Happy Birthday Quotes with Pictures

Happy Birthday Quotes with Pictures for Your Nephew

I can bet you know that feeling of having a member of your family with whom you share a lot of crazy, funny and beautiful memories with. It is very lovable to make such a family smile on their birthday. Sending in cute birthday messages to put a smile on their face and a message that reminds them that you cherish them is a beautiful thing to do on their birthday.

Express your mind and show your nephew how much you care about them with beautiful messages for a family member today! It is a way to make them enjoy their day. Make that special member of your family happy today by spending their birthdays with them.

It is not necessary to be with them physically but sending in quotes that will make them think about you is a way of sharing their day with them. Put a smile on your nephew’s face today!

Let your nephew know you value him by sending in messages that touch the heart and these lovely happy birthday quotes with pictures for your nephew down below. Feel free to check out some quotes to send to a nephew on his birthdays.

Best Happy Birthday to My Nephew Quotes

I want you to reminisce on the playful times, the quarrel and the sweet-sad moments we had. I hope we spend more time together and create more memories my sibling could not have with me. It’s your special day today and I am sending you a happy birthday quote. Have the best birthday, nephew!

1. I have always cherished our beautiful moments together; you are a beautiful tree that beautifies my garden. Just like Cinderella, may you find your prince charming and may you be a source of joy for us all. Happy birthday dear nephew!

2. I will shout out to the whole world; I will paint the whole town red just for your birthday. Happy birthday, nephew.

3. To my cute nephew, remember the older you become the better you will become. Grow up to become successful, happy birthday to you.

4. Birthdays come once a year; you grow older each day. Grow up to become a hit as you have always wanted. Happy birthday, nephew.

5. To my source of joy, I hope today marks a new movement from a great place to a greater place. Happy birthday, nephew.

6. Hurray! It’s a brand new second, a brand-new minute, a brand-new hour and a brand-new day. Today looks different because it’s your day. Happy birthday to you nephew.

7. Put out the candlelight on your birthday and make a wish because the charming angel is here to make your wish come to pass. Happy birthday, nephew!

8. The fragrance of today smells different, it looks cool from outside. Today reminds me of you, your day looks refined, happy birthday to my favourite nephew.

9. Happy birthday pretty nephew! Make a wish today and have a fun-filled day. Remember I will always be your best friend.

10. Hey nephew, today reminds me of your charming face even though I look more charming. I wish you never lose your charms, happy birthday nephew.

Happy Birthday Nephew Quotes and Images

You have shown me the true definition of family, I will always have you in mind because the thought of having a nephew like you always made my day. Happy birthday to you, nephew. I am so elated that I was so lucky to get a nephew who is like a sibling to me.

11. Happy birthday, world best nephew, you know you have always been the best part of my life. Dive this new year on a boat of happiness.

12. Today marks a new beginning for you dearest nephew, I wish all your heart desires and prayers come to pass. Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Nephew
Happy Birthday Nephew

13. I feel so elated to have you, you are all I got and you mean the world to me. Happy birthday to you Nephew.

14. On this special day, I wish you the best of life. May your days be full of life, have an amazing and incredible birthday Nephew.

Happy Birthday Nephew
Happy Birthday Nephew

15. To my most precious nephew, I cherish you and I value our exciting memories together. I hope you get a lot of chocolate today! Happy birthday.

16. To my good-looking nephew, thanks for coming out pretty. I want to be one of the best parts of your life. Grow up to continue looking good, happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Nephew
Happy Birthday Nephew

17. My moment around you is the best thing I always wish for, let us celebrate your birthday being around each other. Happy birthday, nephew!

18. Happy birthday to my lovely nephew! Wishing you all the best things in life. I wish you fun and lots of merriment today.

Happy Birthday Nephew
Happy Birthday Nephew

19. Hey BNE! You might wonder what BNE is but do not panic its Best Nephew Ever! Celebrate your birthday differently because you are different from anyone else. Happy birthday, unique nephew.

Happy Birthday Nephew
Happy Birthday Nephew

20. A beautiful birthday to the best nephew I know, I wish you more hugs from special ones today because you are more than special to me.

Birthday Quotes for Nephew from Aunt

Your smile has always been a source of joy, nephew, and I always wish you never have any reason to be sad. Aunt cares for you and cherishes every bit of laughter. I wish you more laughter this year because you worth being happy with. Aunt wishes you a happy birthday.

21. You are my cute and loving nephew, on this special day I warmly wish you a birthday full of special things. Enjoy your day dearie!

22. Your smile has always kept me going because your smile indeed is a reason to smile. I wish you more smile on this special day. Bon Anniversaire!

