2024 Trending Good Morning Have a Nice Day Messages

Most times, it’s the little things that matter!

A beautiful and nice day is predicted when the morning is one filled with smiles. And a more beautiful day when the smile is as a result of a few sweet words received from a lover.

We know this beautiful truth, so we bring to you, lovely Good Morning messages that will put a smile on your lover’s face and make him/her have a great and nice day.

More than this, your lover gets to know that you are the first person to cross his/her mind in the early hours of the day. Isn’t that sweet?

I’m sure you will enjoy and love the lovely text messages we have, prepared for you. Do have a nice day yourself.
So, make your choice.

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Good Morning Have a Nice Day Messages for Lover

Sweet Good Morning Have a Nice Day Messages for your boyfriend or girlfriend to wake up to.

1. I woke up with a great feeling of emptiness. Why? You weren’t beside me. I long for us to be together, baby. How was your night? I hope you’ll have a very nice day ahead.

2. I dreamt of you. And I believe it’s a good sign. Good morning, my darling. I wish you a great day ahead. Don’t have too much fun without me. I love you.

3. Still asleep? Off the bed, sweetie. It’s a new day. So, Good morning. I pray that the odds will be in your favour today, my dear. Do have a nice day, dear.

4. Up! Up! Up! It’s a new morning. Good morning, my love. I believe you slept well and dreamt of me. I trust you did. I love you so much, my dear and I wish you a nice day ahead.

5. Good morning, cupcake. How was your night? I trust you had a very deep sleep? Good! May the lines fall unto you in pleasant places, today. Have a nice day. Meaningful Good Morning Messages

6. A special text to wake my sweetheart up. I believe you had a night so sweet. May blessings follow you this new day. Good morning and have a pleasant day, dearest.

7. Such a bright morning, isn’t it? And it even will be a brighter day for you. Good morning my dear. Have a great day.

8. Joy, favour, love and goodness will be your lot on this special new day. Good morning, sweetie. How was your night? Do have a very nice day.

9. Hey baby! Good morning. And how was your night? I hope you didn’t fall off the bed. May good things happen to you today. Have a good day, sweets.

10. Holla honey! How are you? I doubt you are still sleeping. I know you to be one who rises early. I believe good things will happen this new day. Good morning, honey.

11. All days, like today, are special for me, baby, because you are living. And I pray all good things of life will come your way, today. Good morning, love.

12. Today is another day I believe is pregnant with good things. And I’m positive it will birth those good things for you. Good morning my love. Have a nice day.

13. The days gonna be long but exhilarating. You will find joy today, my dear. Good morning and do have a day as beautiful as you are.

14. Just like I do, I’m sure you get to appreciate the gift of seeing each new day, and one filled with good tidings at that. Good morning, lovely. Have a good day.

15. Each day from today will be significant for you my dear, as new things will be your lot, always. Good morning, sweet and have a great day.

16. Good morning, my sweetheart. I hope you dreamt of me. I wish you a very nice day ahead. How about dinner tonight? I love you.

17. Sweetheart, I pray that everything will be in your favour today. You will have the strength to go through each of your activity for today. Good morning, dear. I trust you had a peaceful night.

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18. Daily, I thank the Almighty for the gift of you and I’m grateful that we get to see a new day together. How was your night, my beloved? I hope for the very best for you today.

19. I can’t wait to wake up beside you each morning, with you wrapped in my arms. I hope you had a good night and that your day would even be better.

20. My love, as I woke up, thoughts of you stirred within and rose with me. How was your night? Good morning, my dear. Do have a pleasant day ahead.

21. I want to make a habit of kissing you first thing in the morning, of wrapping you in my arms till you no longer feel sleepy. How was your night, baby? It’s a good morning and the day will be better. Good morning, love.

22. It’ll be so sweet to spend the night in your arms and wake up with you beside me. I long for moments like this. Good morning, my sweet. How was your night.?

23. My darling! How I have missed you! I long to have you around again. And, Good morning. How was your night.? May the odds be in your favour on this new day.

24. Hey baby! Stressed from yesterday’s activities? I’m so sorry, dear. I’ll give you a good massage when next we are together. Hope you had a good rest? Good morning and may today be better.

25. Sweets! I was thinking. What do you think about lunch today? Do let me know what you think. How was this last night? Do have a great day and keep some fun for our time together. I love you, babes. Good morning.

