Happy Birthday Wishes for My Cousin Female or Male

Happy Birthday Wishes for My Cousin Female or Male

A relationship between cousins is one of the most harmonious connections there is. Cousins share your root and understand your background. Therefore, it would be a brilliant idea to do things that will remind your cousin of you on their birthday.

Birthday wishes and prayers for cousins are secret ingredients needed to spice up the life of your cousin. A birthday celebration wouldn’t be complete without the good wishes from loved ones so, together with heart touching birthday gifts for your cousin, garnish his/her birthday with some special birthday greeting messages from you.

Ranging from birthday wishes for little cousins to birthday greetings to big cousins, here are all types of happy birthday wishes for my cousin female or male to send to your cousin no matter what category they fall under. Don’t hesitate to wish that lovely soul a happy birthday.

Birthday Wishes for A Male Cousin

We are not just connected by blood, cousin. Our hearts, soul, and fate are intertwined. No matter what you go through, I’ll always be around to cheer you on. Happy birthday, wishing you a wonderful day and a beautiful year, dear cousin brother.

1. It’s been a hectic year with many unfulfilled goals and lost opportunities. The last chapter of your life was written in happiness, sadness, and a mixture of both but all in all, you have risen above your fears and made it to the next page of your life. May you look back at today in the coming years with joy. Happy Birthday, cousin.

2. Happy Birthday, cousin. All of my childhood memories wouldn’t be complete without you. If my life were to be a movie, you would star in it as the leading actor. Every journey I’ve made while growing up had you in it and I’m glad to have walked side by side with you. Your birthday today tells the story of our lives, I wish you a safe journey as you take on the path to your dreams.

3. Your birthday today reminds me of a shadow. You know when you stand under the sun and your shadow appears? That’s what happens between you and me I. Whenever I stand in all of my glory, your shadow appears behind me to remind me of your presence in my success story. Happy Birthday, cousin, I wish that you make an impact on those around you.

4. I’m so grateful to the universe for bringing you into my life as my cousin. If we were siblings, we would bicker each day and wouldn’t share the bond we currently share. You walk into my life once in a while but leave your seed that sprouts and bears beautiful flowers. Thanks for all you have done and happy birthday. May you receive love today.

5. Every birthday is like a blank piece of paper waiting for an artist’s drawings. I believe you to be an amazing artist so I trust in your ability to make something beautiful of your life. I wish you more colours and the ability to decide what colour best suit your life. Happy Birthday!

6. I adore and cherish you cousin. This may sound like a joke but I love you more than you can ever imagine. As you celebrate today, I hope you bath in the thoughts of my endless love for you. Stay happy and happy birthday! I wish that every day of your life is filled with the same amount of happiness you experience today.

7. Cousin is not just the word that defines our relationship. You are a cousin to me and more. You are my brother, my best friend, my support and comfort. You see me in all of my imperfections and never kept your distance. If there’s anything I wish for you, it’s that you experience love and favour from every being you meet. Happy Birthday!

Birthday Wishes for A Female Cousin

I feel blessed to be related to a fearless lady like you. Your persistence, diligence, and a carefree attitude have been and are still role models to me. Happy Birthday, cousin, I hope to see you achieve everything you are working towards. Today will be remembered in years to come.

8. I’ve always had doubts about a lot of things, but you are the only thing that I’m certain of. I’m confident in your love, I trust the sincerity in your smile and I am assured of the unspoken words in your hug. Happy Birthday cousin, long life filled with happiness is all I wish for you.

9. You are so much to me, I want to be just like you. Forget the words of inspirational speakers that say “Be yourself”. I love you so much that I can feel your existence in me. I hope to share your good habits and bad habits. You are the best cousin one could have, and I hope you remain the best. Happy Birthday!

10. There’s no doubt that I am related to one of the sweetest people on earth. You are an angel cousin, an angel who defiled the rule of heaven to stay on earth with me. Happy Birthday to my angel, today marks the day you made your descension to earth. I hope your sacrifices are worth it. May you enjoy happiness during your stay on earth.

11. Happy birthday cousin sister, I hope that this new page of your life starts with a prologue that acknowledges the fact that continuous joy will be your portion. May every opportunity that turned their backs on you seek your acceptance in these coming years. I love you cousin, nothing less than the best is what I wish you.

