2024 Trending Happy Thanksgiving Wishes for Everyone

It’s time to count our blessings and show gratitude to God with our family, friends and loved ones.
Across the globe, Thanksgiving day is a special day earmarked to gather the family and loved ones together for giving thanks, feasting and football, in the USA, Canada, Germany, Liberia, Japan, Norfolk Island, Grenada, The Netherlands, and Puerto Rico.

It’s an annual time of togetherness that forges ties, strengths bonds, unify feuding members, bridge generational gap amongst family members.

Thanksgiving day is a national day of festivity, love, merriment and appreciating God for all the blessings He’s bestowed. It is a tradition that calls for sober reflection, gratitude and joy.

It’s a day of cooking traditional foods like turkey with stuffing, gravy, sweet/potatoes, cornbread, pies and cranberry sauce; with the special recipe, handover from one generation to another. Each member contributes to cooking, serving, carving, table setting/ clearing, dishwashing etc.

Thanksgiving day is celebrated nationally according to each family tradition, with fanfare/parade. It is a fantastic opportunity to teach the children and grandchildren the art of thanksgiving. Such children will grow up being positive and appreciative; rather than being negative and resentful.

Be a part of your friends and loved ones joyous moments of celebration by sending them lovely Thanksgiving wishes. It’s celebration time, there’s festivity in the air, throw in some fun words of love and joy. Make the day more memorable for them by sending nice wishes.

Want to make this Thanksgiving celebration count for your beloved? Care to make it an extra special occasion? Love to remind them what to be thankful for? Look no further. Check out these cute thanksgiving messages you can use to ginger your loved ones. It will be a thanksgiving day with a difference.

Happy Thanksgiving Wishes, Messages and Quotes for Thanksgiving Day 2024!

Happy Thanksgiving Wishes for Everyone

Sweet collection of happy Thanksgiving day wishes for everyone you care so much about and cherish.

Happy Thanksgiving Wishes

1. After stuffing and carving the turkey; it’s time to fill the tummy with all the goodies of the Thanksgiving feast. Dine, wine and be merry. Above all, be thankful for all that you’ve been blessed with and much more. Beloved, happy Thanksgiving day!

2. On this beautiful day, may you and your loved ones be filled with more blessings than all the previous years. Happy Thanksgiving day, dear friend.

3. My prayer for you on this lovely day is that God should shower you and your precious family, with abundant blessings, unlimited favour and mercy unspeakable. Happy Thanksgiving day, friends!

4. Turkey unlimited, goodies in surplus, everyone bright and excited; enough to be thankful for, already. Happy Thanksgiving, wonderful parents. May you live to enjoy more celebrations with us and your grandchildren.

5. Happy Thanksgiving grandma. Your secret and special stuffings never cease to draw everyone to your Thanksgiving dinner. Your love, wit, humour and funny stories; no one wants to miss. Your love for God always shine through and we are reminded indeed, that we have lots to be thankful to God for. I thank God for you, sweet grandmother!

6. I am thankful for this yearly opportunity to be with every one of you, my precious family member. You are all special, loving and caring. Over the years, I’ve come to realise that my real blessings aren’t the material, financial and other bounties God graciously provide; my blessing is my family. I’m grateful. You are the best!

7. My darling wife, every day of my life I appreciate God for His precious gift of an amazing wife to me. I’m grateful beyond words. You’ve brought so much balance, peace, joy and love to my life. You are a blessing indeed! Happy Thanksgiving day, sweetie!

8. A man of honour and integrity; a man of substance worth his weight in gold; that’s whom you are, my dearest husband. Daily, you remind me I have uncountable reasons to be thankful for. You are the reasons my Thanksgiving offering and feast boom with joy. I thank God for you. Happy Thanksgiving day, my love.

9. Really, God has blessed us with so much. We thank God for His provisions, sound health, love and a close knitted family. Happy Thanksgiving day, my dearest ones.

10. You have many reasons too numerous to count, to be thankful for, this season of thanksgiving, beloved friends. Enjoy more of God’s blessings and favour as your heart is lifted to Him in praises. Happy Thanksgiving day!

Wishing You a Happy Thanksgiving

The best wishing you a happy Thanksgiving day wishes quotes for someone special.

Happy Thanksgiving Wishes

11. A day like this is always special, fun and lovely. The food, the gathering, the boisterous laughter, lively conversation and the friendly banters; all make a worthwhile festivity to look forward to, every year. Let the Thanksgiving prayer and praises ascend to heaven, dearest. Happy Thanksgiving day, dearest.

12. It is Thanksgiving day, already. I can’t wait to pack the leftovers home after a lovely feast of your sumptuous dinner. Thank you for being the best mother in the world. You and dad are amazing; I bless God for you. Wishing you the very best Thanksgiving day celebration. Love you loads!

13. Good friends are rare; great friends are rarer still. Friends like you are rare gifts from God. For you, the special darling friend like family, I am indeed thankful to God. Your love and support have restored my faith in humanity. God bless you. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration!

14. God has blessed our family with so much, yet He’s poised to do more. The evidence is all around us. I am eternally grateful. Happy Thanksgiving day celebration to us!

15. Thanksgiving day is such a special occasion; then, you get to have everything in abundance; family, feasting, fun, and leftovers. Dear friend, savour your time together with your family and give the glory of such privilege to God. He made it possible. Enjoy yourself, beloved. Happy Thanksgiving day!

16. It’s turkey fiesta time! Friends, gorge yourself to the brim; but, pour your heart to God in Thanksgiving for the blessings He’s bestowed. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving day celebration!

