Best Inspirational Good Morning Christian Messages and Quotes

2024 Best Inspirational Good Morning Christian Messages and Quotes

Ideally, we have many people who are very important and close to us. And no matter who these people are – friends, family members, well-wishers or brethren in the body of Christ – we are grateful to God for having them in our lives.

Then it’s true that there are times we cannot see them in person to tell them how we feel. Sometimes, we may not even remember to call them.

But remember that’s no excuse for getting across to the people we care for.

If we can just send words – at least in texts – that will be enough to keep them fresh and energized.

So if you’re looking for some Inspirational Good Morning Christian Messages and Quotes, here are some you can send to people you care about in the family of Christ.

And if you love the messages, share it and I’ll say thanks.


Sweetest Good Morning Christian Messages and Quotes

Inspirational Text Messages and Quotes to say Good morning to a Christian.

1. The bright morning brings us to remembrance that after darkness light comes. As you go out this morning light will shine in your path. Good morning my dear.

2. It’s sweet, the refreshing feeling that comes after a sound sleep. It reminds us that there’s a brand new day and we must explore. Go and do exploits, my friend. Good morning to you.

3. The strength and readiness to face the day and achieve our goals are refreshed each morning. As you go out today, everything will fall in place for you. Good morning my wonderful friend.

4. We know that things will happen in our favour as we channel our thoughts and actions rightly. Today is another opportunity to do that. Go and make things work for you. Good morning my friend.

5. It’s always important to align with things and make them go the way we want. May you have the understanding to do that as you go out today. Have a Blessed day my friend.

6. I am happy I have a friend that understand times and season. As you go out today. Everything will work in your favour and you will be happy. Blessed morning my dear.

7. Today, you will do the right things at the right time to bring you the right result and we celebrate rightly. This is what I pray for you, my friend. Wonderful morning to you.

8. We know its by Grace we are alive each day, and we need to put that grace into active use and make our day purposeful. Go and do exploits, my friend. Have a wonderful day.

9. It’s not enough to just wake up and go out to make a living. But waking up healthily and happily is a sweet feeling. Make you continue to experience this. Good morning my dear.

10. Waking with Joy and going out with confidence to crush all opposition is the best kind of morning ever. I wish you this always my friend. You deserve it. Have a blessed day.

11. As you step out today, you will step into favour all round. You will be so overwhelmed that you will smile all through your day. This is what I wish for you. Good morning my best friend.

12. Don’t be scared when people queue to help you, or when they compete to make you happy, that’s what I asked the angels to do for you, my friend. Have a glorious day.

13. As you face the day, new ideas and renewed strength are what I pray for thee. To do more than yesterday and have a better day always. Good morning to you my friend.

14. Yesterday may not have gone the way you planned. But today will go beyond your expectations. Dress up and be ready for good things. Today is going to be wonderful my friend.

15. This morning, as you face your day. Good things will come to you with ease. You will do things you never imagined you could do and you will be happy. This is my prayer for you my friend. Good Morning Wish for Special One

16. I just want you to know that each morning I pray God put a smile on your face and grant all your heart desires. I love to see you happy. Good morning my wonderful friend.

17. I am happy you brought so much joy to me and every morning when I think of you. I just pray you find great joy too. That everything you do will go well. Go and do exploits, my friend.

18. Have a Blessed morning my friend, today as you go out, all your aspirations and plans would be fulfilled and you would come back home happier than you left.

19. As you go out today, you will encounter success that goes beyond your expectations and you will be settled in everything you do. Good morning my dear friend.

20. I know you may have been trying to get many things done and it’s taking long. I pray you receive the strength to finish it and every help you need will be granted. Have a wonderful morning.

21. This morning you will be divinely favoured to achieve everything you have set your heart to. You will come back home a fulfilled person. Do have a lovely day.

22. Every morning, we have renewed hope and confidence that today may be the day. And surely as you have thought about it, today will be the day of breakthrough for you, my friend. Go enjoy your day.

23. We are thankful for the gift of life, each day we wake. We are thankful for good health and hope of a blessed day ahead. We would be thankful for the goodness that filled the day. Have a wonderful morning my dear.