12. Yay! It’s your birthday, I wish it’s celebrated with lots of love from people you care the most for. I know you have a lot of plans for this new chapter of your life, so I hope for nothing else but to see you have confidence in the manifestation of your goals. Have a wonderful day and happy birthday!

13. Muah muah mauh. If you are wondering what those are, they are my expression of love. Receive my kisses and receive long life and success. My kisses come in full package, so you may never know what good thing will come your way when you receive them. Happy Birthday cousin.

14. Happy Birthday cousin, I know you have a hard time expressing your good intentions for me, and I understand. The feeling is mutual, we both have our difficulties in expressing our love but on this day, I want you to know that I care for you and I want nothing but the best for you. Have a nice day.

Birthday Wishes for Big Cousin Brother

May your stay on earth be fruitful and may you prosper in all you do, dear cousin brother. To many, today is a happy day but to you, today signifies a step into a world of responsibilities. I wish you a safe journey into your birthday year and the wisdom to make the right decision.

15. It’s your birthday today, so I’ve decided to ignore the countless times you pulled my ears while dishing out unending words of advice. Now that I think about it, your actions prevented me from falling into the wrong path. Happy Birthday big brother, as you led me to the right path, so will you meet people in life who’ll give you the right directions you need.

16. Big Brother, I’ve heard of your exploits and I must confess, I’m a little jealous. I guess old habits never change. When I was still little, I use to be so jealous that you were bigger than me, now, I’m still jealous. Well, happy birthday to you, I hope you get to higher places so I can put in more effort to be like you.

17. I hope today is as lively as you. Happy birthday cousin brother, I’ve never met anyone as lively, and I’m glad to know that even in the face of troubles you are still as lively as ever. Have a good time today, you are always in my heart.

18. A birthday reminds us to take a step back and reflect on all the hills we had to climb to success. As you turn to look back on your journey so far, I want you to look at the bad with indifference but focus on the good you have done. You have impacted my life and in a way influence my behaviour in a good way, I hope your day is filled with good memories big brother.

19. We have had a lot of arguments but thanks to your maturity you have managed to overlook my childishness. Your maturity has made it possible for us to share the strong bond we currently share. Big brother, I hope you meet people in life who are as understanding as you. Happy Birthday!

20. You are so adorable, big bro. I know adorable isn’t the word you like to use on yourself but I can’t help it. I hope your day is as adorable as you are. I’m glad to have you in my life, thank you for giving me hope that humans can be adorable. Happy birthday.

21. Life is filled with uncertainty, sometimes things go your way, sometimes they don’t. To all the doors that never opened up to you, I hope you get the will to break them down in the coming years. Happy Birthday big bro, enjoy this day.

Birthday Wishes for Big Cousin Sister

This wonderful day has been celebrated countless times and in those times every one of my wishes had become reality. My wish for you today is that you have patience and love to care for the people around you even with the countless problems you face. Happy Birthday big cousin sister.

22. I have only respect and reverence for you, cousin sister. I know a lot of my actions may be rebellious but deep down in my heart, I respect you. I hope that you look past my previous mischievous acts and forgive me. Happy Birthday, cousin, I’m thankful for your guidance. I look forward to celebrating this day with you next year.

23. Happy Birthday cousin. It’s a wonderful day today so I want to let you know that you are getting old and your recent behaviours remind me I’m a great aunt. Is it maturity? Because you are becoming more attentive and caring which of course is a good thing. I hope you continue to accumulate more motherly characteristics.

24. I will no longer stay quiet. This day is the perfect day to make it known to you and every other person who cares to listen. Big cousin sister, you inspire me a lot, many of my actions that proved successful were in my attempt to walk in your steps. You are a great motivation, I hope that you continue to inspire those who find themselves around you.

25. My sisters did a good job creating the best memories I needed as a child but you big cousin, you laid the strong mental foundation on which I currently stand. You taught me that nothing could break my will without my permission and I’ve always heed your advice. I wish that you walk in this same path you have laid for me, and I wish you the will to beat all of your challenges. Happy Birthday!

26. If I’m to count all the blessings that came into my life through you, all my life will be spent reading your goodwills. I am grateful for all you have done, I hope you receive the blessings that come with being good in this life. Happy Birthday, cousin.

27. My childhood memories had you in them, my every reference to my childhood has you popping up in my head. Thank you big cousin for all these wonderful memories. May only sweet memories follow you for the rest of your life.

28. All the fights and arguments turned us into close friends I guess. I’ve never been this close to any other of my cousins but just you because of your level of tolerance. Happy Birthday, cousin, I love you and will never stop. I hope you experience peace for the rest of your walk on earth.

