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2023 Best Happy Valentine’s Day Sms for Someone Special

Every day is special, but Valentine’s Day has proven beyond doubts to be a special day dedicated for the celebration of love.

Irrespective of opinions held, this day should not just be an ordinary day reserved only for romantic lovers. It should rather be a time to celebrate a kind of love that cuts across all boundaries.

Hence, everyone connected to you, and all who have made a significant part in your life need a touch of your love and appreciation on this day.

Whichever way you might have decided to celebrate them, I tell you, an enchanting message will definitely crown it all. So, you can romanticise them with any of these messages for the Valentine’s Day.

Happy Valentine’s Day Sms for Lovers

Most romantic valentine’s day text messages for him or her to celebrate this valentine’s day in a special way. Send it to your husband, wife, boyfriend and girlfriend and be glad you did.

1. I know I deserve the best. With you in my life, I’ve found a rest. Happy Valentine’s Day to the world’s best girl.

2. What else gives me joy other than the soulful satisfying love you brought into my heart. You mean so much to me. Happy Valentine’s Day dearie.

3. Just the few times spent together feels like we’ve known each other for years. That’s what your love has done to me, my val.

4. I just cannot get you off my head. I love you and I see a beautiful future with you in it. This is to a sweet Valentine’s Day my dear.

5. I have never been so emotional and compassionate about anyone like I do you. This Valentine’s Day is specially for you and no one else.

6. The goosebumps, the butterfly feelings as we hold hands together make me love you more than anything. Happy Valentine’s Day, my cuppy cake.

7. My love for you encompasses everything else in this whole wide world. It blossoms more on this Valentine’s Day and even beyond.

8. I’ve got to take you round the world because it’s a special moment to let you know how much you mean to me.

9. I have always loved you for a number of times and will still do come rain, till eternity.

10. Nothing makes my life different as much as your love, care and encouragements do. Happy Valentine’s Day, sugar.

11. Thank you for accepting me the way I am and for believing in me. I choose to you always and thrill you more on this Valentine’s day.

12. You loved me dearly than I ever thought or could even imagine. And I choose to love you too beyond comparison, my darling.

13. You’re such a graceful being. So much we’ve got in common and to offer each other. Thank you for being, there for me my val.

14. I am now better than I used to be. Only this is attributed to your presence and immense contribution in my life. This is a toast to a sweet Valentine’s celebration.

15. Who else owns the love and exhilarating pleasure of a beautiful Valentine’s day other than you, my cuppy cake. No one but you, dear.

16. You impact me in ways beyond measure. No wonder I couldn’t stop thinking about you all day and loving you more on this lover’s day.

17. Despite all seeming pressure, you made life ever beautiful and worth living for me. I love you till eternity.

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18. You can’t just escape my deep hug and passionate kiss on this special day, darling.

19. I will take you round and round the world so you can have a memorable Valentine’s experience that will linger till eternity.

20. The thrill I feel as I rest my head on the cushion of your chest sets me on the pace of a sweet ride to the wonderland. I want to feel this way all through the day, my white bird.

21. You could have attracted the attention of many and win the heart of them all. But you chose only me to win your heart. Will treat you with tender loving care, on this day my sweet val.

22. Your enigmatic carriage is so enchanting my dear. I love to be around you today all day long.

23. Your big hug and sweet kiss are all I need to make my day. Happy Valentine’s day, my angel.

24. This is an endearing time to go for a picnic on the island, darling. I will treat you with the best of experience this day, my sweet val.

25. Today is specially for lovers, just you and I, arms around each other, eyes knitted in admirable gaze, all alone at the pool side, is enough to make my day.

26. My love, hug and kiss are meant for no one but you my sugarheart on this Valentine’s day.

27. My heart and best wishes go to no one but you today my love. Happy Valentine’s Day, dearie.

28. You lighten my world, and now my life radiates so much beauty. Happy Valentine’s Day to you, my sunshine.

29. My heart is ever joyful with you because you hold the key to my heart. I pledge my love for you till eternity in this special day.

30. Delighted to spend another aesthetic Valentine’s Day with you, my angel. You’re the best thing that has ever happened to me.

31. Aww sweetie, I’m more spurred by the joy of the moment. That your birthday falls on Valentine’s day thrills me beyond imagination. Happy celebration babe.

32. The best gift of the moment for you is a nice cool ride to a love land, just you and I, holding hands.

33. You’re the envy of all wo/men and the admiration of all eyes who behold you. I always feel fortunate to walk beside you as all eyes turn our way. Happy Valentine’s Day, my honey pie.

