Happy New Month of April

110+ Best Wishes for Happy New Month of April 2024

It is a beautiful thing to have entered the year 2024 with tons of friends and an even greater feat to have experienced three awesome months with them.

What beats the above is the joy of having the grace to witness the month of April with them too. I love this feeling and if you do as much as I do, you would see a reason to reach out in the new month of April

Follow up and ensure best wishes are picked from here to ensure they have the best month of April in the history!

Meanwhile, watch the history of April fool…

Happy New Month Messages, Wishes and Quotes for April 2024

Happy new Month messages, wishes and quotes for this new month of April 2024. The best collection of new month greetings for your friends, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, fiance, fiancee, family members and every special person out there.

1. I wish you a wonderful month that is capable of hoaxing tragedy from you and yours. Happy new month.

2. It is April and everyone looks forward to that aha moment with family and friends. May you get the best one

3. Your heart is probably already anticipating all the happiness and surprises that come with the month of April, may your heart gets what it wants.

4. You are my favourite person in the world and I am not wrong to wish you the happiness I feel you deserve this new month and beyond.

5. You are the one that has made work very easy to do and our workplace a home indeed. Happy new month colleague.

6. I hope this month of April is kind enough to make you experience a breakthrough in all areas of your life. Happy birthday dear friend.

7. I do not know what my life would have turned out to be. But, I am sure it won’t have been this great without you in it. Happy new month mom.

8. We have had a very wonderful three months in this year 2024 and it is enough proof that this year is an amazon! Happy new month.

9. I hope we get to show each other the beauty of the world and brave enough to embrace what the month has to offer. Happy new month.

10. I am beyond elated to be seeing you on new dawn in the month of April. Happy new month buddy.

11. Forgive me if I feel like hugging you right now. But, it feels really good to see you in this new month. Have a wonderful April.

12. If I had the powers, I would command the month of April to do all things in other to please you and make you smile. I am that passionate about seeing you happy. Happy new month.

13. You are a wonder to behold and a real source of inspiration. Happy new month sister!

14. I look at all the good and bad days we have been able to survive together and the fear of tomorrow vanishes. I can’t wait to have the best month of April with my favourite person in the world.

15. I hope this month of April brings you closer to your dreams and serve as a reminder that you have absolutely nothing to fear. Happy new month.

16. Face your fears squarely now more than ever before and you will be glad you need. Have an amazing and fearless month.

17. You are loved by all and most importantly adored by me. Happy new month mum.

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18. For all the goodness and grace you have exuded and brought my way since I met you, I wish you the double dose as you enter a new month.

19. Dear April, be amazing and come bearing gifts because someone sweet is long due for something cool. Happy new month love.

20. I hope you never find a reason to cry and that you hone your laughing skill because you will be needing that a lot this month. Happy new month.

Happy New Month Prayers and Blessings for April 2024

The best of new month prayers and new month blessings for the new month of April 2024. The best for your friends, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, fiance, fiancee, family members and every special person out there.

21. You are going to experience a newness like never before and you may not be apple to connect the dots. But, you will be able to love every bit of it. Happy new month.

22. I wish that you begin this new month on a very beautiful note and end it with aplomb. Happy new month.

23. A very happy new month of April to a gem, charismatic, clairvoyant and confident lover.

24. You will be a force this month because all your dreams are coming to fruition. Happy new month.

25. I see you and I also see into this new month. I know that you and the month are going to have a really great time together.

26. Every day of the month of April will be worth it for you. Have an amazing new month my dearest.

27. You will lose your shame and anxiety this year and find that love should never come with abuse. Happy new month.

28. May you find the right muse for your art this month. Right enough to make the rest of the year an epic success. Happy new month

29. Are you ready yet for all the good tiding this month has in store for you? You better be! Happy new month buddy.

30. So much has been on your mind lately, I hope the first few days of the month of April helps to free your mind and the last few help to solve your worries with ease. Happy new month lovely.

31. I am both elated for me and you. For me, because I get to be in the month with someone great like you and for you because I have this great feeling that you are testifying very soon. Happy new month.

32. You are the reason I smile and the one strongly behind all the good works I put into the universe. Happy new month, my greatest motivation.