Birthday Wishes for Best Cousin Girl

Dear cousin, I’m so proud of who are growing up to be an amazing girl and what you are turning the world into in your little way. The world needs more of you, I need more of you but the sad reality is, the world can never have a second you. Happy Birthday, smile today for you’ll experience good things today.

29. No word can best describe how I feel about you cousin. I’ll keep using the phrase ” I love you” for that’s all I feel for you. Thank you for giving me genuine love and thank you for giving me the ability to love genuinely. Happy Birthday to you, I hope you are surrounded with genuine love.

30. I hope today goes according to the way you have planned. Today is a special day for it allows me to celebrate you nonchalantly. On this day, the one who deserves my love and affection was born, I hope she gets everything she wants. Happy Birthday to her.

31. Imagine me without you, it’s simply impossible for us to exist without each other. Thank you for the support and friendship, I appreciate all you have done for me and all you are doing. I hope you receive a reward for being the best cousin. Happy Birthday, this day will be celebrated with love.

32. I hope today is celebrated with joy that will inspire a lot of people to draw close to you. You were that force that pushed me into becoming a better person and I hope you inspire others in the same way. Happy Birthday, cousin sister, you are the best.

33. When we were little, I’ve always wondered why my mum was so adamant about making us close friends. Turns out she had seen the best in you and wanted her child close to the best. There has never been a day I regretted been your cousin and it’s all thanks to you. Happy Birthday! I hope the world sees your worth.

34. Just like a plant that depends on the sun for constant light, I depend on you for love, you are the source of my strength. Just as high as the sky is above the earth, I hope you stay higher where your problems can’t find you. Happy Birthday!

35. I wish you success, one that will take the world by storm. May the world see your achievements and celebrate them with you. Happy birthday, cousin, may your source of inspiration never lose its flame, have a wonderful day.

Birthday Wishes for My Cousin Boy

Congratulations on your birthday. There are lots of people celebrating this day but only your day means a lot to me. Happy Birthday, you are an amazing person and I hope you never stop being amazing. Wishing you all you wish yourself, love you, birthday boy!

36. No one understands me better than you. You know when to joke around and when to be serious, I guess this quality of yours is your best charm. Happy Birthday brother, I love that you understand me to push me to my goals, I hope that you meet a driving force to move you to your goals.

37. Such joy and happiness, can only be felt so deeply when they derive their source from you. Today, I have felt real joy and it was only possible because today is your birthday. I hope you experience joy not just today, but for the rest of your life, happy birthday!

38. The older you get, the better I see your worth. Put no worries about how fast you age but consider those whose life you have made an impact on as you age. Keep the good energy cousin, the universe will always have to listen to your plea. Happy Birthday!

39. I raise this glass and say thank you for all those times you won against me in games for your actions helped me cope in helpless situations. Thank you for all the times you helped me hide my wounds from my parent, it helped me understand pain and independence. Happy Birthday!

40. I hope today brings with it a surprise, healthy changes to your mentality, and strength to believe and keep striving. Today is one of those days that assures you hope for the future, I hope it inspires you. Happy Birthday!

41. On this day [insert date of cousin birth], I, your cousin wants to let you know that you will forever have a place in my heart. If we ever lose our bond, half of my heart will be gone. Let’s stay happy and strong together. Happy Birthday!

42. You remind me and everyone around that you of how bright the sun can be. I was hoping to celebrate today with you to make you rub on me some of the goodness of life for you have in abundance. Happy Birthday, cousin! Ride on, have the best day.

Birthday Wishes for A Special Cousin Sister

Happy birthday, cousin. I must confess, your birthday got me paranoid. I’ve been running helter-skelter looking for the perfect gift for you but my actions made me realize that nothing in this world is deserving of you. I love you sister, and I’ll always love you. Stay happy and special! I wish you the best.

43. Today has made me recount all the memories we both share and I’ve come to realize that you own a special part of me. Happy Birthday, cousin sister, let’s have a fun day by walking down memory lane together. A recollection of our past is fun to remember, I hope your future will be fun to experience.

44. I know you miss me, I feel the same way too. No one has been able to withstand my level of craziness. Happy Birthday! In as much as I want you to miss me, I also want you to have the best time of your life today without care for others so enjoy this day.

