Saying Goodbye to a Friend Who Is Moving Away

2023 Best Wishes for Saying Goodbye to a Friend Who is Moving Away

Saying goodbye is one of the hardest things to do and if we could, we all would want to be with our loved ones forever.

Often times, however, situations demand that our loved ones leave us for a while to attend to some pressing issues relating to their study, job or other involvements. At such times, we need to wish them well in their new pursuits and send our heartfelt prayers with them.

These beautiful goodbye messages have been composed for you to share with your friend who is moving away. I’m pretty sure you would love them and so would your friend. Enjoy!

Beautiful Wishes for Saying Goodbye to a Friend Who is Moving Away

Cute Wishes and Quotes for Saying Goodbye to a special Friend Who is Moving Away.

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1. Memories last forever in the heart and that’s where I’ve kept ours, I’ll miss you and I pray you succeed in all you do over there! Goodbye, dear friend!

2. You’ve always been the best friend I’ve always wanted, I know you’ll make new friends over there but someone will be right here waiting for you, and that’s me, goodbye bestie!

3. I pray you get a greener pasture over there dear friend and may all you do bring great success to you. Beloved!

4. I’m saying goodbye with a lot of pain in my heart today but I know the pains are for much greater gain as I see you doing so great over there, be good my dear friend!

5. We’ve always had our memories and moments together as best friends, just know that I’ll forever be in your moments and memories over there too, goodbye friend!

6. Parting times are painful times, times when tears keep rolling down the cheeks, I’ll miss you, love. Goodbye and don’t forget me!

7. May your ways be made straight and may you find favor in all that you do in the new land!. Goodbye, dear friend!

8. I want to wish you all that you desire as you start a new chapter of life today, may you find fulfilment in all you do. Goodbye, my dearest friend!

9. I look back at all of our memories together and I feel sad because I’m so going to miss all of them, goodbye dear friend!

10. May this new beginning bring lots and lots of fulfilment your way. Goodbye, dear friend!

11. I pray that your ways be beautiful and your new space brings many opportunities to fulfil purpose. Goodbye love!

12. As you journey to a new era, may blind blowing opportunities come your way and may you explore those opportunities. Goodbye, friend!

13. I hope this is not our last goodbye coz I still want to see your face over and over again. Goodbye dearest friend!

14. This is a new era for you and also for me coz I’ll have to learn to live without someone who has been so special to me, but not to worry, I have you on my heart always!. Goodbye, best friend!

15. Love out of sight is the best love you can show anyone, do not forget how much this friendship means to us, always keep in touch, goodbye dearest.

16. Enjoy the pleasantness this new dawn brings to you, explore and make the best out of yourself!. Goodbye love!

17. I wish we can always be together, forever! But your dreams are out there for you to live out, make the best use of the time. Goodbye, my love!

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18. Enjoy the new ride of pleasant opportunities, do not get carried away in the crowd, stay focus and live out your dreams. Goodbye dearest friend!

19. The word ‘goodbye’ is the most difficult word to say, but your memories remain forever with me as you depart, goodbye dear friend!

20. Soar high and succeed in your new pursuit because you deserve the best, goodbye love!

21. I wish you could stay much longer to deepen our bond of love, I’ll really miss you, goodbye dear!

22. Farewell to you dear friend, wish you could stay back and let me have more memories of you, but I think I have enough to carry me through till you come back. Goodbye best friend!

23. Make sure you have all your moments in your note pad as I can’t miss out on your new days, goodbye dear!

24. I will miss your sweet little hello and your cute bright smile. Goodbye, dear friend!

25. Friends like you make life seem as if its got no worries. I’ll miss our times out and our days together!
Goodbye dear!

26. It’s time to smile and not to cry as we bid ourselves farewell. Goodbye, dear one!

27. I wish you good luck in your new pursuit, you deserve it!
Goodbye dear!

28. I’ve watched you dream of this day, to explore the world and blow out all of your dreams and its here now, take charge!. Just that I’ll miss you, goodbye dear one!

