Happy Birthday Messages for My Eldest Son

Happy Birthday Messages for My Eldest Son

Your eldest son is your first son and may even be the first fruit and your family opener.

Celebrating his birthday is like celebrating the first anniversary of your union as a couple, therefore don’t take it likely, he deserves better.

Therefore, don’t waste time scrolling through and collecting from these lovely and parent-to-child heartily happy birthday messages for my eldest son.

You’ll be making him so happy!

Happy Birthday to My Oldest Son

My prime, you are my oldest son, my womb opener. I thank God for your life. May this new age of yours birth new things in your life. I love dearly, son. Happy birthday.

1. God knew the kind of person you will be that is why he made you the first son and the eldest. You have been a loving son and a caring brother to us and your younger ones. May your day bring you joy and happiness and your best wish be granted. Happy birthday, my firstborn.

2. As you are celebrating your birthday, I want you to know that you are the strength of the family and you have a lot of responsibilities. I pray God will grant you wisdom to keep the family united. Happy birthday

3. Happy birthday to my eldest son, my best friend, my gist partner, my storyteller. I love you so much. You are the best friend I could ever wish for. Happy birthday to you. You are such a darling.

4. I remembered how happy I was when I gave birth to you. Since the first day, I brought you to this world, I’ve always been thankful to God. Seeing you celebrating your birthday is another joy for me. Happy birthday to my first son.

5. It’s indeed a good thing to have a son to carry on the family’s name, you are a great gift to this family and we are so happy to have you as our son. Happy birthday to you.

6. I sleep with a smile and wake up with brightness and happiness on my face every day because having you as my son is worth more and brightening. Happy birthday, my son.

7. I worship the name of the Almighty God for bringing this wonderful day to existence. Each day I set my eye on you, I knew a special person has been brought to this world.

8. You made me a true mother, being my first child God help me brought to this world, Today also marks a day of remembrance of that experience. Happy belated day to you, my big baby.

9. Happy birthday to you, my first baby. You are such a blessing to us from above, a gift from God. I’m so blessed and lucky to have you as my firstborn.

10. A son with ambition, a son with care and passion for his younger ones, not lazy and irresponsible. I appreciate your person much, my son. Happy and hearty birthday to you, my ambitious first child.

11. Greater than the distance between heaven and the earth, deeper than the depth of the ocean is my love for you. You are my first jewel, and I’ll continually treasure you forever. Happy birthday to you my little man.

12. On this day marks your existence and being in life and may it be of joy and happiness. Happy birthday to you my lovely angel.

13. On this wondrous day of your life dearie, I want you to know that you are worth more than gold to me. May this moment bring you more riches, prosperity, and happiness. Happy birthday to you.

14. I have been so blessed to have you in my life as my son the day you came into this world was one of the best days of my life. I have been further blessed to see you grow in love and being a better person. I love you now and will love you more, my son. Happy birthday, son.

15. Nothing is gracious and beautiful than having a son like you, a calm and obedient child I am indeed so much blessed and grateful to God for giving such a son like you. I love you so much, my first son.

16. You are a special child, a child of grace. May you enjoy sound health, godliness, and love in this new phase of your life. Happy birthday my cutie.

17. You have made me one of the best mothers on earth. Having you as my first son is something that I’m proud of and will continue to be. I love you, my handsome young man. Happy birthday my sweetness.

18. This is a new dawn for you, as you mark another new beginning of your life, the beginning of freshly bound of success and the breaking of a new dawn of wisdom. Happy birthday to you

19. This day stands as a day of goodness, a time of happiness, and a moment of no sadness and misfortune for you. These and more are my wishes for you, darling. Happy birthday to you!

20. Happy birthday to you my wonderful and blessed son. This is a day of celebration for you and joy to the fullest. Happy birthday my first son.

Birthday Wishes for Your Eldest Son

Light shall be sown into your heart, joy shall spring forth from your bossom. Peace and comfort shall be your experiences from now henceforth. These are my wishes for you. Happy birthday to you, my lovely eldest son.

21. You know so well that my greatest desire is to see you go through better life and have better days ahead my eldest, I give you assurances that these intentions of mine will never change, Your love in my heart is beyond this world, I love you so much, my son. Happy birthday.

22. The love which my heart carries for you my son is unconditional and cannot be weighed. I wish from the depth of my heart for you to have the best birthday ever that will fill your heart with joy my son, you are a valuable treasure that I can’t trade for anything. Happy birthday my sweet son.