45. As I got older, I began to realize just how important you are to me. The memories we share and the love that binds us together are the important things I’ll never like to lose. Happy Birthday cousin, you are so special to me and I hope to see you in a better position in life.

46. If there’s anything I can get you on this day, it’ll be the ability to live a thousand years on earth to see all your dreams fulfilled but alas! I’ve got no powers to do that. With all I’ve got, I’ll do the best I can on this day and which is to keep you happy. Happy Birthday, cousin.

47. You are such a nice person, your siblings are so lucky to have you, I’m so jealous of them. Thank goodness you are my cousin, to think that we are related to one another brings me joy. I’m even more filled with joy to think that I get to celebrate your special day with you. Happy Birthday cousin, all of your dreams deserve to come true on this day.

48. Today is the day, the battle has just begun. I see setbacks, stumbling blocks, tears, pain, and lonely days on this path you have set out to but in the midst of it all, I see victory calling your name. Happy Birthday, you are my cousin in whom I have faith, today is your birthday and it’s the day you declare war on your challenges. Have a victorious day.

49. There are people who mean the world to you, and there are others who mean nothing to you. Amongst these people, I’m glad to be in the number of those who mean a lot to you. Happy Birthday, cousin, we’ll always live to celebrate this day for years to come. Love you!

Birthday Wishes for My Best Cousin Sister

Happy Birthday dear cousin sister, you are my favourite and best person and I wish for nothing more but to see you happy on this day. The road to adulthood seems lonely, I hope you meet people who’ll accompany you on this journey. May your favourite people never turn to strangers.

50. Thank you for raising your hands to always pull me up when I fell, thanks for all the times you shielded me in times of trouble. Thanks for your comforting words when all I knew how to do was cry. I’ll never forget all you have done for me, I see all you are still doing for me and I can’t love you less. Happy Birthday sister, greater heights to you./Searching for amazing happy birthday wishes for your male or female cousin? Search no more, the best birthdays wishes are here for you to use.

51. I hope this day is filled with more than enough joy and happiness you can carry. Thank you for being that one person I can always cry to and tell my secrets to. You make living worthwhile, happy birthday. I hope you meet that special person who’ll make you love yourself even more.

52. I love you so much cousin, happy birthday to you. The universe knows how much you mean to me and it knows how worthy you are to be among the living. You have a pure heart cousin, I hope the impurities of life never know your name. Have a splendid day.

53. You thought me there was love in sharing when we were little and you backed up your words by sharing every little thing you had. We are now grown-ups and your advice still rings in my head. Not a day have I regretted sharing my heart with you. Happy birthday, I hope you share in the world’s joy today.

54. You are about to embark on another journey of life and I can’t help but feel lonely but it’s all for the better. I remember those times we had to do a lot of things together but now we all walk a different path of life to take. Even as we go our different ways, may our paths always come to meet so we can replenish one another with lots of love. Happy Birthday!

55. Happy Birthday to the best cousin sister! The world may never see your worth, but I do see it and cherish it greatly. Having you in my life is enough for me, I love you. May your stay on earth be worthwhile and may you enjoy good health in your old age.

56. The times I spent with you as little kids were the best time ever. You taught me love, patience, and how to handle pain. I know you are only human, but I sometimes wish you were an angel. Happy Birthday! We have today all to ourselves let’s have fun!

Birthday Wishes for Lovely Cousin Sister

Today marks a step into a future that will be better than all of your past journeys, may your wonderful and lovely behaviour reflect on all your problems and turn them into situations that will better your life. Happy Birthday, cousin sister, in this road you are on, I wish you the best.

57. I remember how our first conversation started. We both stared at each other as kids and decided right there that our hearts would forever be intertwined. Happy Birthday sister, you are the most lovely person I know, and I can’t help but wish you all the best.

58. I wish you long life darling cousin, we both have a long way to go and we still have tons of things to achieve. All this can only be possible if you live long on the earth. For your birthday, I wish you health and life. Happy Birthday! The good things of life will come your way this season.

59. Happy Birthday cousin, I love you so much and today will only testify to the fact that I love you. I’m never going to stop loving you so be rest assured. Have a delightful day, may you see doors you never expect open to you. I enjoy loving you, and I hope you find people you enjoy loving.

60. I can imagine the number of hate you get because people find it hard to believe that there exists in the world someone so lovely which is you. I hope they realize soon how amazing you are and love you. Happy Birthday, may your birthday be filled with laughter and immeasurable love. May your laughter on this day echo and bring a smile to everyone who hears you.

