Best Happy Valentines Day Text Messages

2024 Best Happy Valentine’s Day Text Messages

Lovers eagerly wait for the 14th of February for that special moment with their spouses. It’s a day to celebrate love, 2024 is not any different.

This celebration is not complete until messages are transmitted from one person to another. Good messages are not easy to come across these days because of many distractions.

In the midst of your hustle and bustle, you may not have the time to sit down and compose a very good message for your lover or friend, but don’t worry, I have taken it upon myself to go through this stress for you.

All you have to do now is to select which one among the list. You will find many that meet your requirements, feel free to share more than one to many people.

To be generous indeed, you are permitted to share all to different people. Enjoy your Valentine.

Happy Valentine’s Day Messages for Him or Her

Sweet happy valentine’s day sms for him or her. Happy valentine’s day messages for husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend.

1. My love for you is not only on Valentine’s Day for you are more to me than just a day stand but on this special day I want to say to you ‘YOU ARE MY VALENTINE’.

2. Even if the sky pours out all its rain and no drop again, yet will I find my drop of blood to tell you how special you are to me.

3. There are many special people to spend each day with, but no one deserves my time today if not you on this Valentine’s day

4. The beauty of Valentine’s Day is not as beautiful as your face lighting up my world.

5. The next minute counts, the next second is much awaited because as the days roll, so is my love longing to cleave to yours, happy valentine’s day.

6. What could spice up my day if not your unreserved love generously poured unto me, happy Valentine’s Day darling.

7. I love you every second, every minute, every hour and every day, but today is a special day to reaffirm it, I LOVE YOU, MY VALENTINE.

8. I have you today, tomorrow and forever but let me hold you tight on this Valentine’s Day.

9. I came out in the night looking for the star that will represent your love to me then I discovered you are beyond our galaxy. I love you, my VAL.

10. The stories we know about Valentine’s Day are scary, but when I realized that you are my Valentine, I found peace. Love you.

11. Even the volumes of water in the largest ocean cannot drown my love for you on this Valentine’s Day.

12. Love is sweetest when you share it with the person who shares back with you. On this special Valentine’s Day, I love you plenty.

13. My life with you has experienced perfect peace just because you are my Valentine.

14. Today is the day to live again and again. I choose to live in today forever with you, my handsome Valentine.

15. I will celebrate my Valentine every day with you.

16. My love for you is not limited to just a day.

17. You are mine, as I am yours. Leave this ‘love-metical’ equation like that forever. Happy Valentine’s Day.

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18. The void in the world was filled up the day you were created. The void in my life was filled up the day I met you. Happy Valentine’s Day.

19. The sky is blue when you are with me because I feel coolness; it becomes white when you are away because in your absence I still feel your peace. Happy Valentine’s Day.

20. Valentine’s Day is a gift to the world; you are a gift to my world.

21. I can feel your love though you are away but the most reassuring is that I know you love me more than I can ever imagine. Happy Valentine’s Day dear.

22. The most amazing thing happened to me when I found you, my Valentine.

23. ‘I love you’- as common as this phrase seems, when it comes from me, know that it carries more meaning than just the words, my Valentine.

24. You have come a long way to reach here, don’t embark on any more journey because I want to be your abode, your residence of love on this special Valentine’s Day.

25. I needed you, I found you. End of discussion. Happy Valentine’s Day.
You made me a queen with your love, I celebrate you as a celebrity. Happy Valentine’s Day.

26. Without adequate sunshine, some plants thrive. Without adequate rain, some others still survive. Let’s make our love that which will survive all the seasons, my Valentine.

27. I crossed many roads, I found a home. My heart rested and we are one till today. Love you, handsome Valentine.

28. My little story has a great addition………YOU. Happy Valentine’s Day!

29. Just as we are used to, let’s rock together once again, it’s Valentine’s Day.

30. I didn’t believe in luck till I met you. Now I know that luck found me. I have you as my Valentine FOREVER!

31. Being around you, I let myself loose and feel once more like a baby, let’s make that happen again tonight. It’s Valentine’s Day.

32. Let’s keep it simple, my Valentine, you are my sunshine today and forever.

33. I have many things to say to you but on this special Valentine’s Day, I want you to know you are all I have.

34. Your presence in my life gives me a fresh breath and I know that with you eternity is too short happy Valentine’s Day.

35. I am not afraid to hand over to you the key to the door of my heart because I know that you will guard it jealously now and forever, my Valentine.

36. The dictionary is limited in the description of who you are to me, so I decided to send you this message so you may now that I lack words to describe you, my Valentine.

37. The man in me melted when I set my eyes on you, yet I have been strengthened by your love to me. You’ll forever be my Valentine.

38. Come home sweetheart and listen to the songs of my heart. You brought out the genius in me for my heart beats and sings for you. Happy Valentine’s Day.

39. On this special Valentine’s Day, I want to say thank you for discovering in me what many people could not before I met you. Forever with you, my love.

40. I tried impressing people all my life but I ended up being disappointed. With you, I have found freedom and solace to be who I am. Thank you for accepting me, my Valentine.

