Happy Birthday Son Religious Quotes and Wishes

Happy Birthday Son Religious Quotes and Wishes

The blessings of a parent are inevitably important in the life of their children. This is not just factual but a reality, isn’t that true? Definitely, yes!

Celebrating your son is an awesome thing to do. Especially with the blessings of God or from the bible. Religiously wishing your son a happy birthday is more like or even the same as you pour out your heart in prayers to him.

As a father, a mother, or both, your son deserves your blessings today as he celebrates his birthday.

Don’t struggle yourself for long, I have prepared for you, some of the best collections of happy birthday son religious quotes and wishes.

Just scroll through and you’re all set to pray and wish that lovely son of yours a happy birthday.

Religious Birthday Wishes for Son

Your days shall be without regrets and pains but filled with joy, love, and fulfilment. Here’s wishing you a happy birthday, my lovely son.

1. Wishing you a life filled with greater joy, peace, happiness, and love. May you attain more heights and break into new wisdom, my darling son. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

2. I pray to God almighty that he endows you with forever peace and happiness in life. May your happy face of today be forever on the face. Happy birthday, son.

3. Whatever you lay your hands on shall prosper, whatever you desire in your heart to do according to God’s will for your life shall be successful. Wishing you a big happy birthday.

4. I hope that you always go forward in life with a smile on your face and look back with thanksgiving in your heart. I wish you never-ending happiness in life and on this day, your birthday.

5. I have watched you grow as a child to this point and I can proudly say I see a son in you. Happy birthday, son, keep growing in grace.

6. On this day of yours I can you blessed, I call you loved, I call you everything that the Lord has worked in you and all that is yet to be done. Happy birthday, son.

7. Happy birthday, son. I pray your eyes would continually be set on God until he is all that matters to you. I love you dearly.

8. When you are tempted to give up, the lord will help you to keep going. the lord will give you the courage to do whatever needs to be done and in the right way. Wishing you a big hearty birthday, son.

9. Thank You Lord for helping my son right from the womb to when he is walking and now getting matured, thank you for preserving him, praise be your holy name lord. Happy birthday, son.

10. You are blessed forever, you are anointed forever, you are the blessed one, my son. Wish you a blessed and fulfilled day. Happy birthday, son.

11. The lord will Grant you wisdom and courage as you go through this day, he will help you to keep going. The Lord will grant you a cheerful heart with people around you. Wishing you the very best birthday, son.

12. Happy birthday dear son, I pray that your desires are granted according to God’s will. May every blessing the Lord brings your way would not evade you Son. Happy birthday.

13. Happy birthday dear son, I pray that your desires are granted according to God’s will. I love you son. Keep basking on God’s love.

14. The best gift we received as a parent on this day is you. Happy birthday, son, we love you.

15. Happy birthday Son! I wish you many more years in peace and everlasting joy.

16. You were brought to this world for a wonderful purpose, each day, I keep wondering how on earth I would manage to be a parent. Now I can’t imagine not being one. It’s all because I have an angel of blessings which is you boy. Happy birthday.

17. You were born to be a great child in God without any restrictions because you are going to walk in the way of the Lord and dwell in His tabernacle. Wishing you more years in greatness son. Happy birthday, son.

18. This is a glorious day that the Lord has made for you and you alone. May this day of yours be filled with greatness, goodness, and everlasting joy Happy birthday to you son.

19. I’m so blessed that you’re worthy to be alive to witness this day again my dear so therefore blessed be the name of the Lord for this day. May God Almighty make this day a day of everlasting peace and happiness for you. Happy birthday to you my baby boy.

20. We love you as a parent and we are using this beautiful atmosphere to wish you a happy birthday. This is a new stage of your life and may God make things easy for you at this stage. Amen. Happy birthday, son.

21. It’s another year for a new step, a step to great achievement, success, prosperity, and a better lifestyle. You are nothing but ‘everyday joy sent to us by God. May Almighty bless you with wisdom in everything you do at this stage. Happy birthday my dearie.

