2023 Trending Good Morning Monday Blessings

The best Monday messages ever, guaranteed to make your friends and loved ones happy and cheerful; they would surely be thankful for these Monday blessings.

Mondays are not really a favorite day of the week for most people but we can cheer up our friends and family and help them kick-start their day by sending lovely messages filled with good wishes, prayers and blessings to them.

Below are 100 messages we can send to encourage our loved ones.


Blessed Monday Morning Quotes with Prayers

Whether or not Monday is the first day of the week for you, it’s the first day of activities for the week and your experience on this day often dictates how the whole week will be. To make the new week run smoothly, these good morning Monday blessings and blessed Monday morning quotes with prayers will help.

1. It’s Monday! Don’t panic, you will have a fabulous day. Good morning

2. Today will be a fulfilling one for you, it will surely be a Monday to remember. Good morning

3. Your aspirations and wishes are coming true, today is going to set all into motion. Good morning my dear.

4. Happy Monday to you. Get up and get ready to seize the day: it would be a wonderful one for you.

5. I pray all your endeavors would be blessed even as you start this week. Good morning and have a blessed Monday.

6. It’s a fresh week and it shall be the beginning of a fresh start for you. Get ready, today will be awesome.

7. I know it isn’t Friday but make sure you have fun today all the same. Good morning.

8. Stay strong, stay happy, keep working and never give up. You are entering into the best times of your life. Happy Monday.

9. It’s the first working day of the week, I pray you are imbued with all the strength you need to conquer today. Good morning.

10. It’s time to pursue greatness again. Get up and get ready, the day is waiting for you. Good morning.

11. I pray today will be calm and peaceful for you. It isn’t the weekend yet but have a restful day all the same.

12. Today marks the beginning of another working week. Take things easy and take good care of yourself today. Good morning.

13. Get ready to achieve success, it’s Monday and it is going to be the best day of the week for you. Good morning.

14. My prayers for you this day is that you are happy, successful and victorious in all you do. Good morning and have a great day.

15. It’s Monday, laugh more, stay happy and have a great and blessed day. Good morning.

16. Your labor this week will be productive, your labor this week will be fruitful. Have an amazing day today.

17. Cheers to the beginning of a new week, have a blast today.

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18. Enjoy every second of your day today, it might be a Monday but it will surely be a great day. Good morning.

19. Beautiful things are coming your way today, get ready to experience great testimonies starting from today. Good morning and have an awesome week.

20. Stay strong, confident and positive today. It shall surely be a Monday to remember. Good morning.

21. Favour and blessings are pouring your way today. Happy Monday to you.

22. I know Mondays can be really stressful but I pray yours is stress free. Have a pleasant Monday.

23. A very lovely Monday to you. May today take you a step closer to the fulfillment of your destiny. Have a pleasant day.

24. Don’t let the stress get to you, stay strong, stay happy, stay confident, stay positive. Have a beautiful day.

25. It’s a new day. Forget the troubles of the past and keep your eyes on the future. Happy Monday.

26. Determine to make today worthwhile, determine to make today the best day yet. It’s another Monday, make the best use of it.

27. The weekend is over, it’s time to get back to work. Get up and get ready, today will be awesome.

28. My prayer for you today is that you enjoy optimum favor from men everywhere you go to. You will no doubt have a fabulous day today. Good morning.

29. Get ready, today marks the start of a glorious season for you as things would start falling into place starting from now. Have a great Monday.

30. May you reap bountifully wherever you have shown, may your handiwork be fruitful and prosperous. Good morning and have a lovely Monday.

31. Every new day is a blessing, happy new day to you.

32. beautiful things are coming your way, have a productive week.

33. Cheers to a beautiful week. Take things easy today.

34. Put your dancing shoes on, you will have reasons to be joyful and dance today. Good morning dear.

35. You partied hard during the weekend, I hope you are ready to work hard this week. Good morning, have a pleasant Monday.

36. I know you are going through rough times but I believe things are changing for your good. Good morning.

37. I am sending a lot of love and kisses your way today. Stay fabulous.

38. You probably wish the weekend was longer but get your ads up and go to work. Happy Monday.

39. Don’t quit, don’t give up. You are way closer than you have ever been. Good morning.

40. I hope you are ready for today. I know Mondays are busy days but stay optimistic. Good morning.

41. You have been one of my foremost cheerleaders and I am returning the favor. Good morning.

42. Wake up sleepy head, it’s time to claim the day. Make sure you do your best and make the best use of today. Good morning

43. I pray you are blessed with all the vitality and energy you need to make today worthwhile. Enjoy your Monday.

44. It is a new day, a new week. It’s all new and fresh. Do all you can and watch things fall into place. Good morning.

45. I pray every hurdle on your way is crushed and every obstacle removed. May you have a smooth day. Happy Monday.

46. I pray you will be outstanding and exceptional in all you do today. Your enemies are in for a really big surprise as you will outshine them all.

47. Your steps are ordered this day and you do what is right and necessary. Happy Monday to you, have a fabulous day.

48. Be grateful for the opportunity to see a new day, it means you get the chance to make better decisions. Good morning

49. Forget the mistakes and errors of the past, look forward to doing better in the future. Today is a new day, use it well.