17. As you appreciate God for all His favour and blessings upon you and your loved ones; enjoy your feast of turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy. The pies are hereby dedicated to me alone. Dear friend, take a bite, and save the rest for me! Have an awesome Thanksgiving day with your family.

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18. Let the day start with a heartfelt prayer of thanksgiving to God for His faithfulness. Enjoy the blessings of family, friends and feast of the day. Remember to reach out to the lonely or needy. A grateful heart is expressed with giving hands. Wishing you a lovely day of jubilation.

19. God has been good to you; there’s no denying that. He deserves all the thanks and glory. Be His agent of good deeds by reaching out to others. May the harvest of thanks from them to God lead to an outpouring of more blessings to you and your family. Happy Thanksgiving day, friend!

20. God’s goodness in your life can’t be measured or delved into. I stand in awe of His awesome wonders to you. Today, I celebrate with you for all His blessings. My prayer is that His mercy shall continue to abide with you as you celebrate Him today. Happy Thanksgiving day!

Thanksgiving Day Wishes Quotes

Awesome collection of Thanksgiving day wishes and Thanksgiving day quotes for your loved ones and lover.

Happy Thanksgiving Wishes

21. A thankful heart is always prepared and poised to receiving more. Bless the Lord for being good to you, and enjoy your sumptuous meal with glee. Have a great Thanksgiving celebration!

22. A heart of thanksgiving is a lifestyle. As you give thanks to God for His numerous blessings and enjoy His bounteous provisions for today; may your heart be filled with praise and melody all through the year, and forever more. Have a wonderful celebration, my darling friend.

23. Happy Thanksgiving day, friends! May your joy be full this day and forever more. Have a wonderful celebration.

24. Happy Thanksgiving day to my loved ones. You are one of my reasons for celebrating this day. I bless God for His countless blessings and for you. Thank you for being uniquely “you”. Have a fantastic Thanksgiving day!

25. A blessed day: a day of deep appreciation, joy, interacting, sharing, feasting and giving. A grateful heart gives freely, without compulsion. May you have countless reasons to celebrate, dearest! Happy Thanksgiving day!

26. I am glad and thankful because you are my friend. You mean the world to me. I celebrate God for the gift of a priceless friendship as yours. I wish you nothing but pure joy, bliss, unlimited favour and blessings upon blessings. Happy Thanksgiving day, my dear.

27. A grateful heart, full of thanksgiving, filled with joy; present before the giver of good gifts, God, and your harvest of praise shall multiply. Have a most wonderful Thanksgiving day celebration!

28. It’s Thanksgiving day, friend. Enjoy yourself with your friends and family. May your heart of thanksgiving be acceptable before God. Have a wonderful celebration.

29. Thanksgiving day isn’t just for feasting, reunion, merriment and networking; it’s also a day of deep reflection, blessing counting and heartfelt gratitude. As you celebrate today, may your blessings far outweigh your challenges. Have a great day of celebration.

30. Every day is a day of thanksgiving for a thoughtful man with a grateful heart. Being thankful does not mean we are without challenges; it means we choose to look at our blessings rather than the problems. Cast your care into the ocean of God’s victory and enjoy the blessings of today in His presence. Happy Thanksgiving day!

Thanksgiving Wishes Wording

Great Thanksgiving wishes wordings to share with someone you are celebrating Thanksgiving with on Thanksgiving day.

Happy Thanksgiving Wishes


31. A Thanksgiving day celebration with fanfare, merriment, feast and fun, devoid of real thanksgiving; is completely a party time of emptiness. The gratitude and thanksgiving are what makes the day unique and special. Catch the fun that comes with genuine thankfulness. Happy Thanksgiving day!

32. Thanksgiving day is a wonderful time of family reunion, bonding and togetherness. A thankful family is stronger and greater. May this Thanksgiving celebration comes with a thankful spirit that forges strong bonds, neutralizes tension and mend all fences in your family. Have a wonderful celebration.

33. It’s Thanksgiving day, darling. Thank God for what He’s done already so that He’d do what is yet to be done without stress. Praise works wonders with faith. Enjoy your Thanksgiving celebration.

34. When you genuinely thank God for where you are, His grace will lift you to where you ought to be. Exploit the power of praise, as you and your loved ones catch fun in God’s presence. Happy Thanksgiving day!

35. You are God’s special blessings to us. We can’t thank you enough and we bless God for you. May you abundant joy, love and favour. Happy Thanksgiving day!

36. Today, I wish you a Thanksgiving celebration filled with peace, fun, joy and laughter. May you know no sorrow, as you give the glory to God. Feast and enjoy the thrill. Have a beautiful day.

37. You are my greatest blessing ever. I thank you for being my heart sole delight. I bless God for making our path to cross. Happy Thanksgiving day, my love.

38. We thank God for the miracle of a loving and peaceful family, amazing friends, and present blessings with future favour. Thank you, Lord, for everything. Happy Thanksgiving, folks!

39. I wish you God’s abundant blessings, peace, hope and happiness. May you enjoy a joyous Thanksgiving!

40. From the depth of my heart, I wish you a glorious Thanksgiving celebration. No one deserves it more! Happy Thanksgiving, dear!

41. As you expressed your Thanksgiving to God and to one another, may your harvest of praise be rewarded with multiple blessings, sound health and lots of fun. Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving Wishes

42. We thank God for the precious gift of life, salvation, provision and mercy. May you enjoy a wonderful and meaningful Thanksgiving celebration!

