Funny Long Birthday Wishes for Best Friend

Funny Long Birthday Wishes for Best Friend

Birthdays come once a year; really rare, if you ask me, and things done to make up or to add to the celebration of a person on that day are very special, especially when you have someone who loves being celebrated on his/her birthday.

Of course, your best friend is definitely special to you and you have probably done a lot for him/her on different birthdays, but have you ever thought of waking him/her up with a smile or relieving him/her of stress in the afternoon with a message or messages to make him/her laugh hard or just crowning his/her long day with a funny text?

If you haven’t, 2024 is definitely a chance for you to begin that, and you are rest assured that your best friend will love this kind of vibe from you. Many have tried it and are glad they did.

You’ll find a heavy number of messages to spice up your best friend’s birthday in a funny way right on this page, and I’m super sure you’ll have a good laugh as you read through to select which you’ll send to your friend.

This year 2024 has been filled with a lot so far and, using some of these funny messages on some friends on their birthdays this year, my best friend inclusive, it’s a long story that has gone well. What are you waiting for? Funny long birthday wishes for best friend is here for that purpose.

Most Hilarious Happy Birthday Messages for Your Best Friend

Make your special friend have the best of fun by sending any of these funny long birthday messages for best friend to him or her. Most hilarious birthday wishes for male or female friend.

1. Many years ago, this stubborn child called (insert best friend’s name) was shoved into this earth by the tired angels of heaven. You then came to earth and started spreading your beautiful trouble into everywhere that would welcome it, and even in places that would not. Lol. And then it got into my life and has remained one of the most beautiful things to happen to me. I love you, brother. Enjoy the best on your big day. Happy birthday to you.

2. You definitely are not one of the first 50 friends I ever had, but you fast overtook every single one of them. This is why I can’t run in competition with you. But you’re sure something beautiful. You’re amazing and awesome, just like me (winks). The thing is, sometimes I look at how great you are and ask myself if you really must copy me. Lol. Happy birthday to you, buddy. Enjoy the best of your day.

3. Hey, friend. I wish I was there to watch us grow up from a third-person point of view. I wish I had seen how our diapers were changed and how many injuries we had. I wish I could see all the fights we had and who won them (I’m quite sure I did most times, though). I wish I could see everything that happened from our beginning. But, beyond that, I wish our lives going forward is filled with more bliss than we can handle. I specially pray that you enjoy the best of earth. Happy birthday, my best friend.

4. There’s a lot to be happy about today. Bro, you’re finally becoming a man! Welcome to that part of life where you begin to foot bills. Don’t you wish you never grew a year older? Lol. I wish you long life and a future so beautiful that everything going on around you won’t drown you in themselves. And erm…I wish you enjoy life much. Happy birthday, dear friend.

5. Happy birthday to you. Hope you woke up like a king? Hope you woke up on the right side of the bed? Hope you woke up with thoughts of me? Hope you woke up to see the sun shines brighter like it’s closer to your roof? Hope you woke up to see a lot of beautiful messages waiting for you? Hope you woke up to agree that you will have your best birthday this year 2024? Again, happy birthday to you, my best friend.

6. Following your growth is an interesting thing to do. Your life has so many beautiful things about it that if I were an artist doing music about your life, I’ll be on top of the charts with thousands of awards and millions of nominations to show for it. But my really cracked voice cannot save me now. Happy birthday to the best friend ever.

7. There’s a lot of reasons I’m glad you’re my friend. But I think the best reason is because of how amazing your food tastes. If I could cook half as good as you, I’ll be on a cooking tour around the world now. Happy birthday to you. May the love that you need to live the best of lives find you. I love you, my buddy.

8. There’s is this beauty that comes with being your friend, this feeling of comfort. If I know the world is going to end tomorrow, I’ll be by your side because I know it will end with me having a good time. Can you tell me how you do it or should I blackmail you into telling me? Lol. Happy birthday to you, my friend and sister.