61. You are so lovely cousin, some people will try to take advantage of these, but never be afraid. You have me and tons of people who will heal your heart when it feels broken. Have faith in all you do, I wish you strength. When it feels like everything will come to an end, know that the end is yet to come, for the end is joy and not pain. Happy Birthday!

62. I’m so in love with you cousin, I hope you are aware. If you are not, I hope today makes you realize how much you mean to not just me but all of your family members. I hope that your day brings you a fortune. Happy Birthday! The sky will shine bright today and tell the story of the one who is truly loved.

63. The memories we created as kids are so unforgettable and each one of them lingers in my heart every single day of my life. You are the foundation on which I stand and my every action reflects you. Happy Birthday! May favour and opportunities rain on you.

Birthday Wishes for Long Distance Cousin Sister

Your heart holds the key to hope, faith, and strength. I hope you find peace of mind to enable you to search within yourself and find the hope, faith, and strength you need. From a distance, I wish you still find your joy. Happy Birthday, dear cousin sister!

64. I love you always cousin, you are like a moon to me. No matter how far you are from me, I always feel your light and wherever I go, I feel you following and watching my every step. Happy Birthday, I love you even when miles apart and I can feel your love. Have fun wherever you are.

65. Cousins are not meant to stay together but are meant to love one another from afar. The love between cousins is the most genuine kind of love where even with the distance, our hearts still grows fonder. Happy Birthday, cousin. I don’t know the plans you have for yourself, but I hope that you receive positive results in them all.

66. Mountains may prevent us from seeing each other, seas may hold us back from reaching out to one another but nothing will stop the beats of our heart from feeling each other’s pain. Happy Birthday! Just as I feel your pain, I also feel your joy today. I hope that this joy stays with you as you celebrate the rest of the year.

67. If we meet each other, don’t wrestle with me when I decide to bind us together. It’s your birthday and I’m deprived of the joy of meeting with you, I’m sad no doubts but I’m glad that even with the distance we get to reach out to each other. Happy Birthday, I’ll always fight for you even if you give up on us.

68. We have always had each other in our lives, so I understand that this distance is only here to teach us to be strong by ourselves. Happy Birthday, cousin, if you ever feel sad, pained, and disappointed, know that I’m somewhere far from you experiencing the same hardship as you. Stay true to yourself dear, I wish you the courage you need.

69. I understand that people change so fast and distance makes this change happen quickly. I understand that people are meant to be let go, but not you. The distance won’t change the affection I have for you, and I’ll never let you go. Happy Birthday! Wishing you peace wherever you are.

70. This distance won’t last forever, and that challenge you are facing won’t last either. Keep fighting and have faith. All you go through are part of your success story. I’m far away from you, but I’ll keep cheering you on even if you can’t hear me. Happy Birthday! I hope you see happiness in this life and embrace it.

Birthday Wishes for Long Distance Cousin Brother

It’s scary how people who once loved and care for one another become strangers with the distance that separates them but it’s a lovely thing to fall deeper into love with people who are distant from us. Happy Birthday dear cousin brother, just as distance can’t separate us, I wish nothing will separate you from your opportunities.

71. Happy Birthday cousin brother, I hope today reminds you of all the bridges you had to cross and all the stumbling blocks you jumped over on your way to success. You may still be on your way to achieving your goals, but I hope to give you the strength to keep pushing. Distance won’t keep me from giving you courage. Have a wonderful day.

72. Life is beautiful dear cousin, I hope you never get tired of living it. I hope you find happiness from within even when surrounded by life’s problems. I’m scared of losing you dear cousin, so I hope you look past the distance that separates us and have faith in your existence. Happy Birthday!

73. Dear cousin, if wishes were horses, all I would wish for is to spend just this day with you but the reality is harsh and you are beyond my reach so I want for you is that you find someone in your life who will make you forget the true meaning of loneliness. May you meet a love that will never break you but will repair all of your broken parts. Happy Birthday!

74. Dear cousin, behind that smiley mask you put on lies a pain I would never know of, and although I may be far from you, I hope you look up to me for comfort. Happy Birthday, I hope you stay proud of yourself for how much you try to overcome your problems. I’m proud of you.

75. I may be far from you, but I can feel your happiness and I must say, it looks good on you. Keep the good energy, never feel defeated. When your demons seem impossible to defeat, call on me, and like the speed of a whirlwind, I’ll come to your aid. I wish you the courage to call on others for help when you need help. Happy Birthday!

