Happy Birthday to My Handsome Son Wishes and Quotes

Happy Birthday to My Handsome Son Wishes and Quotes

There are beautiful words to describe the mother-son or father-son relationship. Every great parent should have something good to say to describe the awesomeness of their son and appreciate him, especially on his birthday.

There’s more to being a parent. There is so much a parent does to express their love or fondness for their son. And to every son who is a pride to his parents, the special feelings from parents are often indescribable.

If you are on the lookout for the best message for your handsome son from a father or mother, or sweet fatherhood or motherhood messages for a son on his birthday, then you’ve come to the right place.

These 100 lovely messages will help describe the incredible bond which a parent shares with a very handsome son, and also celebrate him on his birthday.

Here are happy birthday to my handsome son wishes and quotes that you can use to celebrate your son on his birthday and you will be happy you did.

Sit back and take a sweet ride with me.

Birthday Wishes for My Handsome Boy

I am grateful for the opportunity to appreciate God for the gift of a handsome boy like you, and to reflect on the blessings that your birth has brought all along to us. I hope these birthday wishes will take you to a greater level in life. Happy birthday, my sweet son.

1. I know I’ve got the most handsome son in the world and I’m proud to make you know that. All the blessings I’ve enjoyed so far came with your birth and presence. I wish you the bliss and joys of this new year.

2. I can’t stop celebrating every little win you make son, for you’ve grown yourself to be a man to always reckon with. Bliss all the way for you. Happy birthday, my son.

3. If the world desires to know the kind of intelligence you’ve got, I’d been willing to offer a free lecture to teach them about your life, values and achievements. Success will always surround you, son.

4. I’ve always been proud of you and I will always do. Thanks for being an amazing and highly talented son. The world awaits your rising. Happiest birthday to a super wonder son.

5. I am proud of you son far beyond words can tell. Seeing what you’re growing to become gladdens me and fulfils my heart beyond imagination. Here’s to a fantastic birthday for you.

6. As you have always known, be grateful for every benefit that you enjoy. The life added to your years is a special gift from God. Take nothing for granted and begin to see how things turn out well for you. Cheers to a blissful new year.

7. May you be blessed with tons of blessing and fruitfulness on each day of the week and months of the new year you’re celebrating. Nothing shall be difficult for you to do. Enjoy!

8. How time flies. Just yesterday, you were a toddler with staggering movement. Moments ago, you were a child with great inquisitiveness. And now, you are a man with great gifts and potentials. May you fulfil all you’re designed to accomplish in life. Happy birthday to you.

9. Since you learn to speak, it turns me on a great deal. Since you learn to crawl, it gives me the vibe that you can climb mountains. Since you learn to dream, it gives me the hope of a promising future for you. Cheers to a fulfilled year, my adorable son.

10. No adversity is too strong for you to surmount. It’s just to prepare you for the greater exploits ahead. All it takes to fight and win has been endowed unto you. Keep fighting and winning, son. It’s a season of greater glory.

11. Wherever you are son, our wishes will always touch you. No distance can stop the love that beats continuously in our hearts for you. God’s grace be sufficient for your new age.

12. Heaven rejoices over you today for I’m glad to see you grow into a man of great understanding and wisdom. Keep basking in the euphoria this new year brings.

13. The compassion that fills your heart can dispel any frustration it comes in contact with. You are rich in wisdom and strength and this makes you adorable. May God continue to bless and keep you for us.

14. My sweet son, you’ve always appeared cute and adorable from birth. Even as you grow, your comeliness appears more pronounced. Glad to have you as my son. Happy birthday.

15. Your handsomeness from birth is so enchanting. Now I understand why people are so endeared to you. Keep radiating God’s beauty son. You are a gem. Happy birthday.

16. From your cradle till you’ve grown to a reasonable age, we’ve watched you closely and directed you along the right path. I hope you don’t derail in life. Be focused and see your dreams come true.

17. My son, no doubt you’ve learnt great wisdom from us your parents. Hold on to what you’ve seen and learnt and do run with them as your journey through life. I celebrate you son. Happy birthday.

18. All we do and say is to make you turn out well in life. We always have your best interest at heart and we will never derail you from a good path. Keep rising son. We will be there to give you the best support you desire.

19. We want you to stay happy and fulfilled in life. For this, we’ve done our best to provide you with great care and undivided attention. Hope you’ll grow old to understand the good life you’re enjoying. Happy birthday!

