Happy Birthday Wishes for Friends Daughter

Happy Birthday Wishes Messages for My Friend’s Daughter

A friend’s daughter is more like one’s daughter. It’s most likely she calls you mom or dad. She probably runs errands for you and gets things fixed for you. She looks up to you in so many ways, just like your children do.

Someone like this deserves some love from you, especially on their birthdays. That’s why I have collated these happy birthday wishes for friend’s daughter below. Go ahead and make her happy with as many wishes as you want.

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Best Birthday Wishes Quotes for Friend’s Daughter

Your birthday is the best day for me because you are my friend’s daughter. You’re far more than just wishes and quotes, that why I am here, wishing you all the best. Happy birthday.

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1. I hope you know that I can call you my daughter too. I wish your birthday will make you grow more in the wisdom, knowledge and understanding of the Lord. Thank you for always making us proud. Happy birthday, dear.

2. It’s another year, my darling daughter. I’m grateful to God for such a very strong and wonderful woman you have grown to become. Don’t you ever underestimate your worth. The world is waiting to hear from you. Happy birthday to you.

3. I’m glad that even though you’re female, you are still making waves. We all are proud of this path you’ve chosen. May God continue to direct your path. Happy birthday, dear. Enjoy yourself.

4. It’s that special day of yours again when family and friends from far and near gather to celebrate you. You have been wonderful, over the years. I wish you have a greater year ahead.

5. Even though I have no daughter of my own, I still thank God I get to call you my daughter. The very first time I hugged you, I understood the love that my friend felt when having you as a daughter. Happy birthday to you.

6. Your mom did all she could before she could have you. She cried and cried for years before God blessed her with you. I’m glad that you keep doing us proud. You will grow to become such a force to reckon with. Happy birthday to you.

7. Never have I seen such an energetic young lady. You work so hard to make your parents proud. I’m sure you will continue to bring them good luck. It’s your birthday, so have fun, dear.

8. You are such a pretty lady, and I am glad that my friend happens to be your mother. Thank you for taking care of your mom. May your days be very long and healthy, daughter. Enjoy your special day.

9. Even though you are closer to your dad than my friend, you are still her daughter. You are a symbol of joy and love to your parents, don’t ever let that change about you. Keep making them happy. Happy birthday to you.

10. You’re a lady so special to my heart, because the first time I held you in my arms, the feeling was heavenly, and till today I am yet to get over it. Happy birthday sweetheart. I love you, daughter.

Friend’s Daughter Birthday Wishes with Images

I see you as my daughter because I went through it all with my friend. Your image will never leave my heart no matter how far apart we are. I hope that you get so many beautiful wishes on your birthday.

11. You are a peaceful girl. May you always be blessed with more peace, joy, good health, and success. Thank you for being the source of joy and happiness together us. Happy birthday to you, my friend’s daughter.

Birthday wishes for friend's daughter

12. I’m super glad that you keep evolving. You keep challenging yourself to do better. I must commend you for realizing that only you can make things happen for yourself. I wish you more wisdom than that of Solomon. Happy birthday.

13. I love the fact that while growing, you keep experiencing great things in life. I hope that your journey through life becomes so smooth that you’re never confused. Happy birthday to you daughter of my friend.

Birthday wishes for friend's daughter

14. Whatever difficulty and hurdles you want to face in life have been subsided by your parents. They have gone a long way for you. You just concentrate on making your life better and making them proud. Happy birthday, dear.

Birthday wishes for friend's daughter

15. Whatever problems you face in life is part of life. Without difficult times, it will be very hard for you to grow. Just focus on what’s important and keep going. Happy birthday to the daughter of my beautiful friend.

Birthday wishes for friend's daughter

16. I see where you picked your intelligence from. Your mom and dad have always been very intelligent, and your intelligence can’t be questioned. Keep at it. Happy birthday to you, my friend’s daughter.

17. As the daughter of my friend, I want to wish you a very happy birthday filled with lots of hugs and kisses. You deserve everything good, so relax, they will come to you in due time. Happy birthday, dear.

Birthday wishes for friend's daughter

18. Some years back, we were so happy to welcome you into the family. Your presence gave us such a wonderful and great feeling. You were a miracle child, and thank God we are still here celebrating you. Happy birthday to you.