76. The world is huge keeping loved ones apart from one another but I understand there is a unique place that feels right for each person. We may be apart, but I know that you should belong where your heart feels most safe. Happy Birthday to you cousin, I hope you stay strong even in the face of dark times.

77. Take it slowly, even if you are surrounded by people who seem unfamiliar, you’ll slowly get used to it and fall in love with your environment. Happy Birthday to you, I hate that you are not surrounded by everyone you care about, but I’m glad about your day. Stay blessed and strong.

Inspirational Birthday Messages for Cousin Sister

Happy Birthday cousin sister, it’s a new life journey, I hope you are prepared for it. Try to embrace yourself for you’ll notice changes within you. Don’t try to flee from your flaws, but flee from people who make you feel bad about your imperfections, You’ve been such an inspiration to me.

78. Your anxiety, depression, and fear may work together to consume you but never let them win over you, never give them the impression that you are weak. Many go through difficulties that win over them but your birthday today is an indication that your fears haven’t gotten the better of you. Keep smiling and doing all you want. Happy Birthday!

79. It’s your birthday, stop being idle wishing things to be better, sit up and look at the future, it’s bright calling you to embrace it so give yourself a break from all your depression and do better. I know you, cousin sister, I know you can make the wind listen to you when you set out to fulfil a goal. You didn’t make it in the previous years so what? The future is uncertain, try again and it’ll work out. Happy Birthday, never give up.

80. It’s hard to move on, but you have to accept your flaws and accept the past the way it is. You lost yourself once, but only in that way were you able to see your imperfections. Have faith in your abilities and look towards the future with hope. Everything will be alright. Happy Birthday, don’t hate yourself but do what makes you happy.

81. If prayer is what gives you strength, then pray with all of your heart. Never be deceived by others, if you believe something works, then it will work for you. If you believe you can’t take a step forward, take a break and gather your thoughts, if you feel like the harsh reality of life is too hard to take on, think of me and all the people who love you. Happy Birthday, today is a reminder that forward is the only way.

82. No one said adulthood was easy, many friends will turn their backs on you, if you know you are on the right path, don’t bother about it, let them go. Those who are meant to be yours will come in due time. Don’t let people talk fear or doubts into your plans, shove them away and concentrate on yourself. You’ll never know what will come out of your plan until you actualize it. Happy birthday, continue fighting with courage.

83. Happy Birthday cousin, it’s a great leap into independence, here are some words for you; never let people provide your every need, it’ll make you grow dependent on them. You are a lady, and in the world, we live in you have to own yourself and never depend on a person. Accept their support and love but never let them have control over you. Be true to yourself always.

84. Dear cousin, you are hurting I know. Today may be just like every other day to you but it means a lot to those who care about you. You can heal from your pains if you pretend all is okay. Never give much importance to the pains you experience. They are trivial issues If you begin to view them that way. Happy Birthday! don’t excuse your birthday celebration for any reason.

Birthday Wishes for Small Cousin Sister

With you, I was able to forget my adult problems and understand that life is meant to be enjoyed like a kid. You taught me forgiveness, meekness, and genuine love. Happy Birthday to you, cousin sister, wishing you all the good things in life.

85. Dearest little cousin sister, happy birthday to you. I know as an adult I’m supposed to be a role model to you, but I’ve done a bad job at that and I’m sorry. I’m glad that you were able to listen to the words I say while overlooking my actions. You are growing up to be beautiful, I adore, and I hope you do well academically.

86. Happy Birthday darling cousin, you are adorably naughty, and this is one thing I love about you. You are fierce when demanding what is rightfully yours and you can decide even at your age rights and wrongs. I hope you grow up with this attitude for life is a danger zone, only your fierce nature can defeat it.

87. You are sassy and cute. You know when to be annoying and when to act smart. I know you are growing up and getting used to people telling you to act your age, you should listen to them but never forget your real identity. I love you, darling cousin, I hope to see you make achievements in the future.

88. I call you my little cousin but I know you have a large heart that cares for those who care for you. You may be little, but I know you understand more than your age so I’ll let you know that I care so deeply for you and wouldn’t reprimand you, feel free to talk to me about anything bothering you. Happy Birthday, I wish you knowledge that is greater than those of your peers.