23. Hurray it’s my eldest son’s birthday, a boy with great ambition, the joy you give me as a mother can’t be contend. I love you so much son, may your days be long. Wishing you a wonderfully happy birthday.

24. You are the first gift I got from God to become a mother, I appreciate the Lord for giving me such a wonderful gift, you are a bundle of joy. Wishing you the best happy birthday ever my son.

25. Happy womb escape to my son which I love so much. Be excited and enjoy it because it’s your day. Great wishes to you my son.

26. Cheers to you on my birthday son, more wealth, more health, more success, and more life. Wishing you a wonderful birthday son.

27. Wishing you the very thing your heart wishes for today. May you grow more rooted, Lovelier grounded, beautiful, and established beyond today And. I love you Richly. Happy birthday, my son

28. Being your mum is the best privilege given to me, having you as my son is the best luck I’ll ever get. Love you so much, son. Happy birthday.

29. A lovely birthday to My wonderful son, calm and tender at heart. I wish you many happy returns on this special day of your life, long life, and prosperity. Happy birthday!

30. It’s another new year of life for you, my son. My wish for you is that more blessings, love, and peace locate you in every way. abundant happiness. Love you a dear, happy birthday you and many happy returns, my son.

31. Having you as a son is a blessing for me. I have grown to love you as the years go by. May you grow old with grace and favour. Happy birthday to you darling.

32. You are a bundle of joy that came into my life and filled my life with so much happiness, is such a great feeling to have you as my son. Happy birthday, son.

33. On this special day of your life, sweet son, I want you to know that you are worth more than riches to me. May this day bring you more life, more wisdom, more happiness and gladness of the heart, and love and happiness be portion. Happy birthday, son.

34. I am so grateful that I have you, son. Blessings all way for you. Happy birthday!

35. every moment for it is worth living for. May you live a very long life and grey with good people. Happy birthday, son.

36. You are a special child, a child that obeys. May you enjoy more life in God, godliness, and peace n this new era of your life. Happy birthday, sweet son.

37. As my eldest you have proven to be worthy of being the eldest with the level of maturity and care you have shown so far. May you be happy and reach greater heights. Happy birthday, son.

38. Don’t hesitate to do as you like, to eat ad you want, to as for whatever you need because am ready to grant you wish today my son. I want this day to be dedicated to you and make you happy for it is your day, enjoy son. Happy birthday my first son.

39. It is hard to train a child but with a child-like yo, it is with ease because you are a child of wisdom. Wishing you the very best it is your day. Happy birthday my eldest son.

40. Today is a day of joy because it’s your birthday my son, a day to remember with joy and gladness that you came into this world, enjoy to the fullest my son. Happy birthday my first baby.

41. You are more than a son to me, you are our friend and the best buddy to roll with. Your life and maturity are something I appreciate a lot. Happy birthday, son.

Happy Birthday to My Oldest Son Quotes

Happy birthday to my darling son with a loving heart and a beautiful soul, you have been the loving son and even the best elder brother to your younger ones. May your days be filled with happiness and love. Happy birthday, my sweet oldest son.

42. Written words aren’t enough to show how wonderful, hardworking and awesome you are. Always putting in your best to do good and be good, we love you so much, son. Happy birthday, sweet son.

43. Wishing you a very fantastic happy birthday my son. Spread your wings and fly so high and wide because it is your birthday and you are loved by everyone. Happy birthday my darling son.

44. The best feeling is having you, my son, you are loving, fun to be with, good at heart, and a caring son. Happy birthday, son, eat cake as much as you can dear it’s your day.

45. I wish I could go back to the very first day you were born to behold those lovely moments I held you for the first time. Life is just so perfect with you my son. Happy birthday, son.

46. My love for you grows stronger and stronger by the day. I appreciate you being my son, you are my joy. And I sincerely bless God for gifting you to me. I just want you to know that you are blessed forever. Happy birthday, son.

47. Happy birthday to my wonderful first son. Giving birth to you is the best thing, holding round my arms always makes my heart joyous, and seeing your face makes me glad. Loving you is not just my duty but much more it’s my passion. I love you so much, my son. Happy birthday, dear.

48. You’re greying and you are growing in wisdom in character within and outside. May you have an overflow of great things and blossom like the springing of new sunflowers. I cherish you, my son. Happy birthday to you.

