Hunting Widow Quotes

Hunting Widow Quotes

The most important thing to know about a hunting widow is that she is not a widow. She has a husband, and he is still very much alive. He is just out of town, on a hunting trip, with his buddies. Hunting widow syndrome is a term used to describe the feelings of grief and loss experienced by a woman whose husband has been hunting. It can be related to any type of hunting, including big game, small game and waterfowl hunting. A wife’s feelings may include a sense of abandonment, depression and loneliness. She may feel that her husband puts aside his family for the sport he enjoys so much.

The feeling can be even stronger if the husband was injured or killed while hunting. Once a woman is married to someone who hunts, she finds out that her husband has no intention of giving up his pastime just because he’s got someone else to take care of now. He wants to continue doing what he loves and expects his wife to understand this and accommodate him accordingly. This can be very difficult for many women because they believe that their spouse should make them a priority instead of hunting or fishing.

Hunting widows feel like they are being neglected when their husbands go off with their buddies instead of spending time with them or their children. They feel like they are being forgotten when their husbands go on long trips by themselves or get up early. They are often criticized for not being able to handle being alone during such extended periods of time. People assume that if they don’t have the same passion for hunting as their mate, then they must feel neglected or resentful because they aren’t included in this activity with him.

Below is a collection of hunting widow quotes that you can resonate with the wife of a hunter.

Hunting Widow Quotes

Most hunting widows spend their lives alone while their partners dedicate hours upon hours to their beloved sport. Some of these women have forgone their careers, relied on friends and family, and kept the hunter’s passion alive through their undying support.

1. Hunting widow is a term to describe the wife of a hunter, who must stay at home and wait for her husband to return from his hunting trip. It is often used as an expression of regret for the plight of such women in relation to their husbands’ loneliness since she has no social life or independent interests during these times.

2. The hunting widow is a victim of her husband’s obsession. The thought of him fulfilling his dreams sends her into a depression of the “he’ll never be home” variety. The absence of the man she loves to protect and cherish, along with all that shared time, is overwhelming and makes her feel like a widow indeed.

3. A hunting widow is a woman whose husband enjoys hunting and spends more time hunting than with her.

4. She’s a woman who is married to a hunter. A hunting widow can suffer from loneliness, depression and anxiety.

5. A hunting widow is a woman who is married, but whose husband is away for extended periods of time for his job. It can also apply to women whose husbands work in places where they have to be away from their families.

6. A hunting widow is a woman who has been left behind by her husband while he hunts or goes to war.

7. A hunting widow isn’t who you think she is. She’s a wife and a mother who, when her husband left, had to learn the value of the hunting widow within.

8. A hunting widow is a woman whose male partner or spouse has been significantly dedicated to the sport of hunting. A hunting widow may also be referred to as a foxhole wife.

9. A hunting widow is, basically, a wife who finds herself married to a husband who is obsessed with hunting. In some cases, the problem results in divorce and in other cases, it may not even be a problem at all.

10. A hunting widow is a term to describe someone whose husband spends a considerable amount of time away during hunting season. This can be the primary cause of hunters being dubbed the biggest chance they get with their wives.

11. A hunting widow is a woman who has been married to a hunter and whose husband/partner is more attracted to hunting than spending time with her.

12. A hunting widow is a person who is left at home to take care of the young children in order for the husband to go hunting.

13. A hunting widow is a woman whose spouse spends an inordinate amount of time deer hunting or is away for long periods of time for deer hunting.

14. A hunting widow is a wife or girlfriend who is left back home while their partners are out in the field.

15. A hunting widow is a woman who has been left alone for a period of time because her spouse is away on a hunting trip.

16. A hunting widow is a woman who is left by her husband to stay home and take care of the family while he goes hunting.

17. A hunting widow is a woman who has been left behind by her husband as he goes off to hunt. If you’re a widow, it’s likely that you’d be looking for a new mate to settle down and share your life with once again.

18. A hunting widow is the perfect partner for the working man. She’s evolved to have his back, so he can go out into the wilderness and hunt with confidence.

19. The hunting widow is a woman who has found herself alone when her husband spends more time preparing for their next hunt than he does with his family.

20. She understands the pitiful nature of a hunter’s life, sacrificing her husband to his addiction and always being greeted with shame upon his return from the hunt. Due to this, she knows how to use empathy, not jealousy, when expressing concern for his well-being.

21. Hunting widow is a state of mind that hunters and their spouses suffer from when there’s a long stretch of time away from home. This is often characterized by loneliness, wavering confidence, sadness, and withdrawal from those around you.

22. Most of the time, hunting widows will occupy themselves with household chores while their husbands go off to hunt. This can lead to tension between couples as they cannot fulfil their individualities as women or men during this period.

23. A hunting widow is a woman who is often left behind during hunting trips. By definition, she is the one whose husband goes out on hunting trips, leaving her to wait at home.

24. A hunting widow is defined as a woman who has been left alone while her spouse is away hunting. Characteristics include becoming bored, lonely and depressed, which can lead to trouble with the law.