Birthday wishes for friend's daughter

19. You are an angel, and you definitely will be treated as one. I pray to God to give you love, happiness, and success and everything you wish for, on your journey towards life. I wish her a very happy and wonderful birthday.

Birthday Greetings to Friend’s Daughter

Here’s a beautiful birthday greeting to you, my friend’s daughter. You’re a good person and I am glad you are in my life. Your birthday will once again make my friend the happiest parent today.

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20. My dear friend’s daughter, here’s wishing you happiness, joy and success in every way. Your mom and I have come a lot way, and it’s only a good thing to celebrate with you. Happy birthday to you.

21. Your mom is more than a friend to me, she’s my sister. She is family so that automatically makes you my daughter. May all the things you want in life come to you in multiple folds. I’m proud of you. Happy birthday.

22. You make me super proud of your parents. They have done an excellent job on you. I just hope that you make them happy by making them proud. Happy birthday, superstar. The world is yours, rock it.

23. Your father is more than a friend to me, he is just like a brother from another mother. Meanwhile, I love the relationship between you and my son. Here’s wishing a very happy birthday to you. Love you always.

24. My darling, has anyone ever told you how beautiful and charming you are. My friend is the luckiest mother to have such a brilliant girl for a daughter. Don’t allow people to take advantage of you. Be focused. Happy birthday to you.

25. Your heart is so beautiful and pure, just like your mom’s. Even though you weren’t around when I was sick, you still found means of calling and sending me stuff. I’m so grateful for everything, dear. Happy birthday.

26. It’s no news that you’re my friend’s daughter, so I can claim you whichever way I deem fit. I just wanted to say I am proud of you girl. Keep showing the world that ladies rock too. Happy birthday, dear.

27. You are a very respectful and obedient daughter. In fact, I want my son to end up with a lady like you. Thank you for giving me the same regard you give to your mom. Keep growing and glowing. Happy birthday to you, dear.

28. To be honest, all these years, I was thinking that my friend was the most beautiful woman. Not until she birthed you. I have fallen in love with you from that very day. Happy birthday, sweet daughter.

Birthday Prayers for s Friend’s Daughter

I pray for you every day, but on your birthday, you need many prayers. I wish you good health and all the success in the world. Wishing a happy birthday to you, my friend’s daughter. Enjoy your day.

29. Before you were even conceived, your mom planned everything, and I was always right beside her. I saw how she cried, telling God she wanted a daughter. Now look how amazing you’ve become. May God keep you for us. Happy birthday to you, the beautiful daughter of my friend.

30. When it comes to achieving those goals that seem unachievable, you outdo yourself and make sure that we are proud of you. How sweet can you be? Happy birthday to the only one that makes my friend want to work her ass out. May you be blessed forever.

31. Whenever I look at you, I think about how much you know and how you found your way around knowing those things. You’re such a brilliant child, and I am proud of you. May your brain continue to function well. It’s your birthday, make it count.

32. To be very honest, you have been too good to your parents and me. You don’t see me as one who doesn’t have a child. You gladly call me mom. Thank you for making me feel the same way as your mom. God bless you. Happy birthday to you.

33. Thinking about what you already know at your little age brings smiles to my face. I’m not surprised because the pair of your parents will make any child wiser than normal. I wish you God’s speed. Happy birthday to you. Enjoy yourself.

34. Your mom has been my friend since way back. She has never disappointed me through all these years, and that’s why I approved of your friendship with my daughter. Keep making us proud, my dear. Blessings always. Happy birthday.

35. You deserve all the happiness you can get today, and so does your mom. She has gone through it all for you, and I trust you will make her happy today. Happy birthday, dear. Don’t forget to make your mom happy and enjoy your special day with her. You’re blessed.

36. Happy birthday, precious daughter of my friend. You’re the epitome of beauty and brains. Sometimes I feel you’re too young for the things you do, but you always end up making us proud. May God keep ordering your steps in life. Amen.

37. You came into your parents’ life, and everything turned around for them. They are so lucky to have you as their daughter, that’s why they make everything available to you. The Lord will help you not to disappoint them. Happy birthday.

Birthday Quotes for Best Friend’s Daughter

No amount of birthday quotes will do justice to how sweet you are. As my best friend’s daughter, you are a very special person to me. I admire your very calm nature, and I hope that your birthday brings you plenty of blessings. Enjoy.