29. I’ll miss all your dry jokes and crazy ideas, you’re the best man, buddy. Goodbye guy!

30. Friends like you make life more daring. I’ll miss all your mind blowing ideas!. Goodbye dear!

31. Goodbye, dear friend, you deserve this new feat of yours, I wish you success in all endeavors!

32. As you depart to your new dwell today, may you record greater achievements in all that you do, goodbye dear!

33. I’m sad that my best friend is leaving me today, but since I have all of our memories in my heart, that’ll keep me up, goodbye bestie!

34. Life doesn’t always give you what want, you take from life what you want, I want you forever and I choose you forever, distance won’t separate us. Farewell dear!.

35. Saying goodbye with a heavy heart is for special ones that occupy a large space in one’s heart, you’re very dear to me and I’ll miss you a lot, goodbye dearest!

36. I just want to look up at night and see that you’re one of the stars shining in the sky in your new space, I’ll miss you. Goodbye love!

37. Saying goodbye is painful but if I’m not going to see you anymore, this goodbye would be more painful, hope I’ll get to hear from you soon. Goodbye love!

38. You made work conditions bearable for everyone around you, I consider your new colleagues lucky, they have the best team player now, I’ll miss you a lot. Goodbye, buddy!

39. The manner with which you handle seemingly difficult issues make me marvel, I’ll miss you and your team spirit!. Goodbye, dear friend!

40. Goodbyes should be a highlight for you to remember someone is going to miss you. Goodbye love!

41. If you ever miss me, just give me a call and boom!, I’ll be right there by your side. Goodbye love!

42. Goodbye to a teammate who makes everyone be at their best even with our tight schedules, I’ll personally miss you and your sense of humor, you’ll have the best because you deserve it!

43. And now I’m going to miss out on all your morning greetings, noon treats and evening humor, goodbye dear!

44. You’ve been a source of inspiration to me and a part of me I can’t seem to lose, keep in touch, please!. Goodbye, dear one!

45. Soar so high like the eagle and blow up your dreams up high, I believe you’ll succeed over there, goodbye dear one!

46. Bidding you goodbye this day, I choose to hear only good news from you dear friend!

47. You’ve been a crucial part of my day over the years as we’ve had so many memories that can’t be erased from my heart, I’ll miss you a lot and I wish you good luck in your new pursuit. Goodbye, friend!

48. You made me see positivity in all situations, an attribute that got me stuck to you, don’t give up on making people feel good about themselves Buddy, goodbye my positivist!

49. Your memories are carved with gold on my heart, I won’t trade them for anything because they’re just too pleasant, I’ll miss us!. Goodbye dear!

50. Wishing you more achievements in your new pursuit, you really deserve it. Goodbye, my dear!

51. Memories never fade because in the heart is where they’re refreshed and nurtured, goodbye my dear, I’ll miss you!

52. Farewell to a dear friend who has always got me covered any day, you’re more than a help meet to me!. Goodbye, my dear!

53. I’m sad to say goodbye, but I’m happy I have enough memories of us to keep me fit till I see you again. Goodbye, my dearest friend!

54. I know you feel just bad just the way I feel too that you’re leaving today, don’t be sad coz greater things are on the way!. Goodbye dear

55. Goodbye, dear friend, this is a new achievement and I’m so happy for you and at the same time, I’ll miss you. Keep in touch dear!

56. It’s time for the last words, the last hugs and the last wishes. I wish you luck in your new feat!. Goodbye dear!

57. I am sad that you are leaving today but looking back at all our memories make me smile. I wish you luck in your new dwell!. Goodbye, my dear!

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58. I never knew saying just one word could make me go pale, saying goodbye to you is like the hardest words to utter!. Goodbye dear!

59. You’re special now and always and I am sure distance can’t bar our friendship, I’ll miss us together, go and do exploits! Goodbye love!

60. Saying goodbye affords us the opportunity to say hello again and that is why I’m saying goodbye dear because I know I’ll hear from you soon!

61. My heart is heavy as I see you leave today, I hope I’ll see you soon. I wish you success in all you do, goodbye dear!

