Hope Is Still Alive Quotes

Hope Is Still Alive Quotes

Hope is an extremely important element of life. It allows us to have faith in the future and have the drive to accomplish things because of what could be. When hope starts to fade, it can become very difficult to go on, whether it’s with life or business. Sometimes, hope is the only thing that keeps you going, when everything around you falls apart.

And if there is something or someone that brings you hope, you should be grateful for this person as he/she might just save your life, and bring a ray of light into your world in the future. The world can be a frightful and disagreeable place, sometimes. Are you having a bad day? There’s always tomorrow. We all have good and bad days, weeks, months, or even years. Or decades. With any luck, you will make it through this downward spiral of human history in one piece.

Hope is alive! Don’t let anyone tell you any different. There are two types of hope. One is passive, the other is active. No matter which type of hope you want to use, it’s still the same thing. Hope that you never give up. Hope that pushes you forward, and keeps you going even when everyone else has given up on your idea.

These hope is still alive quotes are encouraging words that can help you stay motivated in difficult times. When you are down, these quotes will lift your spirit and remind you that there’s always hope.

Hope Is Still Alive Quotes

The truth is that hope is more than just wishful thinking. No matter what obstacles you find yourself up against believing that hope is still alive and well. Never lose hope, because it will always bring you back to where you started.

1. Hope is still alive. The world needs you to dream, so keep dreaming and make your dreams come true.

2. There may be a storm raging around you, but hope is still alive!

3. Hope is still alive. Hope that you’ll get the job, and save your family from foreclosure. Hope that you’ll be healthy enough to see your grandkids graduate college.

4. Hope is still alive, inside of you. The world has tried to corrupt the hope that lived in your mind, but it remains. You have leapt forward into progress towards a better future for everyone.

5. There is always a chance that everything will turn out okay, even though you can’t see it right now. Hope is still alive.

6. Hope is still alive. It might take a few minutes to resurrect, but it’s worth the effort.

7. Hope is still alive. We are not giving up. We need to find a way forward.

8. Hope is still alive and well. Hope is what gets us out of bed in the morning and carries us through our days. Hope keeps us going during hard times. Hope allows us to look beyond tomorrow, where all things are possible.

9. You are not alone. You are not a mistake. You are here for a reason. Hope is still alive, even in your darkest hour.

10. Hope is still alive, don’t let yourself stop believing.

11. Hope is still alive. Hope is the sense that life does not stop at this very moment, but that there is more to come, more to be done.

12. Hope is still alive, so we need to work harder and try new things.

13. Keep hope alive. A positive attitude is a key to achieving your dreams.

14. Hope is still alive even if that means the ugly truth. Hope is not just something we feel or want to feel but it can be proven by taking action, and doing what you say you want to do.

15. Hope is still alive. Our only weapon at times of doubt and despair, the ability to hope for something better is there all along. When you face your fears with confidence, hope will always be waiting as your friend and companion.

16. Hope doesn’t die. It just keeps going while you keep searching for it. Hope is still alive, and it’s seen a lot in our lives. But as long as there’s hope, things will be better soon.

17. Hope is still alive, do not lose hope.

18. Hope is still alive. The power of small acts of kindness can create a ripple effect and inspire others to be the same.

19. Hope is still alive. Have hope, rise, and fight.

20. Hope is still alive! Never give up, never surrender!

21. Hope is still alive – do not be afraid. The dark force around you will dissipate in due time; the world is becoming an open and safer place. The last step towards humanity’s evolution does not seem to be that far away after all.

22. There is still hope, even when the cards are stacked against you.

23. Even when you feel like you’ve reached rock bottom, it’s never too late to create the life you want. Don’t give up on yourself. Hope is still alive.

24. Even when the odds seem insurmountable, you can find a way to get what you want if you try. Hope is still alive.

25. Hope is still alive. Sometimes things look completely out of control and the world feels like it’s falling apart, but if you keep your head up and do what you can every day to make the world a better place, then it will be.

26. Hope is still alive. The positive energy that drives you through life is still in your body, and it will never leave. It’s here to stay, so take your best shot.

27. Even when it seems impossible, hope is still alive. Although you may feel lost, afraid and confused, if you believe in yourself and hold on to hope, you will get through it. You always have a choice: take the high road or take the road of surrender.

28. Sometimes the most beautiful things (like hope) are invisible to the naked eye. Don’t stop believing that a brighter future is possible!

29. Don’t sit there with your head in your hands. Don’t give up just yet. It’s a long road ahead, but we can do it together. Hope is still alive. You got this!

30. We all need hope. It can take the form of a wish or simply the strength to persist. Hope is born from dreams, nourished by imagination and strengthened by knowledge. But most of all, it is strengthened by action.

31. Hope is still alive. Keep going, and never give up. Your dream can still become a reality!

32. Hope is still alive, and if hope is not alive then life can not go on. Hope and believing in yourself will always get you through life’s challenges, the bad times, the hard times and most importantly how we deal with them.

33. You may feel like your hopes and dreams are dead, but the truth is they’re still alive. And even if you don’t see it now, you will someday. Things will change because life is full of changes. It just takes time to realize change can lead to something better.

34. Hope is a journey to be taken one step at a time. It is always in motion, always growing, and always transforming into something greater than itself.

35. Never lose hope. You have the power to change your life. Hope is still alive.

36. Hope is still alive. It is easy to give up, but it’s important to not lose hope. There will always be a reason to fight for your dreams and goals.

37. I’m still going, fighting, and working hard. Hope is alive, and still strong.

38. Everyone has seen suffering and pain. There is great hope for the future. It will not be easy, but it is possible.

39. If there’s a possibility of having a better life, then hope is still alive.

40. Always remember that hope is still alive.vTo never give up and to always keep the dream alive; this is hope.

41. Never let anyone tell you that you don’t have what it takes to succeed. You have everything it takes to be the best of yourself! Keep going, and be sure that you don’t give up without trying.

42. Having hope is not a lack of perception or knowledge, but a necessary prerequisite to creativity. Keep hope alive.

43. Hope is still alive. You hope to get a job, find a better education or be a better person. Hope can change lives, one step at a time.

44. Hope is not a satellite, nor a star. Hope is a light that guides us in the dark and ignites our hearts with love. It’s a powerful, transformative force that can never be taken away—no matter how dark things might seem right now, remember: hope is still alive.

45. It is not the despair that will kill you, it is the hope. Even if your hope had died, hope is still alive, and waiting to be reborn in you.

46. Hope is the most powerful force in the world. It can transform opinion into possibility, dreams into plans, and despair into opportunity. True hope is found in the love of God and in living out His promises around us. Hope is still alive.

47. Hope might be so close you can almost touch it, but in the depths of your heart, you know that there is something that needs to be done. Find it, and then fight for it because, with hope, anything is possible.

48. Hope is still alive. Despite our differences, we can make a difference in each other’s lives.

49. Hope is still alive. It’s close to your heart and it’s everywhere in your life. There’s hope in the kindness you show to others, in the courage you take when faced with fear, and even in finding the joy that makes you smile. Don’t wait for tomorrow – start finding hope today.

50. Hope is still alive and can be a driving force for change. Believe that hope is still alive.

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