43. As you give God a quality thanksgiving, may you experience His supernatural touch for greater exploits in this season and forever. Enjoy an awesome celebration with your lovely family, dear.

44. Thank you for being my role model, unflinching support and unfailing help. May your life be filled with joy, blessings and endless praise. Happy Thanksgiving day!

45. It’s Thanksgiving day! It’s a day of togetherness, sharing, games and fun. It’s not a time for solitary. Go and catch fun with your family and friends. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

46. This Thanksgiving celebration was made possible by your selfless love and sacrifice. I’m deeply grateful to you and yours. As I lift my hands with gratitude to God, I pray your life will be decorated with favour. Happy Thanksgiving day!

47. On this special day, may your home be filled with love, peace, harmony and laughter. May you reap a thousandfold of all you sow, this season. Throughout this year, may God give you cause to celebrate in His presence. Happy Thanksgiving day, dearest!

48. For the gift of solid friendship, love, availability and support; I thank you from the depth of my heart. May you experience unlimited favour in this season of Jubilee. Happy Thanksgiving day!

49. For doing your best to take away garments of shame and reproach, may you experience uncommon favour and blessings. Thank you, friend. I’m deeply grateful to God for you. Have an awesome Thanksgiving day!

50. Thank you for your understanding, unwavering support and unconditional love. Thank you for being the most amazing parents in the whole wide world. I love you without qualification. I’m proud of you, without any apology. You are the reason I’m thankful to God, every day. Happy Thanksgiving day, dad and mom. I love you!

51. I have so much to be thankful for this special day. It all began when we met; my completely boring existence suddenly came alive and gay. Everything that had gone awry started working. You have brought so much joy, peace, laughter, fun and blessings to my life. For you, my darling, I’m extremely grateful to God. Thank you for loving me just so! Happy Thanksgiving day, my love!

Happy Thanksgiving Wishes

52. My utmost desire is to be with you on this special day. My family would have loved to have you, but I understand that you need to be with yours. I’m hoping our wedding arrangement will be settled soon so that we’ll share the joy of Thanksgiving together as a couple. I love you, sweetie pie. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration!

53. My dearest wish is to be with you on this special occasion. I assure you, we’ll be together for the next one; plan on it. I’ll definitely take you up on your offer to enjoy the festive day with your family. My heart is with you, my sweetheart. You are a tremendous blessing to me. I am grateful. Happy Thanksgiving day!

54. You are the best daddy in the world! I couldn’t have wished for a more loving, caring and devoted father. Your care to us your children after mum’s death is totally unrivalled. We are proud of you, dad. We appreciate God for all you’ve done for us. You made today’s celebration possible and meaningful. God bless you, dad. Happy Thanksgiving day!

55. Dearest mum, you are a woman of quiet strength, resourceful and determined. Thank you for all your sacrifices and efforts over us, your children. The joy and significance of today’s celebration is all your doing. Thank you for being the most amazing single mum in the world. Love you loads! Happy Thanksgiving day!

56. Thanksgiving Day, a time of family gathering, feasting, wining, appreciation and interacting with friends and family. As the joy of the day unravels, may you discover true values and real blessings. Have fun,
and enjoy yourself to the full. Happy Thanksgiving day, dear friend.

57. On this wonderful day, I wish you a lifetime of sound health, joy unlimited, lots of love with loads of fun. May your blessings overflow the river of your expectations. Happy Thanksgiving day!

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58. Happy holidays, friends! The joy and essence of the day is lost if you failed to count your blessings. Indeed, you are blessed! Have fun with careless abandon; enjoy the games, turkey, pies and other delicacies; above all, give thanks. Happy Thanksgiving day.

59. For all you’ve been blessed with, and all that was bestowed on you; give thanks. He is worthy. Happy Thanksgiving day. Have fun!

60. Thank you for making my life meaningful and colourful. May your Thanksgiving be full of joyous moments, memorable and meaningful. May your Thanksgiving be acceptable before God. Happy celebration!

Happy Thanksgiving Wishes


61. It’s Thanksgiving day! My dear friend, do not be troubled by the challenges you are facing. Cast your fears and worry aside, and enjoy the joyous moments with your loved ones. Focus on your blessings, be thankful, effusively express your gratitude and have fun. May the spirit of thanksgiving turn your trials into great testimony. Happy Thanksgiving celebration!

62. I feel so blessed and special. I’m thankful for the gift of a beautiful friendship like ours. You are one in a million! Thanksgiving days are meaningful because of you. May your joy be full till it overflows. May you find grace and favour in all your ways, darling friend. Have an awesome Thanksgiving celebration!

63. You are a true friend, understanding and supportive. My family couldn’t have survived through our recent challenges without your love and generosity. Thank you for being part of our recovery and success story. You are awesome! I thank God for you. May you find help when you really need it. May your Thanksgiving celebration be filled with joy. Have fun, dearest!

64. Thank you, my darling husband for accepting me the way I am, without trying to change me. Thank you for inspiring me to be a better person. Thank you for always putting a smile on my face. Above all, I thank God for these special blessings and more. Happy Thanksgiving day to us!

65. I woke up this morning feeling blessed and indescribably happy. You make me deliriously happy, my dearest wife. I love everything about you and I know I haven’t done anything to deserve an angel like you. You are a gift from God; I know it! I am grateful! May you continue to sparkle and dazzle without dimming, my sunshine! Happy Thanksgiving day!

