.
Good Morning my sweetness.

29. I was just thinking sometimes ago…
That if I owe one million,
I could borrow from the back to pay back,
Or even get people who could pay for me.
Just then, I thought how helpless and penniless I would be
If I ever think of paying you for all you’ve given me.
Your love is great and much more than what can be valued!
Truly, your love is too much for me! Thank you my love.

30. I will care for your heart more than you do,
The way you love me, so much I will love you too…
Pure love, I will show you, even such as is true.
And the secret of our love none will be able to construe.

Romantic Love Rhymes for Him

The best of romantic love poems for him from the heart. Romantic love rhymes for him.Rhyming love poems to send to your boyfriend or husband. I love you rhymes for him.

31. You are the reasons for a good morning
You are the reason for a better day,
Not being there doesn’t mean I don’t care.
You deserved to be loved more and more.
Good morning my sweet candy.

32. You are my best I am candid,
You are my true love, and that indeed!
I choose to love you eternally in cash and kind.
And for your love, I can choose to lose my mind!

33. Nothing beautifies my morning than your thought.
Nothing edifies my within than your love.
You are the reason for my unspeakable joy,
And you are more than the dish I enjoy.

34. Your love is perfect with no imperfection,
It’s cute and ecstatic without with no but!
It’s sweet and sweet with no addictive.
And I don’t mind taking it morning and night.

35. You are more than what you think you are with me.
You are my joy and more than my happiness you are.
You are more than loving in your own way,
And forever you will stay lovely in my heart.

36. Lovely and sweet is what I call you,
Beautiful like an angel is what you are to me.
I may be complete, but I’m more perfect with you.
I love you so much that I can’t describe.

37. I wanted to know the secret of your beauty
and I read 5000 beauty tips.
I was defeated when I saw that the one you use is Natural.
I love you just the way you are beautiful, my honeypie.

38. Loving you forever is a timeless truth,
And staying with you all my life is more than mere fact.
No matter what happens, I’ll keep your place in my heart intact,
And your love in my heart will ever take root.

39. I will stay with you and won’t go far
I will keep you shiner than 1000 stars
I will not hurt you, never and never,
I will not give you wound nor any scar.

40. Like a threefold cord which can’t be broken.
So will our love stand and ever be unbroken.
I will stay with you now, even forever.
And nothing will separate us never!

Romantic Love Rhymes for Her

The best of romantic love poems for her from the heart. Romantic love rhymes for her. Rhyming love poems to send to your girlfriend or wife. I love you rhymes for her.

41. No matter how far I go,
Whether uphill or down the valley below,
I will sure come back to you.
No one deserves me but you.
I love you.

42. Come rain come shine, with you I will stay.
I choose to live with you no matter what they say.
I will be yours forever come what may,
And I will always be near and not far away.

43. I celebrate a best night,
Whenever I think of a better afternoon and a good morning.
I celebrate the best lover,
By thinking I never had a good and a better one.
I celebrate you today as you go to bed.
Stay lovely and have a sweet dream.

44. My mornings may be good,
And my afternoons better,
But I care for a best night…
And it is full of bliss,
Whenever it ends with you.
Goodnight, I love you.

45. I took a time out to assess my day.
I thought of your care and your love,
I thought of your many smiles you bring to my face.
And I thought of your future with me, and I stopped!
I stopped when I know, tomorrow is another great day with you.
I love you, good night.

46. You are the one to whom I’ll give my accolades,
You are the one to whom I will give my love.
Work may deserve my morning and noon,
But you deserve the best of me every night.

47. Sleeping with your thought is more than night lullaby,
Keeping you in my heart is more than lovely night hug.
For any reason, I don’t want to stay every night without you!
And it’s here again, so goodnight with a bunch of kisses.

48. Like you touched my life,
In better ways I want to touch yours too.
Like you loved me truly,
Forever, I want to love you more than.

49. This is my understanding of having a great day,
I wake up with the thought of your love in the morning,
And I go about the day feeling blessed that I have you,
And I end the day knowing you made it count.
Good night and good morning in advance my sweetheart.

50. Every morning, you are nearer and dearer to my heart,
And your place in my, I want to keep intact.
You have proven to be the best, that in fact.
That I will love you forever is nothing but a proven fact!