20. Seeing how handsome you are, I could have thought you weren’t my son if I didn’t give birth to you. But then I realise I wasn’t looking bad either for you take after me a great deal.

21. Your handsomeness can melt any lady’s heart. But promise never to get intoxicated so much that you’ll begin to play on girls. I love you son.

22. I’ve got a great son and am so grateful to God for making you a total package. Through you, I can attest you are a real man. Your future wife is surely blessed to have you for you’re greatly endowed. Happy birthday.

23. Now that I have a great and handsome son like you, I can always boast about you for all I care. You always make me proud.
Happy birthday to you.

24. It will always take a beautiful mother like me to give birth to a handsome man like you. The older you grow, the more handsome you become.

25. May the blessedness of the Lord keep you stronger and take you greater even in years to come. Happy birthday to my handsome son. God bless your darling heart.

26. Your birthday always brings great memories to me. I am always nostalgic of those moments seeing that you’re now far from us. We won’t stop caring for you any natter what. Happy birthday, son.

27. No matter how old you’ve grown or how far you are from us, you remain our dearest and handsome son, and we will always appreciate your presence in the family. Happy birthday.

28. I so much appreciate the training you put yourself into in order to turn out well. It shows how disciplined and purposeful you are. Nothing will hinder your rising, son. You are unstoppable. Happy birthday!

29. Your true beauty lies in your eyes. Like the eagle, you could project into the future and bring out something great from challenges. I celebrate the giant in you, son. Best wishes in your new year and always.

30. You are truly the son of your father. Just as handsome as he is but I take the credit for your smartness. I sure did a good job bringing you up. Thank you for gladdening our hearts with your cuteness.

31. Happy birthday to my handsome son. You’re all shades of awesomeness and gracefulness. May all your endeavours yield a great harvest for you. Happy birthday.

32. I haven’t seen a more dedicated and diligent man than you are. I can only wish you soar higher as you mount the ladder of success in life. Happy birthday my handsome son.

33. Son, looking at you each time, all I see is a perfect reflection of me. I may not be the perfect father but I encourage you to emulate the good traits you see in me. Your new age is blessed.

34. Each year you turn a year older reminds me that I’m also growing older. My joy lies in the maturity you attain as the year rolls by. Hearty cheers to a more bright and fun-filled year.

35. The experience I’ve garnered since I birthed you has been a worthwhile one. The joy I feel lies in my ability to raise you the way I’ve always wished. May you experience all round joy.

Happy Birthday to My Handsome Son Quotes

Your birthday always brings me great avenues to reflect on the period of your conception, birth and growth. For this, I can’t but use this quote to describe how handsome you are and to celebrate the beauty that often comes with your birthday. You are so adorable, my son. Happy birthday.

36. Just like yesterday when you were born, today looks so great for the many hurdles you’ve climbed and the better years that lie ahead for you. Happy birthday, son.

37. As each year unfolds, I develop more confidence in your abilities for the achievements in the past years have been thrilling. You are the best son any parent can ever pray for. Hearty cheers to a fulfilling year.

38. Congratulations son as you mount the ladder of success this new year. The higher you go the better you’ll become. Greatness awaits you.

39. This very day is so significant because it marks your birthday. Much more is the fact that my only son is celebrating a great milestone attained in his career. Your life remains inspiring as long as you don’t relent in your pursuit.

40. Happiest birthday to my talented and dedicated boy in whom my heart blesses every day. I rejoice with you for the grace of another year. May you encounter a supernatural breakthrough this new year.

41. From the very first day you came into the world, I have known you’re a special child. You grew to prove your worth with your great endowments. Enjoy more blessings from now onward.

42. The love I have for you is incomparable. I celebrate you, my lovely son. May the dew of heaven continue to ravish your spirit, soul and body. Happy birthday.

43. It’s good to see that you’re really growing up and gliding into the stage of a perfect gentleman. Keep being lively and lovely as I usher you into a peaceful new year. Happiest birthday to you my sweet boy.

44. If you will take after me in anything, do well to emulate my good virtues and thriving spirit. These will help you attain a greater height than I have in life. Heaven rejoices over you this new year and beyond.

45. You are my very special son and I have singled you out of other children. Aside from your handsomeness, your depth and wisdom have fetched you a good place in my heart.

46. Each time I return from work in low spirit, the sight of you lightens my mood and lifts my spirit. You are an enviable son. May all your dreams come true. Happy birthday!