66. When the storms of life hit me like a rocket, you were the angel that God sent to stand by me till it ran its course. I couldn’t have survived without you, my precious friend. Thank you God for giving me a song to sing in this festive season. Thank you, dearest friend, for providing the tune and the melody. May your life be decorated with everything good in life. Have an awesome Thanksgiving celebration!

67. On this joyous occasion, I wish you a wealth of testimony, miracle, breakthrough, sound health and long life. I feel honoured and privileged to be your friend. I cherish you. Happy Thanksgiving day!

68. Yippee, it’s Thanksgiving day! I’m here for the food, drink, games, and fun. This is why I’m thankful to be a part of such an awesome family as ours. Happy Thanksgiving day to us!

69. Wow, it’s time already! Time to tuck our tummies with turkey and stuffings; pies and gravy; wine, tea or coffee and still go home with lots of leftovers. I love Thanksgiving days; it’s sharing, reconnecting, fun and laughter galore. Happy Thanksgiving day, my wonderful family. See you there!

70. Happy Thanksgiving day to our highly esteemed client. We exist and thrive because of your patronage. We thank you for being part of our success story. May you experience joy and overwhelming blessings in this season. Have a joyous celebration!

71. In this period of economic recession and rampant business struggles and subsequent folding up; our business is holding its own and thriving, because of you; our dearly beloved client. You are the priceless and irreplaceable key to our success. Thank you for your unwavering support. May you experience God’s supernatural grace and favour. Have lots of fun. Happy Thanksgiving day!

Happy Thanksgiving Wishes

72. Wow! It’s been an amazing year of achievement and unprecedented success in our team. Every team member has been amazing! We thank God for your tireless contribution, enthusiasm, inspiring ideas, and due diligence. May we move on to greater exploits. I am proud of you all. Wishing you a fantastic Thanksgiving celebration.

73. Without you, our wonderful team, we would have been all noise, no substance. Without your commitment and outstanding performance, we wouldn’t have been able to deliver on our products and services promises. You made it happen, thank you! We are proud of the excellent performance. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration. From the Management.

74. I am glad to announce we made and exceeded our target for this year. You are all awesome, excellent team players and amazing diligent workers. Thank you for your focus, commitments, and immense contributions. You all made it happened! This is wishing us more successes in the future as we celebrate this Thanksgiving day with hearts of joy. Have a wonderful holiday!

75. It’s Thanksgiving day. Carve the turkey and fill your tummy. Pop the champagne, and take extra helpings of pies. Enjoy yourself and catch lots of fun. Just before you do all this and more, take time to bless God for His goodness, mercy, unfailing love and provisions. It is too numerous to count; thank Him all the same. Have a wonderful day!

76. For the free gift of life, sound health, and unconditional love: give thanks to God. He’s worthy. As you celebrate this wonderful day with your family and loved ones, may you be blessed with more reasons to rejoice. Happy Thanksgiving day, friend!

77. God has spared you and given you a new lease of life. Be thankful! Now you’ve been given the chance to start life afresh on a clean note. Appreciate Him and make the best of your life. Happy Thanksgiving day, friend.

78. Thanksgiving is an attitude and a way of life practised day in day out. It’s the norms for happy folks, living a serene life. This day of national celebration is to remind ourselves and others all we have to be thankful for, as we share, dine, wine and have fun. On this beautiful day, I wish you and your wonderful family an awesome Thanksgiving celebration.

79. When you appreciate little things, thanksgiving becomes a lifestyle. It flows above and around, to God and the lovely people God has used to bless us. Then, from above and around; more blessings flow back to you. It’s the joy of thanksgiving. What goes around, comes round. I wish you the happiest Thanksgiving celebration, pal!

80. Thanksgiving days are special. Family gathers around; each unit comes with something special. Children mingle and catch lots of fun. Adult bonds and catch up. Those unavoidably away are missed and called. Amidst this feverish festivity and fun, is the core value and practice of thanksgiving. May your lives reflect the aura of thanksgiving in this joyous season. Have a wonderful celebration, dear friends!

81. When you give thanks for the littles of life, the tremendous blessings you haven’t sought; come to you. Happy Thanksgiving day, friends!

Happy Thanksgiving Wishes

82. Your gratitude on this wonderful day is the catalyst that will usher in with speed, the blessings that are already on the way. Have a glorious Thanksgiving celebration with your wonderful family!

83. For extending a helping hand to me when I was in dire need, I thank you. On this beautiful day, I pray that your helpers shall locate you and your family, in and out of season. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration!

84. We are reminded that we have nothing but what has been given to us from above, on this special day. Giving thanks then becomes natural and unforced. Appreciating and helping one another comes effortlessly. It’s celebration time. I wish you a lovely Thanksgiving celebration with your family.

85. I am where I am today because you believed in me. You gave your all to get me here. I appreciate you more than words can express. You are my heart’s sole delight. Happy Thanksgiving day, my love!

86. You are the salt of my world, mom. You add flavor and savor to my life. Thank you for all your sacrifices, love and care. You mean the world to me. Happy Thanksgiving day, world’s greatest mother!

87. You are my champion and role model, dad. I’ve always looked up to you for love, guidance, help, and mentorship. Not once have you failed me. You are simply amazing! I thank God for you. Happy Thanksgiving day, dad!

88. When others gave up on me, you held fervently, with hope and prayers. Your unfailing love, faith, and devotion brought the desired changes in my life. Thank you for making my life worthwhile and meaningful. Happy Thanksgiving day, dearest!