9. You’re chancing, bro. Life has been good to you. I wish you continue to be blessed and stay rich and look handsome. However, we really need to do something about that potbelly. I swear we don’t need it. Happy birthday to this awesome friend of mine. I love you like Kanye loves Kanye. Keep doing awesome.

10. A day is coming when you’ll have more comfort than now when there’ll be almost all the love and joy and peace you need. When that day comes, I’ll be here to be your only trouble, your favourite trouble, the trouble you need to stay fresh. You’re stuck with me for life, sis. Happy birthday to you. I love you very very very much!

11. I finally have another reason to stay out late and not get questioned by my wife when I get home — your birthday! Happy birthday, man. Enjoy today to the fullest.

12. How many years now, bro, and your heights no longer increasing. Talk to me, fam, what’s wrong? Happy birthday to you, buddy. I wish you the best.

13. Happy birthday to the best friend ever. I did quick research from the beginning of the earth and went far into the future and I saw that you’re the best friend there ever was, there is, and there will ever be. I pray for many blessings for you.

14. Hey, mate. What’s for dinner today? With all the amazing things you’ve done in the last year, I expect to eat gold tonight! Lol. Happy birthday to you, girl.

15. You know how much I love parties, yeah? I’ve been waiting for the invite for forever. I’ll sure be there one hour before time, so I’ll be the first to taste of the cake, though. Happy birthday to the best friend ever.

16. You’ll get so many gifts today, so many that people will start wars just so you can receive their gifts. You’re ready or scared? Happy birthday to you, my friend.

17. Hey, bestie. Today’s your day. You’re ready to rock it. I don’t care about others. To me, only you were born today. So all happy birthdays go to you. Happy birthday, babe.

18. Happy 20th, buddy. Today’s the first day for the rest of your life, but it’s not that serious. Every day is also the same! Let’s turn this day upside down already, friend.

19. You’re finally eighteen, my sweet, amazing and beautiful friend, but that’s not a license to start watching stuff on those sites. Or you can watch. Just don’t let me catch you. Happy birthday, girl.

20. I’ve waited for this day to come and now it’s here and I don’t know how best to proceed. I’ll know what to do when I see your cake, though. Happy birthday to you, bro.

21. How many more years before you buy all the things you said you’ll buy when you’re grown up? We’re waiting patiently. Lol. Happy birthday to you, my best buddy. Keep rocking your day!

22. There’s a lot of wishes I have for you, but I won’t say them now. I’ll say them when we’re super high. I think they are better said then. Happy birthday to you, sister girl.

23. A quick reminder that you’re growing older. But don’t worry, you’ll never be older than me. Just grow in your lane. Happy birthday to you, my beautiful sweet friend.

24. What can I do to make your day super awesome? Take you to the moon? Declare today a public holiday? Do a road walk? Or just sit and wait for your birthday party? But I pray for God’s blessings on you, my friend. I love you.

25. There’s a lot of beautiful things to enjoy on earth — art, dance, parties, music, maths, poetry, dance and many others. I just want to remind you that you’re counting down to not enjoying them anymore. Happy birthday to you!

26. One day, I’ll go to look for a friend as sweet as you. I already know how it will end, though. I’ll not find another like you. Happy birthday to you, buddy. Keep my share of the dinner hidden for me.

27. Remember that no one can ever be too late for your party because it never ends! So see you at your party. And try to enjoy the party in my absence. Lol. Happy birthday to you, the best friend ever!

28. Don’t you know that I fasted for one week in preparation for your birthday party? And, no, I wasn’t only praying. I was also preparing space to eat all the food! Happy birthday to you, my friend for life.

29. How more interesting can today get? The best of friends is celebrating his birthday and I’m more than super excited! Well, the most important text for the day just arrived, and this is what you are reading. Happy birthday to you, bro!

