Happy Valentines Day Messages for Boyfriend

2024 Best Happy Valentine’s Day Messages For Boyfriend

Every year, people look forward to this special day called Valentine’s Day. This is so because it has been marked out as a for day lovers, family, loved ones and so on celebrate love and appreciate each other with sincere love. it is really a period to look forward to with beautiful expectations swelling from the heart.

It is a common thing to express and appreciate love either with your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or husband. Over the years, it has been perceived that Valentine’s day tends to create a more romantic atmosphere which stirs different form of happiness in the heart of lovers.

It is the time and period to express love. Make your lover feel valued, special and the most of all, make your Valentine’s messages the best to remember which will sign his 2024 Valentine’s day a remarkable one.

Happy Valentine’s Day Messages for My Cute Boyfriend

Cute Happy Valentine’s Day SMS for My Handsome Him (Boyfriend).

1. I’m celebrating today not because I hear the name, Valentine but you’ve actually made me feel I have every reason to say, Happy Valentine’s Day, love.

2. My heart is settled for the love I have for you. As the day passes, I love you more. You can’t be replaced, dear. Happy Valentine’s Day to you.

3. There’s no limit to my love for you because I want you forever. Happy Valentine’s Day, Dear.

4. If Valentine’s day wasn’t created, I’ll create mine for you alone. You’re the light that gives me hope. Happy Valentine’s day, lovely.

5. I pray as we celebrate this Valentine together, our love shall never run dry forever but spring up continuously. I love you. Happy Valentine.

6. Many years I waited to have a true feeling of how Valentine is being celebrated with the true essence of love. Thank God you won my patience with so much love. Happy Valentine sweetheart.

7. I don’t care how many people believe in my love for you but I’m sure our future is clouded so brightly with love. A happy Valentine’s day my sweetness.

8. There’s nothing more for me to say. You have been my source of inspiration in my love life. I can’t love you less baby. Happy Valentine.

9. I want to let you know you are better than a box of gold and loved than pieces of jewelry. I adore you, my love. Happy Valentine’s Day.

10. I thank God Valentine’s day was created. For this, I celebrate with you and I say I love you dearly. Happy Valentine’s day.

11. Happy Valentine’s day my baby. I want to dance till night falls and kiss you till morning calls.

12. When you come close, I feel butterflies and then my heart hears nothing but love. Happy Valentine’s day Deari.

13. You’re the only one who makes me feel true, real and loved. I value you, babe. Happy Valentine’s Day.

14. You don’t need to ask if I’d be your Val, for I’ll always be forever. Happy Valentine’s day beloved.

15. I’m not just celebrating love but a man whose life is amazing and gives me a million reasons to smile. Happy Valentine’s Day.

16. I wouldn’t let my heart leave the surroundings of your love and my hands to be taken from your hand of care. You’re special to me. Happy Valentine love.

17. Everything I ever wanted in a man, I saw in you. I just want to say, Happy Valentine’s Day.

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18. Many look for who would celebrate love with them but I found in you an endless love. Happy Valentine’s Day.

19. Happy Valentine’s day to a great lover whose arms cools my heart. May we always celebrate love together.

20. I wonder what manner of man you are. I never regretted the day we crossed path. I love you for everything you have been and all you will be. Happy Valentine’s Day.

21. The way my face radiates with smiles just thinking of you is overwhelming. Happy Valentine’s Day.

22. I can’t thank God enough for making my life so beautiful with the man of my dreams. Happy Valentine’s Day.

23. You may not fathom how unique you are but I want to tell you, I can’t trade you for riches. I love you dearly.

24. If there were love money can buy, I wouldn’t get love. You gave me love like the sea. I adore you. Happy Valentine’s Day.

25. Happy Valentine’s Day to my charming prince who never makes me tired of love.

26. I love you with all my heart dear. Know it over and over again. Happy Valentine’s Day.

27. I count my blessings each day, I count you. I pray you continue to be a blessing forever. Happy Valentine’s day.

28. You’ve never made me feel less of a woman. What more can be appreciated? Happy Valentine’s Day sweetheart.

29. If I know of any romantic man, it’s you, my love. Enjoy the Valentine.

30. I can feel my life and hope is full because the right man surrounds me. Happy Valentine.

31. You may not know how much you have inspired me and given me courage. I love you my Valentine.

32. I found you, I found joy, love, peace, happiness and all good things. You’re charming. Happy Valentine my crown.

33. Loving baby, I will confess that you’re a rare gift to acquire. I’ll never want to misplace you. Happy Valentine’s Day.