23. You know the joy of having a nephew like you is boundless! I wish you know no sorrow in life. Happy birthday, nephew.

24. To the most amazing nephew I know, I feel so lucky to have a nephew like you, I hope you have a fabulous birthday. Ride on! You are on your way to bliss.

25. To the cutest nephew, I hope your day is colourful like your smile. Thanks for being a nephew that I am always proud to have, happy birthday to you!

26. To my nephew who turned out to be my best friend, I wish you a fabulous birthday today. Our beautiful times together will be green in my memory- the happiness and anger we shared. I love you and happy birthday.

27. Hey nephew! Having you makes me happy and I am always delighted whenever I think of our closeness. Thanks to Mum and Dad for this special gift they gave our family, I feel elated whenever I remember you are a product of my sibling. Bon Anniversaire!

28. On this beautiful day, I pray you to have a very good day today. Happy birthday to the best nephew I can vouch for.

29. Hey Angel, you know I have already created a permanent space for you in my heart. Grow older to glow and prosper, happy birthday nephew.

30. To my best student, happy birthday! Your innocent face once brought fear to my heart, I was afraid you might be deceived but I realized you are a good listener. Thanks for listening to my little pieces of advice. Have a blissful birthday.

Birthday Quotes for Nephew from Uncle

You are a blessing to your generation and I love you because you are a blessing to our family, I hope you become a blessing to all. You know I have always taught you not to look down on anybody and always bear in mind that I will always be your backbone. Uncle wishes you a happy birthday, nephew.

31. I am sure you must have received a lot of messages on your birthday but mine is a little special because it is coming from me. I wish you everything you wish for on this special day. Happy birthday, nephew!

32. To my partner in crime, with lots of love, I wish you all good things in life. I wish you a special birthday because you are a special one.

33. I hope your birthday is filled with pleasant memories, just be yourself because no one is better than you, you know I will always be your fan. Happy birthday, nephew.

34. Hey cutie, I am happy to have a nephew like you, you are not just a nephew but a brother. Enjoy your day to the brim, dearest nephew.

35. To one of the biggest blessings in my family, I wish this birthday gives you enough blessings to pass your examinations. Happy birthday, nephew!

36. To the most elegant nephew in the world, may the cuteness of your face remain forever and may your secret crush approach you. Uncle wishes you a happy birthday!

37. For not giving up on yourself during thick and rough, I must say you are my superhero. Always bear in mind that your uncle will forever support you. Happy birthday!

38. Happy birthday to the most annoying nephew I know, may God fulfil all your heart desires today. Wish you all the best in your new year but stop being annoying this year!

39. I wish you all the good fortunes in life, it is great having such a wonderful nephew. Enjoy your day cute nephew.

40. May this year bring you the brightest smile because your good heart deserves it. Happy birthday, dearie! Continue to smile.

Birthday Quotes for Little Nephew

You should grow older, so you will not be referred to as ‘little’ anymore. Blow out your candle and make a wish. Grow old to be a blessing and always remember to always be your brother’s keeper. You might be little but where you are going cannot be called little. Eat more and grow more, happy birthday, little nephew.

41. Hey little nephew, I hope your day is filled with cakes and chocolates because I know that will put a smile on your face. Happy birthday!

42. To my kid nephew who hates to be called one, I hope you grow a complete set of teeth this new year. Don’t forget that you are still our kid nephew! Happy birthday, kid!

43. Happy birthday to you, nephew! I have been pondering on what to give you on this special day- should I gift you a box of chocolate or tell you a fairy tale? Anyways, have fun today.

44. I wish you grow up faster because you know you are missing a lot, don’t just grow up faster but be cute and brilliant as I have always wanted. Happy birthday, dearie!

45. I wish you all you wish yourself before blowing out your birthday cake candles. Have a fulfilled birthday and don’t forget to listen to that best song of yours.

Baby Nephew Birthday Quotes

I hope you eat more chocolates this year and I hope you have a sincere heart to give out to your friends. I have always wished you grow up quicker, I will forever cherish you. Make sure you stop troubling Mum this year, you know you are a year older. Have fun on your birthday, baby nephew.

46. To my baby nephew, I wish you grow older to become who you have always dreamt of becoming. You know I care for you no matter the circumstance, grow older to make me proud. Happy birthday to you!

47. Even if I pretend not to care by nagging you all the time but deep down in my heart you mean the world to me and I want the best for you. Grow older to be who I believe you would be and by then you will realize that all I want is the best for you. Happy birthday baby nephew.