89. You are my cutie pie and the most precious being I know. Forget about those times I had to pick a quarrel with you, I was being unreasonable, I hope you understand. Happy Birthday to you. May we both be understanding of one another and live happily.

90. I’m so lucky to have someone as adorable as you. Whenever I think of you, my heart flutters. I wish you many more years and the ability to make friends that will lead you to a safe path. Happy Birthday!

Emotional Birthday Wishes for Cousin Brother

When I concluded that I had no strength in me, you led me with your hand through my fears until I found that which gave me strength. Happy Birthday to you, cousin brother, I wish to be the strength you need when you have no one.

91. Happy birthday cousin brother, thank you for teaching me how to be tough in the face of problems. You made me understand that pain would only hurt with my permission, and I really appreciate this lesson for it has been useful in the face of problems. I wish that you uphold this teaching you have embedded in me.

92. Though I don’t say it often, your presence is just as refreshing as a bottle of water in summer. I love the different kinds of vibe you give off. You make people around you feel comfortable in their own skin and this is what I like about you the most. Happy birthday, may you never have a reason to change who you are.

93. You are one of the people people who I never get tired of seeing. Most times we chat and laugh all day and sometimes we meet each other to lazy around without speaking to one another but none of my moments with you has been boring. I love you for your company and I hope that people who stay around you feel the love you give. Happy Birthday!

94. We are cousins, but sometimes I feel like we should have been twins. We agree with each other on different things, sometimes when we both have different opinions we agree to disagree. Happy Birthday, I hope you have the best things in life, only the best.

95. How do you understand the pain behind my smile and listen to every word my heart speaks without the movement of my lips? It’s because you are so down to earth and notices every behaviour of those around you. As you are careful with your loved ones, so will your loved ones be careful in your dealings. Happy Birthday to you.

96. People have disappointed me and have given me a reason to doubt the sincerity of humans but dear cousin, you are yet to betray my faith in humans. Thank you for being the only trust I have in a world of disloyalty. I wish you remain pure at heart. Happy Birthday!

Funny Happy Birthday Wishes for Cousin Brother/Sister

Sweet cousin, happy birthday to you. I won’t reveal my thoughts because I don’t want you crying on your birthday, you are getting older but still a crybaby. So accept my kind wishes, I wish you the strength to overcome life’s challenges. Love you!

97. Happy Birthday to my cousin. I don’t know whether to address you as my little or big cousin because your age doesn’t reflect on you. I remember we use to have the same height while growing up but look at you now! I guess karma visited you after all those beatings you gave me as kids. I wish that you grow and act your age.

98. Phew! What kind of a cousin am I for wishing you a happy birthday this late in the night? To be honest, I forgot that today was your birthday. I just remembered so accept my apologies and birthday wishes. I know it’s weird receiving apologies on your birthday, so I tried to make It better by not preparing a gift for you. I don’t want you looking at my gift in years to come and remembering this day. I wish you long life.

99. Yay! It’s your birthday, it’s a special day for you and me. Today reminds me that no matter how youthful and beautiful you are, you are way past the age of fighting over something with me. Happy Birthday, wishing you the best but it is a pity that you can’t argue over your birthday cake with me.

100. Happy Birthday cousin, you were one of the people that were so close to me when growing up. You shared your secrets with me and I know your pain and it is for this reason that I didn’t get you a birthday present. Keeping your bundle of secrets Is a gift already, so don’t get annoyed. Wishing you prosperity.

101. Finally, it’s your birthday. I wish you prosperity and success in all you do. I heard about your goals for the future and I must admit, I felt jealous and happy at the same time. I feel happy for you because if things work out for you, it’ll also work out for me. Happy Birthday!

102. Siblings are annoying but I still love them but thank goodness you aren’t my sister/brother. I can’t imagine us living together, it would be a disaster. One house can’t cater for our craziness so I’m glad you are my cousin. Happy Birthday! May this day bring you happiness.

Birthday Msg/Sms for Cousin Sister/Brother

To my lovely cousin, happy birthday! May every birthday you celebrate open up a new page of your life and may you have the grace to complete each page as you move on to the next. I hope today is as exciting as you.

103. Dearest cousin, I love you and wish you a happy birthday. The world is filled with different problems but I hope you never neglect the energy people give. Walk with the right people and you’ll enjoy life to the fullest. I hope your impact on life is great, have a lovely day.

104. Things will go out of your control, but I want you to always remain calm and do things one at a time. Happy Birthday, dearest, it’s a blessing to have you in my life so I want things to work out for you. Continue on your path with joy, I hope you tell a success story at the end of it all.

