Trending Safe Journey Wishes for Friend Travelling

2023 Trending Safe Journey Wishes for Friend Travelling

Friends are a very special part of our lives. When you have a good friend, you don’t want to lose him or her.

Sometimes, these friends have to go on journeys and trips and will have to be away from us a while. Or they may be living away from us and set out to visit us at times.

Whichever the case, sending a friend a safe journey wish is a good way to say that you are thinking about them and their safety matters to you.

Safe Journey Messages for Friend

1. We share a lot in common and that has made our friendship grow. Your trip will go well and not end in sorrow. Stay safe my friend.

2. Friend, I really wish you don’t have to go on this trip; it hurts to see you leave. Nonetheless, I wish you safety on your trip.

3. Friends are always there during the good and the bad times. This is to let you know that I cherish our friendship and I want to see you again. Don’t be away for too long.

4. I wish I could make it on this trip with you. I know how much I will miss not going with you. But I hope you will come back to share your experiences with me. Stay safe.

5. Thank you for visiting me, my dear friend. I cannot forget these few days we have spent together in elongated time. Have a safe landing back at your destination.

6. Friendship is beautiful; it gives us hope that we will not have to go through life alone. You have been a wonderful friend and I wish you a safe trip.

7. I screamed for joy when I got the news about your promotion. That is such a great news. Congratulations, Friend! I hope you find peace on your new level. May you arrive safely at your destination.

8. To my beautiful friend, I wish you safe departure and arrival. Have fun on your trip.

9. Successful trips bring joy to our souls. I wish you success on this trip, friend.

10. I hope you find favour on this trip. Go and come back well, dear.

Farewell Message to a Friend Going Abroad

Best farewell messages you can send to your friend travelling out of the Country.

11. Friends are for the good and the bad times. I don’t want our friendship to ever end. I hope you find safety on your journey.

12. You have become more than a friend to me. You are one of the best things that have happened to me. I wish you good tidings on your trip.

13. Goodbyes are hard to say, especially if it’s to someone you love. I love you, friend and I wish we don’t have to depart. Be safe and keep in touch.

14. You are special to me and I wish you the best on your trip.

15. I pray that you find mercies on your journey both to and fro, dear friend.

16. Dear friend, the future ahead of you is so bright. Go for it; don’t stop at anything. I wish you safe arrivals and all the best ahead!

17. Opportunities open to us occasionally. This is a great one here. I hope you find peace on your trip. Have fun too.

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18. No matter what happens, we will stay as friends. You have been such an inspiration to me and I am glad at this step you are about to take. I pray for you to be safe on your trip.

19. My wonderful friend, you deserve the best. May this trip be the best you have had so far.

20. We can only say, ‘Welcome back’ after a successful journey. I hope to welcome you back, my friend. But for now, I wish you a successful journey ahead.

Best Wishes for Friend Leaving

Your friend travelling would appreciate you sending these Best Wishes for Friend Leaving.

21. Journeys do signify changes that happen in our lifetime. This is a new change and I hope you adapt to it well enough. I wish you a great journey.

22. There is nothing like having a friend who knows one in and out. The thought of it alone is soothing. I will miss you but I don’t want to have to miss you forever, so I wish you safe arrivals.

23. To my super adorable friend, I pray for your trip to be safe. Safe journye to you, dear friend.

24. Words fail me already as I cannot bear the thought of having you away for so long. I just want to wish you a peaceful travel.

25. Opportunities are like windows; they are open for a while before they close up again. This one open before you is huge and I want more than anything else for you to grab it. I hope you have a fulfilling journey, friend.

26. Every journey has its ups and downs but I wish you safety no matter what happens.

27. I will stay with you all the way. You are my best friend and I want to see you again. Have a safe journey, dearie.

28. Dream as wide as you can, as if there is no stopping you, because no one is stopping you really. I wish you the best on your journey.

29. I wish you a trip free from all forms of danger. Go well.

30. My prayer is for your journey to be smooth both in your going and your coming. Have fun.

Journey Wishes for Best Friend

Effective Safe Journey Wishes for Buddies.

31. Some people travel and are not able to come back. That won’t be you. Your journey will be safe.

32. All the best in your new endeavour. Learn everything you need to learn and garner all the right experiences. I wish you safe landing at your destination.

33. No one is an island of knowledge. I am proud of you for this bold step you are taking. Keep me updated always. I bid you farewell.

34. In life, it is ideal to learn and grow from mistakes. My friend, I want you to move on from what happened. A better life awaits you out there and your decision to go on this journey is just perfect. I wish you well on the trip.

35. We meet to part; we part to meet. We have met and now we have to part. Although I wish we did not have to, I understand what this trip means to you. I bless your journey with good tidings.

36. My heart beats to see you again. I wish you a safe flight, my friend.

37. We go through each day hoping to see the next. When we go on a journey, we hope to be back to our loved ones. I wish for you, not just to be back but to be back in one good piece.

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38. I pray for your flight to land safely at your destination. I also pray that you will be free from hazards during the flight.

39. I love your adventurous spirit. Make sure you catch all the fun; I long to hear the beautiful stories from this adventure too. I will see you again. Safe trip.

40. Life itself is a journey. This one you are about to embark on is a journey in that journey. Just as we hope to see ourselves again every new day, I hope to see you again at the end of your trip. Have a safe one.

41. Beautiful souls deserve the best. I wish you all the very best on this trip. Have a safe landing.

42. May this trip not be the end of your life. Stay safe.

43. I hope you make amazing memories on this trip you are about to embark on. Have a safe ride and an amazing time.

44. I pray for you that your guardian angels will always be alert to ward off all evils as you go on this journey. Enjoy the trip.

45. May you have amazing experiences to always smile about on this trip. May the trip be safe too.

46. Keep your beautiful face because I cannot wait to see it again.

47. It is easy to throw in the towel when there is no one to cheer one up and help keep the flame burning. But I want you to know this, friend, regardless of how far away we may be, I am so close still. I pray that you arrive safely as you go on this journey.

48. No matter what happens, don’t give up. The end will be better than the beginning of you don’t give up. I pray for your safety.

49. I wish you a turbulence-free journey. Land safely.

50. I pray that your trip will be safe. May your going and coming be from every form of impediments.

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