48. I love the way you came out to be, from the womb I had monitored your growth, I was always your fan even more than your mother- I think I love you even more. Grow up faster! We still have a lot to do together. Happy birthday, nephew.

49. Happy birthday, my dear nephew! I hope your days are full of life and as you celebrate this special day, I hope Mum and Dad get you that birthday present you have always wanted. Cheers to a new age!

50. I love you! Happy birthday! What do you want for a present? Anyways I am sending in this message to wish you fun on your birthday. More crushes today! Spend more time with your little friends and be happy.

Funny Birthday Quotes for Nephew

Grow up to be the funny lad you have always been and do not forget to quit all bad habit as you are growing older. Make sure you listen to mum more often this year and always learn to ease her of her worries. Happy birthday to you, nephew.

51. Hey nephew! I hope your teeth are complete this year so you will stop going about with a window in your teeth. Have a blissful and happy birthday.

52. I hope you don’t wreck your birthday cake this year, stop being playful this year, you know you are now a year older. Keep being a star, you know I love you for that.

53. Hey hero! It’s a new year, quit Bollywood and focus more on reality. Anyways I wish you all the good things in life. Cheers to a new age my superhero!

54. Make sure you quit scattering the whole house whenever you are angry. It will not change the fact that you will arrange it when you are back to your normal self. It looks stupid to me, you know. Cheers to a new age and quit that bad habit!

55. Let us hope your teeth shine brighter than the full moon this year because you put too much effort into it than necessary. Put that effort into cleaning your room instead! Happy birthday to you.

56. Let us make a wish together today! What is your wish? Anyways, mine is that you stop being silly this year- it is really driving me crazy. Happy birthday silly nephew, you know I love you just the way you are.

57. I hope this birthday reminds you of our best moments together especially that embarrassing moment we had together- don’t laugh! It’s a command! Happy birthday to you, let us look forward to having crazy memories together.

58. You remember right? Those moments we did not want to forget and those moments we had to lie to your Mum and Dad. It is crazy but fun, it is a new year I will not be doing that again. Happy birthday partner in crime.

59. You know I want the best for you- quit that annoying relationship because I pity the other one in the relationship. Just joking! Have a blissful day nephew.

60. You are all I got so stop being naughty and focus more on your studies! On this beautiful day, I wish you knowledge and understanding. Ride on to a blissful year!

Birthday Wishes to Nephew Quotes

A new age comes with baskets of new goodies, may this year come with new happiness and everlasting joy. My wishes for you are happiness and good health that will visit you side-by-side on this beautiful day. I wish you all the good things in life. Have a blissful birthday, nephew!

61. To my dearest nephew, I wish you a sweet day ahead. Don’t forget to always smile, it suits your cute face. Cheers to a new age!

62. I hope your childhood is colourful and your adulthood is as awesome as you are. I am forever grateful for the beautiful moment we spent together. Have a beautiful birthday nephew.

63. You know my love for you will never run out, I wish you a day filled with lots of happiness because you are the best nephew I ever had. Happy birthday to you.

64. With joy in my heart, I wish you a beautiful birthday and may your day be fun and lovely. Happy birthday, nephew.

65. Wishing you a happy birthday! May you always be a source of joy to everyone around you, may your days be lengthy, happy birthday to you.

66. Enjoy your day to the fullest nephew! I wish you success in all your endeavours and may your life be showered with knowledge and understanding. Happy birthday, nephew.

67. Hey amazing nephew, on this special day, I pray you are blessed in all areas of life and I pray the Lord guides you throughout your new year. Cheers to the new year!

68. Have a fabulous birthday nephew! May your days be filled with gladness and may you be blessed with good health abundantly. Happy birthday!

69. Have a joyful moment on this wonderful day, I wish you all the wonderful things of life and may your beautiful heart desire come to pass. Cheers to a beautiful day!

70. On this auspicious day, may your days be enjoyable and bright like your smile. Have a beautiful and serene birthday.

Birthday Messages and Quotes for Nephew Boy

You are a box of a present that is more precious than any present. Grow old! You are a boy that has a good significance in my life, I cherish you boy! Allow me to send you birthday messages and quotes on this special day because you deserve everything better. Happy birthday to you, nephew boy!

71. To my nephew, grow up to be the prince charming you have always wanted. On this special day, I pray all your heart desires come to pass. Happy birthday baby boy!

72. To this special boy of mine, I hope you scale through all trials of life might throw to you, grow up to fulfil your beautiful imagination. Cheers to a new year!

73. I wish you a birthday filled with surprises from your loved ones and most importantly your secret crushes. I love the man you are growing to become, keep being real and cheers nephew!