47. May the love, joy and fulfilment you’ve always desired in life come your way. Continue to be the shining example of the true man that you are. Happy birthday to you.

48. It’s often said that you’re like me and I can attest to it that you’re a replica of my handsomeness and diligence. Though you took a little of my craziness but you’re growing to become crazier than I thought. Best wishes my darling son.

49. With your level of brightness and the height of your courage, I can certify that you will achieve your dreams speedily. The sky is your starting point, my son. Happy birthday to you.

50. Since the first day you walk into my life as a son, it’s always been a wonderful time seeing you have grown up to be this handsome. Happy birthday to you.

51. No matter how old you grow, know that we can never leave you to struggle all alone. We will always be there for you come what may. Happy birthday my handsome son.

52. I will ever be grateful to God for giving us a gorgeous son like you. You mean everything to us, and we are so blessed to have you. Thank you for showing us your amazingness.

53. I do wish that you will grow old to be happier in life and become better than I am. My joy is in seeing you succeed. Happy birthday to my good looking son.

54. When you’re looking for who to spur you on, know that I am always there. Glad to realise that I have been your greatest cheerleader and fan. May this birthday of yours remain unforgettable.

55. I know I’ve got the best of son when God gave you to me. I’ve had time to hold you close in my arms and keep you special in my heart. You’ll remain my shining son. Happy birthday to you.

56. I’ve watched you closely from birth, and I can predict what you can do and cannot do. No matter how old you grow, you’ll always remain my little charming boy.

57. Once you grow older, you will surely understand why I do all I’m doing for you to be better. Then, you will learn to appreciate me better as your father. Your best is my desire.

58. The memories of your childhood will be a pleasant one. Your youthfulness will be worthwhile and your old age will be a blissful one. Happy birthday.

59. You have been a very fine-looking chap right from your childhood days, and I have no reason to doubt how trimmed you’ll still remain till old age. So proud to be your mum. Happy birthday to you.

60. Wonderful is who God made you to be. Focus on your strengths and strive to work on your weaknesses. If nothing changes, then live this present moment on your strengths.

61. Son, it’s not just enough to have a desire, it’s more encouraging to get serious about them. Do all it takes to be legitimately successful and see the world working at your beck and call. Cheers to a glorious year.

62. When I prayed for you, I got you. Because I wished for you, I got my desires granted. You are more than I long for in a child. You are my adorable son.

63. Do all it takes to live an enjoyable youthful life so you can have sweet stories to tell your children when you grow older. I celebrate you.

64. Because I carried you in my womb for good nine months, you already know how my heart beats from the inside. My love for you remains unaffected. You are my adorable son. Happy birthday from this part of the world.

65. In whatever you do, our support is there for you, and our prayers will always go with you. May you succeed in all endeavours. Happy birthday to you.

66. Now that you’re still very young, you’ve got all it takes to develop more capacities, grow more determination, and learn more about all that’s needed to live an accomplished life. I will always be there to cheer you on, son.

67. May you be surrounded by destiny helpers. You can always succeed when you have high flyers around you. Nothing will be difficult for you to achieve for you are a destined child. Happy birthday.

68. Because I gave birth to you, you sure gonna be the luckiest and most handsome young man in the world. This is never because I am a perfect mother. This is just because I took time out to raise you well. Happy birthday my adorable son.

69. Darling son, know that life is full of hurdles and each year has its own challenges to face. You aren’t born a champion, but you can fight your way up to become one. I look forward to seeing the amazing part that’s coming out of you.

70. Keep living the good life that you’ve been called to live. Leave no stone unturned, break fallow grounds. The world is yours to make into a better place. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday to My Handsome Son Wishes

As my little handsome grows, I may not be inclined as to how it happens but I can tell of the development and maturity that sets in while you grow. I know these wishes and are just so perfect to give you a happy birthday toast and usher you into a peaceful new year. You really deserve great success, son.

71. I always desire to see a son who’s grown up and whom I could brag about how accomplished he is. I know you’ve got all it takes to be great in life. Do make me proud and let me celebrate your accomplishments the best way I can.

72. Happy birthday to you, son. The blessings of the Lord will rest upon you now and always. You will never be stunted as you choose to live and grow into greater heights. Live and have fun today.

73. Dear son, I’m confident your birth has so much to deliver to the world. You’re such a sweet soul and nothing will hinder your manifestation.