25. A hunting widow is a woman whose husband has not been gone long enough to qualify as a veteran but is still absent from home due to the demands of his job.

26. A hunting widow is a woman who is married to a man who spends the majority of his time hunting, fishing, or camping. Hunting widows typically spend more time with their dogs than they do with their husbands and may end up bonding more closely with their pets than their spouses.

27. The hunting widow is a woman whose husband spends an extraordinary amount of time hunting; for example, in the pursuit of exotic games. They are also referred to as trophy wives, as they are often young, beautiful and have large bank accounts. These women tend to take part in a number of social events while their husbands pursue essentially deadlier activities.

28. Hunting widow syndrome is characterized by loneliness, anxiety and frustration caused by broken relationships or unmet expectations with husbands who are out on hunting trips or business trips for long periods of time.

29. A hunting widow is a woman who is left alone during the hunting season. This happens most often in the case of hunters who leave with their friends for a long weekend of deer hunting or fishing. Many hunters are better at catching and killing animals than they are at bonding/spending quality time with their significant others.

30. The term “hunting widow” refers to a woman whose spouse spends at least five nights during deer or turkey hunting season away from home.

31. Hunting widows tend to suffer from various health problems throughout the year because of the lack of physical activity and being neglected by their husbands.

32. The hunting widow is a woman who is left behind by her husband because of his addiction to hunting. The unavailability of the husband leads to boredom and restlessness in his wife and she desperately tries to get rid of her boredom.

33. Hunting widows are women who are left behind by their husbands for the duck-hunting season. While these hunters roam throughout the marshlands looking for ducks and squirrels, their wives are left at home bored and restless.

34. The hunting widow is a woman who’s constantly searching for something to do. Her husband spends all his spare time in the woods, while she stays at home all alone. She becomes bored and lonely. Yet, she would never leave him and their children.

35. A hunting widow is a woman who is not only bored but whose boredom leads her to seek companionship and excitement. She may even chance upon a new man.

36. Hunting widows need companionship. They lack the companionship their husbands no longer provide, and their downtime leads to a nasty combination of loneliness, boredom, and depression.

37. The hunting widow is not as big of a tragedy to the husband as she is to herself. She uses her resources and connections to forget about her husband’s absence and move on with her life.

38. A hunting widow is someone who marries a hunter and begins the marriage with their spouse as a hunter. A hunting widow tries to incorporate her husband’s hobby into her life. She does not want to upset her husband by not being accepting of his hobby, thereby alienating him.

39. A hunting widow is a woman whose husband spends more time hunting than with her. Women who have husbands who hunt are some of the strongest women I know, as they are blessed with men that come back to them sometimes at times their own selves may be in dire need of a hunter themselves.

40. A hunting widow is a woman who has been left behind by the husband’s decision to hunt, or whose husband has not returned from the field. Hunting widows traditionally have been widowed by huntsmen killed in foxhunting accidents and bear-hunters killed in bear hunts. So this is more a description of a state of mind than one of the actual living conditions.

41. The hunting widow is a play on words and one that’s been used in many different contexts. It refers to wives who were left behind by husbands who went off to hunt, so the wives were “widowed” while they were gone.

42. A hunting widow is not a woman who enjoys hunting, but rather a woman who has become a single mother by virtue of her husband’s involvement in the sport.

43. A hunting widow is a stay-at-home mom who spends her time caring for her kids and keeping the house in order while her husband is out hunting.

44. The hunting widow is the typical woman who is married to a man who spends lots of time outdoors. Hunting widows have to be self-sufficient and strong; they have many responsibilities, especially in the home and with their living situation. The hunting widow has had to take care of herself for years and is most likely very independent.

45. A hunting widow is a woman who is married to a man who spends a great deal of time at work and socializing.

46. A hunting widow is a woman who has been abandoned by her husband and is now required to provide for herself, her children, and any pets. She may also have to deal with loneliness and anxiety as a result of being left alone with all the responsibilities.

47. A hunting widow is a woman who has been left by her husband to pursue hunting in the woods. These women have been through wars and have suffered much. They deserve a chance to live their dreams.

48. A hunting widow is someone whose husband has abandoned them to pursue hunting in the woods.

49. A hunting widow is a woman left behind by the primary hunter in her family. She may be left temporarily, during the hunting season, or long-term after a death. Hunting widows are responsible for providing their own food and shelter until their loved one returns from hunting.

50. A hunting widow is a woman whose husband spends a significant amount of time hunting. She will generally keep busy and focused on her career, hobbies and friends.

51. A hunting widow is a woman whose husband is involved in the sport of hunting. They are usually left to themselves, while the hunter spends most of their time with friends and comrades.

52. Hunting widows are usually women who are abandoned while the husband is out hunting all day long.

53. Hunting widows have been subjected to a great deal of ridicule. However, they are also the strength behind many successful hunts. They are simply misunderstood.

54. A hunting widow is a woman who is married to someone who is active in outdoor activities, such as hunting or fishing, and who spends a considerable amount of time away from home.

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