Safe Journey Wishes and Quotes for My Dad – I Miss You Dad

Even if your dad will be away for few days, you will miss him as long as there is a working bond between you too. So, is that happening? Then let us wish your dad a safe journey with the safe journey wishes, messages and quotes below.

I Miss You Dad

I seriously miss you dad. Safe journey wishes and quotes for dad. I miss you safe journey quotes for dad.

Please do enjoy yourself there dad,
We are enjoying ourselves here too.
Mum won’t make us miss you so much.
She tried but couldn’t fill your place.
Anyways, happy journey dad.

May all you do there answer to favour,
May heaven’s fortune smile on you.
May you have more than enough money,
So that our gifts will be much… Amen.
Missing you lovely dad.

I felt your importance the moment you stepped out of the door.
I could feel a part of me leaving.
No doubt, I am really going to miss you.
But we wish you safest of journey.

Daddy, so sorry for the stress.
Taking too long, I must say.
Just stay calm for we are praying for you.
Wishing you are here already.

So sorry about the journey dad.
Don’t mind them for the delay in departure time.
We will be here waiting for you.
But don’t forget to buy our (fill in the gap)

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Dad we are all missing you here,
But I miss you the most.
I would appreciate you come back now.
Please and pleeeeeease.

Dad, how could you do this to us!
You promised to be back earlier than this.
And you know how much we would miss you.

You have not kept your promise dad,
And so you must buy our gifts doubled.
Our way of saying come back safely.
We really missed you. on you are to be there.
Everything will be alright as you travel.
Wishing you safe travel.

I don’t want to miss you anymore.
Enough of your pranks dad!
“I will come tomorrow” now turning a lifetime.
Don’t worry, you will meet us back here.

A true father is caring, and understands the needs of his children,
And that is who you are dad, especially when you don’t make us miss you.
Please remember to buy us our usual goodies.
Longing to see you. Love you dad.

Oh! I can see the writings on the wall.
I can see everything turning around in wonders,
The birds chatter and the trees bow in awe…
All because the Best dad in the world is on his way home.
Counting your arrival in seconds. Mwah.

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