Happy Valentines Day My Love Quotes

2024 Happy Valentine’s Day My Love Quotes

Wow. Its Valentine’s day again in the year 2024. Then its time for love and more love!

In this beautiful year, 2024, we are expected to show love and care to our lover at all times. But valentine’s day is actually just a special day to do this more beautifully and uniquely. It is a season of love and a call for the rekindling of your love for your lover.

Your lover definitely deserves more of your love and care every single second this year 2024 and even many more years to come till eternity. And today is one of the days you can prove your unconditional love to him or her.

Search through for a very special and heart welding 2024 happy valentine’s day my love quotes to weld your love into that special person in your life.
Come on, let’s ride on the horse of love! Send these to him or her – boyfriend or girlfriend.

Romantic Happy Valentine’s Day My Love Quotes

Sweet and romantic valentine quotes to him or her.

1. My love, the day we met is just like yesterday, for your love is still very hot in me and will forever be. Today is just an additional time to specially display my love for you, dear. I love you so much. Once again and forever, be my valentine.

2. Saying I love you today is an untrue statement because I have always loved you and I will continue to do so even more unconditional. You are my sweetness. Happy Valentine’s day.

3. Looking for the right words to express what is in my deep feelings for you is just impossible because words can’t express it. You are mean a lot to me, love. Happy Valentine.

4. I’ll tell it again to the world that I am the luckiest person in this world because you are in my life. Your love is so sweet and dear. I love sweetheart. Happy Valentine’s day.

5. Asking if you’d be my valentine today is out of point for I am yours and you are mine always, my dearie.

6. I want you to know that you are astonishing just the way you are. I cherish you so much. Be my valentine!

7. A sweetheart you are, a darling is exactly your person. I am blessed to have, love. Happy Valentine’s day.

8. Regardless of how busy and occupied I may be, I never forget how dear and sweet you are to me. Today being the celebration of love, I am joyous to say once again, I love you!

9. I have never been so filled with joy and happiness until the day we met, you are my sweetness. Happy Valentine’s day.

10. I was so happy the day I found a precious jewel in this world and I vow to keep this jewel so dearly. And that jewel is you, love. Thank you for being my jewel. Happy Valentine’s day.

11. Each day of my life, I thank God for granting me the opportunity to meet you in the sojourning of my life. You are truly a blessing. Love you, dear!

12. There are lots of errors committed in life but it’s not an error to love even loving you, honey. Be my valentine now and always.

13. I bless the day I met you, you are truly God’s sent to me as a sweetheart. I’ll cherish you forever. Happy Valentine’s day, love.

14. I can hardly sleep knowing I have you as my love because I don’t just want to dream about you but to have you in reality always. Happy Lover’s day, my love.

15. You are just beautiful the way you are and I treasure you jealously and sincerely, dear, happy valentine’s day.

16. I love and care about you unconditionally dear before now, today being lover’s day and forever. Happy Valentine’s day.

17. I am just so speechless to express how much I love. For you are so dear to me, cutie. I can’t stop loving you. Happy Valentine’s day.

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18. You were my val, you are my val now and you will continually be my val. Love you so much honey pie.

19. When a snail moves, its shell goes wherever it moves to, so you are to me, dear I can’t stop loving you. You are my sweetness!

20. If the love calculator is used to measure the degree of my love for you, I believe it will miscalculate or unable because it can’t definitely measure the extent of love for you.

21. My love for you is beyond the roof, I am ready to cherish you forever. Be my valentine!

22. What we share is so sweet and dear to me. Our love shall be forever true. Happy Valentine’s day.

23. Love is an art and act demonstrated by the heart. My heart will continually act on what we share together. I love you so much, honey. Happy Valentine’s day.

24. Your love do penetrate through my heart and soul. My heart beats for you always.

25. Having you by my side always makes me at rest because you are the love of my life. Be my valentine, love.

26. Happy Valentine’s day to you my love, may we live long to celebrate every season of love even till the end. Kisses!

27. Baby, I want you to know that you are as an expensive and precious stone to me. I value your love, dear. Love you! Happy Valentine’s day.

28. The beauty of your heart, the preciousness of your love is as a soothing syrup to my heart, darling. I can’t trade your love for anything. I love so dearly, love. Happy Valentine’s day.

29. I am always and completely being overtaken by your love and with undying emotions of sincerity to what we share. You are my true love, dear. Happy Valentine’s day to you.

30. I am undoubtedly, surely even a 101% certain I’m in love with you. You are so dear to my heart.

31. Let’s colour the town with our love. Its Valentine’s day, another day to prove how much I love you. Be my valentine.

32. I woke up this morning and just can’t stop thinking about you. You are so dear to me, dear one. I love you so much. Happy Valentine’s day.

33. I know you know that today is Valentine’s day, but I also want you to know that I’ll love you more today and forever. Happy Valentine’s day my sweetness.