34. The moment you came into my life, you turned many things around. How this came to being I may not be able to explain. But I’m confident your darling presence turned the situations around.

35. I want you the more, baby. Let’s take this love to the next level on this day, on a journey you will never wish to return from.

36. My dream is to be your long time lover, my desire is to be your friend till eternity. Together forever, we pledge this day babe.

37. The blooming of a flower does not exceed the presence of the sunshine. So, my life is not worth living without you in it baby!

38. I have chosen to love you for life and live with you till the end of age. Happy Valentine’s Day, sweetie.

39. My love for you cannot be quantified nor described. And I’ve chosen to love you till eternity, starting from today, on Valentine’s Day.

40. Everything within me – spirit, soul, mind and body, love you beyond description. This is to a memorable Valentine’s experience babe.

41. You ignited so great a passion of love in me, baby. You’re just so irresistible. Let’s get better on this Valentine’s Day sweetheart.

42. One of the best days I look forward to is Valentine’s Day because it gives me another chance to relish my love for you.

43. Valentine’s Day like every other day to savour in my love to you.

44. As much as I can’t stand many days to be without you, I have chosen this special day to be with only you.

45. God took a special day off in sculpting you to match my star. You are a beautiful creature made specially for me. Happy

46. I will take you round the world to lavish my wealth of my affection on you this Valentine’s day. You deserve nothing less than the best honey.

47. My being alive and active still boils down to having you in my life. No wonder why I will always live to cherish every beautiful moment spent together especially on Valentine’s Day.

48. I’d rather not wish for the day to come than to live a day without you. You have formed a significant part of me and wouldn’t let go. Happy Valentine’s Day to my heartbeat.

49. I wish I could really explain my reasons for loving you. All I know is that I’ve lost count on the designation.

50. Everything about you feels so great to me as long as it’s you my heart chooses to love.

51. It wasn’t just love at first sight but also love from the heart. I declare my priceless love for you on this Valentine’s day, babe.

52. My love for you is deeply rooted in my heart. I have come to love you so strong enough, and not to let go. The only return I want is your heart and commitment.

53. How we came to meet is so surprising. And now we’ve become so knitted into each other which is more exciting.

54. My greatest wish for today, to love you like never before and be together till eternity. Happy Valentine’s Day, my adorable angel.

55. Today, I will write on a white card shaped with a red heart filled with endearments of you, to show how important you’ve come to be.

56. I’ve not just come to say I love you because it’s Valentine. I’ve come to appreciate your being in and out of season.

57. I’ve chosen this lovers day to give you my heart. Locked up together and never to return separated.

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58. Forgive me, darling, if I’ve ever said anything wrong to you in time past. I’ve chosen this day to fill my heart with good thoughts of you so I can endear you more with sweet words.

59. I could have been with many wo/men before you, but on this day I’ve seen the peace and beauty of life. You are my life, darling. Happy Valentine’s Day!

60. I don’t see you as a perfect being but I’ve seen you as the right one for me. With you, I’ve found a balance to my unstable mind.

61. I’m contented being locked up in your heart till eternity, so long it’s you my angel.

62. Teach me how best to love, and never to graduate from the school of love so I can keep learning how to love you more.

63. Nothing else can keep me alive as much as your love would do. You’re already a living stone to my existence. I love you, babe.

64. No other person’s thought has ever encapsulated my heart as much as yours does. Love you till eternity, my Valentine.

65. Just to let you know, I love you and I need you, now and ever. Be my val!

Happy Valentine’s Day Sms for Parents

Cute Happy Valentine’s Day Text Messages for Parents.

66. If asked whether I’ve seen true love existed before, I could categorically say ‘yes’ because I’ve seen a perfect example through your lives.

67. The greatest influence I’ve ever had come from you, dad and mum. I love to celebrate you on this Valentine’s Day and ever.

68. No one else deserves my special accolades today other than my dad as my hero and my mum as my goddess. Happy Valentine’s Day to you.

69. My greatest security is triggered by my enablement to communicate my feelings, and with no fear of being condemned. I owe it all to my dear dad and mum. I love you both and wish you a happy Valentine’s Day.

70. Your constant care and listening ears usually make me marvel at the beauty of having committed parents like you. Love you both in the spirit of Valentine.

71. Despite your busy schedules, you still find time to give us audience whenever it’s needed. I appreciate you always, dad and mum and wish you a happy Valentine’s Day.