89. I was living an aimless life until you came into my life. You brought focus, purpose, and meaning into my life. I’m thankful for all God has achieved in me through you. There are no mincing words; you are my angel! Love you loads! Happy Thanksgiving day, my sweetheart!

90. You are a giver extraordinaire! Your generosity has touched and transformed many lives. Thank you for being a life changer. Thank God for people like you. May you be blessed by people who are as selfless as you. Happy Thanksgiving day.

91. I can’t imagine my life without you. You have no inkling as to the depth of feelings for you. I cherish you, darling. I wish you a most blessed Thanksgiving celebration ever!

Happy Thanksgiving Wishes

92. You are an amazing person! You’ve enriched my life in uncountable ways. May you be blessed with loads of worthy friends, unlimited success and unending joy. Have a bountiful Thanksgiving day!

93. Thank God for the gift of the most understanding, cooperative and helpful partner in the world. You! Have an awesome Thanksgiving celebration, dear.

94. Thank you for being my rock and number one fan. Thank you for always cheering me on to greater exploits and achievement. You are the best! Happy Thanksgiving day!

95. From the depth of my heart, I thank you. I appreciate your love and care. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration.

96. Thank you for being the eyes through which I see the world. The world is bright, shining and beautiful because of you. You are my mirror, my perfect reflection. Happy Thanksgiving!

97. On this joyous occasion, may your home be filled with laughter, fun, singing, and dancing. May your joy be free of any shade of sorrow. May your troubles grow wings and fly away to the land of no return; as you give thanks and celebrate. Happy Thanksgiving day!

98. You are a blessing; not just to me, your family or friends, but to your entire generation! Thank you for being a star that continues to shine. Thank God for creating a star that blesses others without fail. You are blessed! Happy Thanksgiving day!

99. You are one of the angels God used to bring a smile to my face and joy to my heart. You are a huge part of my transformation and success story. I can’t erase you from my history. It’s the part that’s most pertinent. Thank you… for everything. May your Thanksgiving celebration be filled with joyous and unforgettable moments.

100. You have an amazing family! You are a special breed! Simple, loving, hospitable and accommodating. Now, I know the essence of thanksgiving day. Your cup of joy shall fill up till it overflows. Happy Thanksgiving day!

101. On this lovely thanksgiving day, my dearest wish for you is eternal joy, the peace of God that passeth all understanding and explosive blessings. Have an awesome season of Thanksgiving. Cheers!

102. My warm wishes and passionate embrace to you on this joyous occasion. Have a colourful and magical Thanksgiving celebration!

103. I am blessed with awesome people as family. You are truly an amazing person. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration.

104. May you have a deliriously happy time with your loved ones, this special season of love and thanksgiving. As you gather around for a feast, may your hearts be filled with love, peace and gratitude. Happy Thanksgiving!

105. Today isn’t all about merrymaking, feasting, fun or bonding. Thanksgiving day also calls for deep gratitude to God, genuine appreciation of others, sharing with people that are alone or lonely, and giving to the less fortunate. As you embrace this, may you find real pleasure and lasting joy in the acts. Happy Thanksgiving day!

106. Thanksgiving day isn’t a season of fasting. On the contrary, it’s a day of feasting and indulgence. Indulging God with due praises, indulging our loved ones with our presence and participation, indulging the less privileged and self-indulgence. Have a wonderful celebration of fun Thanksgiving!

107. I wish you and your beloved family an awesome Thanksgiving celebration. May your cup of joy be filled and overflows as you celebrate.

108. I rejoice with you and your loved ones as you celebrate this season together as a family. It’s the first of such in years, but it won’t be the last. I pray that this unique season will heal all wounds, miraculously mend broken fences and remove every invisible barrier. May you form strong and lasting bonds. Happy Thanksgiving!

109. A grateful heart let down its guard, let go of grudges and open to healing and second chances. As your beloved family gathers for this wonderful celebration, may you all find lasting reconciliation and a new beginning free of the shadows of the past. Have a joyous Thanksgiving celebration!

110. As you celebrate this special season, I pray for restoration in your family fortune. You will recover all. Nothing opens the door of God’s abundant blessings like genuine thanksgiving. Have a bountiful Thanksgiving!

111. A deeply grateful heart is devoid of complaints. Its focus isn’t on its pressing problems, but on its many blessings. As you celebrate this unique season, may you find favour before men and angels. Happy Thanksgiving day!

112. May the fruit of thanksgiving abide with you and your family, this day and forever more. I wish you a happy and blessed Thanksgiving!

113. If you look inward, you’ll realise you have so much to be thankful for. A deep reflection of the past, focusing not on the trials, but on the triumphs; will produce a grateful heart. It’s Thanksgiving day: put on a garment of celebration and have a swell time with your loved ones. Have a great Thanksgiving celebration!

114. Our lives’ essence isn’t in the abundance of what we have or lack. The measure of our what is in who we are and our impact on others. Celebrate your small victories and achievements; then, be inspired to go out there to do even more. You are a winner! Happy Thanksgiving, friend.

115. As you celebrate this day, may you find more reasons to be thankful. Have a fantastic Thanksgiving!

116. It is easy to be thankful when we acknowledge all our blessings: big or small, nothing is insignificant. Everything is important: from the gift of life, healing, sound or improved health, ample provision, to all answered prayers. May your joy and gratitude multiply everyday. Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

117. This is to remind you that you are always in my thought and prayers. I wish you the very best in life. Have a swell Thanksgiving!