22. I wish this day will be like an impartation of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding from above unto you. Happy birthday to your son. Wishes from dad and mom

23. I wish long life in good health and pleasant life in the fullness of God’s grace. Have a beautiful birthday, son.

24. Happy birthday to you, son. When you are near, when you are far away, my love will always be there with you. Enjoy your day and have fun, little man.

25. Since I have known you to be a young man, you have brought Us no regrets and troubles as parents. We love you so much and our wish for you is to continually grow in the shadows of the Almighty. Happy birthday to you, man.

Religious Birthday Wishes for Son from Mother

My son, my source of joy. I wish you all the best in life. May you live to perform all that is in your destiny. I love you, son. Happy birthday. With love from your mother.

26. The joy of motherhood is seeing her son becoming a man, a better offspring the best son to his family. I love you with my heart, happy birthday

27. I’m making a variety of special dishes and cookies for today is a big day as I celebrate you, my son, wishing you the very best of the day and joy. Happy birthday, my son.

28. I will make you the best dish today because I want you to eat to the fullest and enjoy the best of your big day as you celebrate being a year older today. Wishing you happiness and joy. Happy birthday my baby.

29. Today marks the day I became a mother and not just a mother but a mother to a wonderful son like you, I’m so happy you a growing in happiness. Happy birthday, son.

30. As your mother I wish you a successful life, a better day ahead filled with a lot of good deeds and gifts of life. Happy birthday, son.

31. The joy of every mother is to see her child follow the path she has laid for him. I have experienced great joy as a mother under God the Father. Happy birthday, Son, keep making God glad.

32. Happy happy birthday son. You have been such a blessing to me and I am not proud to admit yet I am proud I gave birth to a blessing. I love you, dear.

33. On this day some years back, you were given to me as a seed to tend to and over the years, I have seen it grow into good fruit. I pray that this day of yours marks the beginning of another level of fruitfulness in our lives. Happy birthday, son.

34. Happy birthday son. In the end, it is not the years in your life that count but the life in your years. May you have a wonderful year ahead.

35. No matter what you do in life, my prayers and my blessings will always go with you. I hope that this year your birthday is filled with immeasurable joy and gladness. Happy birthday, son!

36. I will make a joyful noise unto the Lord for he has done great things in you. The joy of a mother is to see her son growing well in pleasing God, thanks for growing son. Happy birthday to you my son.

37. I give thanks to God for he has done it again, for it is another year of thanksgiving, another remarkable year of joy for my son. I pray for blessings from above to rest on you son. Happy birthday, son.

38. I pray to the father of our Lord Jesus Christ, that he will bless you with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places. Happy birthday, son.

39. Many years ago I had my greatest joy having a son like you. I would give you the whole world to please you if I could, you are the best thing have got. Happy birthday, son.

40. I could pray a thousand prayers but it wouldn’t surpass God’s intention towards you. Keep being the Lord’s Son. Happy birthday, dear.

41. Wishing you the best wishes of life and everlasting love. Raising you as a child to this moment had been a very great achievement to me. Happy birthday to you baby boy

42. I’m proud of you because you have been a gift from above to me, my only source of joy and happiness. Happy birthday to you my son!

43. The best option I have made is having you as my child. You were, you will, and always be my sunshine, Godsent Angel. Have a healthy birthday ahead. Happy birthday from mom.

44. Happy birthday to you my dearest son and I hope you have a day as wonderful as you are my dear. May you continue to grow in the wisdom of the almighty.

45. A good mother remembers the pain she went through when she gave birth and a wonderful mother never forgets the difficulties in raising a child. A loving mom will not forget to wish her son a happy birthday.

46. Seeing you growing is my greatest joy, Mama’s favourite, You are the best son ever and I hope you never forget that with me. Happy birthday to my world’s best son.

