Happy Birthday Wishes for Female Friend

Happy Birthday Wishes for Female Friend

It is no news that males friends find more comfort in their female counterparts. When they find a genuine friendship, they keep it and grow it into a bridge of trust, loyalty and confidence.

Most females also find it interesting having males as their best friends. Whichever the case may be, we all cherish friendship and know what they mean especially on special days.

For you with a special female friend that is dear to your heart, here are happy birthday wishes for female friend you can choose from and send to your female friend.

Touching Birthday Wishes for a Special Female Friend

Here are the most touching birthday wishes and quotes for a special female friend of yours, such that stun her on her birthday.

1. In all of the universe, if I was to return again and to make a friend in the world, it will always be you. I appreciate you and today.

2. Every day seems like a blessing to me for having crossed paths with you. On such a day I will not be quiet as you celebrate your birthday today.

3. Today reminds me of the first time I met you, on such a birthday may we make memories that stick through lifetimes forever. Happy birthday to you dear.

4. Relationships that is scarred across lifetimes like this happens just once, I am glad ours is the best always, and for today I pray your reason to smile exist till forever.

5. You are precious
You are kind
You are loving
You are the best
You are such a good friend and I wish you a warm birthday.

6. As a girl, you have shown me how awesome it is to appreciate a friendship from you. I want to celebrate you on this day as a good friend whose heart is big.

7. In such a world where many people seek friendship that lasts just a while you have shown me that we could live lifetimes together. I celebrate our awesomeness on your birthday.

8. Special people like you deserve more than 24 hours to be celebrated, may your loving nature heal the world always and let your smile remain radiant as always. Happy birthday.

9. On such a lovely, warm day. I celebrate a true friend who has known the true meaning of friendship. May we continue to affirm that some people grow to become friends even in death. Happy birthday.

10. As rare as a precious stone is how I found you, a bundle of joy and laughter you are. On such a loving day, I wish you much love and happiness.

11. Of all the stories I have got in my life, our friendship is one I never forget, not even on such a special day like this.

12. A simple happy birthday goes out to the simplest dear friend I have, one who is so not close to been complex with life. May our friendship always be simple.

13. I don’t know how boring life without you is, you came into my life and showed me what friendship is about. Happy birthday to my number 1 girl.

14. On such a day, your friendship is invaluable as I cannot quantify our connection or differences. Enjoy the best of today.

15. A thousand and one wishes go out to the girl who has been a good friend since the start of time. Love you always. 

16. On such a day I would say everyone needs someone like you in their lives. Happy birthday dear.

17. You’re a spice of laughter, a honey of joy, a pride of friendship and a valour of laughter. I cherish our friendship especially on such a beautiful day.

18. On this special day, I’m sending a special birthday wish to the special person that has made my life more special. Happy birthday.

19. I have witnessed how we grew into this, may each moment carry more memories of love and friendship. Happy birthday to you.

20. Going through a lot of setbacks with you makes me remember you even more on such a day like this.

21. As magnificent as the star, I’m lucky to have a friend like you. Enjoy your day.

22. There are no words to describe you, a birthday like this only reminds me that friendship really matters.

23. As a friend who means so much to me, I’m offering you a surprise of nothing but love from my heart on your birthday. Enjoy.

24. I’ve lived with you sacrificing a lot for me and I appreciate you. You inspire me and that is why I chose your birthday to say how special you are. Grow with love.

25. Even though our relationship started as a minefield, I’m glad we learn to trust each other more. Happy birthday to you.

26. As magnificent as your beauty reveals from the inside, I’m glad you have been a dear friend. Happy birthday.

27. It’s always fun with you, knowing you and be your friend. Happy birthday.

28. There’s never a dull moment with you as you are full of light and life, keep letting love and friendship flame your heart.

29. You shall find value even as you increase in this birthday. May your glorious age increase more.

30. I thought women were weak but you have shown how strong, dependent, wise and firm you could be. I’m so happy I found a friend in you. Happy birthday dear

31. Of this journey in life, I’m glad to have associated with you, keep blossoming.

32. Loyalty can never be a lost virtue because you have proven that wrong. I’m glad we are friends. Happy birthday.

33. My fight mate, friend and enemy, I love how we are friends even on such special days like this.

34. I see you as such a miracle, may you continue to be a blessing everywhere you go. Happy birthday.

35. You shine more than stars because you are precious than diamonds. May you continue to shine better on a birthday like this.

36. I’m grateful you made my circle strong as you are a bunch of strength I like to look up to. Yes, I said it. Happy birthday.

37. Of the roles you have played in life, been my friend is the best ever. Happy birthday dear friend.

38. As close as you are to my heart, I cherish you because you have been there from the start.

39. As I talk about who sticks more to me in life after family, you kept popping my head because it is true. Thanks for been there, my dear.

40. Our bond together I can’t validate, for all I know is you’re a special friend everyone will love to have.

41. Our friendship has loyalty, trust and laughter. All of these are spices you bought when I met you. Thanks for been there. Happy birthday to you.

42. Years ago I didn’t see myself in such a friendship with an affectionate person like you. On this day I celebrate your awesome nature and friendship.

