Happy Birthday to My Stepdaughter Wishes Quotes

Happy Birthday to My Stepdaughter Wishes Quotes

Your stepdaughter is also your daughter. She may not be your biological daughter but what you share is not far from what a mother and child share, especially when she treats you like her mother. When it’s her special day like her birthday, you would want to give her the treat you would a blood daughter. That’s a kind gesture that will engender love and oneness in the family.

While there are thousands of things to make your stepdaughter’s birthday a memorable and fantastic one, I have something for you; it will keep her glued to you forever, trust me.

The happy birthday to my stepdaughter wishes quotes below are great to make your stepdaughter have her best birthday ever. Make sure you get the best out of everything below. She will appreciate it. Send one or more to her and wish her well.

Best Step Daughter Birthday Wishes

You are the best stepdaughter I have ever seen or heard of. I am very lucky to have you. I promise not to let this great opportunity go to waste. Happy birthday to you. Best wishes for the new year, love.

1. My darling stepdaughter, you may not be my biological daughter, but you are and will always be the same as my children. I will never treat you unfairly. I will give you as much support as I give my own children. You just keep being a wonderful person. Happy birthday to you.

2. I have never set you apart from my biological children. To me, y’all are my children, and there is no preference at all. Thank you for treating me like your mother. Thank you for always being there for your siblings. I wish you all the best as you start a new year. Happy birthday to you.

3. You are the best stepdaughter ever; so respectful and well-mannered. Even though you can be extremely out of place sometimes, I can’t but show you love. Thank you for always putting everyone in the family first. I wish you an awesome ride around the year. Happy birthday.

4. You are the brightest daughter ever. I am never going to address you as my stepdaughter because no step-mom will do all of these for you. I am your mom. Thank you for always being a good girl. I hope the world doesn’t change who you truly are. Happy birthday to you.

5. If given the opportunity, you will do more than this. When I see you, I see a goal-getter in the making. I see someone passionate about her craft and success. I have promised never to leave these all to you; you have my support forever. Happy birthday, my dear.

6. Never have you given me a reason to stop being a great stepmother to you. You are neither rude nor arrogant. You aim higher all the time. I’m super proud of you, my love. Whatever it is you want to achieve in life, I will be right in your corner. Happy birthday to you. All the best.

7. You are my stepdaughter, but you give me undiluted peace. I have never had to go through any form of stress because I have you. Thank you for always helping out and looking after your sibling, while I am out. I promise to be present in your life always. Happy birthday to you.

8. I’m not even going to lie; you mean a lot to me. Even though we fight a lot, you are still my daughter, and no one else can love you as I do. Thank you for always making me laugh out loud with your jokes. I see a great future ahead of you. Happy birthday, my darling.

9. Who says stepdaughters can’t be responsible and nice? You are the most responsible I have seen. I thought getting married to your dad was going to come with a tug of war, but I was wrong anyways. You make me enjoy my marriage. Happy birthday, sweetie. I love you.

10. Truly, life can be funny. I never ever thought I would ever be married to a man who has once been married. But I guess God has His ways of doing things. It’s the best decision so far because you are present. Thank you for making everything seem so easy. Happy birthday, my baby.

11. You are a stepdaughter with a difference. You are so cool, calm and collected. Nothing gets to you. I’m glad that how paths crossed. I met you before I had my children, and taking care of you has made motherhood so easy. Happy birthday, Sweetheart. You are blessed.

12. You are so beautiful, my darling. Not only that; you are brilliant as well. Whenever I see your results from school, I’m glad I haven’t missed it as a mother. Even though you were born of another woman, you make me feel like a mother. Happy birthday, my dear daughter. I adore you.

13. Nothing’s ever going to make me treat you unfairly. So many people will never find out I didn’t carry you in my womb. To make it stay like this, I have got to keep taking good care of you, just as I do to my children. I’m going to make sure you get the best always. Happy birthday.

14. If I were a selfish woman, you will never be present in my life. But I know what it takes to bring the family together. I know family is everything. Thank you for not making me regret the day I decided to start taking care of you. I hope you don’t ever think about it. Happy birthday to you.

15. You have never disappointed me; you are always giving me reasons to be happy with you. Not so many stepmothers have the opportunity of having a great stepdaughter like you. I see this as a privilege and a lesson. I promise to make good use of it. Happy birthday to you.