26. It’s a new morning filled with great things that will be your portion. Good morning my love. I wish you a great day.

27. I do hope that you have a stress-free day. That your day is one filled with smiles and laughs. Good morning, sweetheart. How was your night?

28. How I miss you and wish that every moment of our days be spent together. I love you, honey. And it’s a new day. Good morning, dear.

29. Thoughts of you sleep and wake up with me. Even in my dreams, you are irresistible. And the yawning distance between us doesn’t matter. I love you. Good morning, sweets and have a great day.

30. Knowing how much you love your sleep, I’m hoping you love me more. Wake up, baby. Good morning. And Yeah! It’s gonna be a great day.

31. A very good morning to the one whose thoughts fill me till I drift off in sleep and whose thoughts wake me up. Do have a very lovely day, my love. Good morning.

32. Now, my day can’t start without me knowing how fine you are and how peaceful your night was. Good morning, my dear. Have a good day.

32. The sun rises. A beauty rises with it. The day shines bright, my gorgeous one shines just right. Good morning, my sunshine. I wish for a fun-filled day for you.

33. Love for you burns within, waking me up each morning. And who better to talk to first than the one whose love has stirred me awake? Good morning, my love.

34. This message is for the one who has captured my heart. Are you reading it? Yes. You! You are the one for me. Good morning, love.

35. Each morning reminds me that you are the one I want to spend forever with. I hope you feel what I feel. Good morning my love.

36. I am empty each morning that I wake up without you in my arms. I want to be with you, always. Good morning, baby. I’ll try to be fine without you beside me today. Have a lovely day, dear.

37. I’m the happiest one living. I’ve been given eyes to behold the glory of the sun, a body to feel the breeze of the early morning and a heart to love the most gorgeous person in my life. Good morning sunshine. I hope you’ll have a great day, better than yesterday.

38. This new day, you will be filled with unconditional love from me and you will have reasons to smile because it will be a really nice day. Good morning, darling.

39. The stars and moon shy away from you early in the morning. The sun is jealous of your beauty that it threatens to shine brightly. But it can’t beat you because your beauty can’t be quantified. Good morning, my sweet. Today will be significant.

40. Waking up beside you lights up my day. And not only my day but it lights up my life. Good morning, dear. Have a truly amazing day.

41. Aren’t I one lucky being? I see you in my dreams, only to wake up to your gorgeous form beside me. Isn’t it beautiful? Good morning, baby. Have a pleasant day ahead.

42. Welcome to a new day, baby. May all odds be in your favour today even as this day will be better than the previous. Good morning, dear.

43. It’s another happy day, love. Another day we’ll get to be together. Good morning my sweetheart. Do have a great day.

44. Your love blinds me and I can barely go through a day if I don’t hear from you in the morning. I wish you have a day filled with bliss, thoughts of me and our love. Good morning, my love.

45. Waking up is so wonderful when I think of how beautiful a day spent with you will be. I look forward to seeing you later in the day. Keep some fun for when we’ll meet. Good morning, cupcake.

46. Yesterday’s gone with all its worries. It’s a new day that we’re gonna enjoy and be glad. Good morning, candy. Have a blessed day.

47. Daily, we should appreciate the gift of each new day we see. We should also be glad we get it to spend with each other. Good morning, darling. May the day be pleasant.

48. It doesn’t matter to me what whether a new day comes with. I’ll be content to wake up beside you and in your arms. Good morning, baby. I hope for a great day for you.

49. May the day spring forth joys and laughs and may you make memories from pleasant moments in this beautiful day. How was your night, dear? Good morning.

50. The sun’s glory would be bleak without your morning smile rising with it. Good morning, my love. Trust you had a great night and that you’ll have a greater day. Good morning, again.

51. I love the morning part of a day best. I feel I win a battle each time my eyes open to see you beside me. I love each morning with you. Good morning, my sweetheart. I hope you’ll have a very pleasant day void of trouble.

52. We wake each day with new plans, expectations and needs. The only constant fact in my life is the assurance of your love that I have which fills me anew each day. Good morning, handsome. Can’t wait to see you.

53. Waking up in your arms makes me all mushy inside. It’s a feeling I don’t want to recover from, ever. Good morning, baby. I hope the best things will come your way today.

54. Hey baby! How was last night without me? I couldn’t sleep well. I miss your arms around me, so come home early today. Good morning, love.

55. Our love is gonna last longer than love itself because our love is new with each sun rising. Good morning, cutie. How was your day? May your day be as handsome as you are.

