2023 Best Safe Journey and Miss You Quotes Wishes

If your loved one will be going on a journey, long or short, and you want to wish him or her well and tell them how much you love and will miss them, then this is for you!

The Best of Safe Journey and Miss You Quotes and Wishes for the ones you love in the year 2023 and beyond.


Safe Journey and Miss You Quotes Wishes

Cute Safe Journey Quotes and Wishes for Lover. Safe Journey Miss You Quotes and Wishes for Him or Her.

1. What I feel now is loneliness as the best part of me is travelling today, I’m going to miss you, honey, wish you a safe journey!

2. Wishing you a safe journey baby, I’m missing you already!

3. I wish I can just hold you back to myself, I will miss you, sweetheart, wish you a safe trip!

4. Waking up without you by my side is just like a nightmare, but I’ll just be fine, hope you’ll be fine too, honey! Safe journey, my love!

5. I’m not in my best of mood as my husband is travelling today, I’ll miss you so much, safe journey sweetheart!

6. I wish you a safe journey dear husband, just know that someone will miss you here and that’s me, Bon voyage!

7. Dearest, I’m going to miss you a lot, have a safe journey!

8. May you have a stress free and a safe journey, I’m missing you already. Bon voyage, my love!

9. I look forward to hearing how pleasant your journey was, wishing you a safe trip my love, I’ll miss you!

10. The road may be rough and the weather foggy but safe is your trip, my darling husband, I’ll surely miss you!

11. Get set for pleasant surprises as you journey today, bestie. I’ll miss our times together!

12. Take good care of yourself and have a safe trip today my love! Missing you is an understatement!

13. The thought of waking up without you by my side for these few days make me sick already, I’m missing you already, have a safe trip my dearest wife!

14. I’ve always wanted you by my side every minute, but I understand why this must be so, just know that I’ll miss you a lot. Have a safe trip, darling husband!

15. Come back and feed me with all the sweet moments on the road, I’ll be right here waiting for you!
Bon voyage, my love!

16. Life can’t be fully lived caged within the walls of the home, have fun on this journey and keep the moments safe in your hearts, and know that I’ll miss you so much. Have a safe trip bestie!

17. Open your mind wide to lovely moments, stay calm and enjoy your ride, have a safe journey, my dear! Someone misses you already!

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18. There’s never a thing called ‘welcome back’ without a journey, so drop your fears and enjoy the trip, safe journey lovely!. I’ll miss you!

19. May your journey be smooth and the road safe for you today my dear wife, I’ll surely miss you
Bon voyage!.

20. I only wish you won’t have to leave my side for half a second, but I know this is just for a better time, have a safe trip, my love. I’ll miss you so deeply!

21. You’ve not left yet but I’m missing you already, so just come back soon. Have a safe flight dearest!. Bin voyage!.

22. Have a safe cruise on water, enjoy the cool breeze and the scintillating moments. I’ll miss you wifey!

23. If you ever feel bored on your journey, just think about me and be right there by your side. Enjoy your travel husband, I’ll miss you!

24. Just know someone misses you already cutie and that’s me! so have a safe flight, my love!

25. I wish I could just hold you back, but I know you just have to make this trip, I’ll miss you so much, darling. Have a safe flight!

26. Stay happy all through the journey because I’ll always be by your side, I’m missing you already honey!
Have a safe trip!

27. Best wishes from me to you as you embark on this journey, I wish you a safe landing brother!. I’ll seriously miss you!

28. A wonderful colleague you’ve been all these years and I’m going to miss you for this little while you’re travelling.
Safe journey buddy!

29. I’ll miss out on your morning calls to me over the fence, neighbour! Have a safe flight and come back soon to the hood!

30. Have a safe journey, my cute little girl who is not so little anymore, I’ll miss all our chit chats!
Bon voyage!

31. Wishing my best friend a safe trip, saying I’ll miss you is an understatement!

32. Wishing you a safe trip my amiable boss, the industry will miss you, but I’ll miss you especially!
Bon voyage!

33. I can’t go with you on this journey, but my wishes will sure go with you, have a safe landing sweetheart. I will miss you!