34. My love for you today is more than that of yesterday but definitely not more than that of tomorrow. You are so amazing, dear. Happy Valentine’s day.

35. Hi sweetheart, knowing you is a blessing from God and loving you is much more a blessing from God. Let’s rock the day, sweetly. Happy Valentine’s day.

36. Its has been my habit to always wake up from my bed putting on a very lovely smile because knowing you are mine and you will always be mine. Happy Valentine’s day.

37. Your lips are as sweet as the honeycomb, your eyes are as the shining of a sparkling star and your heart makes me go blushing. I just can’t stop loving you, dear. Happy Valentine’s day.

38. All other days including Valentine’s day, I want you to know that I’ll always love you.

39. Happy Valentine’s day to the person I cherish the most in life, you make my world go gaga. I’ll forever love and care for you.

40. The love we share is a gift which I don’t deserve to have but I am so thankful to have you in my life. Let’s rock the day dear one, happy valentine’s day.

41. You are a very important part of my life and an expensive gem to treasure is your love to me. Happy Valentine’s day to you, my sweetness.

42. Its always so confusing but convincing and joyful that you are my lover. I appreciate your love and care. And I’ll love forever. Happy Valentine’s day.

43. Each time I am with you, every second of experience seems better and I am always very happy we share our lives together. I hope we’ll have a future more brighter.

44. For this Valentine’s celebration, I don’t need it to buy me anything special, because having your love is the most special gift I have. Thank you so much, dear. Happy Valentine’s day.

45. Either for a romantic outing or an evening walk, being around you makes me happy and excited. I can’t wait to go out with you now! Happy lover’s celebration.

46. Having you as my sweetheart makes every day a celebration for me. Its another time again for us to celebrate what we share. Kisses to my lovely and sweetest honey pie. Love you!

47. You will always be my dearest love. Your heart makes me want to relieve that I have found my true love. Thank you so much, dear. I love you so much. A happy and more loving Valentine’s day to you.

48. Life with you is such a blessing and as a sweet melody to my heart. I really appreciate you sharing your heart with such a person like me. I won’t and can’t stop loving you. Happy Valentine’s day to you, darling.

49. My heart truly beats faster to have you around me and your presence brings calmness to my soul. You are truly a love to cherish. Happy Valentine’s day.

50. Regardless of how rough and tough the day may be, your love can never be slightly wearied off my heart, for you are a part of me, darling.

51. People call their lovers, the cockroach in my wardrobe, and the sugar in my tea but you are more than all these to me, love, you are the sweetness in my honey and the yellowness in my pawpaw. For you are a part of me. Happy Valentine’s day to you.

52. Your heart and your love is all that is needed for me this valentine, I feel and know that I am so graceful to have you in my life. I can never stop loving you, sweetheart. Wishing you a happy valentine’s day.

53. I’ll express my love to you every day and every second not just this valentine for it is not enough to express a bit of it. Your love feels my heart and your care is always at the deepest part of my heart.

54. There is nobody I’d otherwise spend my time with in the whole world. Having you by my side and even in my heart put a smile on my heart and happiness on my heart. I love you, sweetheart. Happy Valentine’s day.

55. There are three important days in my life, the day we met, the day you said yes to me, and finally the days we’ll always be together. I am so graced to have you as my girlfriend. Love you!

56. Your love is as the warmth of a blanket that warms from the hair of the head to the sole of the feet. I am always dying to have you with me, darling. Happy Valentine’s day.

57. Embracing you is all I want to do now and throwing my kisses at you is on my mind now. I can’t wait to have you around now. Come quick dear, happy valentine’s day to you.

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58. If your love is to be more treasured in the oceans, I will jump into it or if it’s in the deepest valley I won’t think twice before leaping into. That’s how much I love you, dear. Happy Valentine’s day.

59. You are my love, you are my true lover and you are my valentine. Let’s go to paint the world red with our love. Happy Valentine’s day to you.

60. It gladdens my heart each time I ruminate on how we met, and its gaggles me whenever we are together then it leaps my heart for joy knowing you are mine. I can’t stop loving you, my sweetness. Happy lover’s day.

61. A lover like you is very scarce to find, for you are a precious gem. And I count myself so blessed to both find and have you as my girlfriend. Happy Valentine’s celebration.

62. Hi dearie, you are not just a one in a million, but a one in trillions of trillions. You are just the one for me. I love you, sweetheart. Happy Valentine’s day.

63. Knowing that you value what
we share gives me the hope of a sparkling and brighter future. I cherish you a lot, darling. Happy Valentine’s day to you. I love you!

64. The expression of my love for you can’t be expressed in just one day but on the special day, know that you are my true love, my one and only.

65. The beauty of your face and the doggedness of your character brings me joy and happiness. Thank you so much, honey. Happy Valentine’s day.