34. Happy Valentine’s Day to a unique boyfriend. I want to grow old with you and build my world around you.

35. Your love gives me directions and brightens my path. I’m so happy I have you. Happy Valentine, lovely.

36. I must say, your love has done great transformations in my life that has risen me high. I love you. Happy Valentine.

37. It is really worth celebrating with you dear. Happy Valentine’s Day.

38. I have nothing to make me cry on this lovers day. Thanks, dear. Happy Valentine’s Day.

39. They say all men are the same but I can say you’re totally different in all ways. Happy Valentine’s Day to a wonderful human.

40. There’s no way I can stop thinking of you. I’ve got so much love for you. Happy sweet Valentine.

41. I know I don’t deserve to be loved by someone like you but you made me a better lover. Happy Valentine.

42. You showed me that love can have a true meaning. With you, all circles in my life is a perfect whole. Happy Valentine.

43. I can’t stop thinking about your awesome love. You make my heart yearn for you. Happy happy Valentine’s Day.

44. It’s not a thing of debate or to be argued upon. You’re simply just the most caring, loving, hardworking, romantic and unique man I have ever met. I’m glad to have you in my life.

45. If my love for you is placed on a scale, it would weigh beyond the scale because my love for you can’t be measured. Happy Valentine’s Day.

46. I asked God for just a man who would care for me but He gave me beyond my expectations. Happy Valentine’s Day, Love.

47. You’ve made my dreams a reality. You’ve proven to be genuine and you gave me beyond love. I forever want to be in your arms.

48. At the darkest hour when I thought love has faded and all hope lost, you stepped into the scene to make my world brand new. I adore you my prince charming.

49. You may not be affiliated to the palace but I call you my King. You may not wear a crown on your head but I call you my Crown. You may not have all the wealth in the world but I call you my Riches. You may have nothing but you are my Everything.

50. I know gifts are essentials for valentine but seeing you and knowing that you are happy gives me the best Valentine’s gift. You’re precious to me. Happy Valentine’s Day.

51. I have you, the more I feel amazing. Not for silver or diamonds will I trade your love. Happy lovely Valentine’s Day.

52. If the world knows how romantic and awesome my man is, they wouldn’t classify women to be so romantic. I cherish you. Happy Valentine’s Day.

53. You make me feel love is made in Paris. You make me feel so great from inside. I’ll love you forever. Happy Valentine.

54. I look forward to valentine’s day every year because you make me feel like a queen and I love to confirm my love for you in special ways.

55. The love race may not have been a perfect one but I’ll keep running with you because I believe in your love. Have the most awesome Valentine.

56. When I try to think of one reason to trade your love, I find none because you keep on captivating my heart with your love. You brighten my world. Happy Valentine.

57. Sometimes, I try to fathom how you come up with beautiful and great ideas which make you stand out in all ways. I’m proud you’re in my life. Happy Valentine.

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58. Your words alone keep pushing me to my achievements. I love everything about you sweetie. Happy Valentine’s Day.

59. I love every courage you give me. I love every moment we share. I love every day you honour me and I love the true love I found with you. Happy Valentine.

60. You know perfectly how to fix my smiles on haven plains. You’re the best my love. Happy Valentine’s Day.

61. At the hour I need you, you are there. You’re indeed a blessing from heaven. Happy Valentine.

62. I may not have the right words or gift to present to you on this Valentine’s day but I promise my heart to you forever.

63. For as many Valentine’s days to come, I want to celebrate with you alone. Happy Valentine’s Day.

64. You’re the sun in my life which gives me warmth and heat up my love for you the more. Happy Valentine.

65. Slowly you came into my life and quickly my life took a new dimension which has made me great. Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.

66. I’m proud to introduce you to my world, family and everything I have. I say a happy Valentine’s day to you my dearest.

67. Most times you may feel like I don’t care about you but I want you to know I care about you beyond words can describe. Babe, happy Valentine’s Day.

68. I may not have the best to offer you. I may not look like the model you want for a lady but I want to thank you for making your love count in my life. Happy sweet Valentine.

69. I love to taste you like wine. I love to hear your voice like a singing bird. You are all that matters to me. Happy Valentine’s Day.

70. Today, I’m celebrating Valentine and your existence in my life. How you have been there for me countless times is amazing. I adore you and I say a Happy Valentine’s Day.

71. The looks I wear on my face before I met you, haven’t been authentic. Thanks for putting joy in my world. Happy Valentine.

72. A precious gift is what I know I have and that’s you, my love. Happy Valentine, sweetie.

73. A special lover like you with lovely characters is rare to come by. You’re one in a million. Happy Valentine’s Day.

74. I have received so many treasures but the most valuable is you. My boo, happy Valentine’s Day.

75. I’ve asked myself the question if I want you and all my heart says is I’ll need you forever. Happy fabulous Valentine.

76. Your voice like the rain showers my spirit and soul with cool drops of love which have turned to an ocean. Happy Valentine.

77. A minute without you feels like the earth will crumble. Every piece of your being, I love dearly. Happy Valentine’s Day.