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38. I love the training your parents give to you, and I love that you are accepting them joyfully. Your parents love you very much, and whatever they do for you is to make them proud in the future. Don’t disappoint us, girl. Happy birthday to you.

39. Baby girl, you are such a beautiful lady, and any woman will be proud to call you her daughter. Thank you for taking care of your aged parents. May you be rewarded bountifully. Have a happy birthday, wonderful girl.

40. You are such a happy girl. You are respectful and responsible. Sometimes I envy your mom, but then I see no reason to because you call me mom as well. Make sure you continue to be serious with your academics. God will help you. Happy birthday.

41. You joyfully and willingly follow the orders of your parents; that shows the kind of woman you’re grooming yourself to become. Thank you for not making your mom shout always, before you do the right things. Happy birthday.

42. Some children don’t stay with their parents because they feel they can’t be ordered around. You have chosen to stay because you love and can’t do without them. I’m so sure they are proud of you. Happy birthday to you.

43. Your mom’s excitement, whenever she talks to me about you, makes me so happy. Your mom went through pains before having you, and I’m glad you’re making her happy and proud. Happy birthday, darling.

44. I hope you know that you were born to stand out and not fit in. Never go where you will not be appreciated or where your presence will not be felt. You are made of more, and more you will always attract. Happy birthday to you.

45. I’m glad that you’re doing well for yourself. You have a well-paying job, you’re beautiful and classy. Let your focus be on bettering your life the more. Keep your head up high like the queen that you are and rule your world. Happy birthday to you.

46. You are one of the best ladies we have now, your records are there. Thank you for making things easy for your parents. They tell me how proud they are of you every time. Happy birthday, princess.

Christian Birthday Wishes for a Friend’s Daughter

As a Christian and your mother’s friend, it’s my duty to wish you well. You are my friend’s daughter but I see you as one of my own. Have a happy birthday, dear.

47. You might be my friend’s daughter, but I want you to know that you mean so much to me. I cherish you a lot because I am aware of all your mom went through before you became a reality. I’m so happy about your new age. May Heaven smile on you. Happy birthday to you.

48. Your mom sacrificed all she had for you to have a good life. She was homeless and helpless. She went through a lot. I’m glad you’re doing her proud, right now. Please don’t stop, may God help you to do more. Happy birthday to you.

49. You are a super amazing and intelligent girl. I wish you could make your mom proud because she has always been there for you. Promise me you will. Happy birthday to you, a special daughter of my friend. God bless you for us.

50. I just got the invite to your birthday party. I can’t stop crying and smiling at the same time. God is faithful, and none of His words will go back to Him void. May God perfect all He has started in your life. Happy birthday to you.

51. Your smiles melt hearts and you’re such a sweet baby girl. I love that you don’t take no for an answer. I pray to God to shower His blessings on you. Happy birthday to you, the pretty daughter of my favourite friend.

52. Your parents are very good friends with me and I know your story. Your story gives hope to expectant mothers. You came when all hope was lost. May you keep being a source of hope to your parents. Happy birthday to you.

53. The innocence and tenderness in your voice make you sound so good. You are a gentle lady, and I wish you all the best in life. May you have an unforgettable birthday. Happy birthday to you, darling.

54. Wherever you go, happiness and positive vibes ooze out of you. You keep on spreading the good things your parents preach. You’re known for something great, and that’s never going to depart from you. Happy birthday to you. Keep shining like the star that you are.

55. You are the reason behind the smile on my friend’s face. You’re the reason behind her happiness. I can’t thank you enough for how loving and caring you have been towards her. May things continue to align your way. Have a great birthday celebration.

Happy Birthday Messages to My Friend’s Daughter

I have sent you lots of messages to appreciate you in the past, but it’s your birthday today, and you deserve to be treated specially. You may be my friend’s daughter but I would do anything for you. Happy birthday, dear.

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56. You are a child I admire a whole lot. I wish I had kids like you. You bring me so much more joy than even my biological kids. I’m so happy that you’re my friend’s daughter. May you always find reasons to be happy. Happy birthday to you.

57. Words will never be enough to describe how precious you are to me. I cherish you a lot because you bring so much happy moments into my friend’s life. I wish you all the joy and happiness in the world. Enjoy your birthday.