50. Don’t be weary, you are almost there. Good morning

51. Embrace today as it is a day that comes once in a lifetime. Today’s date would never repeat itself. So, be grateful you get to see this new day. Good morning.

52. Keep a positive attitude and you will scale through today. Good morning, have a fantastic day.

53. Have a wonderful Monday, make sure you find happiness in whatever you do today.

54. Life is too short to spend time doing what we don’t love. Find satisfaction in whatever you do and if you don’t, do what satisfies you. Good morning.

55. Aim for greatness, think big. Good morning, don’t ever aspire for lesser than you deserve.

56. May God enlarge your coast and multiply you on every side. Good morning, wake up to Gods’ blessings.

57. It’s Monday. Whatever you do, make sure you make the right choices. Remember, your destiny lies in your hands.

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58. Be committed to whatever you do and you will do extraordinary things. Have an amazing Monday.

59. You are an inspiration to us all and I just couldn’t help sending this text. Good morning hero, it’s time to be awesome again.

60. Stay happy, stay hopeful, stay confident. Have a fulfilling Monday.

61. Strive to be the best version of yourself. It’s Monday, go out and do exploits.

62. Get up, it’s time to shine again. Don’t you just love Mondays?

63. Yes! It’s Monday. You can’t hide, it’s time to go to work again. Get up and get ready.

64. I believe this week is a week of possibilities. A lot of opportunities are coming your way, make use of them well.

65. Don’t let anyone or stress get to you, whatever happens, stay positive. Have a fabulous Monday.

66. As much as you might not like work, the fact remains there is no other way around success. Stay focused and have a prosperous Monday.

67. You are a winner and as such have absolutely nothing to fear from working days. Go out and do well, win.

68. It’s the first working day of the week, start happy and hopeful and the rest of the week will be filled with happiness and joy. Good morning.

69. Monday and money are similar. That’s because there is a lot of money to be made on Mondays. Happy Monday to you.

70. Wishing you a blissful Monday full of joy and excitement. Good morning to you.

71. No matter what people throw at you, stay calm and positive. Remember there is nothing you cannot handle. Good morning.

72. Have a great week and strive to be better than you used to be. Happy Monday to you.

73. Don’t be tired, don’t be weary. It’s Monday, re-fire and forge ahead. Good morning.

74. A synonym for Monday is work. I hope you are ready to work well. Good morning.

75. Today, I pray your joy would be full and sorrow will not know your home. May you prosper in all you do today.

76. May the blessings of the Lord overshadow you, may you enjoy divine provision and sustenance. Good morning.

77. I pray this Monday shall be the day that would usher you into all your reserved and awaiting blessings. Good morning, it’s Monday.

78. May all your heart desires be fulfilled, make God be extra kind to you today. Happy Monday.

79. Hurrah! It’s Monday. Time to clean our shoes and get back to work. Happy Monday to you.

80. Don’t let anything or anyone rattle you and take your peace today. Stay calm, cool and collected. Good morning.

81. You will surely have reasons to be thankful at the end of today because today will be magical and awesome for you.

82. Watch out, great things are coming your way today. It is going to be a Monday you will live to remember.

83. You had the whole weekend to yourself. I hope you are ready and fired up today. Good morning.

84. There is a lot that needs to be done today, I hope you are up and ready, it is going to be a full day. Good morning.

85. A truckload of joy, a full tank of blessing and a bountiful harvest of success is my wish for you this Monday. Have a lovely day.

86. There are great things waiting for you out there. Wake up, step out and claim them. Happy Monday to you.

87. In all you do, stay dedicated and committed and you will surely get rewarded with success and victory. Good morning.

88. Have a splendid day full of joy and laughter. Happy Monday to the best friend in the world.

89. I believe in you. Whether it’s Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. I know you always give your best and today will be no exception. Good morning.

90. May this Monday be as calm as your looks and awesome like your attitude. Happy Monday to you.

91. I woke up with a lot of enthusiasm and I just had to share some of it with you. Today is going to be great, I can sense it. Good morning.

92. You might be a little disappointed at your failings but don’t worry, it can only get better. Good morning.

93. As much as I wish Sunday would last forever, it’s Monday again and as such, you have to get up and go to work. Good morning.

94. I wish all days would be Monday for you so you wouldn’t have time to party as much as you do on weekends. Happy Monday lazy bone.

95. I know you probably do not feel like getting up as it is Monday but I have got good news for you, it would be a fun-filled and enjoyable Monday. Good morning.

96. I can’t wait to see how stunning you will look today. Mondays are my favorite days of the year because I get to see your relaxed face.

97. I pray you are blessed with the strength and courage you need to pull through this week. You do all with ease in Jesus’ name.

98. It’s such a beautiful day, a perfect day to start the new week. Keep a positive mental attitude and your day will be perfect. Good morning.

99. No mountain shall be too high for you this day, no valley shall be too deep. All your endeavors are profitable and you succeed in all you do. Good morning and have a beautiful Monday.

100. Today will be good, today will be favourable. We will have reasons to be joyful and thankful at the end of today. Enjoy your day today, happy Monday.

I hope these messages are helpful and sufficient to brighten your day and that of your loved ones. May every day of our lives be stress free and awesome. Have a beautiful day.

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