72. My celebration of you both surpasses Valentine’s Day alone but meant to be a lifetime one.

73. We are not just tied by blood, we are united by the dignified names we bear and the wonderful lives we share. Thanks for giving us both, dad and mum. We celebrate you more on this Valentine’s Day.

74. The joy of every parent is to see their children succeed after them. Our success stories have been your delight and never have we lacked anything we desire. We appreciate you now and always dear dad and mum.

75. For the good legacy of love and unity impacted into us will never go unrecognised. For these and more, we say a happy Valentine’s Day to the most adorable parents in the whole world.

76. People admire my beauty a great deal, and I know I got it all from my very adorable mum and ever pleasant dad.

77. The love that flows out of you two is such that is worthy of emulation. Happy Valentine’s Day.

78. You are my inspiration. The love I see in you both has made me a fanatic lover of you and everyone around.

79. You are a perfect replication of true love. I’m glad to be birthed by you both. Happy Valentine’s Day to the best parents in the whole wide world.

80. Thank you, dad and mum, for reuniting and releasing yourselves to loving again. This Valentine promises to be a special occasion in this family.

81. I owe my youthfulness to my ever looking young mom and never growing old dad. Hearty cheers to wonderful parents on Valentine’s day.

82. The kind of love existing between you two is such that I will always live to tell of its tales. Happy Valentine’s Day to the most adorable parents.

83. Yours is like a tale of two lovebirds bonded together in the chord of love and inseparable till eternity.

84. Nothing gladdens my heart as much as seeing the love between two persons who love both in words and deeds.

85. Yours is an example of two great lovers bonded together with the chord of love. This love, I know, is till eternity. Happy Valentine’s Day.

86. Though you’re not perfect, you both have proven beyond reasonable doubt that true love exists and is still achievable through hard work and prayers.

87. Your unreserved love for each other is so encouraging and making me to wanna be in love too. I love you, momma and papa.

88. I never could have believed the love existing between old couples could be as strong as the one between you both. I’m glad I came through you.

89. Mum is courageous while dad is very understanding. You complement each other a great deal. I wish you more love in the spirit of Valentine.

90. You’ve come a long way that people hardly note the difference between you both. Always proud I come into this world through you.

Happy Valentine’s Day Sms for Families

Happy Valentine’s Day Text Messages for My lovely Families.

91. The best gift I’ve got is the love of a wonderful family and that’s the most precious gift in life.

92. Family is life and everything. Grateful to God for mine. A happy Valentine’s Day I wish my family.

93. The best support and encouragement one could ever ask for comes from a loving family. I’m glad I have one. Hearty cheers to my family on this Valentine’s Day.

94. When there’s no one around to help, the family will always come around to your rescue come what may.

95. This is to declare how important everyone in this family is to me. My mum, dad, siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles, I love you all a great deal.

96. May the bond of a family that binds us all together continue to wax stronger and much more on this Valentine’s Day.

97. Nothing is as comforting as the love of a blissful family. I pray this love gets stronger daily and better on every Valentine’s Day.

98. Nobody teaches a family to love. It just comes as a natural flow. As such is obtainable in mine and pray for more life much more on a Valentine’s Day as this.

99. The triumph in every family is a product of the joy, love and peace experienced by all and sundry. I pray more sweet experiences on this Valentine’s Day.

100. I have come to love and accept every member of this family. I didn’t choose any part but I still need to love you all. Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone.

101. Every moment in my family is well enjoyed and every fun is well savored. I wish this lively family a happy Valentine’s Day.

102. To a lovely family that is ever united, I wish a happy Valentine’s Day and more fun today.

103. The fun and excitement in my family are second to none. Cheers to more picnic other than on Valentine’s Day.

104. A happy home is a great asset and a good family is a great blessing. I’m so glad I could boast of one.

105. No house like where you could call a home; and no association like what you could call a family. I celebrate my very own on this beautiful Valentine’s Day.

106. No doubt, we all make a good relation to the admiration of friends and everyone around.

107. What makes up a good family goes beyond blood but more of acceptance and sacrifices for one another.

108. Friends may fight and depart, but a family like ours would fight and still stay.

109. I’ve got no best moment other than in the bosom and embrace of a sweet family like mine.

110. My greatest success and admiration comes from the fact that I come from a united family. I owe you all my gratitude.

111. I am highly indebted to everyone for staying so true and ever dear. A sweet Valentine’s Day I wish you all.

112. The unity that exists between us has never given room for pretence or waywardness. I bless God for my family.

113. In a family where love exists, the home is usually welcoming, and the family is an abode of peace. Happy Valentine’s day to a lovely family.