49. Your coming into my life Is like a brim of colours that makes my life shine, your smiles are colourful. Watching you grow is like a series of beautiful and interesting movies. May your day be as bright as you are, child. Happy birthday, son.

50. Happy birthday to my womb opener, my joy giver. Happy birthday to you my son. The feelings you made me feel for the first time I saw you are so strong, filled with Happiness and joy, that touches every pain away, I love you so much, son. Happy birthday, dearie.

Oldest Son Birthday Quotes

To my oldest son, I say a glorious and wonderful year shall this year be to you. Happy birthday!

51. Happy birthday to this wonderful son of mine, my firstborn, my eldest child, your father, your siblings, and I are wishing you the best birthday ever and making sure you eat as many cakes as you like. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

52. You are a blessing from God money cannot buy, you are a gift that cannot be given in a celebration, you are worth more than money my son. May your days are full of light and happiness son. Happy birthday, son.

53. An adage says the first child is the first inheritance and to inherit, as you grow and a year older today. You will inherit wealth and good things of life, go and enjoy son it is your day. Happy birthday, son.

54. Your smiles help me to keep going when I’m tired and fading out. Thanks for always giving comfort. May your day always bring favour and things that make your heart glad. Happy birthday my first baby.

55. My inheritance, the inheritor of the name of the family, is my first son. Today is a big day for you and our family because it is your birthday and we all say a big and hearty happy birthday. Happy birthday, son.:

56. It feels good to have a son as wonderful as you are and watching you grow into a great man is feeling ignite, am so proud of you son. Happy birthday, son.

57. No matter how old you are or how fast you are growing you are still my baby boy and will always be my big baby. Thanks for being the best baby and making me the best mother. Happy birthday, son.

58. Happy birthday to you my eldest son, my joy giver, my womb opener, my first fruit. I wish you long life and prosperity.

59. Joy and gladness shall be the order of the day for you all through. Happy birthday, son. M

60. May you never be a victim of sorrow and pain. This year shall be a remarkable year for good in your life. Happy birthday, my firstborn.

Birthday Prayer Messages for Eldest Son

Today, I pray that you will be blessed beyond your expectations. May the blessings of God rest on you abundantly. Happy birthday, my darling eldest son.

61. I pray for you to receive the lord’s never-ending blessings, success, and happiness as you grow a year older my son you are endowed with the lord’s blessings. Happy birthday my son.

62. Dear lord, you gave me a son to care for by your grace he is growing. I pray as he is a year older today grant him all the good wishes of his heart, help him more in life as he is becoming better and older. Happy birthday my eldest son.

63. Happy birthday to you son, may you live well in life and behold the beauty of the lord, may the lord gift you more of his in fullness and joy. Happy birthday, son.

64. I pray that you will dwell in the secret place of the most high and abide under his temple for God’s sake. May your path be clear as Crystal. Happy birthday, son.

65. I thank the Lord for his mercies endures forever over your life, for he has been so faithful for bringing this far in joy and health. May the Lord grant you more life. Happy birthday, son.

66. I pray to the Lord to guide and protect you in all your ways, and anything you lay your hands upon shall prosper. As you grow and a year older today may your life be filled with success and prosperity. Happy birthday my son.

67. I pray for more good health, more wealth, more success, more breakthrough in all your endeavours and as you grow a year older I pray for mercy to locate you wherever you find yourself in life. Happy birthday, son.

68. I pray that every destruction that comes your way is brought to not, as you move ahead in life, may you always find happiness and joy in all the days of your life. Happy birthday, son.

69. Dear heavenly father will make you grow more in good health, you will increase and soar higher like an eagle. Happy birthday to my first gift from God.

70. Happy birthday my firstborn it is another year of your joy, success, and breakthrough. I pray as you enter a new chapter of your life may it begin with joy and greatness. Happy birthday my son.

71. I decree and declare that you are kept by God’s grace in all your path Wishing you the very best of days. May God bless you abundantly this year, may your day today be blessed.

72. Thank you Jesus the owner of my soul for another opportunity given to my son to see another year in happiness and good health. My son may you live long to see the goodness of the lord. Happy birthday my darling son.

73. Mighty are the works of your hand oh lord, thank you for another year of life you have granted my son and I thank the lord for the kind of person you are becoming my son. May the Lord grant you more help in the season. Happy birthday, son.

74. In joy and with a grateful heart, I celebrate another year of life with you my son I pray the Lord to shower his blessings on you and bless you abundantly amen. Happy birthday, son.