66. The love calculator is not the perfect instrument for the measurement of my love for you. It is 101% and that’s beyond the level of a calculator. Above measures is my love for you, darling. Happy Valentine’s day.

67. A happy and sweet Valentine’s day to you, my love!

68. Gifts finishes, candles melt and cards get lost but my love for you even in this valentine is unending and unconditional.

69. Among all the things I might forget, your love is not even the last. You are always on my mind an I can’t stop loving you. Happy Valentine’s day, dear.

70. You are as beautiful as the peacock even as charming as ever. Your love is so lovely and caring, darling.

71. I boast of your love for me to the world and I am so proud to say it loud to the world that I LOVE YOU. And I’ll say it again and again. Happy Valentine’s day to you, sweetheart.

72. I want you to know that there is no other replacement for you. You have affected me so deeply and dearly. I love you so much!

73. Every day is a blessing to me from the time I met you, when I sleep I dream of you and when I am awake, you are always in my thought. Thank you for giving me the chance to love you. I love you so dearly. Happy Valentine’s day.

74. Loving you is truly a wonderful gift I will always cherish and keep. You are such a beautiful angel! Shine on love. Let’s ride on today on the journey of our love. Happy Valentine’s day.

75. Its always so funny and surprising how I just can’t stop thinking about you, you fill my thought heart at all times. Please come over darling, I can’t wait to have you by my side. A happy valentine’s day to you.

76. What exactly have you done to me? Of 100% of my thought, you take 99%. Loving you has become my lifestyle. You thank God for making us meet and loving each other. Please come over on time, I am longing for you.

77. Every day has become a smiling wake up day for me, and all this is because of you, sweetheart. I can never stop loving you.

78. You are my honey, my sugar and my chocolate. All together, dear, you are my sweetness. Happy lover’s day.

79. Hi love, I want you to know that meeting you is a good thing, accepting me is a better thing and loving you always is the best thing ever that has happened to me. Wishing you a happy valentine’s day.

80. Do you actually want to know why I love you so much, then carefully read the words above and below, I love you so much. Happy Valentine’s day to you, love.

81. If I were to be in control of the traffic light, the one thing I would do always is to stop you each time you pass so as to see you again and again. I love you, dear. Happy Valentine’s day.

82. A dozen of roses is not enough and a pack of beautiful gift is just to small to the kind of love I have for. You are my jewel and I’ll treasure you always. A happy valentine’s day to you, jewel!

83. Hello dear, would you stop making me think about you? I am really busy and fixed here. The truth is that I just can’t stop, your love fills my heart. Happy Valentine’s day.

84. The next time I’ll embrace you, I will never let go so quickly. I’m coming over to do that right now. Missing you already!

85. I feel so elated to have as my love. You make me feel like a man. Happy Valentine’s day to you.

86. You are my superstar and a handsome icon to follow. I will be yours forever. Happy Valentine’s day.

87. Irrespective of how busy I would be, you are always in my to-do- list. Even the top of the list. Let’s get busy again, where would you like me to take you out to?

88. I just can’t wait to come over to celebrate our love again. Valentine in the air!

89. I am the shell of your snail, wherever you go, I will follow you. Now, where are you going for today? I am ready!

90. Hi sweetheart, I want you to know that I’ll love you from the earliest dawn to the setting of the sun and until the going down of the sun. Always will I love you. Let me prove that today again. Happy Valentine’s day.

91. You are a girl that is born to be held by a bold man. And I am happy I am that lucky man to be your lover. A precious Valentine’s day to you, dear.

92. I am the luckiest person on earth, why? Because I have you as my love. I can’t trade your love for anything. You are very special to me. Happy lover’s day.

93. I call you my only Jewel and my scarcely expensive diamond. Loving you is a blessing from God. Wishing you a happy valentine’s day.

94. Whenever I am with you I feel elated and excited even in my dreams the feelings don’t stop. I love you dear, happy valentine’s day to you.

95. Every night, I fall asleep with you in my heart and with you in my thought, I wake up the next day. What have you done to me? I love you so dearly. Happy lover’s day.

96. I always ensure to finish the day’s work on time so I can come back home quickly to meet you. I just can’t endure a moment without you. I’m coming over for Valentine’s celebration, dear. Remember this, I love you so much.

97. It’s very much inevitable for me not to be with you, you always make my day. Once again come and make my day. I am anxiously waiting, dear. Happy Valentine’s day.

98. Its not really a complete statement when I say I love you but instead I am DEEPLY IN Love WITH YOU. Happy Valentine’s day.

99. Of a truth, Valentine’s celebration is once in a year, but my love for you in one in a million. I’ll love to the moon. Happy Valentine’s day, my love.

100. It is not a matter of where I found you or when we met but what matters is who you are. I love who you are. Wishing my sweetness, a happy valentine’s day.

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