30. The Bible says there is a friend that sticks closer than a brother. Well, I’ve found him. You are that friend. This is to wish you a super happy birthday! Enjoy the day. I’ll come to turn it up for you later!

31. How do I explain that I did not plan to leave the house today until it’s time for your party? The plan was to save all the strength so I can party hard for my favourite buddy. Happy birthday to you, (insert friend’s name).

32. How can it be that your birthday comes just when I needed a genuine reason to be at a party? I guess that’s why we are best friends. Happy birthday to you, buddy.

33. It’s exciting how your birthday is going to give me a reason to dance like a child again. I’d have said “drinks on me”, but they’re already available. Happy birthday to you, dearest friend.

34. Friends like you should have an international party thrown to celebrate their birthdays. In fact, there should be a seven days public holiday for you. Happy birthday to you. This is me celebrating friendship.

35. I love you in a very special way, my friend. Don’t let my wife see this that’s the same thing I tell her. Happy birthday to the best friend I ever had — you! Enjoy the day.

36. All my mind is distracted from today’s work because I’m thinking of your birthday celebration tonight. I’m thinking of the celebration like I think about my wife. Happy birthday to you.

37. Who said big girls don’t dance till they pass out? Let them come around today and see how it’s done. Happy birthday to you, babe. See you later.

38. Happy birthday to you, my amazing, beautiful, sweet, fresh, lovely, exciting, awesome, rich, smart, excellent, perfect friend. Should I continue the description or just say that I wish you long life and prosperity?

39. May your days be as sweet as all the sweets you consume daily. Happy birthday to you. Maybe you may want to make today a no sweet day.

40. Who said life is short must have been your friend. You’re so sweet that time spent with you, no matter how long, is never enough. Happy birthday to your, bro.

41. If you can show me a friend as amazing as you, I’ll take you around the world and buy you food worth my net worth. I’ll wait. Happy birthday to the best friend ever.

42. Baby girl, you’re a lot of am things to me. My sister, my friend, my daughter, my mother. You’re even my stepsister. Lol. Happy birthday to you, beautiful girl.

43. There’s a lot I can say about you, really good things. But today’s is my day to pick out all funny things about you and rub it in your face. Opportunities don’t come daily, you know? Happy birthday to you, my best friend.

44. These are the days of having birthdays without cakes. Whatever happened to the good old days where birthdays without cakes were no birthdays? Happy birthday to you, bestie.

45. It’s really been a long time since we last saw, but show me the menu for your birthday. Try me and see if I won’t travel down when I see that there’ll be a chocolate cake. Happy birthday to you, paddy.

46. I’m so excited and it shows so much that I’m sure that, wherever I go, people will ask if it’s my birthday. Guess what? I’ll tell them that it is. Happy birthday to you, buddy. I wish you plenty good!

47. You know I’m a sweet friend, yeah? So I’ll just wish you more friends like me. Happy birthday to you, to the sweetest friend ever. I love you, sister.

48. Sometimes, I want to believe that God created us on the same day and put us on the same vehicle to earth, but the jealous angels just had to make sure we came out of different mothers. Well, they’ll be fine. Happy birthday to you.

49. Happy birthday to you! You know you’re my best friend for life, yeah? Or until you find a man and you dump me. Lol. We’ll still be sweet girls forever, though; yeah?

50. Hello, my friend turned sister turned everything beautiful. Thanks for being in my life. So do you need help in setting up the party or should we just turn up when the tables are set? Happy birthday too!

51. Today is a very beautiful day — it’s your birthday. But we all know that my birthday is the most beautiful day! Happy birthday to you. Enjoy your day plenty.

52. What do you want as a gift? Just tell me, whatever it is. Just don’t mention a private jet. Happy birthday to you, my best friend ever.

53. I love the man you’re becoming. I love a lot about him, from his bank balance to how he behaves, even to how he spends hours in the toilet. Happy birthday to you, my best friend.