78. I can’t imagine how my heart will rent in pieces if you weren’t by my side. You’re all I want in a man. Happy Valentine’s Day.

79. I don’t care to know how you plan to surprise me each day. I’m more astonished by your faithfulness to me. Happy Valentine’s Day.

80. If I had done something to deserve your love, I’ll do it over and over again as long as I remain yours forever which I know is certain.

81. I pray and hope to never get tired of saying “I love you”. I really love you from the depth of my heart. Have the sweetest Valentine celebration.

82. You are my garden and I promise to keep you glowing ever radiant to look upon. You’re all I adore. Happy Valentine.

83. You make me complete. You sing me songs when I’m weak. You sweeten my sour. How I love you dearly. Happy Valentine’s Day.

84. You have taught me a lot which I will remember forever. You’re my inspiration. Happy Valentine.

85. To you, my sweet chocolate, happy Valentine’s day. May your sweetness never loose taste.

86. It is a common thing to just love any man but the fact that I love you rightly and in love with the right man gladdens my whole being. Happy Valentine’s Day.

87. I can boldly say my future is secured with you by my side. Happy Valentine’s Day, honey.

88. You flow like an everlasting spring and I never want you to get dry. Happy Valentine’s Day.

89. You not only make a boyfriend but a source of happiness in my life. You’re cherished. Happy Valentine’s Day.

90. Just a doze of you heals my wound, makes me go to sleep and gives me charming looks all the time. I’ll love forever. Happy lovely Valentine’s Day.

91. If I keep on singing a thousand praises, it will swell more love in my heart. Happy Valentine’s Day.

92. Too many things people call fantasy you make them a reality loving you. Happy fantastic Valentine’s Day.

93. I would leave a thousand miles just to get close to where you are. You worth it all. Happy Valentine, my crown.

94. Everything isn’t perfect and not up to expectations yet but holding your hands on the road of love has given me every reason to believe it’s going to brighten up. Happy Valentine’s Day.

95. Amongst other stars, yours is outstanding. You’re just unique in your ways. I admire your love. Happy Valentine.

96. Your voice keeps me going. It wipes my fears and anxieties. You’re awesome to be loved. Happy Valentine, sugar.

97. Many fake words are out there which looks like they can build you but you have made me realize that true love and words make life sweeter. Happy Valentine’s Day sweetie.

98. You’re just too irresistible. Happy Valentine’s day, my sweetness.

99. Anytime around you, besides you, with you and on you is always a moment to remember. You’re blessed. Happy Valentine, babe.

100. I don’t sing your praises just to rate you high but just seeing you is enough evidence that you’re honoured beyond measure. Happy Valentine, dearie.

101. My vision and mission, you made me different. Happy Valentine’s Day.

102. The number of positive changes and values you’ve added to my life is countless. Happy Valentine’s Day.

103. I bless God I met you at the right time, right hour, right place and the right spot. I want to say, Happy Valentine’s, my positive.

104. Valentine is to spread love. Now and forever, I’ll always spread my love around you. Happy Valentine’s Day.

105. Hugging you won’t be enough because, after Valentine, I’ll make every day our Valentine.

106. How you give those smiles, crack those jokes and speak those words are so romantic. Happy Valentine’s Day.

107. My sugar, my heart, my romantic man and honoured man, I’ll always take you to the realms of love. Happy Valentine.

108. I’m proud to tell the world you are my Val. You’re so sweet. Happy Valentine.

109. I’m not afraid to go an extra mile with you. You thrill my world. Happy Valentine.

110. The love of my life, I say, Happy Valentine.

111. Many get jilted for love but I got blessings for love. I love you, dear. Happy Valentine’s Day.

112. What exactly I feel for you is beyond words. Have the best valentine’s day.

113. Answers to prayers is how you make me feel everytime I see you. Happy Valentine’s Day, honey.

114. I’ll wait for you as long as you want. You’re my heart desire. Happy Valentine’s Day.

115. I just want to sit under the moonlight with you alone, holding your hands and putting head on your chest. You’re all I want. Happy happy Valentine.

116. You’re my rainbow and I love all your colors. Happy Valentine’s Day.

117. All my fears, you’ve made me overcome. You salt my life appropriately. Happy Valentine’s Day.

118. Your light overcame and never grew dim. I’m glad I have many reasons to shine. Happy Valentine.

119. I know there’s nothing that can tear us apart for my heart and soul is fixed with you. Happy Valentine’s Day, beloved.

120. My favorite song is you. My favorite dance is your dance. My favorite place is your place. Happy Valentine’s Day my favorite.

I am sure you have had a wonderful time choosing the best taste of messages for your boyfriend. Now you’ve made your lover blush all the way, I’ll like you to drop a comment if you love this post.

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