34. May only good things come your way and may you have an unimpeded journey, I will miss you a lot
Bon voyage pal!

35. Take care of yourself on air and know that you’re always on my mind, have a safe trip Darling!. Missing you already!

36. Have a safe trip son, I love you and I’ll miss you!

37. Dear angel, may your journey be smooth and your plane land effortlessly!. I love you and I’ll miss you

38. Dear baby girl, may your journey be adventurous and full of pleasant memories, wishing you a safe trip!
Miss you!

39. Beloved, I want to wish you an enjoyable trip as well as a stress-free one. I’ll miss you a lot!

40. Enjoy the ride, make every count and put to heart every moment that comes your way, have a safe trip, honey!
Bon voyage!

41. Wishing my dear one a safe trip, ride on the smooth road and come back early enough as I’m missing you already!.
Bon voyage!.

42. Be sound and safe and have a memorable journey dear friend!. Have a safe trip, I’ll miss you!

43. May only the best things come your way on this journey and may you find every minute of the journey enjoyable. Have a safe trip, I’ll miss you!

44. Have a safe trip dear daughter, worry less as you’re shielded from all unpleasant moments, I love you and I’ll miss you!

45. I can’t go with you on this journey, but I’ve sent my wishes ahead, may you have a safe landing and a memorable journey. Bon voyage dear wife!. Your husband misses you!

46. Have a safe trip my sweetie pie, enjoy every minute of the ride and come back home better, I’ll miss you a lot!

47. Journeys are adventurous, may yours be one and may you enjoy every minute of the ride!.
Bon voyage pal!. I’ll miss you!

48. As you journey today honey, may nothing unpleasant come your way and may you come back safe and sound! I’m missing you already!

49. Wishing an amiable and hardworking colleague a safe trip!
Bon voyage, I’ll miss you!

50. Have a smooth sail honey, chill out and enjoy every moment this journey brings!
I’ll miss you. Have a safe trip wifey!

51. Dear husband, I want to wish you a smooth sail and an enjoyable trip. I’ll miss you a lot!

52. My boyfriend is travelling today and I’m so going to miss him, I wish you safe trip honey, come back safe and quick as I’m missing you already!

53. Traveling gets you more exposed, I want to wish you more exposure as you journey today, I’ll miss you pal!.

54. Wishing you a memorable journey today! Don’t forget to keep all the memories to heart so that I can enjoy them when you come back, stay safe and have a wonderful trip, honey!

55. Don’t be nervous, stay calm and stay safe my love, I’ll miss you a lot. Have a safe trip!

56. May this journey launches you to greater realms of self-discovery and be one that turns many things around for you have a safe trip pal. I’ll miss you!

57.I’ll miss your constant jokes and your humble self, have a safe trip, my amiable colleague!

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58. Don’t be nervous, but channel all your energy to learning new things as you journey today, I love you and I’ll miss you, dear husband. Have a safe landing!

59. Safe travels my dear, I wish you can always be by my side every minute but this is a noble cause and you just have to be away, don’t forget to take care of yourself, I’ll miss you a lot!

60. I can’t wait to hear all about the gists of your destination, have a safe trip dear friend, I’ll miss you!

61. I know it won’t be too long before you come back and give me all those ridiculous jokes, I’ll miss you and the jokes. Have a safe trip pal!

62. Diversity is what makes life colorful, enjoy their way of life and each of your moments over there, I’ll miss you, dear husband, have a safe trip, honey!

63. Bon voyage to one of the sweetest friends one can have, I’ll miss all our crazy moments, come back soon so we’ll have enough of them!
Stay safe!

64. I wish you loads of wonderful accomplishments on your journey today, have a safe travel dear friend. I’ll seriously miss you?