24. We understand that living is just a privilege and we try our possible best to make it worthwhile. Go out and live life, I pray you will be happy and fulfilled. Have a wonderful day.

25. As you go out today, everything will go as you have planned and you will be happy and fulfilled. Have a blessed morning my friend. You deserve it. Good morning my lovely friend.

26. Today is another day to right our wrongs, correct our mistakes and achieve new feats, as you go out today may you be granted all it takes to fulfil all your goals. Have a wonderful day.

27. Today is another day, forget about past disappointments, shake it off, face the day with new confidence and tackle your fears. Destroy the mountains and be happy. Enjoy your day my friend.

28. The Morning brings forth the feeling of thanksgiving, it is not a time to complain or mummer. But a day to appreciate God for another chance at life. Good morning my friend. Be happy we are alive.

29. Thank God today because he has special things in stock for you. Go and enjoy the blessing filled day. You deserve it, my friend. Good morning to you my dear friend.

30. May you achieve all your plans today, and in everything you do, you will record success all around. Go into your day with confidence. Have a blessed morning my sweet friend.

31. Today is gonna be better than all the days you’ve spent, Each day comes with a special opportunity and today’s own will usher you into greatness. Good morning my wonderful friend.

32. May today usher new beginning into your life. Things will start falling in the right place for you. The day is loaded with blessings for you, what are you waiting for, go get them. Have a blessed morning.

33. My friend, as you go out this morning be rest assured of good tidings from every corner, go into the day with joy and go enjoy all God has provided. Have a fulfilled day.

34. At the end of today, you will smile and be thankful for God’s faithfulness. That’s my prayer for you my friend. Go into your day and do exploits. Good morning my dear friend. Enjoy the day.

35. I just wanna say good morning to you. As you go out goodness will follow you through today, you will be so overwhelmed with the success you won’t want the day to end. Enjoy your day.

36. The angels of the Lord said the would keep you safe and give you blessings you didn’t plan for. You better get out of bed and start your day. Because today is gonna be a great day. Good morning my sweet friend.

37. Congratulations to us my friend, we are alive and we are healthy and we know each day God will grant our requests. Let us be happy and let’s go enjoy our day. Wonderful morning to us.

38. Oh what a bright morning, with an inviting air. It strengthens our hope and gives us the confidence to face our fears. Go and do exploits. Good morning my friend.

39. This morning as you set out to go about your daily business. You would do things with unusual strength and speed and you’d achieve much more than you’ve planned. Enjoy your day.

40. There’s this sweet feeling that comes with the morning. It’s always refreshing and energizing. Go into the day and fulfil your goals. Do have a blessed day.

41. Don’t you know the day is waiting for you to set out? It is waiting to do your bidding and command. Just say what you want and the result starts showing. Go rule your world.

41. Go into your day with confidence. That’s all you need, everything has been prepared for you. Just go and take charge. Good morning my dear friend. Have a blessed day ahead.

42. Life gives us not what we want but what we ask of it. This morning is another opportunity, demand what you want and see it sprinting towards you. Go and enjoy your day.

43. Yesterday’s unfulfilled goals wouldn’t stop us from waking today and doing the great things we set our heart to. Go into your day and be fulfilled. Have a wonderful day.

44. Yesterday is gone, today is what we have. Live your life by the minute and enjoy all life has to offer. Have a happy heart and enjoy your day. You deserve all the happiness.

45. Life would manifest unto us the way we relate to it. Happiness is a product of what our heart wants. No matter what life throws at you be happy. Enjoy your morning.

46. Be happy from within and watch everything compete to make you smile. They don’t have a choice. You’ve committed unto them a joyful heart. Have a Blessed morning my friend.

47. It’s been a while I heard from you but my heart is always with you. I pray you have all your heart desires and all you lay your hands on will prosper. Have a blessed morning my dear.

48. This morning, as you go out, may you receive blessings from all around and may you come back home happy and fulfilled. Have a blessed day. Good morning my friend.

49. I want you to know that there are so many good things in stock for you. We have a blessed hope and we are entitled to every good thing. Have a sweet day.

