Safe Journey Quotes About Life (2023)

Here are some safe journey quotes about life generally or about journey wishes. You should enjoy them and I do hope you find them useful.

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Safe Quotes about Life’s Journey

Sweet Safe Journey Quotes about Life. Quotes about life’s journey on a daily basis.

1. Definition of Life
Life is simple, life is beautiful,
Life is lovely, life Is cute…
No matter what you call life…
Life will be life forever,
But you will become what you call it.

2. Make It Good
When all about life is not rosy,
Buy a glass made of rose:
Seeing the worse moments as good,
Is the best plot for a life well lived.

3. The Journey of Life
Life is nothing but a journey.
A journey travelled by the wise and the foolish;
A journey that has good or bad endings…
And it all depends on individual choices:
You choose right, you travel it right!

4. Be Brave
In life, there are “Tops” and “Belows”.
It takes the brave to be at the top,
And it takes doing nothing to stay down below.

5. Have Faith
Life becomes a beautiful abode,
When Faith meets fate.
So have faith that all will be well.

6. Be Hopeful
Without hope for tomorrow,
Life is but an endless journey.
When you live it with hope,
You will get the best.

7. The Full Meaning of Life
L- Leverage on the opportunities that come with it
I – Increase your worth in it, by doing your very best
F – Face the challenges that come with it daily
E – End it well, knowing there is reward for all you do.

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8. Life is Vanity
Life in itself is nothing-
Vanity upon vanity it is!
The only definition life has,
Is the one you give to it.
So what is life to you?

9. You Need Wisdom
When God makes ways,
He makes opportunity to walk through it.
Then it takes the wise, to walk in the paths of life.
Be one of those!

10. Everything Is But for a Moment
Life is like a marketplace,
The one who is a buyer today
Can be a seller tomorrow.
No matter where you stand per time,
Remember that nothing lasts forever.

11. Be Humble
Humility is willing to take you very far in life,
If you choose to not walk on the path of the arrogance.
You want the best out of life?
Then work it out.

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