74. It is a glorious day, a day my nephew boy celebrates annually, I am so elated on this special day because you have always been a source of happiness. Happy birthday to you nephew!

75. To my ever-gallant boy, you know I love and care for you, just be who you have always wanted to be. I hope you enjoy your day, happy birthday!

76. You always make me proud and I hope you will continue to make me proud. Let us continue to be secret partners in crime, I will not tell my sister about that girl you secretly sneak to visit. More crushes! More happiness! Happy birthday!

77. I do not know all your dreams but I hope all your beautiful dreams come to reality. Always remember to keep them in your prayers, no matter what I will always pray for you. Happy birthday, nephew boy.

78. Hey nephew! I hope you grow older to become more useful to our society because you have all it takes to be a leader. Ride on! You will get there soon; I care for you. Happy birthday, boy!

79. To the handsome prince that rides on a white horse, I hope your white horse never turns black. Continue to be truthful to yourself and everyone, I love you for that. Bon Anniversaire!

80. Hey nephew! Cheers to a new year! May you witness new and good happenings this year and may the Lord shower you with the blessing from above. Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Lines for Nephew

I cherish you and as each day passes by, I always wish you stay by my side because you have been a source of happiness. To my nephew, I hope today marks a new year of upliftment because I will always want the best for you. Have a happy and fun-filled birthday.

81. Happy birthday, nephew! I hope you put on a smile whenever you remember today. With joy and gladness in my heart, I wish you a birthday full of goodies.

82. It is my nephew’s day! On this day, I hope you never lack all the good things of life and may you always know peace all through your life. Cheers to a new age!

83. To my charming nephew, I hope you have an ecstatic birthday and may your days be long on the earth. Have a blissful birthday on earth.

84. Hey, handsome! I hope your life sets out as a good example for people around you to watch and I pray your path to be a footpath for people to follow. On this special occasion, I wish you success in life. Happy birthday.

85. Cheers, darling! It is your year of favour and laughter. May all the good things of life never depart from your life. Happy birthday to you, dearest nephew.

86. Happy birthday to my sweet nephew, I love the fact that you are a good listener, you are always ready to keep to advice. I love all you do, keep it up and have a lovely day today.

87. To my amazing nephew, I wish you long days of cuteness and goodness. Have a fantastic birthday and don’t forget to laugh hard.

88. Have fun! It is your day! It only comes once a year. Play hard, eat hard, drink hard and grow well. Happy birthday to you, dear nephew.

89. Party all night! This is the only time you have, dance well and make new friends that you will start your new year with- friends but good friends. Happy birthday to you.

90. It is a new year! Your new year! Make a resolution to study hard this year, you know I always wanted you to top your class no matter what. Happy birthday to you dearest.

Happy Birthday Thoughts for Nephew

I hope you never lack understanding and may your name resound from generations to generations. My little advice for you is that you keep to every piece of advice I have given you. You deserve the best treat for your birthday that is my reason for sending you sweet thoughts to keep your mind at ease. Happy birthday, nephew.

91. Grow older to acquire more wisdom than before because I want you to be the Solomon of our time. I hope you become a leader people can look up to, happy birthday.

92. Count your blessings today and work hard to do better, better than the past years. I hope you make it beyond my expectation. Happy birthday to you.

93. Always bear in mind that no matter how blue the sky is, it still has its little flaw. You have your flaws but do not allow those flaws to drive you out of your mandate. Bon Anniversaire!

94. To be great is not just a day work, no matter how great you are, you will always have a story to tell. Work towards being great today and be happy. Cheers to a new age!

95. Learn to be whoever you want to be, do not let other people’s opinion direct your life. Be you today! Happy birthday!

96. I love you, just the way you are. Let nobody take away the love you have for yourself and always put on a happy face. Cheers!

97. In whatever situation you find yourself in, always learn to make the right choice because your choice can either mar you or make you. Have a blissful day.

98. Wherever you go, always pray for grace because grace can break all protocols. Have faith that you can make it in whatever you do and be happy. Happy birthday.

99. Happiness is all that matters; happiness in what you do and that inner happiness that puts a smile on your face is all that matters. I hope you find true happiness because you deserve to be happy. Cheers, nephew!

100. I hope darkness never finds its way into your life. May all your days be bright and full of life and may you prosper in your career. Happy birthday to you, nephew.

You might have a nephew who has always been a source of happiness to you, you might have as well shared some unforgettable experience and memories that form a bond between you two.

On your nephew’s birthday, it is very cute to send these lovely happy birthday quotes with pictures for your nephew to him. Feel free to copy and paste any of these birthday quotes for your nephew.

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