50. Daily as we wake up, we know that there’s hope we should go claim our inheritance. Today is an opportunity to do that. Go into the enjoy the blessings. Good morning my dear.

51. Having a friend that wants the best for you is rare. The peace, trust and joy your presence brings is the best in the world. May God give you abundant blessings as you go into your day. Good morning.

52. I’m happy I have everything in you. You are a blend of everything wonderful. God would make everything work for you. Good morning my Friend, have a Great day.

53. You’ve brought so much joy to my life and every morning, I thank God for allowing me to meet you. May God make you happy all round. Have a blissful day my dear. Wonderful morning to you.

54. May the entry of this day usher in great things into your life. As you step into today you would be favoured from every angle. You deserve it, my friend. Sweet morning to you.

55. You are very special to me and I pray you have every good thing you ever want in life. Today will open the doors to your breakthrough. Good morning my lovely friend.

56. I’m the luckiest person in the world for having my best friend, mentor, and muse all in one person. I pray God will keep you for me and make you happy all through your life. Good morning my dear friend.

57. Because without you life would be boring and useless. Living is fulfilling with you. Daily I wonder what I would do without you. God will keep you safe for me and meet all your needs. Have a fulfilling day.

58. Your influence in my life is immeasurable so I pray to God every morning to spare you and grant all your heart desires because I can’t do without you. You are such a wonderful person. Good morning my friend, enjoy your day.

59. Having you is a Great privilege, it’s too good to be true, You are one in a million. I am fulfilled with you, anything that would harm you would be removed by God. Go enjoy your day my friend, you’re Safe.

60. I Can’t thank God enough for bringing you into my Life,you’re the answer to my heartfelt prayers and I pray you would achieve all your goals and be great in life. I’m happy to have you. Good morning my friend.

61. Life is not meant to be walked alone. Being friends with you is the best decision I ever made. So I’m praying to God to make us grow to greater heights together. Have a Blessed day my dear. Good morning.

62. My friend, as you step into the day, God will guide you into Greatness and Fulfillment. And you will come back home fulfilled. Top of the morning to you my dear. Enjoy your day.

63. You fit the right places and tick the right boxes in me, you’re more than a friend you’re a companion. I pray your day would be bright, you will shine and be happy. You’re the best. Good morning my wonderful friend.

64. Day after Day I think about how far we’ve come, through the thick and thin, ups and down. Every morning I remember this and I pray God continue to strengthen us. Enjoy your day.

65. Go have a blast today my special friend. You mean so much to me. Come back home fulfilled. You deserve all the best life has to offer. God bless you for me. Have a lovely morning my friend.

66. We’ve come a long way and we would keep going in the journey to Greatness. Today is another day, buckle up and face the day, Success is yours, my friend. Blessed morning to you.

67. You stood by me with love and patience. Your Strong will and tenderness sharpened me. Thank you for being there for me. God will stand by you to and provide all you need. Today is gonna be good for you. Enjoy.

68. Every morning I remember those wonderful things you did for me and I pray God will reward you back in a great fold. I’m happy I have a friend in you. Do Have a Great morning.

69. I want every good thing life has to offer to queue up to answer to you. You’ve been good to me and good people deserve good things. Today good things will come your way from every angle. Good morning to you my friend.

70. I have everything I want in you, after phasing through hurts and pains, you brought the soothing balm to me. As you go into today people will queue to help you. Good morning my friend. God bless your day.

71. Every morning I wake up to thank God for creating you and for allowing me to meet you. Good things will not cease in your life. Have a fulfilling day my friend. Good morning.

72. I owe you my comfort, happiness and love. You’re the best thing that happened to me. God would keep you and make you Great for me. You will always be happy. Have a Wonderful day my friend.

73. Each day moves us a step closer to our goals. We are assured of Success as we daily draw towards the manifestations of Success. Today will usher you into realms of success and you will be fulfilled. Good morning my friend.

74. God will open doors of success for you, as you go into today, you would achieve all you have set your heart towards. Everything will work for your favour. Have a blessed day my friend.

75. Every day another page is opened, to learn, improve, correct past mistakes and do new things. Go into today and make things happen. And I pray you will come back a better person. Good morning my friend.