16. I have never been so happy in a while. Reminiscing on how this whole thing started, I can only thank God for giving me so much grace. Sometimes, I feel like giving up, but then you are a wonderful stepdaughter. Thank you for being a responsible girl. Happy birthday to you.

Birthday Wishes to Your Step Daughter

Here’s sending the most beautiful birthday wishes your way. You deserve success, happiness, love, greatness and more. May you be blessed with a life full of these and more. Happy birthday my stepdaughter.

17. If I were given the chance, I would love to do this over and over again. You make dealing with you the easiest. I know some stepmothers who have no good relationship with their stepdaughters. I’m grateful to have found a great one like you. Happy birthday to you. What do you want for your birthday?

18. As long as you keep doing what’s expected of you, we will continue to be cool. In all honesty, you have been a wonderful stepdaughter; a huge help to me. The house is always in its best shape because you take care of everything. Thank you for all you do. Happy birthday to you.

19. My children love you too much. In fact, no one would ever think that I am not your mother. I love how the relationship between us is going. If you keep doing well in school, I promise to continue to love and support you. You are a good girl, please keep it up. Happy birthday.

20. I thought I was just about to make another mistake when I considered getting married to your dad. It turned out to be the most pleasant decision of my life. My life is much more beautiful than it was because I have you. Thank you for being a friend and daughter. Happy birthday to you.

21. My husband will always wonder how it was so easy for us to get along. From the very first time I saw you, I knew we were going to be very close. You made me your confidant, almost immediately. I can’t thank you enough for finding the need to love and respect me this much. I will never take this for granted. Happy birthday, dear.

22. I had always wanted to be married to a man who has never been married before, but I guess fate happened. Yes, fate led me to the most beautiful and thoughtful stepdaughter ever. You have no idea how many plans I have for you. Don’t worry, I will start unleashing them. Happy birthday, my baby.

23. Oh, life has never been sweeter. The fact that we do everything together makes me understand what true love means. You trust me even more than you trust your dad. I’m grateful for the golden opportunity of being your step-mom. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

24. You are the kindest stepdaughter and big sister ever. You are always looking out for your younger ones. You keep them safe and clean, whenever I am out of town. I have never had a reason to panic because I know they are safe in your hands. Thank you for being a great stepdaughter. I wish you the best for the new year.

25. Some things happen for certain reasons. Never in my weirdest dreams would I have pictured a life with a man who was once married. I am sure God wanted you to get the best, that was why He sent me. Trust me to give you the very best. Happy birthday, darling.

26. You are my daughter, and you will remain so forever. In fact, no one has the right to address you as my stepdaughter. You make motherhood so easy for me. Even though I haven’t had my own children. When they eventually come, things will still be the same between us. Happy birthday, sweetie.

27. I don’t even know who I love more, between you and your father. You are the one who keeps me happy and focused whenever he is not around. To be very sincere, you have been an amazing stepdaughter. I’d have loved to keep answering the title “stepmother” forever, but I’d love to have my kids too. Happy birthday.

28. You are like a daughter I never had; so, you are my daughter. Sometimes, people call us twins because we are of the same height, and we look so alike. Oh, we both love peace too. Happy birthday to the most loving and peaceful step-daughter ever. I love you right back.

29. The Lord is my witness; I love you like my biological daughter. I will never let anyone harm come your way. You are a darling, so you deserve the best. I hope this beautiful year comes with answers to all your heart’s desires. Happy birthday, the best. I love you so much.

30. You are the best stepdaughter and shopping partner ever. In fact, everywhere is always boring without you. I want you to know that even though you are not my flesh and blood, you will forever be important to me. Happy birthday, my stepdaughter who’s my actual daughter. Cheers!

31. No one works so hard as you do. You hate to sit while people get things done for you. You are always willing to help with whatever you have. I can’t thank you enough for being so kind to me. I promise to keep being the best step-mom. Happy birthday, sweetheart. All my love.

32. My mom grew up in a polygamous family, and the story isn’t funny at all. I never knew I was going to be a wife to a married man, but it happened anyway. You are one of the reasons I enjoy my marriage. There has been no trouble from you, since day one. I love and respect you a lot. Happy birthday, my dear.

Birthday Greetings for Step Daughter

You are so beautiful and strong. I am very blessed to have become your step-mom. I hope the new year comes with enough blessings. Happy birthday, my stepdaughter. Receive my greetings with love.