54. I thought to write you messages of how you shouldn’t worry about today because the bills will be on me, but my bank balances advised me to do something opposite to that. So I’m just here to say “happy birthday for now”! Happy birthday to you!

55. One day, someone out there will find an amazing friend like you and he’ll enjoy everything I enjoy and suffer all the troubles that come with it. Lol. Happy birthday to you, my sweet friend.

56. It’s your birthday! The day the best friend material ever known was born. Just keep praying that everyone in the world is as interesting as you because that’s what we need. Happy birthday to you!

57. Every day has 24 hours, but not birthdays. On birthdays, we spend 50 hours waiting for the party time and the party lasts for just 30 seconds. But it’s always a happy day. Happy birthday to you, my best buddy.

58. We love you and your many troubles. Being your friend is a full-time job and a job we love doing! It’s beautiful that we are celebrating with you today! Happy birthday to you, my buddy.

59. Messages like the ones you’ll receive today come once a year, so enjoy the moments while they last! Happy birthday to you, bestie!

60. I legit wanted to forward all the birthday messages you sent to me back to you, but I changed my mind. Maybe I’ll do it next year. Happy birthday to the best of friends.

61. If I want to write all the wishes I have for you, all the walls of your big house won’t contain them. But just know that they are all good. You know I love you plenty, yeah? Happy birthday to you, friend.

62. How sweeter can a friend get? You’re one hell of an amazing friend that I would have married you if you were not female. Maybe I’ll have a chance in our next life. Happy birthday to you, bestie.

63. There’s a lot of beautiful things I can say about you. I can talk of your hair, your body curves and how sweet your birthday party food will be today! Happy birthday to you, my best friend.

64. Every opportunity I get to celebrate you, I embrace it. Right now, I don’t mind rubbing around the world just to show you how much I want to celebrate you! Happy birthday to the best friend ever. I love you and wish you the best of life.

65. Keep being that amazing guy that we all want to be around, that we all want to listen to, and that helps us find our way around the girls. Happy birthday to you, fam.

66. What’s the point of typing five hundred words today when you already know what’s on my mind? Or isn’t that two best friends are? Happy birthday to you, my best friend and my brother.

67. I see a lot of amazing days ahead for you. They’ll be filled with a lot of peace and love and joy, and some of my presence and trouble. Lol. Happy birthday to you, dear.

68. But, really, who wakes up by 1 am to tell you how awesome you are? Only a friend like me. So, will you thank me or not? Happy birthday to you, paddy.

69. Friendship is not overrated and family isn’t. I know this because I have you. The only thing that’s overrated here is your chess skills. Happy birthday to you, buddy.

70. I’m still waiting for that birthday where we’ll head to a court and change our surnames because this isn’t friendship, it’s sisterhood. Happy birthday to you, my sweet sweet friend.

71. Take it from me, you’re one of the best things to happen to my world. You’re the best after we’ve counted out pizza. Happy birthday to you, my best buddy.

72. Is it just me or is it actually just one week since your last birthday? I remember it like it’s yesterday. I guess we’ll celebrate another next week tomorrow. Happy birthday to you, dear friend.

73. I’m eating our favourite food as I type this message. But I don’t wish you are here to join me, though. I don’t want to share this plate with anyone, not even Jesus. Happy birthday to you, friend.

74. What if I eat you just to show you that I prefer you to food? I know you believe me, though. Happy birthday to a super amazing friend. May your day be one hundred per cent explosive. Happy birthday to you!

75. Messages like this come with to say happy birthday to you, but this comes to say happy birthday to us because I’m celebrating today like it’s also my birthday. Happy birthday to you — to us. I pray you get more joy.

76. I guess this is the year where you try to know more about your creator instead of trying to know more about random girls on the street. Happy birthday to you, my man.

77. Even on your birthday, you’re working. Why can’t you be like those of us that understand that all work and no play makes (insert friend’s name) a dull boy? Let’s go party! Happy birthday.