114. Nothing makes a family beautiful as much as the peace and the togetherness that coexist among every member.

115. Mine is a beautiful family. And I’m glad to be a member. Happy Valentine’s day to everyone with love.

Happy Valentine’s Day Sms for Friends

Sweetest Valentine Day Text Messages for My Precious Friend.

116. Valentine’s Day is not just enough for me to commend your gracefulness and appreciate your personality. You have always been a guardian angel. Happy Valentine’s day to you.

117. Friendship is one of the best gifts of life and that’s the only thing I ever desire with you. I celebrate you today on Valentine’s day.

118. You were my val last year, you still are this year, and you will always be as each year rolls by. Nothing compares to you.

119. You deserve the best of treatment for this Valentine’s day and all through the year.

120. The joy of every beautiful moment is knowing and being blessed with a friend that is as awesome as you are.

121. Hearty cheers to a beautiful friendship we make. Happy Valentine’s Day.

122. We sure form an unbeatable team and nothing is stopping us from achieving our aim. Happy Valentine’s Day.

123. I couldn’t have asked for more of a wonderful friend other than you in my life. Cheers to a long lasting friendship and sweet Valentine’s celebration.

124. You’re the best friend I’ve ever had and the best moments I’ve had was with you and no one else.

125. People change over time and with circumstances, but my love and admiration for you remain ever constant. You have been a sweet friend.

126. My love for you is as countless as the stars in the sky. May this love knows no end this Valentine’s Day.

127. I so much acknowledge the legit of your company. You have been a friend both in need and in deed. I love you dearly.

128. Good friends with devoted heart like you are so rare to come by. Thank you for your devoted heart.

129. You deserve the best Valentine’s gift ever, none other but my loyalty and commitment to our friendship.

130. The best and most wonderful experiences has been with you my darling. I long for more sweet experiences from you this Valentine’s Day my dear.

131. I cherish the fact that we talk about anything and almost everything. I cherish this friendship and hold you in high esteem. Hearty cheers on a Valentine’s Day.

132. Your opinion counts a lot, my dear. I cannot live without you in my life. An evidence of a significant part of me that you’ve become.

133. Now I realise how important and valuable you are to me, sweet friend. I cherish you a lot.

134. See how loveable we both are knowing today is your birthday. Happy birthday and Valentine’s Day honey.

135. Your earnest support when most needed encourages me a lot and boost my morale a great deal

136.Thank you for believing in me, encouraging me and making so much difference in my life. It means a whole lot to me. Happy Valentine’s Day good friend.

137. Your very presence in my life motivates me towards building a promising and long lasting friendship with you. This is to mark our Valentine’s celebration.

138. Your practical support and constant encouragement eases every overwhelming stress and gives me the courage to pursue further. Thank you for being a wonderful friend.

139. I give a toast to our love and long lasting friendship. With you, I’ve got new strength and great hope for the future.

140. People could hardly understand the affinity between us. We are not just friends but also soulmates. The love I’ve enjoyed from this friendship has been a great blessing. Happy Valentine’s Day sweet friend.

Happy Valentine’s Day Sms for Children

Happy Valentine’s Day Text Messages for Awesome Children.

141. Having you has given me more reason to smile and to be a proud mother. My heart reaches out to you on this Valentine’s day.

142. Always know that you have me to rely on and cry out to when you need help. More love for you this Valentine and always.

143. You have brought me so much joy and confidence in being a great mum. Happy Valentine’s day to you, son.

144. You delight my heart in many possible ways, I will celebrate you with lots of cakes and ice cream as promised. I wish you more fun on this Valentine’s day, my girl/boy.

145. You have always been a lively and an adorable kid. Have fun today being Valentine’s day.

146. I wish you a fun-filled Valentine’s day, my angel. Mum and dad are always proud of you.

147. Dear son/daughter, your birth has opened many doors of blessings for us. I wish you greatness in life and more love on this Valentine’s Day.

148. Mama’s love for her kid can be compared to none. I’ve known the joy of birthing you, and much more, I’m thrilled with the joy of raising you.

149. To think that you cause me less stress is so gratifying. Full of life and fun to be with. I’ve come to appreciate your person and for being a gift to us. Wishing you great love from dad and mum on this Valentine’s day.

150. You’re so cool-headed and very pacifying. I wish every child could be like you. Loads of love on this Valentine’s Day my prince/princess.

Trust you got the best of your desires from the happy valentine’s day sms Messages and Valentine’s Day romantic Quotes you just read. Don’t be too selfish not to share with others and pass your comments. Muuaahh!

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