33. I had always had plans for how I want my family to be, but I guess God had His own plans too. Well, I had to forfeit my plans for God’s, and my life turned out so beautiful. With a stepdaughter like you, marriage feels the easiest, because there’s no drama at all. Happy birthday, dear. You are loved.

34. This bond between us will continue to confuse our haters. They can’t comprehend what’s happening. Sometimes, I can’t but thank God for bringing me into a family where love dominates. I will forever be grateful for a wonderful stepdaughter like you. Happy birthday to you.

35. How I wish our birthdays fall on the same day; it would’ve been so lovely. You have always been right in my corner. Whenever things don’t seem right between your father and me, you make sure to bring peace and harmony. You are the sweetest. Happy birthday, my darling. Enjoy your day.

36. It still feels so weird that we are very close. I mean, I grew up to know that stepdaughters and stepmothers don’t always have a sweet relationship. Ours is the direct opposite of that. If I am given the chance again, I’d love to be married to your dad, but I’d be your biological mom this time. Happy birthday, my baby.

37. Going into this marriage, I wasn’t sure what was ahead, because I heard stepchildren almost always harsh. I prayed to God for insight, anyways. At the end of the day, the story is different from what I have been made to understand. You are the best stepdaughter ever. Happy birthday to you.

38. My dear, I am very sure you are one of a kind. There can’t be any other stepdaughter as wonderful as you. You have given me your full support from day one. There’s nothing I’d have done in this marriage, without you. Thank you for your love. Happy birthday to you.

39. Even though your biological mother is still alive, you still call me mom. You have no idea how great I feel each time you call me that. I’m grateful to God for giving me all that’s needed to be an amazing step-mom. I promise to always give you the best. Happy birthday to you.

40. Some things couldn’t have been possible without you. You are the most lenient and transparent person ever. Having you as a stepdaughter is a blessing, I will never take for granted. Thanks for being so amazing. Happy birthday to you.

41. Whenever I am not home, I have nothing to fear, because I know you will always take care of everything. You don’t know how much you’ve been helpful to me. I can’t even thank you enough, but I have a surprise for you on your birthday. Anticipate. In the meantime, make do with this birthday greeting. I love you.

42. You are my daughter, and you will remain so forever. Do not expect me to address you as my stepdaughter, when all you give me are the benefits of a biological daughter. You are so beautiful and elegant, my love. Never stop being the liveliest and happiest daughter I know. Happy birthday to you.

43. Even though you are not my flesh and blood, I will always love you the same; nothing will ever change. Being your step-mom is a great opportunity because it has blessed my life in so many ways. In fact, I want to win the best stepmom of the year. Happy birthday, my dear.

44. Being in a polygamous family has its own advantages and disadvantages, but I thank God for giving me the grace to enjoy only the advantages of it. You are one of the advantages, my love. I just can’t get enough of your awesomeness. Thank you for being a blessing to the world. Happy birthday to you.

45. Your smile is all I want to keep seeing. I could sit with you all day, staring at you, because you have such a very lovely aura. I know I am far from being the best step-mom, but I promise to do the needful. Thank you for always keeping up with my excesses. Happy birthday to you.

46. I hope you know that you’re a star already. You have all it takes to dominate the world. Your talents are topnotch, and I’m sure with some little support here and there, you will be balling hard. Happy birthday, my darling daughter. Do not forget that you have my support forever. I love you.

47. You are such a stunner! You are a great person in every way. I sincerely haven’t met a stepdaughter as amazing as you. Thank you for loving me right from the first time I stepped my feet into your house. Happy birthday, my dear. I hope you have enough great memories with people who matter to you.

48. Life with your dad is great; life with you is greater. You have the softest heart ever. You are the most respectful stepdaughter ever. I never knew I was going to be so important to you. Thank you for being more of a daughter than a stepdaughter. Happy birthday, darling. Love you.

Funny Step Daughter Birthday Quotes

I honestly can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard. But ever since I became your step-mom, it has been a compulsory daily dose for me. Thank you for being a funny and loving stepdaughter. I just had to send you this quote. I wish you the best for your birthday.

49. Life with you can never be hard because you try as hard as possible to make me laugh and happy. No wonder I am not ageing at all, despite getting old. Happy birthday to you. Please don’t stop what you’ve started, because I never want to look my age. I love you.