41. Wherever you are is where I call home. With you, I have found a family. Happy Valentine’s Day.

42. Whenever I look in the mirror, I see the beauty out of my life all because of you, my Valentine!

43. As long as the earth endures, even beyond that, will my love for you be, My Valentine.

44. Be it 14th of February or any other day, whenever I am with you is my Valentine’s Day.

45. You the air I breathe in, do not leave me or else I’ll be choked, my Valentine.

46. Today is Valentine’s Day my love, come and swim in the ocean of the love you nurtured.

47. On this memorable Valentine’s Day, I want you to be the first to see this: I LOVE YOU!

48. I found love in the midst of confusion, and immediately my confusion vanished. You are my Valentine.

49. Is your name Valentine? I have been seeing that around all through the day with your picture tagged along.

50. What happened on the 14th of February? My Valentine kissed me.

51. Valentine is a story but you are a reality.

52. Penguins are beautiful creatures but my Valentine surpasses them all.

53. Just when I was becoming too casual with you, 14th of February came with the call for love. I celebrate you today my Valentine.

54. Today has arrived, it’ Valentine’s Day and with the joy of today, I can tell the future to hurry up because I’ll always be with you.

55. To the sweetest man on earth, thank you for being you and showing me what true love means on Valentine’s Day and every other day of the year for many years to come.

56. It can only happen in the books and novels, but with you, I believe the reality of our love, happy Valentine’s Day.

57. Your love is engraved on the tablets of my heart, it would take a life and death surgery to remove it. I love you always, my Valentine.

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58. When you hit the right momentum of love, everything happens like the movies. Honey, keep the film rolling. Happy Valentine’s Day.

59. Love is a sweet experience with a sweet personality like my one and only Valentine.

60. Thanks for your love, patience and lessons. Today and always, you will be my Valentine.

61. The account of my love for you is so rich because you keep making deposits daily. It’s risen higher even today on Valentine’s Day.

62. Let me tell you something: You are the reason for today’s celebration. Happy Valentine!

63. Like a mustard seed, our love has grown into a giant tree, my Valentine.

64. Let’s fly together to the place where Valentine’s Day actually started from.

65. On this special Valentine’s Day, I’m celebrating our ever shining love.

66. This is more than just Valentine’s Day, I’m attached to you forever.

67. You are an epitome of love for the love you shower is contagious, I don’t want to be healed from this sickness of love, my Valentine.

68. More than just a day, you are my Valentine and the reason I breathe!

69. With you, Valentine’s Day is not just any other day, it’s a special day for us. I long for it.

70. Save me from the cold, keep me in your warmth and spoil me with your love, my Valentine.

71. The unspoken words between us tell how lovable we have become. I love you, my Valentine.

72. Your lips are glowing today, is it because today is Valentine’s Day?

73. Love is the most powerful magic and you are the wizard behind the magic, my Valentine.

74. What’s the colour of Valentine? YOU!

75. Trust me, you can’t fall as long we celebrate every Valentine’s Day in love.

76. I can’t say a proper prayer without you in it because now and forever you are my Valentine.

77. I feel as if the journey has just started because you keep renewing this love of ours, my Valentine.

78. Be it a holiday or not, I want to spend my Valentine’s Day with you.

79. It’s not just about joining the crowd, it’s about doing the right and needful thing; I LOVE YOU, MY VALENTINE.

80. I have many pet names for you but today, be my Valentine.

81. I rode in wishes and today I celebrate my Valentine’s Day with the best wish of mine that came to pass.

82. The man of my dreams, my lover and my friend, I can’t keep calm. It’s Valentine’s Day.

83. How do you get refilled because you give too much love out? I am happy to be the recipient of all, happy Valentine’s Day.

84. I fantasized about who a Valentine is, then I met you, my real and living Valentine.

85. My heart is locked up with yours, let it remain like that forever. You are my Valentine.

86. My day wouldn’t be complete until I find space to tell you that on this day, you are my Valentine.

87. I am your angel, you are my Valentine.

88. Wherever the wind blows, there you will my love for you, my Valentine.

89. You take my breath away because today, you are my Valentine.

90. Every single breath, every heartbeat, every flow of blood all work because it’s Valentine’s Day. I love you, dear.

91. Valentine’s day has been celebrated for years, but today I get a share of my own with my special person—YOU.

92. How did they not see it before I saw it? It’s because you are meant to be mine, happy Valentine’s Day honey.

93. When the sun shines, it radiates our love to the ends of the earth. Happy Valentine’s Day.

94. No matter how beautiful a day is, without you, it’s just any other day, my Valentine.

95. Love is better known than felt. You gave me the two in full measures. Happy Valentine’s Day.

96. You are my other half. Without you I’m incomplete, and on this special Valentine’s Day, I love you more.

97. My love for you will always be new as the dawn of the morning. Happy Valentine’s Day.

98. Just like wine, our love gets better by the day and on this 14th day in February, I want to share the rest of my life with you.

99. You are my LOVE, there’s no argument. Happy Valentine’s Day.

100. Just like yesterday, this love started as a tender plant, as we grow daily, it has become strengthened. Happy Valentine’s Day my love.

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