I Feel Pain Quotes

I Feel Pain Quotes

Pain is a broad term, and it’s hard to pin down exactly what it means. The word pain itself is often used to describe the physical sensation of hurting, but pain can also mean any unpleasant emotion or feeling, including anxiety, fear, stress, sadness, grief and despair. The intensity of pain varies greatly from person to person. Some people find even minor pain unbearable while others can tolerate severe physical injury without feeling anything at all.

There are many different types of pain that people experience in their lives. It may be physical pain or emotional pain; however, it can also be mental or spiritual. Physical pain may come from an injury or illness that causes you to have aches and pains throughout your body. This could be anything from a paper cut or stubbing your toe on something sharp, all the way up to something as serious as cancer or heart disease.

Emotional pain could be caused by losing someone close to you through death or divorce, having a relationship end badly, not being able to have children because of infertility issues, etc. Mental pain can stem from things like depression or anxiety attacks where you feel like there is no hope left in life anymore and nothing makes sense anymore.

When we feel pain, it can be difficult to know what to do. We might be tempted to try and make the feelings go away by thinking about something else or distracting ourselves with something that takes our attention away from the pain. But in many cases, this just makes matters worse. Instead of trying to push away the pain, it can be useful to acknowledge that you are experiencing it.

Below is a collection of I feel pain quotes that you can use to express yourself while telling anyone how you feel.

I Feel Pain Quotes

I feel pain all the time. Is it possible to get rid of this chronic pain once and for all? I have been suffering from some kind of pain that just won’t go away. I have seen many doctors and specialists and they have given me different treatment plans but none of them really worked.

1. I don’t know you, but I feel pain for you. My heart goes out to you in your time of need. When I see this type of stuff, it makes me think about my own life and how lucky I am. If only people knew that money can’t buy happiness and health. Just remember, there are people out there that care about you.

2. I feel pain, like a stone that is dropped into an ocean. I feel pain in my stomach as if someone is punching me over and over again. The pain keeps coming and going. Sometimes it’s more intense than others, but it never really goes away…

3. I feel pain. I feel despair. I feel sorrow. I do not want this life, nor do I want the death that inevitably follows. Why must it be so hard just to live? Why must it be so hard just to die? No matter how hard I push myself, no matter how hard I reach out, nothing ever gets better.

4. I feel pain. The pain stays with me wherever I go, whatever I do. It’s always there, lurking at the back of my mind until it takes over and squeezes every ounce of joy from my heart until there is nothing left but darkness and hate.

5. As a human, I feel pain. Pain is good when it comes from love but as humans, sometimes we hurt others because we don’t want to feel the pain that comes from love.

6. I feel pain because I have been abandoned by my family. They left me in an orphanage, where I was harassed and scolded every day. No one loved me and no one wanted to play with me.

7. I feel pain. I experience a ruthless, purposeless, empty world full of suffering and iniquity. My inner world has become so dark that I do not wish to live anymore. My heart feels like a dead piece of meat. And my body is like a corpse that’s sapped of strength.

8. I feel pain. I don’t feel safe. I’m afraid of your anger and neediness. I’m afraid of what you will do or say if I tell you about the ways in which you hurt me, scare me, and make me feel unsafe. So instead of telling you those things, I avoid them, bury them deep inside where they fester until they are so huge they can no longer be contained by my heart or mind.

9. I feel pain. The pain of not being able to do things that I want to do, the kind of freedom and independence that is taken for granted by others, but which I am unable to enjoy.

10. I do not know how to describe this feeling of pain. I have had so many people come to me and tell me that they feel the same way, but it has still not eased the ache in my heart.

11. I feel pain. It’s an ache that starts in my heart and grows to encompass my entire being. It can be crippling at times and even makes it hard to breathe. I thought it might never go away, but then I met you-you who soothed my hurt, you that took the time to listen. You told me everything would be okay and made me believe again.

12. I feel pain with every breath. My chest heaves and my throat constricts as I struggle to fill my lungs to capacity. Aching muscles, screaming lungs, and a pounding heart keep me awake at all hours of the night. I cannot escape the pain that has become a part of me; it follows me wherever I go!