50. I guess having a wonderful stepdaughter like you is one of the secrets to having a longer life and glowing skin because I have been getting younger, ever since I have been your stepmother. I am not joking at all. Happy birthday to you. You are the best.

51. You are never innocent of any crime in this house; from taking my money to stealing your siblings’ milk. I wonder what manner of a big sister you are. It is better you change before you pass it on to your children. I hope you have a wonderful year ahead. Happy birthday.

52. You are the antidepressant that has kept depression far away from me. I guess I have to keep you around if I want to grow old. But you will have to reduce your stubbornness, though. Happy birthday to you. Take it easy on the cakes before you start purging.

53. I don’t even know what exactly to say to you today. You have been a great stepdaughter, no doubt. But you have also been a pain in the ass. I guess hope you do away with your old ways and open a new chapter entirely. Happy birthday to you.

Happy Birthday Messages to My Step Daughter

I hope this message puts a smile on your face as you read through it. You are an amazing person, and you deserve nothing short of what’s happening to you. I can’t wait to start keeping a track record of your success, because I am proud of you. Happy birthday, dear stepdaughter.

54. With you, life feels so easy and fun. My years as a spinster is nothing compared to my years as a married woman. In fact, I enjoy being a stepmother to a wonderful stepdaughter than a married woman. Thank you for valuing me. Happy birthday to you. I wish you the best.

55. Even if you were some random girl, I will still give you the same treatment I give my children. Being my stepdaughter doesn’t mean I should set you apart from my children. You are even more than a stepdaughter because you are sweet in every way. Your birthday present will soon get to you. Happy birthday to you.

56. Nothing makes me happier than seeing you happy; that’s when I truly know I am doing a great job as a mother. To me, you are my first daughter. I knew you before I even thought about conceiving. Thank you for being a great big sister to your younger ones. You are loved. Happy birthday to you.

57. I have thought about the best way to celebrate a special stepdaughter like you, but nothing seems to be coming up. I guess it’s because you are worth more than whatever I can come up with. Thank you for making us have great times in this family. We love and cherish you. Happy birthday.

58. I will never treat you like a castaway. You are one of my children, not just my stepdaughter. I’m thankful for the love you shower your younger ones. Thank you for doing well in your academics, as well. I have a lot in store for you. I hope you have a happy birthday with a great time. Bless you.

59. You are one of the reasons I am enjoying my marriage with your dad. Whenever there’s an issue, you are always on my side, and this doesn’t stop you from telling me the truth. How sweet can you be? I’m blessed and lucky to call you mine. I wish you a happy birthday celebration. Cheers!

60. God’s plans are always different from ours. In fact, they are always the best, because they come with breakthroughs and blessings. One of my blessings is having you as my stepdaughter. Another is having your father as my husband. May God’s will be done in your life, as it has been done in mine. Happy birthday to you.

61. Whoever says you don’t deserve a party, clearly doesn’t know who you truly are. You are all shades of awesomeness. You have a great personality and your sense of reasoning is top-notch. Thank you for making family everything. Thank you for your contribution to the peace and togetherness of this family. Happy birthday to you.

62. Sometimes, when you are away, I miss you a lot. Even when I am beside your dad, I still miss you. You’re a wonderful person whose life speaks of God’s grace. I’m grateful for the life God has blessed you with, and I can say for sure that He has more blessings in store for you. Happy birthday to you.

63. You have never stopped saying true to yourself. No matter how much the distractions are, your eyes are always on the goals. You have impacted my life in so many ways. Living under the same roof with you has taught me patience and perseverance. You are a blessing. Happy birthday.

64. As you start another phase of your life, I want you to know that you have made me a proud step-mom. I see all that you do, and I thank God for giving you the grace and mercy to carry on with life. Don’t ever worry about having support, because I will always be available. Happy birthday to you.

65. If I am being truthful, you have been the most supportive step-daughter ever. I mean, you still have your mom, and you give me so much support. Some other stepdaughters will only wish for their stepmom’s downfall, but you are not like that. Thank you for everything, my love. Happy birthday to you.

66. Whenever I tell my friends how loving you are, they never seem to believe me. I don’t blame them, because there are not so many great stepdaughters like you. You are one in a million, and I’m thankful for the blessings you bring me. I hope that life always be fair to you. Happy birthday.