56. Today, I long to see your face, wrap you in my arms, and drown in the sight of your beauty and enjoy your sweet smile and angelic presence. Good morning, baby.

57. Each day from today will be better and greater than the previous. My love, you will exhibit greatness, today. How was your night, pumpkin? Good morning.

58. You’ve shown me what love is. And each morning you keep showing me how to love. I’m really grateful for the gift of you, my dear. Good morning and do have a very lovely day.

59. Love for you rises with me each morning and is capable of making me scale through my day and activities without you by my side, leaving me longing for your presence. Good morning, sweets.

60. Daily, I long for our togetherness. And I do hope to show you off to the world. I also want to show you the world and give you the very best. Good morning, baby. How was your night? I hope your day would be as great as the love I have towards you.

Good Morning Have a Nice Day Messages for Friends and Loved Ones

Special people deserve special words and texts from a special you!
I doubt that you think otherwise.
Family and friends are dear people to us, and we know the wonders words do and how far they go.
Don’t doubt the effects of a ‘Good Morning’ message from a loved one.
Make your friends and members of your family feel loved. And not just because you actually want them to feel loved but because you really love them and truly care.

Here, we have ready for you, Good Morning messages that will convey the very thoughts of your hearts to your family and friends.
I doubt that you won’t love them.

Do make your choice(s) and proudly share. And yes, always visit us.
We love you already.

1. My darling friend in whom I’m well pleased! I believe you have been fine. How was this last night? I wish you a very nice day full of joy. Good morning, dearie.

2. How do you do this new morning? And how was your night? I do hope that all odds will be in your favour today. Good morning, dear friend.

3. Wake up, friend! It’s dawn. I believe had a great and that you’ll have an even greater day. Good morning, dear. Have a nice day.

4. You were the first I thought of this morning, dear sister. How have you been? And how was this last night? May good things be yours today. Good morning.

5. Never forget as you wake up each day that I love you and you are always on my mind, Mom. How was your night? May today be as splendid as you are.

6. Hello friend! A very pleasant morning to you. How was your night? I’ve really missed you. I’m sure you miss me too. Do have a great day, sweet friend.

7. It a beautiful new morning isn’t it. Make new life-changing decisions today and work towards them. Do have a very pleasant day, dear friend. Good morning.

8. A very good morning to you, my special brother. Have I told you lately that I miss you so much? I’m sure you miss me too. May your day be as pleasant as you are, bro.

9. Sweet Dad! It’s been a pretty long while. How have you been and how was your night? May lines fall in pleasant places for you. Have a nice day sir. Good morning.

10. I pray that all good things of life be yours today, sweet mother. Make your day be as loving and lovely as you are. Good morning, ma.

11. A special morning text for my special big brother. I hate this distance that separates us. I love and miss you. And I wish for you, a very nice day, today. Good morning, dear brother.

12. Thanking God for the gift of life, my heart reached out to you, this morning. How have you been and how was your night? May the peace of the Lord be with you always. Good morning, dear.

13. Wake up, Happy for life and filled with smiles and no regrets. The Lord is worthy. May your day be very nice and pleasant. Good morning to you.

14. Wake up to a new day of new opportunities. Good morning, dear. How was your night? I do hope for a very splendid day for you, today and always. I love you.

15. It’s a beautiful thing when you open your eyes to the reality that you are still breathing. It feels beautiful. I hope your day will be as beautiful as you feel. Good morning, love.

16. Your going out today would not be into the arms of danger and your coming in would not be into the arms of death. Good morning, dearie. Trust that your night was great.

17. On this great day, it is my hope that everything and everyone will work for you. You won’t regret waking up today. Good morning and have a nice day.

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18. This happy day is bright and fair, isn’t it? May your day be brighter than yesterday and good things are yours. Good morning, cupcake. How do you do?

19. Hello sweet! It’s a cold morning here. Over there? I wish you a good morning and trouble-free day. Do have lots of fun and enjoy yourself. Have a nice day ahead.

20. Happiness is from the mind, so wake up with a happy mindset and the day would be a happy one. I’ll come over later this week, Father. Good morning, sir.

21. Daily, thoughts of you cross my heart, my dearest friend. It’s been a while though. Good morning and how have you been? Do have a great day today. And we should hang out sometime soon.

22. May blessings follow you today. No problems will come your way and you will have such a nice day, one better than yesterday. Good morning, sis.

23. As you step out today, may your heart desires be fulfilled and you’ll be filled with joy at the end of the day. Good morning, lovely.