13. I feel pain, I feel sad, but most of all I feel fear. I fear that the darkness I live in will never go away.

14. I have a strong feeling of loss, sadness and gloomy thoughts. I can feel my eyes getting wet but no tears come out. I feel pain in my chest like someone punched me very hard in the centre of it.

15. I feel pain when you don’t see me. I feel pain because you’re not with me. I feel pain because it’s not okay for me to have feelings for you.

16. I feel pain, you cause it with your words. I know the pain of holding my breath while in a conversation with you. I feel the fire from your words when they are directed towards me. This is my feeling of pain and anguish that you have caused me to endure for far too long.

17. There have been times when I’ve felt or seen others in pain. I thought that my heart couldn’t take anymore, but again I was wrong. The pain reflects my own terrible mistakes, it was proof that I was not the best person in that situation.

18. I feel pain when the sun shines. When in bed the covers and the pillow are. My heart aches for you, For your warm embrace, I know that you don’t quite understand my love. But can you try?

19. I feel pain. When I am sad, sometimes I feel like crying. When I’m bored, I want to play games or watch movies. Sometimes, my friends are not there when they are supposed to be. If you don’t have any friends then it is really hard because no one is there for you. You might get lonely and bored but if you can just talk to your friends and family, then that will make you feel better.

20. I feel pain. My eyes are closed and I am very quiet. There are no tears, but my heart aches with sadness.

21. I feel pain. It is a nightmare that I fear, especially when last night’s cough comes back. It fills me with anger and bitterness, and I want to tear what was left of my heart out. But my life’s dream is just ahead!

22. I have pain in my heart. My body feels so heavy and numb. The tears in my eyes are stinging because they’re so salty. I cry because I feel like no one understands me yet I know that may not be entirely true.

23. I feel the pain that is so deep it hurts to even breathe. The pain of not being good enough. Not being beautiful or popular enough, rich enough…

24. I feel pain. Suffering, loneliness, isolation. Self-loathing remains. Alone and lost. Depressed and broken. I have nothing to live for any longer.

25. I feel pain and it is unbearable. I want to cry but I can’t. I have tears in my eyes but they won’t fall. I have been hurt many times, but every time when someone hurts me again they’re breaking me more than the last person did.

26. I feel pain when I think of the good memories that were had with someone that I love, I can’t help but look back on it and be filled with longing.

27. I feel pain. It comes in waves, and it is so heavy sometimes that it feels like it will swallow me. It sucks out all my energy and leaves me tired and unable to cope. I am crying inside and feel lost, with nowhere to go, not knowing how this suffering is going to end, how long I have left to be in this extreme agony.

28. Tears well in my eyes, Oblivious to the world. I feel so helpless, Like a stone lying in the water. Being pushed by its force. Till even it stops caring. The waves still touch me and go away. I feel so lonely As if I was dropped into the sea. When will I be safe?

29. I feel pain. The wind blows hard, and it’s so cold outside that all I can do is think about warm sheets, blankets, and hot chocolate.

30. I feel pain when you are not with me, I understand the bitterness of your heart. When you turn around, lay your eyes on me. Your senses awaken as though from a deep sleep. You embrace me as though to prove that we are together and one in spirit. I see hope that never fades when we are together.

31. I feel pain when I catch my fingers in the door when a friend betrays me when I’m sad. Pain is everywhere. It’s a good thing we can get over it, though. A bad decision doesn’t mean we’re bad people and it doesn’t have to mean the end of our lives either.

32. I feel pain because I breathe. I feel pain because I have to go on breathing, even when it hurts and feels impossible to continue. I feel pain whenever I see your profile picture pop up on my news feed and I don’t respond.

33. I feel pain, I feel grief and sadness. While you’re walking around thinking that everything is fine and happy, I’m hurting inside because of your betrayal.

34. I feel pain when I hear the news of loss. I feel pain when my friends distance themselves away from me and don’t care to listen anymore. And the worst part is, even if you try to reach out to them, they just won’t talk.

35. I feel pain like anyone else, but my feelings are deeper and more intense than most people. My feelings cause me to experience pain and sorrow.