67. Ever since I was born, I have never been fortunate enough to enjoy this great level of peace. All you bring me is peace and love in their purest forms. I’m trying to be the best I can be, trust me. You are the best stepdaughter ever, and I will do everything to make you happy. Have a wonderful day.

68. This whole thing now makes much sense; how your stepdaughter treats you boils down to how you treat her. I have never treated you unfairly, I guess that’s why you love me this much. With God on my side, I never will. Happy birthday to you. We all are proud of the wonderful woman you have become.

69. Things have never been bad between us. Even when there’s a rift, we quickly end it before it gets worse. Thank you for having my back. I’m just a few years older than you, but you give me a hundred per cent respect. I am grateful. Have a happy and fun-filled birthday.

Happy Birthday Step Daughter Sayings

I’m so glad that the saying that goes “stepdaughters and step-moms never get along” doesn’t apply to us. We keep doing things on our own terms. Happy birthday, my darling. I wish you all you wish yourself. Cheers!

70. Things have never been this better for me. I literally am living my best life. In fact, I could carry a megaphone just to let the whole world know that there are great stepdaughters. My experience has been worthwhile with you. Saying thank you is an understatement. Happy birthday.

71. I have seen you struggle to get things done. I have watched you have sleepless nights because things weren’t just going as planned. Oh, I have seen you in your happiest moments too; you looked so cute. I want you to know that most times, things will never work out our way. Just keep it going. Happy birthday.

72. I’m so excited for you on your special day. The most anticipated day of the year is here already. I know everyone has a lot to say about you, but my experience with you is the most beautiful; I know! Thank you for all you do behind closed doors. May the heavens reward you. Happy birthday.

73. I never knew a polygamous family could be filled with so much love and happiness all around. You are just like your mom; you guys accepted me with love. There’s no how I am going to stop giving you the best. Happy birthday, my dear. The new year will be greater than the last.

74. The last year got you running from pillar to post. I was confused, at first. The tasks were too much, I had to help. If you weren’t a good person, I bet I could just have been minding my business. Thank you for finding it so easy to love everyone. You are wonderful! Happy birthday to you.

75. The Lord sees my heart; I wish you good luck. I will never wish you anything bad because you have done nothing bad to me. In fact, I am sure we are the closest stepdaughter and step-mom ever. Everything is so easy, with you. Happy birthday, darling. Don’t stop being a good person.

76. One of the things I love about you is that you have never stopped believing in yourself. Even when luck isn’t forthcoming, you remain positive and optimistic. If only I had half of your determination, things could have been better for me. Happy birthday, my love. The best is yet to come.

77. I love you so much, you have no idea. You mean more than just a stepdaughter, to me. We bonded almost immediately we met, and the rest they say is history. Thank you for wearing that smile that attracted me to you. Happy birthday. I hope you never stop smiling. I love you.

78. Not to flatter you; you are the most beautiful girl ever. In fact, you look like an angel. Well, I could call you an angel because you have the qualities of one. Thank you for always going about with positive vibes. I hope the world doesn’t succeed in changing who you are. Happy birthday.

79. As a life of the party, your own party is here and I am sure you are going to have as much fun as possible. We have all been waiting for this beautiful moment because it’s your birthday. Thank God it’s here, and we have the opportunity to celebrate. Happy birthday to you. Cheers!

80. I genuinely want to see you happy and win. Your win is my win. I have no business with wishing you bad. You are a good person, so you deserve to enjoy good things. I hope that all your heart’s desires are met, as you kick-start a new phase. Happy birthday, daughter.

81. A stepdaughter will never have the features of a biological daughter. Well, you do, and that automatically makes me your mom. I’m glad for this phase that you start today. I hope there are available opportunities for you to explore, learn and grow. It’s going to be easy for you, trust me. Have a very happy birthday.

82. You are my closest friend, even though you are my stepdaughter. I don’t know why I feel that level of safety with you. It’s so strange how we didn’t start on a good note but ended up loving each other. I will love and have your back forever. Happy birthday to you. Cheers to a good life!

83. I have never hated you, because I always saw you as my daughter, even before we were introduced to each other. You are a great person, and no one has the right to make you feel less of yourself. Whatever happens to you, I will always be right there. Happy birthday to you. I hope this year brings enough success with it.

84. I may not be your mom by blood, but I will always wish you the exact things I wish my children. I will always love you like a mom would love her daughter. You are the best step-daughter ever, and I hope you continue just like this. Happy birthday to you. May all your dreams come true.

