2024 Best I Have Passed My Exam Status

Having gone through the struggles of writing and passing an exam, you’d agree that, its success isn’t for the feebleminded.

The battles with the dark night, the struggle with your sleepy eyes and the temptation to just let go, earn you the right to scream for joy when you stare at the success in your name.

Showing off and letting the world feel your joy and the others hear your scream only become the right thing to do after the reward of hard work comes knocking.

Surprise your friends and loved ones with the Best I Have Passed My Exam Status and watch the congratulatory messages poured in.

One more thing, you wouldn’t just be showing off, but teaching your friends and loved ones how to also pass their own exams just like you did. A perfect thing to do right?

Now, go make your own choice and let the world know success isn’t so far away.

Exam Pass Status for WhatsApp or Facebook

First of all, congratulations for the success in your exams. Now you want some exam success status to use on WhatsApp or Facebook? Use any of these copy and paste I have passed my exam status. Best Exam Pass Status for WhatsApp or Facebook.

1. Great reward for burning the night’s candles. Happy to announce that, I did pass my exams.

2. It takes commitment and focus to win the prize. It wasn’t easy but I did it. I passed my exam.

3. Grace coupled with hard work got me here today. My result came with the green light, I have passed my exam.

4. Luckily for me, I didn’t depend on luck but hard work. I have passed my exam.

5. It didn’t matter how many nights I stood up late, what matters now is that my exam success is evidence of my hard work.

6. The prize was enough to inspire me. A new level have I obtained. My exam result is awesome.

7. Now I have the peace, the rest and the success altogether. I have passed my exam.

8. It wasn’t easy getting here. But it was worth every moment of self-denial. My exam result is a testimony.

9. I knew with hard work, I’d go so far, but grace took me even further. I’ve passed my exams, guys.

10. No regrets, no complaints. I have passed my exams.

11. Today is a bright day, my result is colorful. I have passed my exam.

12. I don’t need to nurse pain and regrets. For my exam result gladdens my heart.

13. Now I have a new pain killer. Just a glimpse at my result and I am elated. How lovely!

14. Feels good to wear the crown of success with my name boldly written upon it. I passed my exam!

15. The result of hard work is sweet, if you doubt it, try it. It wasn’t easy but I did it. I have passed my exam.

16. This has taught me to be diligent and go for what I want. Super grateful to see my exam result looking so good.

17. It wasn’t easy but I knew better than to relent. I have passed my exam.

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18. Against all odds, I wear the medal of success upon excellently passing my exams.

19. Today, I worry not, because yesterday, I gave it all. Feels good to see my result in the ink of a golden pen.

20. No mountain is too big to surmount, simply be determined to overcome it. I have passed my exam.

21. Put on a fighting spirit when you need it. I passed my exam with that.

22. You can always trust hard work and faith to win. I passed my exams.

23. Give it all it takes and you’d have all that you desire. I have passed my exam.

24. I was given the chance to succeed, I didn’t waste a second to claim the prize. I have passed my exam even though with a great deal of self-denial. But I’ll do it again if need be.

25. Nights that I wrestled with the temptation of sleep, nights that were too dark to read, but success came because I didn’t quit. I have passed my exam.

26. Great joy roaming in my heart, because my result is a testimony of my hard work.

27. Success isn’t so far away afterall. I have passed my exams because I broke the chain of laziness.

28. Days like this either make you regret past mistakes or make you grateful for the past hard work. I have passed my exams because the latter is my case.

29. Now that I have passed my exams, who else would congratulate me?

30. Take a look at my beautiful smile, my exam result gave me that. I passed without refrain!

31. Success is the sweetest thing ever, I love its taste better. I have passed my exam.

32. Hard work is bliss whilst laziness is regret. It wasn’t easy but I did it. I have passed my exam.

33. Do the right thing at the right time. Coming from a girl who just passed her exam.

34. How far are you willing to go for success? It wasn’t easy but I passed like nothing else matters but this.

35. Feels good to look through my result over and over again. I have passed my exam.

36. I started with doubt but finished with the confidence of a winner. I have passed my exam.

37. With the bravery of a lion and the wisdom of the wise, I conquered every exam I took.

38. Slowly but surely, I took my exam one day at a time. Here I am; a complete success today.

39. The feeling of success is next to the euphoria of falling in love. I made all my exam papers.

40. Do well to congratulate me, for I just got the good news of my exam results.

41. It’s never easy, yet it is very much possible. When determination meets hard work, success is birthed. Today, I have passed all my exams.

42. Heavens shined down on me and crowned my sleepless nights with admirable success.

43. Giving up is never an option when faced with trials. I just made my exam.

44. Yippie! When the will to succeed drives you, your success will never be negotiable, but mandatory. It wasn’t easy, but I made my exam.

45. Successful people are always at work and never at rest. I’m glad my sleepless nights bequeathed me great success in my exam.

46. I’ll love to do this again. Success is a very beautiful thing just like being in love.

47. I have passed my exam. The success of today has definitely rewarded the hard work of yesterday.

48. Those candles I burnt made my exam results so bright. I’m a complete success today.

49. I have no regrets because I made my exams. It didn’t come easy nor cheap. It took me sheer hard work.

50. When you’re given the reward of success, you’ll love to sow more seeds of hard work. I’m elated I made my exam.

51. Nothing looks better on me than success. I just made my exam.

52. This is a promise; if you work hard, your success will go hard on your adversaries. I just made my exam.

53. There’s no stopping me. I’ll go higher from here. I have passed my exam.

54. One of the recipes of success is focus. Be focused on your goal. It worked for me and here I am as an academic success.

55. The best way to have the taste of success is by succeeding yourself. I know so because I have passed my exam brilliantly.

56. If the heavens must smile down on you, your hard work must rise like incense to the heavens. I finally made all my exams.

57. I’ve made my exam. This is a new dawn. Success feels good.

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58. Hard work births success, while the latter births wisdom; the wisdom to acquire more and bigger successes in the future to come. I just made my exam.

59. I started this journey with mild sickness, but that never deterred me from my goal to succeed. Today, I made my exam.

60. I have passed my exam, not because I was lucky enough, but because I was diligent and intentional about succeeding.

61. Don’t be afraid to give it your all. Success embraces those who put their soul, mind and energy into realizing their goal. I passed my exam with flying colours and brilliant rays of light.

62. I am an epitome of success not by luck, but by choice and hard work. I made my exam.

63. If you learnt your lesson well, you’ll pass your exam. Congratulations to me. I made it.

64. I’ve been inspired to keep chasing success. I just made my papers.

65. Looking back, it was all worth it. The result of my exam looks brighter than the sun.

66. Today is the best day of my life, cause my exam result looks excellent.

67. Don’t compromise your success. Complete success is more fulfilling than mediocre.

68. I am so satisfied with my exam results. It wasn’t easy, but every single drop of sweat invested in it was rewarded.

69. I’m happy to know that I finally made my exam. Nothing good comes easy.

70. I’ll do this again as long as I’ll be highly rewarded with success. I made my exam.

Let us be the first to say; congratulations to you, cause you passed.

Now make use of the comment box and share button. We’d be glad you did.

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