Happy Birthday Quotes with Pictures for Your Cousin

Happy Birthday Quotes with Pictures for Your Cousin

One of the closest relatives we can have is a cousin. Therefore, we must celebrate them during phenomenal occasions like their birthday, wedding anniversary, and graduation.

For your cousin who is celebrating their birthday, happy birthday quotes with pictures will go a long way to make their day.

So, here is the thing; choose the best birthday quotes for your cousin in this list of happy birthday quotes for cousin with pictures. Going further, you’ll find more splendid birthday quotes for your favourite cousin.

You may even make them laugh harder on that day by sending them some of the funny quotes for cousins’ birthday I wrote.

Sadly, I know there are people whose cousin mean so much to them but don’t have the privilege of telling them anymore. Hence, you’ll find the perfect way you can let them know by choosing from the happy birthday to my cousin in heaven quotes category.

So, are you ready? Go ahead and pick your best quote here.

Best Birthday Quotes for My Cousin

It’s your day lovely cousin and I can’t help but feel truly happy for you. I’m sending all my love to you to keep you safe and delighted for as long as possible. Happy birthday, my cousin.

Find beautiful best birthday quotes for my cousin here.

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1. May your joy overflow today and go on to last for a lifetime. Wishing you a superb birthday, dear cousin.

2. Birthdays are for reflection. I hope you look back and see how far you’ve come against all odds. Have a beautiful moment recollecting the past. Happy birthday, darling cousin.

3. I wish you the best treat, today. I pray that laughter and joy shall be in your life now and forever. Keep ageing like a fine wine, dear cousin.

4. Never forget to demonstrate an attitude of gratitude cause it’s the most important thing you could ever do as a birthday celebrant.

5. Happy birth anniversary to my dearest cousin. Write down all the new adventures you’ll like to try as you clock another age, today. Don’t forget to spark a new flame in you as you do something unique.

6. Wherever you go today, you shall meet goodness cause this day has been marked as your day. Happy birthday, my darling cousin.

7. I wish I was there to wish you in person a fantastic happy birthday. You’re the most important person to me on this day. Happy birthday, girl.

8. Today isn’t the time to compare yourself to others, instead thank God for your journey so far. Sending all my love to you.

9. I hope you can spare me some of your time today so we can travel down memory lane reminiscing on your journey so far. Happy birthday, cousin.

10. Don’t be ashamed of the past cause the future is bright and colourful. I hope you learn to appreciate that instead. Happy birthday, my dear cousin.

Birthday Quotes for A Special Cousin

You are like a sibling to me and even so much more. May the heavens reward you graciously on my behalf. I want you to stay happy knowing that I love you so much. Happy birthday, my special cousin.

Send these birthday quotes for a special cousin.

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11. A cousin is a sibling we never had. I’m grateful you are in my life. It’s another time to celebrate who you are to me and how much you mean to me. Do have a splendid birthday.

12. Every birthday you mark shall move you closer to your dreams. You shall not have to wait any longer before fulfilling your purpose. Happy birthday to my darling cousin.

13. May your smile never be wintry but warm and affectionate. The joy that keeps springing from the bottom of your heart shall never go dry. Happy birthday, my darling cousin.

14. I thank you for fighting my battles with me and believing so much in my dreams. Happy birthday to the best cousin you could ever ask for.

15. If you ever need someone no matter the time of the day or how bad the situation gets, I’ll always be right here. May this birth anniversary be a phenomenal one for you.

16. Your progress makes me happy, so from the crux of my heart, I’m wishing you long life, everlasting gaiety, perfect peace and joy.

17. Life may be arduous sometimes, but no matter how bad it gets, cousin sis, count on me to never leave your side. Happy birthday to my cousin.

18. I’ll like to have you as a family for the rest of my life. Happy birthday to a wonderful cousin who makes family the most important thing.

19. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with me. I may not appear worthy but I appreciate every ounce of it. Happy birthday to my cousin whom I love so much.

20. I pray your birthday always reminds you of how kind you are and how much we’ll always love you even in difficult times and seasons. Happy birth anniversary, cousin bro.

Birthday Quotes for Favorite Cousin

I’ll give the world to a good cousin like you even when you don’t ask me to. Happy birthday to you, favourite cousin. I hope the best gifts of life find their way to your bosom.

These birthday quotes for a favourite cousin are perfect for yours too.