76. Love is a motivating force when channelled rightly, I couldn’t have been me without you Push and influence. Can’t thank you enough I pray God will open doors of favour for you too. Good morning my friend.

77. I pray that God would push you also into greatness, he will guide your steps as you walk in favour and you would have Success all around. Today is gonna be a good day my friend. Good morning.

78. Today will mark the beginning if greatness in your life. You will remember today and smile, everything you set your heart on will come to you. Get dressed and go enjoy all this. Good morning.

79. You made me who I am today, I have evolved and become better. Thank God for giving you to me. You’re very special. Good morning my friend. May God bless your day.

80. Shouting on the top of my voice to the Clouds. The heavens would hear and favour you as you go out today. You will be overwhelmed with success. Have a success filled day my friend. Good morning.

81. Good morning to you my friend, you are my Joy. I’d choose to be friends with you over and over again. God will protect you and make you happy for me. Have a wonderful day.

82. Life may be boring and harsh, but it’s not allowed to frustrate you. I have asked God to take charge of your day and settle your needs. You have no worries go and enjoy your day my friend.

83. Thank you for coming into my life, because you’re a companion and we form a bond in this journey of life. Let’s go do exploits and come back home better, happier and richer. Good morning my sweet friend.

84. Facing the struggles of life is hard but with you, I look forward to it. God with us we will break new grounds and make legacies. Come on let’s go have a fulfilling day. Good morning.

85. Mornings are the Best part of my day because I get to be refreshed and I am thankful for another opportunity to make life better. Go into the day my friend and do exploits. Wonderful morning to you.

86. The world is waiting for you my friend, explore the talents, display the gifts, showcase the skills and make the world a better place. Go forth and enjoy your day. Top of the morning to you.

87. I’m always Excited at the thought of Morning, not only does it give me an opportunity to Restart and Refresh, it also gives me the chance to reach out to those I care about. You are one of the,m my friend. Good morning.

88. The sweet smell of morning freshness, inhaling the cold refreshing breath. This energizes me to face the day, and may it bring you good things as you step out today. Have a blessed day my friend.

89. Mornings are a Blessed time of the day, It gives the opportunity to share the undiluted sweetness of the heart and the peace of the early dew. May it bring you fulfilment and joy to nourish your day. Good morning my friend.

90. As the bright sun rises in the sky to shine forth, may you also receive grace to shine, to be great and to achieve all your set goals! Have a great day ahead, my friend. Good morning.

91. Why is the clock ticking to Slow, the night seems to be forever, roll over and give way to the day because I and my friend want to achieve great things. It’s morning my friend. Let’s go make things happen.

92. Having you is what makes me look forward to the dawn of each day. God bless you and keep you for me. You’re my inspiration. Your day will be filled with good things roundabout. Good morning my friend.

93. Every day, in my prayers I make mention of you. Your encouragement is my daily meal and I can’t afford to do without you. Go and achieve great feats and come back home happy. Good morning my darling friend.

94. Worthless is Life without cause, the essence of life is to achieve set purpose in happiness. That’s what make life worth Living. Go and achieve purpose today my friend. Good morning to you.

95. The Journey of this world is dark and Fearful, Lonely and Tiring. But with God we are rest assured of Support and Favour. God will go with you today and make everything easy for you. Good Morning.

96. Each morning is with Gratitude, graced to enjoy more memories with family and friends. I am happy to have you and I pray you will succeed in all your endeavours. Have a blessed day my friend.

97. Every morning is a chance to right yesterday’s wrongs and correct present mistakes to prepare an undaunted future. Go into your day in the strength of God. Good morning my dear friend.

98. It is a Privilege to wake up every day. Living Life in the fullness of all that comes with it is our duty. Go and live a purposeful life my friend. Wishing you a morning filled with happiness.

99. My wish for you today is to be the best you can be, I pray the angels of the Lord direct your steps rightly and helps you to fulfil all your aspirations. Good morning my wonderful friend. Have a wonderful day.

100. When the lucky feeling of the morning dawns on me. I thank God that we are to enjoy the gift of life and the opportunity it brings. Good morning to you my friend, Enjoy Life to the fullest. Have a wonderful day.

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