58. You are growing into a very beautiful and amazing woman. I’m sure you’re going to take after your mom. In all you do, never forget your background and always aim at making your life better. Happy birthday, dear friend’s daughter.

59. On your birthday every year, it just feels like we are having a gathering for testimonies about your birth. We all have a thing or more to say. Thank you for being in our lives. Congratulations on your new age.

60. No matter how much your dad yells at you, he’s only doing that because he loves you. There’s no love greater than a father’s love. Don’t stop obeying your parents. Happy birthday to you, precious daughter. May God keep you safe.

61. I envy your parents a lot. You’re such a promising child and that shows in all you do. I just want to let you know I’m aware of this, and I want you to keep it up. It will pay off someday. Happy birthday to you, dear.

62. Oh your father loves you so much. I see he doesn’t joke with you. But please, this isn’t a yardstick for you to be a spoilt child. You’re old enough to correct yourself now, so please start doing so. Happy birthday to you.

63. There’s absolutely nothing your parents will do without you. They love and care for you. Do not see this as an opportunity to do things anyhow, instead, think about how to better your life without help from anyone. Happy beautiful birthday to you.

64. I’m the happiest person to see you grow. Seeing you grow gives me goosebumps and makes me see you can achieve anything you set your mind to do. You’ve got this. Happy birthday to you, my friend’s daughter.

65. May open doors of blessings and all you will ever need to be successful and relevant locate you today. Your birthday is a very special day for us all, and I especially can’t forget it. Happy birthday to you.

66. You are the pride of my friend, she doesn’t joke with you. That woman will go any length to see you happy and successful in life. I know you deserve all the good that this life can offer. Don’t worry, they will come to you. Happy birthday.

67. I know you love cakes, so I have sent plenty of them. Eat as much as you want because it’s your day. I love and wish you all the very best. I am super and extremely proud of you too. Bless you.

68. I love how you stand up for yourself, no matter what society says. You know what is right and that’s all you keep doing. Don’t ever let anyone make you feel down, for you deserve more than living on other people’s opinions. Shine. Happy birthday to you.

69. It’s a beautiful day, not just for you but for everyone who is associated with you. I hope you will realize and enjoy the sweetness of this beautiful day of yours. I’m happy to have you in my life. Thank you for bringing us joy more than our hearts can contain. Happy birthday.

70. I know you’re far from your parents, but this has got nothing to do with the fact that they love you. On this day, we all wish to be with you, so we can at least celebrate you, but it’s all for the best. Have fun, my darling. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday to Friend’s Little Daughter

I’m not only your mother’s friend, but I am also your friend too little girl because I have loved you even before I set my eyes on you. I hope you never lack anything good in life. Happy birthday.

71. I want you to know that as an only child, you’re your parents’ favourite any day any time. Do not see their punishments as hatred towards you. They love you a lot. Have a happy birthday, my dear.

72. For you, your parents will do anything. They prefer to starve so you can eat. I know this because I am close to them, and they tell me things. Never disrespect them. Just keep up with your positive attitude. All they want is to see you achieve all your goals. Happy birthday.

73. There’s this belief that no one is closer to a father than a first daughter. Your father values you a whole lot and that can be seen in the way he treats you. I don’t want you to disappoint any of your parents. Happy birthday to you.

74. I am very sure that you will be greater than your parents. You are following in their footsteps which is the best thing to do. I can’t wait for your to start ruling your world. Happy birthday to you.

75. Whatever gift I give to you today, you deserve it and more. Your parents have been good friends of mine, and you have grown to love me even more. I can’t appreciate you enough. Have a happy birthday, and enjoy yourself.

76. I have promised myself and your parents to join in training you because you’re my child as well. Whatever you need is not a problem, just let me know, and it’s done. I love you, dear. Happy birthday to you.

77. You’re such a wise and intelligent young girl. You’re always trying to make sure that the rift between your mom and me ends. You have wasted lots of energy and time to make this happen. I love you, dear. Happy birthday to you.

78. Anyone would love to have you as their daughter. You’re such a smart young lady, doing well for herself. Adjust your crown, dear. The world is waiting for you to take over. Congratulation on your special day.