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21. You are one of my favourite persons in the world. You’ve been such a blessing to me. Tell me how I can return the favour just to show you what you mean to me. Happy birthday, my lovely cousin.

22. I want you to know that wherever you may go even if it’s to the end of the earth, my heart will always travel along with you given that you are my favourite cousin.

23. I’m glad that we are bonded by blood and the gracious hearts we share. No one can ever take your place in my soul. Have a merry birthday that makes your heart shiver with excitement.

24. Let me thrill you with joy and make you tear up out of sheer delight and merriment. You deserve to feel every ounce of joy in your fragile and compassionate heart. Happy birthday to an angelic cousin.

25. Knowing you has blessed me in ways I cannot imagine. I confess that I shudder to think what my life would look like without the love of a cousin brother like yours. Here’s a mega and blissful toast to my nicest cousin. Happy birthday to you, dear.

26. I want you to know that I love you beyond the ties we share. You are a kind soul who continues to give even when there’s drought and famine. May God bless your kind heart in all seasons of life. Have a great birthday today, cousin.

27. I pray that your joy continues to surge until it fills your heart up and wash away the hidden pains of the past. Happy birthday to my best cousin.

28. Take the best wine and make every drop of it worth it by reminiscing on the good time you’ve had in life. Happy birthday, dear cousin sis. Many more impeccable moments shall you create in your lifetime.

29. I’m glad you’ve clocked another new age. May you see many more in good health and joy. There’s no doubt, grey hairs will look magnificent on you. Happy birth anniversary, cousin.

30. I hear the bell chime at dawn this day and I knew a new day of blessings and happiness has been ushered in for a lovely soul like you. Happy birthday to my cousin who is also my best friend.

Childhood Cousin Birthday Quotes

You gave me the best childhood because you offered me a sincere friendship that never went sour. Happy birthday to a cousin turned sibling. I love you truly. May you live to see your children’s children and their children, too.

Send these childhood cousin birthday quotes to your cousin.

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31. We grew up together loving each other. I hope it remains so for eternity. Happy birthday to the one with whom I made the best childhood memory with.

32. Because it’s your birthday, let’s travel back in time and play like the little kids we were. Let’s talk so innocently and laugh wholeheartedly without having to worry about a thing in this world. Happy birth anniversary, cousin.

33. So many times, we find our way back into each other’s company. We are cousin sisters that can never be broken nor separated. Happy birthday to you. I’m super proud of you today and forever.

34. You gave me the best childhood memory when you became my best friend whom I could pour my heart to just to feel better. Happy birthday to the best listener in the world. I love you immensely.

35. Don’t be afraid to grow old cause it suits you even more than your childhood. You are a beauty to behold with a regal swagger that has never been seen before. Happy birthday to my best cousin.

36. You are so beautiful and pure. You make the world a better place with every breath you take. Happy birthday to my cousin who has touched so many lives than imagined.

37. I want you to know that no one else can replace you in my heart as my cousin. You are the epitome of goodness and the joy you exude has been a blessing to everyone around you. Have a remarkable birthday celebration.

38. If you are still hoping for a miracle today, never give up cause you’ll eventually get what your heart longs for. Happy birthday to my most cherished cousin.

39. My heart is so pleased with you. Hence, I pray for you with all my might at all time even when it’s not your birthday. Happy birthday to a good cousin.

40. You have touched so many lives and made many know the true meaning of joy. I hope today, you recollect all the good things you’ve done and find joy in it knowing fully well that you made the world a better place. Happy birthday, cousin.

Funny Quotes for Cousins Birthday

Whenever it’s your birthday, I remember how you eat till your belly grows bigger and your mouth becomes too full. I hope you take things slower a bit today. Laughing out loud at those childish moments of yours. Happy birthday, cousin.

Make your cousin laugh with these funny quotes for your cousin’s birthday.

Send these jokes to make your cousin laugh.

41. Remember how you run around the house, whenever it’s your birth anniversary, with your chicken in one hand and your attention grasping costume. It’s your birthday today as an adult, I hope you never stop finding happiness in all you do.

42. The best way to enjoy your birthday is to act like a child. So can I take you to a candy store, today?

43. Happy birthday, cousin. I hope you can finally love to celebrate your birthday. Try it today and feel how good it is for your soul.

44. Merry so much like a little kid who just clocked five on earth even when it’s your 50th birthday today, dear cousin.

45. If you are happy it’s your birthday, jump so high to the sky so you can touch your lofty dream and begin to chase them when you hit the ground. Happy birthday, cousin.