33. Working with you has always been a great joy and considered a rare privilege because you are such a talent. Happy new month boss.

34. There is no way I am going into this month without first wishing you a good one and ensuring you are still very interested in being with me, happy birthday love.

35. I am sure of an awesome day and a beautiful month of April. I hope you feel the same way. Happy new month buddy.

36. I am very grateful for all you do and all I am sure you will still do. A happy new month to the best mother in the world.

37. You will be victorious this year so you better learn a victory song and how best to wear a victorious smile. Happy new month.

38. I have always been cocksure about your success. The feeling is more encompassing now I am almost certain it is happening this month. Happy new month.

39. The breakthrough you have anticipated for long will happen sooner than later. Be prepared! Happy new month.

40. In the face of misunderstanding from so many friends I know, you have been able to stand out as someone I can easily talk to. Happy new month.

41. You are real, true and one of the many reasons I am great today. Have a wonderful month of April that you deserve.

42. I wish you a very happy new month that will change your shift from negativity and bring your focus into the good things around.

43. You have been downcast for too long and cheated far too many times, may this new month come with a whole different vibe for you. Happy new month buddy.

44. Believe in your art, and that every good thing that will come your way has to first take form in your heart. Happy new month dearest!

45. Do you know the sun? I do! And I also know its significance to the human race. May you be the sun. Happy new month.

46. You are too valuable to crawl behind other’s back. I hope you come to this realization this month and key into your value.

47. You are a wrap of love that I never want to have far away from me and always keep close to my heart. Happy new month.

48. You are very good for my sanity. You are cool as a cucumber most of the time and forever doing things right. Happy new moth.

49. You are the twin I never had, how people can connect so well and so much in the space of two months still beats me. Happy new month alter ego.

50. Think it is safe to say you are loved beyond understanding by a part of me I never even thought existed until I met you. Happy new month.

51. The month may not go as planned. But, I strongly hope for a month that surpasses our imagination and beats our expectation. Happy new month.

52. What a time to be alive! Let us keep making waves and affecting this generation. Happy new month world changer,

53. I hope this month does not leave us discouraged but driven to do more and be more! Happy new month mate.

54. I am a believer in beauty and the strength of a day to shine no matter what. May this belief work out our passion and make everything turn to gold for us this month. Happy new month.

55. Do not let anything or anyone make you believe otherwise, you’re doing great and becoming. Happy new month buddy.

56. This new month should be another opportunity for you to make novel plans and work on making them come to fruition. Happy new month girl!

57. If you have been depressed for long or considered giving up, this is the right time for you to get up and shun your hurt and darkness because only you can. Happy new month.

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58. This new moth will probably end soon no matter how good it is. This does not mean you are not entitled to enjoy every single day of the month. Happy new month.

59. Live every single day of this new month like it is your last and I am assuring you that at the end of the month you would have had the best 30 days of your life. Happy new month dear.

60. There is never a need to bottle up all the worries and emotion. Let go a little and a lot if you have to. Have an amazing new month.

61. I hope the novelty of this day bring to your notice that it is never too late to start again or end toxicity. Happy new month.

62. I am continuously wishing and praying that you begin to enjoy the mental health that you so desire and deserve. Happy new month love.

63. I love how you have made your life a priority and shunned all negative thoughts. Keep this up. Happy new month to you.

64. Believe in your dreams and go after them as your life depends on it because it actually does. Happy new month love.

65. Joy is one word that befits the kind of feeling you evoke in me. I hope you feel as much joy as you exude this month and beyond. Happy new month love.

66. May you experience the love and happiness that comes with embracing new things this month. Happy new month.

67. You can look back a little or be a little distracted. As long as you don’t stop going, you are good! Happy new month.

68. I hope you will believe with me that this new month is the beginning of all things bright and beautiful for us.

69. Get prepared to be surprised often and always have a reason to smile. Happy new month.

70. I hope you lose your cynicism and be more trusting this month. I have a feeling that God has a plan of using people for you this month. Happy new month.

71. I like the way you wear your heart on your sleeve. It gives me an insight into how and what you feel. Right now, I see you feel good and eager to break grounds! Happy new month.

72. Do not let others get to you, naysayers should not be the reason you do anything this new month. Happy new month buddy!