24. What’s up, man. Good morning. How was your night? How about a night’s out later today? Do have a great day.

25. Hey there, friend. Been a really long while. How have you been and how was your night? Thoughts of you crossed my mind this morning as always. Do have a great day.

26. I wish you a splendid day filled with joy. May today be in your favour. How was your night, darling? Good morning to you.

27. A very blessed new day to you. It’s a new day and you should have great expectations which you should work towards achieving. Good morning!

28. A new dawn, a new day, a fresh dawn and a fresh start! Wake up and do great things today even as you’ll have a very nice day. Good morning, dear.

29. You will do exploits today, my dear. And great things will come your path. Good morning, dear.

30. Do not think that today is a bad day. Every day has good things and it’s the good things that will be yours. Be positive, my dear. Good morning.

31. Today, your journey to and fro is indeed blessed and you are favoured as today will be a great day. Good morning to you.

32. As you walk in the Lord’s favour, victory is assured. Do have a superb day. Good morning, my sweetheart and darling friend.

33. May those needs of yours be met by the Lord according to His riches in Glory and you will know no lack. Good morning, cupcake and do have a great day.

34. Good morning, dear, sister. And oh! How was your night? I really miss you, you know. Do have a day filled with thoughts of our memories.

35. You are so beautiful, inside out that the day has to be good to you. I believe your day would be as beautiful as you are. Good morning, dear.

36. I still wish that you are the first I see when I wake up. But life happens. I miss you. Good morning, sis. Have a great day.

37. It is with great joy I wake up each day realising you’re still in my life, Mom. I hope you had a good night rest, ma. Good morning and the day is blessed.

38. Joy like never before will be your lot this new day and week. Good morning, my darling friend. Have a splendid day.

39. As you go out today, May your day be blessed and wonderful. May other consecutive days be better. Good morning, dear and have a splendid day.

40. I do hope that today ends with joy and that you’ll have cause to laugh. How was your night, my darling? Good morning and have a safe day.

41. May great and pleasant things that you don’t even expect come your path today and always. I hope you had a good night rest. Good morning, sister.

42. May you find strength in this day to go through everything it brings. Do have a beautiful day ahead. Good morning, Mom.

43. May the rain of all good things shower on you as you go about all your activities for the day. Good morning, love. I hope you slept well.

44. Wherever you go, whatever you do today, May God’s favour be with you. Good morning, dear. Have a nice day.

45. My sweet mom! How was your night? I hope you dreamt of me. May good and pleasant things happen today and always. Good morning, ma.

46. Oh, Popsy! How have you been? Miss me?? Definitely. I do hope you have a splendid and stress-free day, today. Good morning, sir.

47. Today, my dear, I do hope that you look at all things positively; that you see the good in each day. Good morning, dear little sis. Have a great day ahead.

48. Good morning, sweets. Beautiful night, uh? I’m sure the new day would be more beautiful. Have a beautiful day, dearest.

49. Going out today, your steps shall be ordered and your rising will be great. Good morning and do have a beautiful day, dear.

50. May you go through each of your activities and actions with fulfilment. Your day is blessed because you are blessed. Good morning, my darling.

51. Dearest brother! How are you? And how is everything? I do hope for a day filled with laughter and love. Do enjoy this new dawn. Good morning, bro.

52. The rays as a result of the sun’s glory are so beautiful. May your today be even more beautiful. And you will shine brighter than the sun. Good morning, love.

53. Speak positively! Act positively.! It’s a new day! Positive things will happen. Good morning, dearest. How was your night.?

54. Oh dear! How are you and how have things been? I do miss you. I wish you a fulfilling day of joy, ahead. Good morning, honey.

55. Your today will be sweeter than previous days. Your today will be filled with joy! I, from the bottom of my heart, wish you a glorious day ahead. Good morning, sweets.

56. May all that you lay your hands on today be prosperous. May you be happiness personified, today. Good morning and have a joyous day.

57. May you enjoy all the blessings that come with a new day. May joy be yours, now and ever. Good morning, my dear.

58. Everything good in this life will locate you, today. May you be full of smiles and laughs when this new day comes to an end. Good morning, dear. How was your night?

59. Today and always, you will have reasons to be glad to see a new day. A new dawn. A bright new morning. Good morning, dear.

60. Hey there, my boy! How was your night? And how are you? May you receive favour today, May good things happen. Good morning, my brother.

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