46. It’s my greatest joy to see you clock 30 today. I already see some grey hairs on your head. Don’t be frightened; it’s just a way of the universe telling you that you aren’t a baby in a cradle bed anymore. Happy birthday, cousin.

47. Immerse yourself in the joy that surrounds you today. Eat healthily and drink responsibly. It’s your birthday so you shouldn’t be bored.

48. I’m glad this day came to pass against all odds. Happy birthday to my darling cousin. You’ll always stand tall and delighted.

49. You ain’t growing old nor running out of strength, you are getting wiser, happier and more fulfilled. Happy birthday, cousin sis.

50. All that matters today is the food in your belly and not all the feats you could have achieved before clocking this new age. So merry some more. Happy birthday, cousin.

Happy Birthday to My Beautiful Cousin Quotes

Your birthday is one of the most beautiful time of the year for me. Thank you for making everyone happy around you once it’s your birth anniversary. You are a rare gem and I’ll never let you feel less. Happy birthday, my beautiful cousin.

Here is a happy birthday to my beautiful cousin quotes.

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51. You are so beautiful like the number you just clocked. Have a phenomenal birthday celebration.

52. I love you so much, gorgeous cousin. Many more years shall you witness. I pray this new age treats you kind and special.

53. It feels good to clock 30, right? You look fabulous and accomplished. Keep nursing more dreams and chasing a bigger purpose.

54. I’m happy to know that you are getting older in numbers but not in the physique. Happy birthday to my forever young cousin.

55. Your flawless skin makes you look so beautiful and impressive like sweet honey. Happy birthday to a paragon of beauty, my cousin sis.

56. You made me a better person. I hope God sends you the help that you need at any point in life. Happy birthday, girlie.

57. Happy birthday to a good cousin with the beauty of the morning sun. I hope you never forget your goals in life but that you keep chasing them.

58. Be ready to take on a new challenge as you celebrate a new age. It’s all for your growth and progress. Have a fulfilling birthday.

59. I believe this birthday shall bring you closer to your dreamland. I’m happy to wish you a happy birthday from the depth of my heart.

60. May you never lose your happiness. I pray you find the joy that lasts long till eternity. Happy birthday, sweet cousin.

Happy Birthday to My Cousin in Heaven Quotes

You may be beyond the clouds but I know your heart will always be here with us. Today, I choose to celebrate your coming to the earth many years ago. Have a fun-filled birthday in heaven, dear cousin.

Celebrate your late cousin with any of these happy birthday to my cousin in heaven quotes.

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61. It breaks my heart that you’re not here with us but I’m glad you’re in the company of the sweetest angels who’ll always make you fulfilled. Happy birthday to my cousin in heaven.

62. I’ll always celebrate you no matter where you may be. I know a thousand angels are singing your favourite birthday song right now. So I chose to join a host of them to wish you a blissful birthday, cousin.

63. Happy birthday to my cousin. On a great day like this, I know you are making the heavens happier and more fun with your laughter and dance steps. Stay happy and enjoy your birth anniversary.

64. You loved heaven so much and today you’ll be celebrating your new age over there. I hope it is the best birthday you’ve ever had, cousin sis.

65. Happy birthday, my dearest cousin. Keep basking in eternal joy, love and bliss. I know heaven makes you happier than the earth ever did. Have a wonderful birthday, today.

66. I can bet every moment of today will be remarkable cause it’s your birthday and heaven is your celebration venue. Do relish every moment of it.

67. Happy birthday to my cousin in heaven. It hurts that you are gone but I’m sure there’s no greater joy and peace on earth than in heaven. Hence, enjoy your birthday over there.

68. I wish I could be your dance partner once again. I wish I could see you in person than in my lonely dreams. Happy birthday, dearest cousin. I hope heaven treats you kind.

69. Even if you miss us as well, ensure you enjoy every bit of your birthday over there with the host of angels. Happy birthday, cousin. I miss you every second of the day.

70. Heaven is for angels like you I believe that’s why you are honoured to be there right now. Happy birthday to my lovely cousin in heaven.

Sweet Birthday Lines for Cousin

You make the world merry each time it’s your birthday. My prayer for you today is that the world reaches a consensus to make you more than happy, today. Expect to have a wonderful birth anniversary celebration today, cousin.

Here are sweet birthday lines for your cousin.