47. Happy Birthday to your son! May the journey you have ahead of your lead to endless possibilities and riches. Wishes to you from dad.

48. Happy birthday to my gift from God. Your mom and I have watched you grown up and I pray you will continue to grow in the knowledge of the Lord Almighty.

49. My daughter has been an endless one since the day I brought you into this world. You have made me a happy and lovely woman, Our love for you knows no bound. Happy birthday to you from Mom and Dad.

50. Every single day, you have always brought a chance of bringing happiness and smiles to me. Happy Birthday to my dearest son. Mommy loves you so much.

Religious Birthday Wishes for Son from Father

A good son you are, and a proud father I am. I bless you and pray that you shall become a more successful man in life. Happy birthday!

51. I’m so in love and proud of the person you have become my son. A great and perfect man you are becoming and I know that God is going to continue to do great things in and through you. Happy Birthday, son.

52. Happy birthday Son. As a father, I pray that you would find the strength to stay much more under God our father as you have stayed under me.

53. My son you will work not in the way of the foolish ones, you will refrain from the path. You will be wise in all that you do. Wishing you belong life and prosperity son. Happy birthday, son.

54. I have always prayed to be a good father for you and to my amazement, I have seen this prayer answered in you too. You are a Son indeed. Happy birthday, Son.

55. Happy birthday junior, my look-alike, the mini of me. May your life on earth here be fruitful, joyful, and full of excitement all through. Happy birthday to you.

56. Blessed are you my son as you play the role of being a better son and blessings to people around you. Happy birthday my lovely son.

57. You have been such a wonderful Son to me and I pray that you produce children as wonderful as you are. Happy birthday, dear.

58. A good father has good children and a bad one has broken and shattered home. Thanks for making me a better and responsible father because you are a good child. Happy Birthday, son.

59. Your mother is the best woman have always admire, as you are celebrating your day I want you to also look forward to having a good wife. May God God bless you with a better wife. Happy birthday, son.

60. Have been around the world and seen many things that make me feel you are a completely perfect being, I have the best son. Age with sufficient grace.

61. Happy Birthday my son, May God continue to guide and hold you in his care, preserve and provide for you. Yes, he knows what you need. May you live long so that we can spend more time together.

62. From the inception of your being till this time, I never regretted having you as my son. May God bless you with children that will make you happy. Happy birthday, son.

63. Happy birthday to a good song, you are one of the best beauties in my life. May your days be long my son, age with sufficient grace son. Happy birthday.

64. You are the one I solemnly promised to always keep safe, love, and cherish. You are my sunshine and I pray you to shine always. Happy birthday to your son

65. My son, my image, my Gold, my Crown, and my replicate continue the good work I have laid. May God continue to bless you. Happy birthday, man.

66. The best offer you can give me is to protect and preserve my dignity, my name which will be your identity forever, and you gave me the best. May God continue to keep you. Happy birthday my son.

67. Happy birthday to my handsome baby, you will increase in wisdom and understanding. I will always do anything in my power to make you the best. Have an unforgettable day my son.

68. Come rain, come shine. May you come and shine as you celebrate this day. Rainbow has many colours… Your destination and future have brighter colours. More years to your life

69. May the merciful kindness of the Lord be your comfort, you will find grace to endure the difficult times. Happy birthday to my lovely son

70. I pray your way out of trouble, I pray for your life out of failure. You going to make it into success this year, you will receive help from God to press on in this season. Happy birthday son

71. I wish I could get you all the good things of the world but this year you will just have to settle for clothes and lots of goodies. Happy birthday to you my baby.

72. This day made me remember the first moment I set my eyes on you, holding you to my palms, so small and tender, looking so cute as ever, I wish you could be close to me like that forever. Happy birthday to your baby. Daddy loves you.

73. Seeing you growing is my greatest joy, Mama’s favourite, You are the best have got. May you grow and be strong. Happy birthday, son.

74. Lot and lot’s of goodies for you on this day… More grease to your elbow. Wishing you long life and prosperity in health and wealth.