73. I love every time we create to spend time together. It helps to open my mind to possibilities. You are the best companion yet and I wish you a very good month.

74. If anyone deserves to have a really wonderful April, it is you. I mean it is your wedding soon and all brides deserve happiness. Happy new month.

75. I hope people around you see you as a source of strength and inspiration just like id do. Happy new month.

76. All your bad vices may not help you this new month. How about you try dropping them one after the other? Happy new month.

77. I love a new month as much as I love you. I wish that both you and the month are forever in the records for awesomeness. Happy new month.

78. You are a hero to many and a man of valour indeed. Happy new month.

79. I asked for love at the beginning of this year. Now, I still find it hard to believe I can immerse myself so much in someone I have only been with for months. Happy new month sunshine. You are a gem!

80. You are true to your words and you practice the healthiest parenting I have ever come across in this generation. Have a wonderful month.

81. You have an enviable trait that is laced with a beauty to kill for. I wish you a happy new month friend.

82. It is a novel, another opportunity and a good time to reunite with loved ones! It is a new month and I wish that you have the best of it.

83. The beginning of the month will not be the only part you will enjoy in this month of April; you will also have a smile on your face all through to the end.

84. I am challenged daily by your heart of generosity and can imitate and also pray that more people like you spread across the face of the earth. Happy new moth.

85. The fourth month is here! I hope you are as [prepared to garner blessing from it as I am.

86. Humbly I salute your courage and your tenacity in the face of criticism. Keep up! Happy new month.

87. This message is more than what meets the eye. It is the letter that comes directly from my heart to wish you the beautiful month that a beauty like you should have.

88. Enjoying this month should be a priority and maintaining this happiness all-round the year is a must. Happy new month.

89. May you have all that you have ever wanted and more. Happy new month.

90. May you meet people that will make you see the world differently and unlearn all the dirt you have swallowed for so long. Happy new month.

91. Nothing is probably as strong as the faith one has in themselves and the love one shares with others. No wonder you shine! Happy new month.

92. I have probably heard this conversation with you more than once. I reiterate, you matter! Do not believe otherwise. Happy new month.

93. Nothing in the whole wide world is worth losing your cool over. Remember that before you take that drastic decision. Happy new month.

94. People will come and go out of your life except for one person. You! Sometimes you are really all you’ve got. Treat you well. Happy new month.

95. I hope you catch as much rest as you do success this new month. Hay new month.

96. May you have glowing skin, a growing mind and a mental transformation this new month. Happy new month love.

97. I wish you joy unspeakable that is glaring enough to make people roar with testimony on your behalf. Happy new month.

98. Be in less pursuit of vain things this new month and do more value adding and development, happy new month.

99. Live this month with joy and happiness in your heart and watch how well you will begin to glow and grow. Happy new month.

100. It’s just a piece I have always wanted to share with you. ‘it really does get better’ believe! Happy new moth.

101. Sometimes, you need to just stand up and do things if you want to have your dreams. No one will do this for you. Have an inspiring new month.

102. May the new month be laced with reasons to always do more and be more because you are. Happy new month buddy.

103. I hope things around you do not discourage you from doing the good you are already popular for. Happy new month.

104. If you already have your month planned, prepare to have a change of plans that will actually beat your demands and send you into permanent excitement. Happy new month.

105. You are not wrong to expect after you have toiled and worked for a cause, believe this month is the month of result and dividends.

106. I hope you believe with me that this month is going to be a very great one, happy new month love.

107. You are admired, loved and cherished by me and all that I own will be used to make you happy. Happy new month sunshine,

108. This is just the beginning of the year and you are already glowing this much! Expect more. Happy new month.

109. The significance of this month will be made manifest and magnified in our lives. Happy new month.

110. We shall have a great story to tell from experiencing this month if April. Happy new month.

111. To find real success and joy, patience is key. I hope you exercise that again this year. Happy new month love.

112. This New Year has been just stellar! May this new month be a continuation of the good things that have already begun in our lives.

113. I have hope that this month will breed happiness and cause nations to reckon with you and yours. Happy new month dear.

Go into this new month with the mindset that you can and will achieve whatever you put your mind to and help as many people have an amazing one too by dropping some of these messages in style.

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