79. Your future is definitely going to be brighter and bigger than that of your parents. They have laid the solid foundation already, just thread on. Happy birthday to you. God bless you.

80. I’m proud to be associated with your family, especially your parents. They have not failed in training you the right way. This is commendable. As the product of their beautiful love, you’re lucky to be their daughter too. Happy birthday to you.

81. In you, I see a beautiful lady that is envisioned and knows where she’s headed. Don’t you ever doubt the power that you possess as a lady? You can do whatever you want to do if you want to. Happy birthday, my friend’s daughter.

82. You are the joy of every parent. What’s not to love about you? You’re hardworking, beautiful, talented and goal-oriented. You are truly so amazing. Keep it up, dear. Happy birthday to you.

83. You are fast-growing. Is it not a few years back that I welcomed your mom from the hospital? I’m grateful to God for the kind of woman you’ve turned out to be. I’m proud of your growth. Congratulations on your birthday.

84. I don’t know if you can still remember the songs I sang for you when you were very little. You used to be my favourite baby; you still are. This is to show that I have loved you a long time ago. Happy birthday, my dear.

85. You are a very selfless lady. Not everyone has such a pure heart to give to people. This is one thing about your parents too; there’s nothing they can’t give out. Thank you for blessing us with your whole existence too. Happy birthday to you.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Friend’s Baby Girl

You are growing fast. You’re a very beautiful and ambitious young lady. May you always be blessed and lucky with whatever you do. Happy birthday to you, my friend’s baby girl. Best wishes!

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86. I wish I had a daughter like you, just maybe life would have been more beautiful. Well, I thank God that I have you. Always remember that God is the only one you should look up to, after your parents. God bless you, and happy birthday to you.

87. I love how intentional you are about influencing those coming behind you the right way. That shows you’re a good big sister. May your years on earth be blessed. Happy birthday to you, dear.

88. I see how you dream and aspire to become someone greater in the future. It’s not an easy thing, but you’ve got to keep putting in the works, so it will pay off someday. Happy birthday to you, my daughter.

89. You have so many opportunities around you, and I am glad of how well you’re making use of them. Never let any opportunity slip out of your hand. Grab everything, you never know which might bring you luck. Happy birthday to you.

90. You’re so dear and valuable to me. You don’t even know how much you mean to me. Forget about how I yell at you, I only want you to do the right things, and not be distracted. I wish you long life and prosperity dear. Happy birthday to you.

91. I would love to see you succeed even more than your parents, in the future. You are such a great girl, and that’s why good luck will not stop being your portion. Don’t stop smiling, dear. Happy birthday to you.

92. You are truly a daughter indeed. You could’ve chosen not to do all you do for me, but you still do them anyways. That shows how important I am to you. I’m grateful, my love. Happy birthday to you.

93. You’re beautiful, bankable, reliable, hard-working, just name it. This is the reason you don’t find it difficult to shine wherever you go. I wish that you become more successful. Happy birthday, dear.

94. If only I had the power to make you mine, you would have been my child and not just my friend’s daughter. I’m grateful that you still find a way to exist in my life, anyways. Happy birthday to you. I wish you many more years on earth.

95. I could not have asked God for a better daughter for my friend. You’re all she’s always wanted to have. You are a good daughter to her and me as well. God bless your days on earth, my darling. Happy birthday to you.

96. The truth be told, everyone needs a daughter like you. You never complain about anything at all. Thank you for making it evident that you have a very good upbringing. Thanks for your loyalty and love. Happy birthday to you.

97. One of my long time wishes is to have a daughter as loving and caring as you. You’re too full of compassion for humanity. I’m grateful that you’re a part of my life. Happy birthday to you. Keep living right.

98. Even though I have never experienced what it takes to be a mother or parent, you’ve always given me the opportunity on a platter of gold. I know you love me, and I love you more. Happy birthday, daughter.

99. I’m in support of whatever you do because you’ve never disappointed us. You make the right choices without guidance from anyone. You’re such a brilliant child. Don’t stop making us proud. Happy birthday to you.

100. Your mom will never stop telling me how important you are to the family, especially her. She loves and doesn’t want to lose you. In whatever decisions you make, do not forget your mother. Happy birthday to you.

I hope that you make your friend’s daughter through the happy birthday wishes for friend’s daughter you just read.

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