36. I feel pain when I see my parents suffering. I feel pain when my friends are worse off than me. I feel pain when I hear that others live in a world where they don’t have enough to eat, and they die early because of it.

37. I feel pain because it’s real. It hurts too much to be ignored or make light of it. I’m sure you’ve got your own struggles too.

38. I feel pain. I open my eyes and see the world so full of darkness and gloom, with no light dawning upon my path. I look around me, but all is darkness, cruelty and despair. I am crushed by the burden of existence, burdened by the evils which surround me. Can this be a dream?

39. The pain that I feel is indescribable, but I do realize that I’m not alone. No matter how much we may want to ignore it, it will always be there.

40. I understand what it means to hurt so deep you feel like nothing in this world has ever been good. I’ve felt the loss of love, a child, and the desire to be loved by any human being and this is all I have left. But I keep believing, maybe it won’t happen again. Maybe they’ll come back. Maybe they need me. That’s why I’m still here, every day waiting for them to come back.

41. I feel pain when I see people suffering. It hurts my heart to see them in pain. Pain and suffering are the only things that can’t be removed.

42. Every day I see the same thing, when it is winter and cold outside, I feel pain in my eyes. The cold wind makes them hurt, I usually wear a hat that covers my eyes but even with that on I still feel pain.

43. I feel pain every second, hour and day. That’s my pain. It’s not just physical but mental as well, because it takes me to a dark place in my mind where I can’t breathe and stay alive.

44. I feel pain in my stomach and I need to go to the bathroom. I have a fever and I can’t go to school today.

45. I feel pain passing through my heart, filling me up with emptiness. And I know it is because there is another life that I want to live but I am not giving myself the chance.

46. I feel pain. I am a human being, just like you. I feel the same pain as you do. We both hurt in the same way, and we both hurt for the same reason – we are imperfect. There are some things that we share fully – knowledge of my humanity and your own, an understanding of what it means to be alive, and a recognition that life is precious and must be treated with care.

47. I feel pain when I touch my hands, because if I make a mistake and my hand touches something hot. I feel pain when I make a mistake because I like to be perfect, but sometimes it’s hard to be perfect.

48. You can feel pain. But not all the time. I feel pain when I am sad or very mad. You can feel pain when someone does you harm or when someone touches you in a bad way.

49. I feel pain when people tell me they will be there for me, but I’m not there for them when they need a friend. I feel pain when my brother is not taken care of and I cannot do anything about it. I feel pain when my mom is physically hurt by someone she loves and cannot leave because she feels hopeless.

50. I feel pain when I suffer. But also, when I am not suffering and I am content, I feel a need to suffer in order to feel alive.

51. It hurts. I feel pain. I’m tired of this life where I have to suffer every day. It drains me out and makes me think about some things which shouldn’t be thought about at my age. I just don’t have anything to look forward to, nor do I have a reason to live for. The world seems so pretty from a distance but it is far from being so beautiful when you view it from close range.

52. I feel pain, it is an always changing feeling and sometimes gets worse, at times I just cry but I also try to smile.

53. I feel pain. I hurt everywhere. My feelings are so intense and I can’t get them to go away. The pain is physical and emotional at the same time.

54. Everyone knows the feeling of pain, and we have a lot of abilities to deal with it or avoid it. However, people like me with chronic pain are able to find only temporary relief.

55. I feel pain with which no word is spoken. I am worried about you because I know you better than anyone else here in this circle. I just want to know that one day when you are alone with me and I can look into your eyes, they will not be blind.

56. I feel pain, deep inside of me. It hurts every moment, day and night. I’m tired of the pain, tired of everything. I just want to be free – free from all this suffering.

57. I feel pain. The physical pain that comes with a sprained ankle, and the emotional pain of a loved one passing away. I feel pain, but I also want to help you deal with yours. Let’s talk about how we can get through this together.

58. I feel pain when I hear your voice, I do not really know if you still like me or not but in my mind, I have created a small world where we are together forever. Even though the world has things that bring pain to people.