75. May God almighty grant you the bone of your bone, the flesh of your flesh, a better woman that will move you closer to God. Be happy always son. Happy birthday, dear.

Religious Birthday Messages to A Son

May the Almighty God shield you and keep you in all ways. May the eyes of the Lord be on you as you journey through this new year. Happy birthday, my son.

76. My delight son of God, you are a son that follows God and I like the man you are becoming. God is indeed working in you. may your day be fruitful as you are. Happy birthday, son.

77. every day your presence is always a reminder of God’s blessings and promises and may you never lose it amen. Happy birthday, son.

78. I will sing a new song unto the Lord for his mercy endureth forever your life son, for his has consumed every work of iniquity in your life. Praise be to God. Happy birthday, son.

79. The lord will Grant you help and courage in this season and time as you grow more in him and age. The Lord will grant you a joyous spirit and bless you abundantly. May this day, your day be blessed with sweetness. Happy birthday, son.

80. May God’s mercy and favour continually locate you all the days of your life. Happy birthday, Son.

81. Yippee! It’s your birthday my son and it is going to be a celery big party. May every blessing the Lord brings your way would not evade you Son. Happy birthday.

82. Happy birthday son as you celebrate the starting of a new age I hope You learn not to dwell on things of the past but see the glorious future God has planned out for you.

83. Years have passed but one thing has remained constant which is God’s faithfulness, I pray it never fades. Happy birthday, Son.

84. I pray that as you cross into a new phase of your life, wisdom would never be far from you. Happy birthday, Son.

85. Time flies, time counts tick-tick gone are the day’s when you used to be a boy, But it seems those moments are for a reason of growing to become a man… Happy birthday my dear Son.

86. The lord will hasten your feet to rise and never to fall and he will push back every evil intention over your life and your business. May your day be filled with a celebration of joy. Happy birthday to you my child.

87. Happy birthday Son. My heart desire is that for every one of your pains you would receive bundles of sweetness till you remember pain no more.

88. Dear Son, In every struggle you have pulled through. I pray your enduring strength never wanes till every struggle is over. Happy birthday.

89. My dear Son, on this day of yours, all my prayers for you are entwined in this “I love you and God loves you more” Amen! Happy birthday.

90. Depression and sadness are not your own because this day is a day of Joy, Happiness, and success for you. Happy birthday to you my son. Love you!

91. The Lord will give you grace and glory, no good thing will he withhold from you. Happy birthday, son.

92. Achievement is a matter of endurance, I know you have endured a lot. May God almighty bless you with the greater achievement of success. Happy birthday, son.

93. May the Lord grant you wisdom for the rest of your life, may your days be filled with joy and riches. Happy birthday my son.

94. I declare that the spirit of despair will be arrested in your soul. And that you will experience joy in the stead of despair. Happy birthday, dear son.

95. Blessings from God, blessings untampered. Favours from God and men shall be yours in this new season of your life. Happy birthday, darling son.

96. As you joy another hallmark of your life, my dear son. It’s my prayer that your heart shall be shielded from evil and your paths shall be made free from trouble and pains. I love you, my son. Happy birthday to you!

97. Satan has no place in your life and anything that pertains to you. The lord will admonish and establish you this year. Happy birthday my son.

98. May you never be tossed to and fro by the doctrine of life but to be firmly rooted in righteousness. You are a child of God and nothing will take that from you. Happy birthday, son.

99. I pray that the lord washes your heart in the water of his grace, he will renew a rightful spirit in you that will set your path right and lead you. Many more years to come in life And righteousness. Happy birthday, son.

100. The lord will give you a mouth and wisdom, which all your adversaries shall not be able to gainsay nor resist, Love you son. Happy birthday

Happy birthday to your son. May he grow to become who God says he will be.

I believe you were able to collect from this great collection of happy birthday son religious quotes and wishes.

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Thanks so much and happy birthday to your son.

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