71. no one makes birthday a more phenomenal day than you. Keep spreading the joy in your heart with everyone. Happy birthday, cousin.

72. Make your wish. Beckon on me when you need a thing and I’ll be there. You are the queen of today and I’m pleased to serve you. Happy birthday, cousin.

73. It’s your birthday, dear cousin. I hope to hear your voice at the top of the roof screaming out of excitement. Happy birthday, cousin bro. I love you.

74. You have been more than a cousin to me. You loved me in the most difficult times. It’s my wish that you age gracefully and never lose your joy and happiness while at it.

75. Happy birthday, cousin sis. I love you more than I show it but today I need you to know that come what may, you’ll always mean the world to me.

76. There’s so much joy in knowing you. Happy birthday to the best cousin anyone could ask for. May this new age favour you mightily.

77. I pray you’ll never go down but higher till your lofty dreams are fulfilled. Happy birthday, dearest cousin. So many beautiful people love you.

78. You are one of the people who mean the world to me. Enjoy every bit of your day, sweetheart. May this new age make you the happiest person in the world.

79. I pray that you shall be honoured and celebrated every day of your life like it was your birthday. Many more happy returns, cousin.

80. I don’t always remind you how much I love you but I want you to know that you are irreplaceable to me. Have a blissful birthday today and beyond.

Happy Birthday Note to Cousin

You are always on my mind whenever it’s your birth anniversary. Best believe I’m praying for you and wishing that all your dreams make it to reality today. Stay happy knowing that I love you endlessly. Happy birthday, dear cousin.

Send this happy birthday note to your cousin.

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81. I love you so much, dear cousin. Happy birthday to you. Find happiness and joy in everything around you, today.

82. Don’t let a thing dampen your spirit. Ensure your happiness is effervescent and lasting. Happy birthday to my coolest cousin.

83. I wish I could be there to mark your birthday with you but I do know that my congratulatory words can travel faster to you than my legs could. Here’s me wishing you a happy birthday.

84. Your joy shall not turn sour. You’ll continually experience happiness today and forever. Happy birthday to my little cousin.

85. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for my cousin. Happy birthday, darling. Say the word and I’ll bring it to pass.

86. Your new age looks so good on you like one of your most regal dresses. Keep glowing as you age. Happy birthday, dear.

87. 25 years on earth and I can’t help but look back at your life. No doubt, you are a warrior. Happy birthday, cousin. Keep enjoying the faithfulness of God.

88. There’s so much in knowing you. I hope you enjoy the best of today. I’m sending all my love to you.

89. You have made me so proud countless times. I pray you continue to bring honour to your family and self. Happy birthday to an intellectual cousin.

90. Happy birthday, cousin. May the heavens say a big amen to all your heart desires today. You look so good at 30.

Happy Birthday Thoughts for Cousin

In the deepest part and thoughts of my heart, I wish you all the joy in the world. Believe me when I say you are the best thing to ever happen on this day. May you celebrate many more birthday here on earth. Happy birthday, cousin.

Here are happy birthday thoughts for your cousin.

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91. My heart prays for you, today. Happy birth anniversary to my youngest cousin. May this day bring you so much joy like a river.

92. You are the most important person of the day, today. I’d like to wish you a happy birthday. Don’t let anything get in the way of your fulfilment, today.

93. Stay grateful and never let the thought of what you are yet to achieve get in the way of your joy, today. Happy birthday.

94. I bless the day you were born. Thank you for giving the world nothing but love and joy. I pray you feel nothing but positive vibes, today. Happy birthday, cousin.

95. You are the epitome of kindness. May you enjoy good rewards for your lovely heart as long as you live. Happy birthday to the best cousin on earth.

96. Your birthday is the best time to be thankful and hopeful. Happy birthday to you, baby cousin. I hope you can feel the love I’m sending to you.

97. Let me be the one to please you, today. From the happiest zone in my heart, I’m wishing you a joyful birthday. Do well to enjoy every moment of this day.

98. May you find happiness and love like you’ve never experienced before. Happy birthday to the cutest cousin in the world.

99. I love you so much and so I’ll be praying for you throughout today. Happy birthday to the best cousin in the world.

100. You’ll keep growing in good health and joy. You’ll live to celebrate a century on earth. Happy birthday to my handsome cousin.

I’m quite certain you found the perfect best happy birthday quotes for cousin with pictures for your cousin. Kindly let me know your favourite one in the comment section.

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