62. Our memories won’t fade because I’ll choose to keep them to heart, hope you’ll do the same, have a sweet ride. , dear!

63. I may have a smile on my face today but deep down, I’m really very sad to see you leave, I miss you. Goodbye dear!

64. I wish I could hold you back from leaving but I’ve learnt to let go because it’s just for the best, see you soon. Goodbye, my love!

65. No one can take your place in my heart because no one can do the things you do and make me do, you’re just the twin I never had. I’ll miss you. Goodbye dear!

66. The Lord will cause his countenance to shine upon you and you’ll be favored wherever you find yourself. Goodbye dear!

67. You don’t need to be scared you’re leaving, trust me, I’ll always be there whenever you need me. Goodbye dear!

68. You’re always in my thought, I’ll miss you a lot. Goodbye dear!

69. We’ve had memories I can’t forget, done things we didn’t know we could do because we were there for ourselves, just to tell you that no one can take your place in my heart!. Goodbye special one, till we meet again!

70. My heart has another definition for the word goodbye, and it means I’ll see you seen. Enjoy your ride dear. Goodbye!

71. I choose to hear good news from you always because I know you can achieve much in your new space, so always buzz me to give them to me. Goodbye bestie!

72. A hearty farewell to the best team player anyone can ever have, I consider your new team lucky as they should be ready to work under less stress. Goodbye, my dear!.

73. I know you’ll meet a lot of people but don’t forget to tell them you have a bestie who wouldn’t give you up for anything. Goodbye bestie!

74. My lips say goodbye, but my heart screams in agony knowing how much I’ll miss you, I hope I’ll be fine soon. Goodbye dear!

75. We met for so many reasons, but top on the reason list is that you’re much of a blessing to me, I’ll be waiting right here for you. Goodbye dear!

76. I know fate, destiny or life will soon bring us back together and that’s why I can say goodbye. Goodbye dear and see you soon!.

77. Our friendship is one that I’ll cherish till eternity even though you won’t be here for some time, I know we’ll see soon!. Goodbye dear!

78. I wish I could bring your new office down here so I can see your beautiful smile every morning just like these past few years. Goodbye dear!

79. Times out with you had always been what I can’t recover from, you set the records right and made the moments memorable, hope I’ll have such chance again. Goodbye dear

80. True friends never really say goodbye, I know I’ll see you soon. Goodbye dear!

81. Even if I want to, I can’t stop you from leaving. Do have a great stay over there deary.

82. I wish you the best in your new job deary. It hurts that you have to leave but it’s all for good. Love you.

83. Do you really have to go? Oh yeah, I remember you do! I’ll miss you, darling. Have fun.

84. Everything would definitely not be the same without you but still, I know I’ll be fine. I wish you well dear friend.

85. I wish you a great stay abroad dear friend. Love.

86. I hope your new job would bring you more happiness and fulfilment than the previous ones. Goodbye friend.

87. I wish I could go with you but since I can’t, be rest assured my prayers are with you. Goodbye, my dear friend.

88. All the best in your new endeavors darling friend! I hope you find joy and happiness in all you do.

89. I just found out you would be leaving here permanently. I pray for peace for you dear. Be blessed.

90. What more can I wish my special friend than the very best! Stay safe darling. I love you.

91. Here’s to say goodbye to you, my friend. Be good.

92. No matter how far away you now are to me, our hearts will still always connect. Always and forever. Goodbye, friend.

93. I hate to say this but what can I do right now? Goodbye friend. I’ll miss you.

94. I can’t wait for the holidays so you would at least come back to me. Love you friend. Goodbye.

95. Do you really have to go? Sobs. I wish you the best friend.

96. I don’t want to say goodbye to you. I don’t like the word. All the best my best friend as you start a new life elsewhere. Love you.

97. Promise me you’ll come back to me. Your new job is blessed, my friend. I love you.

98. Goodbye, my friend! Be great. See you at the top.

99. You’re not only starting a new job my dear but a much better life I pray. I wish you well dear. Goodbye.

100. Always remember you will remain that special friend to me. I’ll miss you. Goodbye, dear one.

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