118. Indeed, absence makes the heart grow fonder. I miss you like never before. I wish we were together, dearest friend; let’s plan on it next year. I know our families will understand the absence of intrusion if we alternate it. You are my blessing from God. I love you. Happy Thanksgiving, dear.

119. My heart is filled with love, warmth, and goodwill, for you. I miss you. I’m looking forward to seeing you soon, my dearest. Have a glorious Thanksgiving celebration with your family.

120. I send warm thoughts, lovely wishes, heartfelt prayers and love to you, on this special day. Enjoy a beautiful Thanksgiving with hour family. Much regards.

121. It’s Thanksgiving day. Take a walk to the furnace, cast your garments of worry into its fiery flame and watch it burn into ashes. Take a detour into the river of rejoicing, gulp in a drink of gratitude and swim in the water of refreshment. Congratulations, you are ready for the festivity! Have a joyous Thanksgiving, dearie!

122. May your Thanksgiving celebration be free of sorrow, regrets, and rancour. May it be filled with laughter, cheerful moments, deep gratitude with loads of fun. Happy Thanksgiving, friends!

123. You may not yet be where you want to be, but the good news is that you aren’t where you were. I am confident your tomorrow will be greater than all your yesterdays because of the blessings of this Thanksgiving celebration. May I congratulate you in advance? Have an awesome Thanksgiving day!

124. Thanksgiving days are special. We set asides our differences, to focus on our love and oneness. Thereby, building a stronger bond for a lasting family heritage of great values. May your family dynasty remain strong and unbreakable as you celebrate this year. Happy Thanksgiving day!

125. What’s Thanksgiving day without good wishes to friends and loved ones? You are the reason for the celebration. You are my awesome gifts from God, differently unique and absolutely irreplaceable. Have a blessed Thanksgiving day, beloved!

126. I’m extremely grateful to God: not for my many achievements or possession; but for the blessing of surrounding my life with wonderful family and friends. I am rich in love because I’m richly loved. I bless God, and you, my beloved. Happy Thanksgiving day to all!

127. Just in case you’ve forgotten, or blinded by distractions; let me remind you of why you should celebrate this Thanksgiving day with glee. A loving and devoted family, the sun that shines brightly with hope, freedom to be all you want to be, the expanse of the sky that whispers into your ears, your endless potentials and possibilities. Should I go on? Put on your dancing shoes and celebrate. Your breakthrough is but a step away. Happy Thanksgiving!

128. On this beautiful day, may you have a magical and colourful celebration. Happy Thanksgiving day!

129. Thanksgiving is a constant reminder that so many things that we pursue and consider important are actually trivial when we realise how blessed we really are. So, count your blessings, friends and give thanks. Rejoice and catch lots of fun. Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

130. Let the memory of the past great moments flood in. Take delight in the wonderful people you’ve been blessed with. Ponder upon your many blessings and spread the happiness to others. It’s Thanksgiving holiday, already! Let the festivity begins! Have an awesome Thanksgiving day!

131. This is wishing you and your lovely family the very best of Thanksgiving day. May it be filled with love, laughter, hope, and blessings.

132. As you stuff your tummies full with turkey and other delights made from secret and closely guarded recipe, catch fun and give thanks. It’s the essence of Thanksgiving. May your family enjoy the real blessing of this season. Enjoy an amazing Thanksgiving day!

133. I’m sending you warmest thought, lots of love with loads of blessings as you celebrate this day. Best wishes to your lovely family. Happy Thanksgiving!

134. May you enjoy a most wonderful time with your friends and family, this Thanksgiving. May your praises ascend to heaven and bring more blessings. Happy Thanksgiving!

135. I wish you a very joyful, blessed and fun-filled Thanksgiving!

136. As you tuck into the tasteful delight of homemade delicacy, take time to appreciate God for His endless blessings, and appreciate your loved ones for being special to your heart. Happy Thanksgiving celebration!

137. It’s the season of bountifulness, feasting, sharing and giving. Be grateful. Gratitude looks good in you. It produces an aura of blessedness that attracts favour. Happy Thanksgiving.

138. I wish you a very happy Thanksgiving day. Give the day a meaningful ending, by sharing and giving from those blessings you are being thankful for. Have an awesome Thanksgiving celebration!

139. In this Thanksgiving season, I wish you everything meaningful, praiseworthy, excellent and beautiful. Have a wonderful celebration!

140. In this Thanksgiving season and throughout the year, I wish you lots of happiness, loads of blessings and truckloads of hope. Have a magical Thanksgiving day!

141. The true spirit of this Thanksgiving season, is love, joy, gratitude, giving, sharing and a lasting family legacy. May you find these and more. Happy Thanksgiving day!

142. May you experience true peace, genuine love, overflowing joy, and abundant blessings in this bountiful season. Happy Thanksgiving day!

143. A thankful heart is a blessed soul. The blessedness isn’t in the abundance of possession, but in being appreciative. May your cup of joy overflow with God’s blessings as you celebrate with a grateful heart, this season. Happy Thanksgiving, dear friend.

144. You are God’s special gift to us; a great treasure. May the best things of life be yours today and forever. Have a lovely Thanksgiving!

145. May your wildest dream come to reality and your silent whispers receive urgent attention before God. May you experience abundant joy, love, and blessings in this season and throughout your lifetime. Happy Thanksgiving day!

146. Thank you, daddy, for being the kindest, strictest and loving father in the whole world. I cherish you from the depth of my heart. You are adorable! Happy Thanksgiving day, dad!