59. I feel pain. The pain is not the physical sort, but it’s nonetheless there, real and undeniable. I sense it constantly. It flows through me like blood.

60. I feel pain because I try to contain my feelings. I have a lot of emotions and I don’t believe to express them all at once.

61. I’m not in pain. But I feel pain in my heart, I feel very sad. Pain is a signal of an injury or a disease. It’s a message sent to my body when something is wrong. It can be physical, emotional or mental – but it’s real and no one should ignore it.

62. I feel my pain as I press my finger on my heart and all I can think about is how stupid it all was that I acted this way in the first place.

63. I feel pain; it gnaws deep into my soul, leaving me fearful of the future. It is an illness that cannot be erased or explained, too complex for science to treat; only acknowledged and learned from. I feel pain and the world seems cruel when I look within myself for comfort.

64. I feel pain as it hits me in the stomach. I can’t breathe, my heart is pounding in my chest and it feels like someone sitting on my chest. But that’s not all. As the tears roll down my face and there seems to be no hope of them stopping.

65. I feel pain. I don’t like when I think about what happened in the past. I try to get rid of these thoughts as soon as possible. But sometimes these thoughts return. So painful situations can not be cancelled even on one condition, so I realize my mistake and regret it.

66. I feel pain. I think about how my life could have been different, how my younger self could have lived without struggle and worry and stress. I cry and scream for help but no one can hear me. I want to get out of this body and feel peace again like before all this nonsense.

67. I feel pain. I am not sure why, but something is pulling at me and I can’t get away from it. It feels like someone is pinching me on and off. I want to relax but every time I try to just be still, the feeling gets more intense, until finally I can’t take it any longer and move around.

68. I am in pain, but I am strong. I just want to be happy like I once was before this journey through depression started.

69. I feel pain. It is not the kind of pain I could explain. None of my loved ones will understand how it feels and how it affects my life. I am shy to talk about it because most people don’t understand or don’t want to listen. They want to fix me, but cannot. I am lost and nobody cares about that.

70. I feel the pain of a heart that you have ripped out of my chest, the feeling of fear and knowing I will never see you again. The emptiness I will feel when void of your presence, is as vast as I say goodbye to you.

71. I feel pain, both physical and emotional. You are responsible for me, so if something happens to me, you have a great deal to explain.

72. I feel pain, never-ending, twisting and knotting in my heart. I fear that it may break or shatter one day when I can’t take it anymore. I’ve got so many emotions running through me right now and it hurts.

73. I feel pain deep inside my heart. I feel pain seeing this beautiful world. I feel pain when the happiness of a child’s smile turns into tears.

74. I feel pain. I feel it in my chest. It clenches at my throat and sits by me so I cannot rest. I choke on longing, the knowledge that this is not the way it is supposed to be. That I am more than what was once inside of me.

75. I feel pain. It is my life’s most intimate companion, always with me in silence, waiting to be acknowledged so it can be released. I want it to go away. But it also reminds me that despite all my sincerity and good intentions I haven’t always been the best human being on earth.

76. I have been feeling pain. It is a pain that I feel in my head, and around the heart area. It feels like something big is going to happen.

77. I feel pain, I feel it in my chest and under my skin. It’s deep pain and there is no way of releasing it because it comes from within.

78. I feel pain. I am deeply touched by the pain of others. I experience physical discomfort when I think of myself in the body of a suffering person, or when I wonder how someone else is feeling.

79. Sometimes I feel pain, but I do my best to hold it in so others don’t see me hurting. It’s like a dark cloud that comes over me and leaves only when I am alone.

80. I feel pain in my body. It’s a sharp, biting thing that brings me to tears. I stay up at night, hoping and praying that it will go away.

81. I feel pain, we all do. I understand that it comes in many forms and levels of severity, but the concept is always the same. We feel pain. The best way to help someone who is in pain is to sit with them and watch. When you let them know you are there for them, the bond you will make will be unbreakable.

82. I feel pain. It’s an expression of the emotions caused by physical injury. When we are hurt or sick, we feel pain because it makes us react and try to get away from the problem.

83. I feel pain when I hear people say that they’re proud of themselves for not doing anything. My hope is that all people can stop making excuses and start taking responsibility.