74. Looking into your eyes, all I see is the beautiful creation God has made me recreate by birthing you. It’s so sweet to be the beautiful mother to a handsome son like you. Happy birthday, son.

75. From the very moment God created men into the world, He sure has you in His plan and chose to handcraft you, my son in a very special way. You are a lovely creature. Keep radiating God’s magnificent glory. Happy birthday to you.

76. I have many reasons to be thankful, one of which is the gift of my dear and handsome son. Just as God has gifted me of this handsome son, I release him back unto You to keep and watch over him all through his days.

77. I have nothing to fear nor worry about you. I’ve learnt to give you up to God while I trust Him to lead and guide you on the right path. I’m confident you’ll never go astray so long you’ve learnt to lean on God. Happy birthday to you.

78. I know it wasn’t because I really knew how to nurture a child that made you turn out well. I just know it’s because God helped me out and His grace was sufficiently supplied for you.

79. No matter how I wish the memories of your growing up days come back, all I do is to just close my eyes and picture you in the light of the future I’d always desired for you.

80. I have watched you grow from a baby into a boy, and from a boy into a man. Even now, I will still keep watching over you till you grow older to start watching over me.

81. If I don’t desire any other thing in the world, I can’t but have a need of you, my son. You are I see and pride in every time life seems crumbling. You are my joy; you are the strength of my youth. I appreciate you my adorable son.

82. May things I’ve experienced with you, from you and about you. In no way do I underrate your intelligence and contribution. You are such a promising child. No wonder I can’t but invest greatly in you. Happy birthday.

83. One of the greatest joys that will last me for a lifetime is you, my son. There are so many blessings connected to you from the very start. I cherish calling you my son. Sweet birthday to you.

84. You are a true beauty to behold. I have no doubt to appreciate God for specially making me birth a very special and lovable son like you.

85. Happy birthday, dear son. Be encouraged as you proceed in life. Many good examples you’ve seen us live, make good use of them. Take to our counsels for we’ve experienced life than you do. And success will surely come your way.

86. From the very first day I carried you in my arms, you became closely attached to my heart. I can’t trade your love for anything in the world. You’re my most treasured son. Happy birthday, handsome.

87. I wonder why I never named you Handsome. God perfected His works upon you and ravished you with great beauty. He added intelligence and great potentials alongside. I sure know I’m a lucky mother.

88. You have been a good and peaceful son all along. I have no doubt in me that you will make a good husband and a responsible father. Your wife is blessed and your children are privileged. Happy birthday, my boy.

89. My sweet son, never be carried away by your charming poise and outstanding eloquence. Use these virtues to your advantage and not otherwise. Be kind to everyone and watch God reward you in outstanding ways.

90. It delights me to hear you often speak to me with compassion and understanding. Your words can melt a troubled heart and lift a weary soul. Keep being amazing son. I value your existence. Happy birthday to you.

91. You made me cry while you were so little. But I’m glad you make me laugh now that you’re older. The maturity that sets in within the space of time is second to none. Don’t stop growing and learning, son.

92. No matter what a child goes through, the mother will never leave her son to wander through life all alone. I will never leave you even if you hurt me. But I can only make you realise you will soon become a father.

93. No matter how old you get, you will never outgrow my hugs when you arrive home, and my spanking whenever you err. Nothing will stop your rising. God’s blessings are yours now and always.

94. The kindness that flows from your heart is so magical. This is a good part of me that you’ve chosen to live out in a better form.

95. I am confident you will surely turn out well in life. You are a product of what I made you to be and my prayers over you will never go in vain.

96. This is to remind you on this special day that mummy cares for you and loves you for what you have grown up to be. May this birthday bring you great wonders and testimonies. I love you, son.

97. Since the first time I held you in my hands I knew you will grow up to be a son that I would be proud of every day. Continue to be a wonderful son. Happy birthday.

98. Even when we gave birth to you, we never really considered anything special to come afterwards but the gifts and blessings that came with your birth were so enormous that I felt like giving birth to you all over.

99. You never cease to call me ‘mother’, It shows you value all the care and nurture you’ve enjoyed from birth till now that you’re a little matured. I appreciate your grateful heart. I celebrate you on your birthday.

100. My birthday son, here is my greatest counsel to you on this day. Never should you leave God behind in all your pursuit. Hold on to Him and consult Him first in every undertaking. You will marvel at the wonders that await you. Happy birthday.

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