147. I know how difficult it was for you to raise us singlehandedly, mom. I saw your tears, pains, and struggles. Your determination and quiet strength pulled us through the hard times. You are my treasure! I love you loads, mum. Happy Thanksgiving day, sweet mother.

148. You are the love of my life. Life is worth living in all seasons of life because of you. Thank you for your love, understand and unflinching support. Happy Thanksgiving day, my sweetheart!

149. No need of looking deep into the past or searching your memory for the testimony of God’s goodness. The evidence of God’s awesome stares us in the face. The gift of life, health, family, friends, provisions, and the sumptuous meal elaborately spread before you. It’s a glorious day. Celebrate with careless abandon. Happy Thanksgiving!

150. May you receive God’s awesome blessings today and forever. Happy Thanksgiving celebration, friend!

151. As we celebrate this wonderful season of Thanksgiving, I wish you and your loved ones the very best in life. Eat, drink, dance and be merry. Let your thanks exceed your fun. Happy Thanksgiving day.

152. On this glorious day, overeating is allowed. You need the energy to carry your weight in gold in all the day’s activities. Have fun, mend fences and learn the most important lesson of the day. Love, bonding, sharing, giving and thankfulness aptly expressed. Happy Thanksgiving, pal!

153. A Thanksgiving celebration without a Turkey and its special stuffing… isn’t a Thanksgiving carve the turkey and enjoy the fun and feast, but let your heart remain thankful and open. Have a blessed Thanksgiving day.

154. The blessing of the Thanksgiving isn’t in the turkey, pumpkin pies, mashed potato and other delicacies. It’s the joy of togetherness, sharing, connecting, bonding and genuine appreciation. When you give what you have, you get what you don’t have. Happy Thanksgiving!

155. I’m so full of thanks, dear friend, for the wondrous gift of our friendship. Happy Thanksgiving!

156. Seeing everyone at once is a privilege I can’t pass up. It’s a lovely opportunity made possible by the Thanksgiving day celebration. My family is my safe haven.

157. I wish you and your family the greatest Thanksgiving celebration. Have an awesome day!

158. A plump and juicy turkey produce a tasty feast and a round overloaded tummy. So, be involved in all the fun activities so as to graciously lose the excess weights. Be thankful for the little and big blessings all around you. Have a great Thanksgiving celebration.

159. The mystery of Thanksgiving day is finally unraveled. Gratitude to God and loved ones; sharing; giving and feasting. It’s a glorious season of celebration: have fun! Happy Thanksgiving!

160. Thanksgiving is all about focus…on our blessings; appreciation and fun fiesta amidst feasting, games and lots more. Have a blessed Thanksgiving celebration!

161. It’s Thanksgiving day! Don’t worry, be merry. Don’t fret, be happy. For the trouble that looms as huge as a mountain before you today, will take a bow in the face of your heartfelt Thanksgiving. It’s a tested, proved and trusted missile. Try it! Happy Thanksgiving day!

162. I know you are deeply bothered about something. God is the expert handler of matters beyond human capacity: His past deeds speak for Him. It’s Thanksgiving day: don’t mope or indulge in a pity party. Join the celebration and thank God for His goodness. That goodness? Watch out for the latest revelation of His goodness! Happy Thanksgiving!

163. Those who celebrate the Thanksgiving day with joy and glee aren’t completely without a problem two, they battle within their lives. Rather, they choose to celebrate their blessings. They choose happiness over gloom and despondency. It’s your choice, dear friend; your happiness is a product of choice and gratitude. I wish you unlimited joy and favour as you choose to celebrate. Have a magical Thanksgiving day!

164. It’s Thanksgiving day! Friend, be effusive in your thankfulness. Make it a lifestyle and be prepared for unlimited joy. Enjoy a fun-filled Thanksgiving celebration with your family.

165. Do you want to feel good? Do good unto others. Be good to people who are undeserving too. Your good deeds will create a ripple effect of multiple gratitude and thanksgiving to God. The smile you put on others’ faces will bring unspeakable joy unto you. And yes, feast and be merry, too! Happy Thanksgiving!

166. Doing a good deed is an essential part of Thanksgiving day. Put a smile on someone’s face, it’s one way of putting a smile on God’s face. Your reward will be thankfully, heavenly. Have an awesome Thanksgiving celebration!

167. Our genuine and heartfelt Thanksgiving pleases and glorifies God. Be generous in your thanks, it’ll sure look good on you. Have fun too, it’s time to celebrate. Have a joyous Thanksgiving celebration.

168. On a beautiful day like this, I pray that this Thanksgiving celebration will be your best one yet. May the ones yet to come be greater than the blessings of today. Enjoy a bountiful Thanksgiving!

169. Happy Thanksgiving, dearest friend! May sorrow be far from you and your loved ones. May you experience supernatural abundance in every way. Have an amazing Thanksgiving!

170. May your Thanksgiving be filled with blessings, joy, love and peace. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

171. The beauty of saying the magical words “thank you” to God and loved ones, is better experienced than imagined. Joy unspeakable is but a byproduct. You can beat it. Happy Thanksgiving!

172. I can’t thank you enough, my love. You mean the world to me. You are my priceless gift from God. I am grateful. Have a most beautiful Thanksgiving!

173. Give thanks today, your cup of joy will fill up. Make it an everyday affair, your joy will spill over. Be happy and fun giving to the less privileged. Have a magical Thanksgiving.

174. Thank you for being my friend. I appreciate your loyalty and support. Your type is rare and near extinct. May you experience unspeakable joy. Have a fantastic Thanksgiving.