105. Happy Birthday! It’s a beautiful thing in life to have a beautiful cousin like you, I’ll always be appreciative for all you have done for me without knowing. Stay happy and stay humble, I hope you live your life on your terms and never lose your cool.

106. Your loyalty has been shown countless times through your actions, and I can’t help but wish that life stays loyal to your aspirations. Don’t focus on the bad happening in your life, good things are on the way, happy birthday! I smell success coming your way.

107. Cousins love is a different kind of love. Thanks for loving my flaws and perfections. I love you to the moon and back. Happy Birthday! Those challenges you went through, you didn’t encounter them for nothing! They are there to prepare you for your journey unknown, have faith in your tomorrow, and love your today. Happy Birthday again!

108. I love you dearest cousin and I hope in our next world we come as siblings. Thank you for being a constant reminder of what is right with me, thank you for making holding my hands and running through my fears with me. Happy Birthday! All you want will be yours this season.

Birthday Greetings for A Cousin – Female

Today is the day I celebrate the bringer of love, joy, and encouragement. Thank you for being the light I need, may the sun light up your path and lead you to your safe zone. Happy Birthday! I can’t think up a reason I’m blessed with a cousin like you, you are simply the best.

109. Happy Birthday dear cousin, you have been a perfect cousin to me, on this day, I wish you all the happiness and joy life can afford to shower on you. May this birthday bring you to see a manifestation of your dreams. Have a wonderful birthday celebration.

110. Every year with you feels like the best year ever. I hope these coming years retains this wonderful feeling. These coming years of your life will bombard you with memories you will never forget so hold on tight cousin and prepare for this wonderful ride for the best is yet to come.

111. May you start today with a smile and end it with a beautiful smile on your face, may your birthday today leave you with all the good things you will need for this year. You deserve this showers of favour, opportunities, and good health that is pouring down on you today. Happy Birthday, cousin, you are the best.

112. Cheers to you [insert name] May your birthday today be your happiest day for this year, more happy days will be yours. Today is the day we celebrate you for all the victories you have achieved this year without anyone knowing. Happy Birthday cousin, here’s a glass to all the victories you are yet to achieve.

113. Today will your best day ever and a day you will always remember and cherish. May today’s activity be worthy of remembrance in coming years. May you look back at today and be filled with joy for all the blessings you enjoy. Happy Birthday! Wishing you the best of all you want.

114. To the courageous woman I know, happy birthday! Wishing you long life, good health, and prosperity. These are all the good things you need to enjoy and have your best time on earth. May this year encourage you to be brave and happy. Do have a wonderful day.

Birthday Greetings for A Cousin – Male

I have always held you in my heart, and right in my heart you bloomed and bear beautiful flowers. No one is as motivating as you, I hope you stay strong in all your situations. Happy Birthday, cousin brother. You are fantastic!

115. May your day be an encouragement to many to live their life to the fullest and may this day inspire many to be happy. Wishing you a happy birthday is just to fulfil all righteousness for your day will always be happy even without a wish. May you receive fulfilment and satisfaction in all you do.

116. A day like this was a day you were born, a day like this is a day you deserve all the love in the world. A day like this will always be the day that you celebrate for the rest of your life. I’m glad to celebrate with you on a day like this. Happy Birthday!

117. You are such an amazing cousin brother, no one in the world can be compared to you. You deserve all the love and attention you are receiving today, I hope to see you receive more of it in the future. Happy Birthday, cousin, today has been a joyful day for those around you all thanks to you.

118. Happy Birthday, cousin. May positivity be the central theme for today and may this day and every other day that make up your life bloom with positivity. Have a splendid day and a year of happiness.

119. This day will set the foundation that will build your life for the better On this day, your foundation will be laid with peace, courage, and stability. You are an awesome person, I hope life doesn’t take advantage of you.

120. Your pursuit in life will bring you calmness of mind and will be successful. Whatever you do will set you apart from the rest. Have an adventurous day today. May you see and conquer everything that seems impossible. Happy birthday!

Cousins are treasures and deserve to be treated as such. While you express your love for your cousin, remember to back it up with words.

Words may seem like empty vessels but they speak to the hearts of many. A simple word can connect and bond people together, words such as the ones above are a good example.

Send these happy birthday wishes for my cousin female or male to your cousin as they celebrate their birthday.

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