85. Who says there can be no close rapport between a stepdaughter and her step-mom? I guess they need to come to have a look at us. We have been best friends since I joined this family. Even after having my kids, we still are. Our bond is the strongest, and nothing can break it. Happy birthday, stepdaughter.

Happy Birthday to My Beautiful Step Daughter

To my beautiful stepdaughter on her birthday: You have been a huge source of support and love to me. I have never seen a more understanding stepdaughter. Thank you for taking it cool with me. Happy birthday to you.

You “must” not add this to your stepdaughter’s birthday present.

86. I am the happiest step-mom on earth because I have the most wonderful and amazing stepdaughter ever. You make this thing feel so easy. Thank you for finding me worthy to be your step-mom. I promise to keep making it worthwhile. Happy birthday to you. I wish you the best.

87. You are the most beautiful stepdaughter ever. I am very proud to call you my daughter, and I am happy that I am your step-mom. Getting along with you was very easy because you are a naturally cool person. Thank you for riding with me on this journey. Happy birthday to you.

88. Polygamy for me, didn’t turn out like I always anticipated. This path I found myself in is all shades of satisfaction. I am happy, blessed, satisfied, love, only because of a wonderful stepdaughter like you. I will never make you regret ever being my stepdaughter. May you have a happy birthday.

89. I know you have greater plans for yourself than I have for you, but you never can tell. From doing well in school to being so nice to me at home, I can only be grateful. Thank you for the peace and satisfaction you bring. Happy birthday, my darling. Thank you for all the love and acceptance that you have given me.

90. I can never appreciate you enough. I can’t even dare to repeat your kindness towards me. This whole thing turned out greater than I anticipated. No one told me it was going to be easy; I guess I was just lucky. Thank you, my darling. Happy birthday to you. I hope you love the present I sent you.

91. There have never been gloomy days, ever since I became your step-mom. In fact, you give me lessons of a great mom on a platter of gold. If I decide to have my kids today, I’m very sure that the experience is going to be great. I thought I was going to regret this, but thanks for disappointing me. Happy birthday.

92. No one else deserves to have been born on this special day, but you! You deserve a whole day to yourself. Everyone who has been associated with you is lucky to have you, especially me. Thank you for being such an amazing stepdaughter. I’m sure your marriage will be beautiful. Happy birthday.

93. God already knew I was never going to settle for an unhealthy marriage, that was why He made my meeting with your dad, possible. That meeting led to our meeting. There’s nothing as beautiful as having an understanding stepdaughter; everything will keep aligning. Thank you. Have a happy birthday.

94. If I had enough resources to make this birthday a great one, I will. You deserve even more. You are always happy when people win, no wonder you keep winning. I will always be here to clap for you, as you win. I am your number one cheerleader forever. Happy birthday.

95. You have been a huge support to me, ever since we started living together. I haven’t stopped having your back too, because that’s what a good step-mom should do. I am sure your marriage will be a wonderful one because you are a wonderful person. Happy birthday to you.

96. It’s with great joy that I celebrate another birthday with you. I am so elated, right now. My experience with you has been so blissful and free of drama. Thank you for making this home a peaceful one. I wish you a happy birthday, and I hope you love the gifts that I have sent to you.

97. You will continue to be my loving stepdaughter. It’s not easy to have a great step-daughter like you; some women will do anything to have you. I am grateful at the same time. You will always have my best wishes. Happy birthday to you.

98. I know I will never be able to replace your mom, but I will keep doing the best I can, as a good step-mom. I will keep giving you the best. I will never set you apart from my children. In fact, I will never have a problem with you. Happy birthday to you. I love you forever.

99. I know I can never do as much as your mom, but I sincerely wish to give you all the love that I can. You deserve so much love and happiness than the world can give. I will keep making sure that you attain greater heights. Happy birthday, my darling. I wish you lots of joy and happiness.

100. You are the daughter I never had. You have really grown, but no matter how much you grow, you will continue to be my lovely daughter. I am proud to have you as my stepdaughter. I wish that things continue to happen in your favour. Happy birthday to you. I love you more than life itself.

I hope you found one or two of those happy birthday to my stepdaughter wishes quotes up there to send some sunshine your stepdaughter’s way. Kindly drop your comment(s), as I’d like to know how you feel about them. Please, don’t forget to keep stopping by. Thank you.

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