175. My prayer is for you on this beautiful day. May your life be decorated with love, joy, and inexplicable peace. Happy Thanksgiving day, my friend.

176. Happy Thanksgiving day! May this new season be filled with extraordinary grace, supernatural blessings, uncommon favour and opportunities; for you and your loved ones. Have a swell Thanksgiving!

177. In this season of Thanksgiving and jubilation, may you experience uncommon grace and lasting peace, today and always. Happy Thanksgiving day!

178. Be thankful for the little you have. It’s a state of readiness for the big blessings. A thankful heart despises not the little beginnings. Be ready for showers of blessings as you thank God for the little things you have. Happy Thanksgiving celebration!

179. Rekindle hope in someone’s heart today by involving them in your family’s Thanksgiving festivity. Be an inspiration to others by choosing to be joyful in spite of the odds. You are a pacesetter! Have an awesome Thanksgiving celebration!

180. God is the provider; man is the recipient and convener of His largess. As you appreciate God for His bountiful blessings in your life, may you be a willing convener and distributor of His largess. May the blessings of your willing obedience bring a plenteous harvest. Happy Thanksgiving!

181. Everyone has experienced some misfortune one time or another, and everyone experiences blessings of a sort at every point in time. Your thankfulness is determined on what you choose to dwell on. Your past misfortune, current challenges or present blessings? It’s Thanksgiving day. Choose to be thankful and happy. One begets the other. Have a marvelous Thanksgiving celebration!

182. Thank you for being all shades of beautiful, faithful and supportive. Our brand of friendship is specially made in heaven: a special order. You are uncommon and rare! Have a magical Thanksgiving day, my dearest friend!

183. As long as you live and breathe, you have enough just cause to be thankful. All other reasons, come as extra. Rejoice, and have fun! It’s time to appreciate the giver if good gifts for not passing you by. Happy Thanksgiving!

184. For witnessing this joyous occasion, you are blessed already. Believe me! Put on your dancing shoes, wear that gorgeous smile and have fun today and always. Happy Thanksgiving celebration!

185. Thanksgiving day is ladened with emotions. Gratitude, love, reconciliation, forgiveness and a sense of heritage. The atmosphere of love and sharing makes the stress of traveling, cooking and others worth the trouble. Enjoy the moment! It comes only once a year, no carryover! Have a blissful Thanksgiving!

186. Thank God for Thanksgiving day! It’s time to raid mom’s attic for goodies and dad’s cellar for vintage wine. No reprimand today, we are all thankful. Happy Thanksgiving celebration to us all!

187. The worst disservice we do ourselves is taking for granted what deserves our appreciation the most. This Thanksgiving day comes with a difference. We are grateful for everyone and everything we are blessed with. Our family especially. Thank you, God. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

188. We are all special and unique in our own ways. No one is better than the other. The difference is our uniqueness which we celebrate today. Our differences unify rather divide us, we are thankful. Happy Thanksgiving celebration to us all!

189. There’s no feasting and joyful celebration if we have nobody to share the joy with. The beauty of Thanksgiving day is our togetherness in sharing, feasting, and fun catching. We are all superstars here! Happy Thanksgiving day to everyone!

190. A meek and thankful heart is God’s abode here on earth. Be humble before God. Appreciate Him for His manifold blessings; get ready for the showers of inexplicable joy, unusual favour, and unstoppable blessings. Happy Thanksgiving day!

191. Happy Thanksgiving to you, NY dearest. I know you are excited and ready for the joy of today to unfold. Be an answer to someone’s prayer by being a blessing to him/her. It’s the perfect way to start or end the day. Happy Thanksgiving celebration!

192. You are my hero and superstar. You are the reason behind my glittering, shining star. I adore you, my Sunshine. I bless God for you, now and always. Happy Thanksgiving, my love!

193. You are the reason I’m called a mother. Your stars that shine so brightly, is why I’m highly revered and celebrated. No mother is prouder of her brood than I am of you. This is to you, my darling children. Happy Thanksgiving!

194. You are both perfect role models. You are wonderful parents in every way. Your efforts and prayers over your children have been extremely rewarded. Thank you for being awesome, dad and mom! Happy Thanksgiving day, my heroes!

195. To the best twinnie in the world, I wish you a most wondrous Thanksgiving celebration. I miss you more than ever; you are my shadow, mirror, and image. You are forever in my heart, my dearest. I wish you every joy and happiness you so richly deserve. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! Love you loads forever!

196. My heart is filled with love and best wishes for you. You have a knack of bringing out the best in me. I bless God for you. Without you, I’m literally and completely lost. I cherish you, my sweetheart. Happy Thanksgiving day!

197. You are my reason for celebrating this season. Everything I’m thankful for is directly connected with you, my heartthrob. Thank you, my amazing genius. May your cup of honour overflow with plentiful blessings. Happy Thanksgiving day, darling!

198. Yippee, it’s Thanksgiving day! May the Lord bless you from above and clothe you with great honour, as you give Him His due praise. May His face shine upon you as you rejoice in His presence. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

199. Thank you, mom and dad, for accepting and loving me. I’d have been lost without you. Thank you for adopting me. You are my lifeline, my special angels. I adore you so much for always putting a smile on my face. Happy Thanksgiving!

200. I am here to share the joy of Thanksgiving with my awesome family and loved ones. You are the blessings I’m thankful for. I can’t wait to gorge myself full of the tantalising feast; wine, dance, banter and catch up on family gist. Happy Thanksgiving to us all! We rock!

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