78. With love from (insert your name), this is a quick reminder that it all gets better. Yes, this is a quickie to say it all gets better. Happy birthday to you, my best friend.

79. See how beautiful the shape your life is taking is. It’ll also be nice if it can also adopt the shapes of Beyonce and Kin Kardashian. Now that’s a really beautiful shape. Lol. Love, (insert your name).

80. Should I tell you the story of how we first met or should I save you some embarrassment? At least, I have something on you. Lol. Happy birthday to you, buddy.

81. Happy eighteenth birthday to you. Should I tell you about adulthood or should I allow you to experience it yourself? Happy birthday to you, friend.

82. You make friendship sweeter and attractive. You make friendship look like a girl that’s very curvy. You make friendship feel like meat pie and a bottle of Coke. Happy birthday to you.

83. Your day is a very beautiful one. I’m so excited. I woke up on the right side of the bed, figuratively and literally! Happy birthday to you, my buddy!

84. 2024 is here and you’re still not up to 30? Grow faster, fam. Or should we invent something to help you? Happy birthday to you, my amazing friend.

85. You’re a lot of things — creative, pretty, funny, organized — but I’m here to remind you that you still can’t swim. Lol. Happy birthday to you!

86. There’s a really long day ahead of us, still some hours before we come together to celebrate you. So I suggest we just sleep until it’s time. Happy birthday to you, bestie.

87. For you, I’ll climb the Kilimanjaro and jump down. But what point will that prove? You know I love you, and that I’m your biggest fan, right? I pray for more of God on you. Happy birthday to you.

88. Happy birthday from your number one friend. All the messages that will come today may be as sweet as honey, but you know mine completes the day. So here you have it. Happy birthday to you!

89. May 2024 be a very amazing year for you. May it lead you to everything you want, and may it not end without you bringing a husband to show to the girls. We are waiting. Happy birthday to you, dearie.

90. I don’t know how to jump super high, if not I’ll jump to the sun and tell whoever I see there that today’s my best friend’s birthday! Happy birthday to you!

91. Happy birthday to a brother that I call a friend. One day, our parents will get to explain how we are not siblings. Until then, let’s just eat and sleep.

92. Good morning to you. A quick reminder that today is your birthday! — just in case you forgot. Happy birthday to a super awesome friend.

93. Today’s a day to drown in fun, a day to bask in the excitement of celebrating you. I just pray I don’t drink to stupor today. Happy birthday to you. I wish you more joy and peace.

94. Your big day is here — a day we’ve all waited for like Christians waiting for Christ’s second coming. Let the celebration begin! Happy birthday to an amazing best friend.

95. How old are you today? Or is keeping track of your age also alien to you? Happy birthday to you, big buddy. Your awesomeness stands out. I love you plenty.

96. Things are changing every day, and you’re not left out, but you’re not just growing in age, you’re also changing from friend to sister. Happy birthday to you, my friend and sister. Be a good sister, please.

97. 2024 brought a lot of beautiful things my way and took some things away, but my best friend is still here as stubborn as a rock! And that’s why I love you! Happy birthday to the best friend I ever had.

98. Brother boy, how’s the day going to be? I hear you’re planning today’s party in the sky. I can see how high we will be. Happy birthday to you, buddy.

99. Happy birthday, best friend. I’m happy you’re excited today and glad that you have big plans. So I decided to invite my whole country to the party. You’re ready to host us?

100. I’d love to see a video of you reading messages you will receive today! I’m totally sure it’ll give me a reason to laugh for weeks. Happy birthday to you, my sweet best friend.

I know you found these messages funny, and I’m sure you laughed, even though I can’t see you from here. What’s stopping you from spreading that laughter to your best friend now?

You know their next birthday is a long time from now, one full year, so you can’t afford to not send these messages today! It’s the least you can do for them this 2024, you know.

Can you also share this list with a friend, your contribution to putting smiles and laughter on the faces of many others?

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