43. As thick as we have been from day one is how we shall remain henceforth on such a birthday. May love shine with us.

44. I hope you remain in my life forever to shine as the star that you are because I’m glad to have a friend d like you.

45. If a price was to be put on loyalty, yours will cost more than gold or silver because you have always proven our friendship means a lot to you.

46. If I were to talk about your friendship, I will relate to love beyond understanding. I cherish you daily.

47. Today makes me remember the thick and thins we have been through as friends and makes me want to celebrate you even more. Happy birthday.

48. On such special days, we pray God gives us the best words to wish you more life and friendship.

49. Amongst my friends, I want you to know you’re worth more than a friend. Happy birthday to you.

50. I want you to know if I was to return in the next lifetime, you will still be a special person to me now and always. Happy birthday.

51. Amazing people like you are like diamonds, so rare to find and precious to keep. May our friendship blossom.

52. I still wonder why we haven’t met since like a long time ago. Despite how little our paths have crossed, you’re still a dear friend one should keep. Happy birthday to you.

53. If I was to rewrite my life story, I would be glad to have you on each page with me, you’re such an endearing friend. Happy birthday to you.

54. Of all my friends I don’t know why you get to me more, maybe it’s cause our friendship is wild, courteous, sincere and above all true and loyal. I love that and that is why I celebrate you.

55. Happy birthday, friend, the world makes a better place with you by my side.

56. I heard today is your birthday, happy many returns to you crazy, wild child.

57. I could swear no one makes me feel alive and suave like you. You make the world colourful with your friendship.

58. Happy birthday to the one whose seed seems to have been tied with mine, for friendship, loyalty and sincerity. May doors open for both of us.

59. Believe that if I am told people are made twice, I’d have made you again. You’re such a rare gem of friendship.

60. As radiant as the sun is and true, so is our friendship with pure Bliss and hope. May your birthday bring us newer days.

61. As amazing as your friendship has been. May your birthday comes with amazing gifts and blessing.

62. If I tell you the purpose of your existence was to be my friend, I hope you believe me. I feel happy been your friend and celebrating such day with you.

63. I wish you a face of laughter and happiness, all day every day.

64. As you add another year, May God’s faithfulness that has led our paths to cross, cross you with gifts and blessings.

65. I wish you a new phase with a face of glory because you are a friend who deserves more.

66. I pray your feet lead you to a place of blessings and fulfilment such as my heart.

67. Cheers to a friend I’d call the greatest of all time.

68. Since I was born, I count you more as a blessing and a better friend. I pray this day opens ways for you to be happier.

69. Such wonderful people like you deserve a friend like me, maybe that’s why your birthday includes me to plan for you. Happy birthday.

70. Hold God and be steadfast in his word is my wish for a special friend on such day.

71. Believe that as you found your way to my heart, so will you find more blessings on your path. Happy birthday to you.

72. I pray your character speaks for doors to open for you. Happy birthday to an awesome lady.

73. You have inspired me to believe people like you exist in this world. May the kindness of your heart bring kind doors of blessings to you.

74. May your face find precious moments and let your heart cherish them. Happy birthday to you my dear.

75. Out of the many friends, you unfold as one with pure essence. May it continue to reveal more of your amazing character.

76. I pray you take steps to achieving greater stories in your life on such a beautiful day.

77. The history we have built are beautiful memories that I love to linger on. Happy birthday dear.

78. You are a friend whose shape has sharpened me, I wish you a more focused future with amazing blessings.

79. I wish you footpaths of fullness, blessings and favour. Happy birthday mama.

80. My sweet little pet friend, I wouldn’t wish for anything more than your better self.

81. Ever since our friendship was built, I’ve not had any reason to be sad and to this day, I pray for more love and laughter.

82. To be your friend is not a making I regret any day. May God bless you always my dear.

83. As my story has changed since you became my friend, may your story have more positive vibes on such a day. Happy birthday to you.

84. Our friendship has come a long way to know such a day cannot go by without me wishing you more love.

85. As beautiful as your heart is, may your day be more beautiful too.

86. With so much sincerity, I wish you a puddle of laughter and joy, happiness and love.

87. Bring all our pictures so we add more to the collection on such a day. Happy birthday dear friend.

88. May you fulfil your role in my life not only as my true friend but as a sincere one.

89. Fate had a design when it made our paths cross. May we have more time to spend and help each other.

90. I am a friend with fewer words but more love for you on such a day.

91. I would never miss this day for you, its a day I’m always glad to have called it our friends birthday.

92. Help me read this with a smile, you’re my dearest friend with a heart as big as an elephant and a giant smile for love.

93. Forget any sorrow I may have caused you as a friend, it’s what makes us more special and bond stronger. Happy birthday.

94. I wish you a pedal if happy and peaceful laughter bicycle to ride me on as your only friend.

95. I take back my bad words and replace them with warm hugs for you on such a day. Happy birthday.

96. May your future hold a friendship of truth and loyalty for us.

97. I wish you a big happy birthday my friend.

98. Know that I am always your number one fan who will not stop at being your best friend. Happy birthday.

99. May God stay faithful to you with blessings such as our friendship. Happy birthday.

100. What else do I need for a good life if not a friend with a large heart like yours? Happy birthday.

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