Happy Birthday First Cousin Wishes Quotes 1

Happy Birthday First Cousin Wishes Quotes

Life’s most pleasurable moments are mostly found in simple things that make for a great memory. Your first cousin might be your childhood worst nightmare but your current pal now that you’re all grown up and wiser. For someone whose first cousin is a partner in prankster with lots of nostalgic memories to show for it, birthdays are special occasions to celebrate their awesomeness and relive those special times.

A once upon a time terrorist first cousin having fun at your expense, but always there to protect you from outside bullies, is part of your childhood colourful moments. Family, in all its good with bad tags, staying together in love. Same way, you celebrate a darling first cousin, who is more of a big/kid sibling or best buddy, on special occasions like birthdays.

Whether your cousin was downright infuriatingly mean or fun-loving special in the past, now is the time to set new precedents for a future lovely relationship, by being a beautiful part of their birthday. If distance and time have put a strain on your relationship with your beloved cousin, now is the time to bridge the gap of time-lapse. The cousins that had a special degree in upsetting you in time past might have turned out to be awesome personality, with whom you can forge a good bond.

It’s your cousin’s birthday. Yippee!! It’s time to make his/her day special with witty and lovely quotes, wishes and prayers. Do you want to reach out to your estranged cousin? His/her birthday is the best time to do it. The feeling of gratitude for being alive and well would have set the ground for a receptive mind. Are you eager to show your darling first cousin you care great deal? Do you want to let your cousin know he/she is all shades of spectacular and inspiring?

These cute happy birthday first cousin wishes and quotes will do the trick:

Birthday Wishes for My First Cousin

‘Happy birthday, my darling first cousin. To know you is to know happiness. To be with you is to experience pure bliss. To have you is to have a staunch support system. You rock! I wish you the very best, this new year and always.’

When you are blessed with a wonderful first cousin, you need no nudge to bless his/her birthday with cute birthday wishes like these:

1. You are a big chunk of my childhood, dear cousin. I relish the memory of the times we spent frolicking around in the past. Have a fantastic birthday, dearie.

2. When you have a first cousin that doubles as a sibling like you, then life is fun, beautiful and awesome. I feel privileged to have you, dear. Happy birthday, beloved cousin. Have an amazing new year; one as wonderful as you are.

3. Incredible is having you as a permanent fixture in my corner of the world. As a cousin, you are a rare gem. As a friend, you’re irreplaceable. May your birthday be as awesome as you are. Best wishes!

4. Life without you is totally unthinkable! For one, my childhood would have been every slant of boring. For another, you paint my life with beautiful colours of love, kindness, fun and support. You are phenomenal! Happy birthday, darling cousin. May your new year be full of sunshine.

5. Yippee! It’s my favourite cousin’s birthday. I hereby declare today a public holiday and a national festival; wining and dining on you, while I sponsor all the fun activities. Don’t thank me, what are loving cousins for? Happy birthday, sweetie. Have a fabulous new year.

6. Happy birthday to my charming cousin. You are such a delight in every way. I wish you more blessings, happiness and peace, this new year and beyond.

7. Happy birthday to my cool, calm, classy and collected cousin. Kindly package the secret to your admirable poise and personality as a party take away for me. I promise not to reveal it to the world. Have a wonderful celebration in anticipation of a great new year. Cheers!

Happy Birthday First Cousin Quotes

‘I can come up with gifts, fun and fanfare to make your day merry; none can be as apt as a great quote that captures your essence. ”You are a sparkling star, destined for greatness”. Happy birthday, dearest first cousin. Have fun!’

A witty quote is a fun-loving way of wishing your beloved first cousin a happy birthday:

8. Life isn’t always easy peasy or peachy, but life is certainly fun and fantastic with you, my vibrant and adventurous cousin. Every day of this year shall come with thousands of reasons to celebrate. Happy birthday, darling.

9. Vibrant with awesome vibes, loving, lively and full of life: that’s my precious cousin. Have a fabulous new year, full of an avalanche of goodies.

10. Dreams come true because someone acts as a conveyor of blessings. You are my angel and I cherish you completely. Happy birthday, darling cousin. Every day of your new age is blessed.

11. If being a great cousin requires a standard, you are the ideal and unmatchable one. If being an awesome cousin is a competitive race, everyone will come up short. You’re simply the best ever. A wonderful birthday to my beloved cousin. Have a blast!

12. But for your royal mischievousness, with a doctorate degree in endless, fun adventure; my childhood would have been doomed with a first class in boredom. Thanks to you, I have memories of mad fun. Happy birthday, cousin dearest. May you never lose your smiles and swagger.

Birthday Prayer Messages for First Cousin

‘Your birthday presents an opportunity to send a message of love, good wishes and earnest prayers to you, dear first cousin. May you be blessed as you’ve been a blessing, this new year and always. Happy birthday to you, beloved.’

A birthday prayer message as lovely as this will surely bless your dear cousin:

13. Darling first cousin, happy birthday to you. May God bless you and cause His face to shine upon you. May He be with you every step of the way in this new season. I surround your destiny with the walls of fire and angels, no evil shall befall you, no scourge will come near you. The righteousness of God will rule your life, and His peace will govern your heart. Your life will not be cut short in Jesus name.

14. Happy birthday, dear first cousin. May your new year be full of joy, filled with peace and all your heart desires. May it be a year of all-around celebration for you and yours. Cheers!

15. Happy birthday to my dearest first cousin. You are greatly loved. This new year, the Lord shall listen to your silent but earnest pleas. He will respond to your prayers and grant you the desires of your heart. Have fun, now and forever.

16. Happy birthday, precious cousin. You are a rare gem, a priceless treasure. May this new year bring you peace like a river, blessings upon blessings, love and lots of happiness. Love you loads.

17. Happy birthday with tons of fun and loads of happiness to my first cousin. May the Lord grant you good health with a sound mind to enjoy the torrents of blessings he’s showering you with. You will never know a better yesterday. Each new day will come with tremendous testimonies. Have fun, dearie.

18. Happy birthday to my dear cousin: a sassy woman of style and substance. As you are a year younger, smarter and healthier today, may you continue to be relevant in all aspects of life, this new year and always. Have a blast!

19. Happy birthday to my poise, posh and elegant cousin. May the Lord bless you with the desires of your heart. Nothing shall be impossible for you. May you be as fit as a fiddle and as happy as a lark. Have a smashing celebration! Cheers!

20. Happy birthday to my beloved cousin and buddy. You are a principled man of timber and calibre. I admire all you stand for and respect. I love how you inspire us. You rock! Your ocean of wisdom shall flow ceaselessly. Your fountain of blessings shall overflow. May you continue to be a blessed inspiration to us all. Cheers to a lovely new year.

It’s said that blood is thicker than water, and family is everything. This is apt when you have awesome people as members of your family or adopted ones. Your older, younger or peer cousin’s birthday is a day of celebration, good cheers and fun, only when you are part of the happy moment. Gifts, parties, physical presence are all good. Cute happy birthday first cousin wishes, quotes or prayers are awesome. They can’t be forgotten in a hurry. The power of the written word is such that it can be read and reread, long after the event.

Thanks for being part of your first cousin’s birthday. It’s huge! May I congratulate you on your thoughtfulness and loving gesture? You just made his/her day. I appreciate you for trusting this write up to do a fantastic job. You may be sure of the thrill of excitement that will pass through your first cousin’s frame.

Please, be a blessing to others by sharing this. Feel free to comment, ask questions or make suggestions.

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