Cute Love Rhymes

Awesome collection of cute love rhymes and sweet i love you rhymes for himor her.

51. I will love you every morning and night like no other
I will stay close to you more than my brother and sister
Nearer and nearer every day with you and no more farther,
And in my heart, you will forever be all that matter.

52. When I look at you, I see a new me.
When I think of your love, it makes the real me.
You are the only one for me, baby believe me.
And I just might be miserable if you leave me.

53. I’m blessed for finding you, thanks goodness.
My thought of you makes me feel like his royal highness.
My best description of you is awesomeness!
And you are the best that ever happen to me, I confess.

54. To define your love, dictionaries failed.
To describe your care, encyclopedia was devalued.
To talk of your character, adjectives resign.
And to talk of your worth banks were folded up.
You are more than who you think you are!

55. As a screen to a cellphone, you envision me,
As an engine to an automobile you energizes me.
As an air to the body, you give me a sense of living.
And nothing but your love makes me know my worth!

56. No condition is permanent, so they say.
But to love and love you, that I’ll do every day.
You are my guide in all my ways,
And the reason I have great days.

57. Truth be told, you are so lovely.
You are precious that a piece of silver or gold.
You are more than what can be assessed.
You are lovely even to your teeth.

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58. No network failure, my love for you is always online
No going back, you are forever and ever mine.
With me I promise, you will always be fine,
And I will buy all you need, starting from A-line.
I love you.

59. Loving you is not accidental.
My love is the best instrumental,
You’re the stalk I’m the petal,
And forever I put you on a pedestal!
I love you.

60. Just thinking how blessed I am to have you.
You are the queen of my time.
My ecstasy and my joy in its prime,
Is who you are to me all the time. I love you.

Sweet Love Rhymes

The best of sweet love rhymes for him or her. Sweet rhyming love poems for him or her.

61. Renewing my vow…
I will love you forever faithfully,
And will be there for you through thick and thin of life.
I will always cherish you and never will I break your heart.
I love you.
62. A million miles away with a thousand thoughts of your love,
Brings more than emptiness within.
How I wish me and you stay together forever.
Missing you like summer in winter.

63. There is no spectacular thing about life if true love is missing.
True love is rare and priceless, but you gave me yours for free.
That is sacrificial enough. I will live to love you more.

64. I can’t just do without you.
You are my brainbox!
I will never have another one
Neither will I cheat on you.
You deserve the best. I love you.

65. You’re like a bird in the hand
And you’re worth not more than two
But more than million out there.
You are my best, forget about the rest.

66. I miss you as everyday passes by
But in my heart you are closer than nearby
You will be there as days go by
And never will I say Goodbye
I love you my lovely sweetheart.

65. I know I’m fine on my own,
Complete and grown
yet, all these can’t build a home
But with you I’ll build more than Rome.

68. Me-you the best combination
Our hearts the best connection
Our love without condition.
Your impact on me is more than incision
So loving you forever is my decision.

69. Our love is too great that I can’t comprehend
Too perpetual and has no end
I’m too elated but I can’t shout
We’re the best, and that without doubt.

70. You loving me is just a privilege…
Not something that I deserved
Your love has given my life a cutting edge.
With it forever I’m preserved.

Romantic Love Rhymes

The best of romantic love rhymes for him or her from the heart. Romantic rhyming love poems for him or her.

71. Any other girl is a parasite
Cuz you gave me all but they give a mite
You my lovely song in the night
And in darkness my blooming light
Forever you will be my delight
Cuz You’ve taken my life to the Limelight.

72. I love you more than a dictionary could define
Without doubt, our coming together is divine.
You are the romantic branch which grows my love’s vine.
You charge me up more than would red wine.

73. Your love is like a magic spell
Too ecstatic that it makes my head swell
Without you I sure can’t be well
My life without you is like I’m in little hell.

74. One-two your love buckles my shoe,
Three-four makes my heart beat for you…
Five and Six we will ever be and one – not two
Over everything in life, I choose none but you.

75. My pillar of trust when troubles mingle near
The challenges of life, to help me bear,
My place of succor in time of fear
That’s who you are my dear.

76. Loving you is a fairytale
And it’s something I would always trail.
You are my dream come true,
And for joy, you are my surest avenue.


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