65. Parting times, they say are painful times when tears are shed and that’s correct, I feel sad because you’re leaving today, but I know it’s for the better, I wish you a smooth journey and an enjoyable one!I’ll miss you!.

66. In my heart, that’s where you’ll be even though you’ll be far away from my sight, I’ll miss you so much!
I wish you a safe travel dear wifey!

67. Have a nice trip bestie, I know you’ll make new friends but don’t forget I’ll be right here waiting for you!
I’ll miss you!

68. I never knew saying goodbyes can be heartbreaking until I have to do that to someone special, just know that I’ll miss you and I’ll be waiting for you right here!
Have a safe trip girlfriend!

69. Your cute smile will always be on my mind and that should save me from missing you too much, I wish you a safe trip girlfriend!

70. Words can’t explain how sad I feel because you’re leaving today, stay safe and sound and have a pleasant journey! I’ll miss you!

71. I feel sad my best friend will be travelling today but what can I do? I wish you a safe journey dear one. Missing you already.

72. It’s so sad you will be leaving me for a while but I’m happy cos I know I’ll see you very soon. Safe journey Darling.

73. Why do I feel you are leaving me forever? I can’t wait for you to return already. Love and miss you friend.

74. My love and prayers are with your loved one. Have a safe trip and enjoy your stay.

75. Bon voyage Mon Amie! Will miss you so much.

76. I wish you an itch-free journey, my love. You won’t know how much I miss you!

77. Hubby, your kids and I will miss you so much. Please don’t stay long and come with plenty goodies as usual. Have a safe flight darling.

78. Babe, you are leaving me for work I know but I still feel I may not be able to cope without you. Don’t be long there darling. Have a safe flight.

79. Can’t I just travel with you? Remember we promised to be everywhere together. Will miss you big. Be safe.

80. My love, I want you to know that even though the distance is separating us now, I’ll never stop loving you. Be safe and have a night stay over there.

81. I’m going to miss you a lot dad. Drive safe and enjoy your conference. Love you big.

82. The journey is a short one though but it seems like a thousand miles away from me. Will miss you so much, my dear husband. Have a safe trip.

83. As you go on this journey, I pray that the road be accident-free for you and that you have a great stay. Have fun brother.

84. I feel heavy in my heart because this is the first time you’ll be away from me. Please be well over there and have a safe flight. Miss you.

85. Dad, I just want to let you know that I love and will miss you. Have a happy journey.

86. The kids and I are missing you already and can’t wait for mummy to return. Enjoy your stay, my love.

87. We’ll be apart for a year but I’m very sure we’ll continue to keep in touch. I’ll miss you so much bestie. Safe journey.

88. I wish I could go on this journey with you but it’s still all fine. I wish you all the best throughout your stay. Bon voyage.

89. All I wish you right now is a safe flight and a great stay over there. Be good my dear. Everyone misses you.

90. May the good God be with you on your journey. Drive safe hubby.

91. Don’t forget to come back home with gifts and goodies. I miss you already. Safe journey my love.

92. Mum, I never want to be out of your sight but it turns out this is happening now. I’ll miss you so much and I hope you enjoy your stay. Bye for now. Love.

93. Have a safe flight wifey. Be fine and come back quick! Love you.

94. I’m sending this to wish you a safe journey and let you know I love you. Have a safe trip and stay.

95. My friend, make sure you enjoy your trip and stay abroad. Have fun and send me pictures as usual. Miss you.

96. I will miss you more than I can say it. Stay safe my love. See you soon.

97. Make sure you enjoy that new place, my dear. We’ll surely keep in touch. I wish you a happy journey.

98. The notice was short but still, you have to go. Wish you a safe flight and a great stay. Enjoy yourself. I’ll miss you!

99. The entire family will miss you so much. Please don’t stay long and always get through to us. Happy journey sir.

100. This is to wish you a safe trip as you embark on your journey. I’ll miss you so much. Be safe!

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