75. Happy birthday to you my eldest son, I pray the Lord lifts you and lets you stand by faith on earth and grant you a higher place in life than you are now Amen! Happy birthday, to you my darling son.

76. I pray the Lord to grant you life completely without misfortune and troubles, but a life filled with joy, peace, happiness, and love. May you attain more heights and be lifted far above death. Happy birthday to you my sweet son.

77. Happy birthday to you my son, you are blessed with an abundance of love, I rebuke every setback in your life, go forward and prosper son. Happy birthday, to you my eldest son.

78. My God, please bless my son with a new full life full of grace and kindness. Shower your everlasting mercy on him and all his endeavours. Lead him and guide him from any evil sources. Happy birthday my first son.

79. My son as you enter a new chapter of life the lord enlightens your understanding through the teachings of Jesus Christ and enrich you with more wisdom as you walk in this life. Happy birthday, son.

80. . My son as you are marking another year of life, My prayers for you in this season are that you feel God’s guidance towards enlargement of wisdom and strength as you celebrate another birthday.

81. I pray the Lord to grant you wisdom in happiness and prudence shall be your companion. Happy birthday, eldest!

82. comfort in tribulation. The Lord gives you joy as he shows you his Fatherly mercies every day of your life. Go into your year of joy and peace as you celebrate your birthday son. Happy birthday my eldest son.

83. May God bless you with his everlasting love, never-ending peace, and eternal joy throughout your life and years to come. Happy birthday, child of God!

84. May God bless you, Today, every day, and forever in everything you lay your hand upon And in every way and path you thread. May you also know His love is all around you. Happy birthday, son.

85. May the Lord show you the greatness of his mercy and never-ending joy that you glow in abundance and abundant of his life. Happy birthday, son.

86. I pray that many doors of joy, peace, mercy, and breakthrough be open onto you and abundant blessing of God. May God’s blessings abound with you forever. Happy birthday, son.

87. I’m praying that the Lord showers a rain of blessings upon you, guide and keep you so you can stand tall in a storm like a live oak tree. May your days be blessed. Happy birthday, son.

88. May God grant you your heart’s desire and fulfil all your plans, I pray that all may go well with you and that you may be in good health, as it goes well with your soul. Happy birthday my first child.

89. I pray that you delight yourself in the Lord, and he grants you the desires of your heart, the path you walk on shall overflow with an abundance of mercy. May your days be long my child. Happy birthday sweet child.

90. I pray your way out of trouble son, and I ask my dear Lord to help you each day as you move on in another chapter of your life. Happy birthday, son.

91. Good morning, Lord! Today’s a new day and a new year for my son, an opportunity for a new start. My son’s Yesterday is gone and with it any regrets, mistakes, or failure. Lord, Thank you for my son’s today and for the new opportunity to love, give. My son I pray you are all that God wants you to be. Happy birthday my first son.

92. Happy birthday son as you are a year older today growing and ageing. May you grow more successful, wisely, and lovely in peace and joy more abundantly in this new season of your life. Amen.

93. Happy birthday my son. I pray all things will work in favour of you, God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

94. You will be the head and not the tail everywhere you go, everywhere you are, you will lead and not be left out of good things. God bless you, my son. Happy birthday, son.

95. The Lord will deliver you from the snare of the Fowler, cover you with his feathers and strengthen your feet, no evil shall befall you as you celebrate another year. Happy birthday, son.

96. I pray your way is always the way of success, I pray your thoughts are always the thought of wisdom, I pray that God bless you with so much love and deck you with so much wisdom. Happy birthday my eldest son.

97. I pray for a start of something new to surface in your life as you begin another year. I pray for the rededication of your life, unto the Lord, who gave you the life. May your days be long and fruitful. Happy birthday my first son.

98. I pray the Lord will be with you, and dwell with you, and keep you from destruction. Guide your ways, down the lane of life. I pray that He will make today the finest birthday that you ever had. Happy birthday, son.

99. I ask the Lord for help over your life as today marks the day you were born into this world, I pray more goodness, success, and joy be Bountiful in your life. Happy birthday, son.

100. I pray for a new normal of life which is the life of Jesus to be mixed with your blood to live a better life in the days of your flesh. May you inherit the life of Christ. Happy birthday son

Make your eldest son’s day a memorial, not just in material things but much more in heartily words of prayer, messages, and wishes. He’s your oldest son.

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You’ll do well!

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