84. I feel the pain of my friends and family. I feel the pain of the people around me who suffer from pain. I feel all their sorrows, their joys and their struggles. I want to stop them from suffering and make their lives better by helping them live in a world free from pain and strife.

85. I feel a pain so deep and intense. I can’t describe it to anyone because the pain is mine alone. Other people can sympathize but they don’t understand my suffering. My story is different from theirs, and there is no way to turn back time or move on from what has happened.

86. I feel pain and it’s a battle every day. I want to make you understand that we are not exaggerating for attention or to get a free handout, but sometimes it feels like that’s how people react.

87. I feel that I lost control over my life. I’m always exhausted and tired, but my body’s natural energy is just enough to make me feel restless. It’s not hard to get excited, but impossible to relax.

88. Sometimes, I feel pain and it’s really bad. It will not go away and the place where it hurts becomes more and more infected. Sometimes it gets so painful that I cry and cry until it becomes dark outside and then my mother comes in to hug me with a big smile on her face.

89. I feel pain as if it were my own. I can understand how someone feels when something happens to them. I feel a deep sadness for them, and want to do whatever I can to make things better. It’s a feeling I never want other people to feel so that they too might experience love and happiness instead of pain and sorrow.

90. I feel pain, I feel sorrow, I feel anger and confusion. I feel the loss of trust between you and me, in your eyes I see mistrust. I hurt because I feel like you don’t believe in me anymore and how you treat me makes me feel worthless.

91. I feel pain, the kind of pain that puts down those who are weak. I feel pain, the kind of pain that makes you weep silently while you lay there in a pool of your own tears.

92. I feel pain. It hurts, sometimes. Sometimes I cry. Sometimes I don’t want to, but it hurts and there’s nothing I can do about it. Other times, when things are going well and I’m happy and dry-eyed, I wonder why in the world I feel this pain for one reason or another and when it started, who is responsible for hurting me like this?

93. Sometimes, all of my surroundings seem so dark and black. Everything seems to happen for the worse as if it is meant to be. I feel as if I have been put in a position where all I can do is watch the core of my soul slowly be ripped out and destroyed.

94. When I feel pain, I do not forget my struggles. I remember when life was hard. I did not have many friends or a stable home.

95. I feel pain inside my heart. It is unbearable, I can’t believe that this is happening to me. I am broken and it hurts so much.

96. I feel pain when my family is far away from me. I feel pain when they are sick, injured, or hurt in any way. I feel pain when they are happy and in love because it reminds me of what should be.

97. I feel pain, it is hurting me all around. I feel pain in my neck, shoulders and back. I feel pain in my knees and ankles as well. The pain is spreading, like wildfire across me.

98. I’m feeling pain, and I don’t know how to get rid of it. I hope there is something that can help me before it’s too late.

99. I feel pain when I see animals killing others, I don’t want to see these pictures, it’s very uncomfortable for me to take part in them by clicking like this.

100. I feel pain. I see my scars and think I’m still the same. My emotions are not the same, they change. With the passing of time, I’ve learned to love my scars as much as my smile.

101. I feel pain in my heart and my body. It is a crying kind to bring the tears out of my eyes. My chest hurts so much as I try to breathe and it hurts because I have so many emotions running through me. I feel like everything is wrong in this world, and that there is nothing more I can do to make it right.

102. I feel pain when it rains. I feel pain when it’s too hot outside; when I sit in a stuffy room for too long. I am not just physically broken but emotionally wounded as well.

103. I feel pain in my mind and body. I feel pain when I look at the world around me and see people who have it all: health, money, friends, and a supportive family and they are still unhappy. They feel the need to tell me about their lives every now and again when we get together. They want me to understand why they are so frustrated with their lives. It hurts me deeply because I don’t understand why life isn’t easier for them.

104. I feel pain. The pain of being unable to do what I want, or what I need to do for myself. The pain of looking at myself in the mirror and hating everything about who I am. The pain of knowing that no matter how hard or how much I push, people will never love me for who I am – because I am different from everyone else.

105. I feel pain when things in my life are bad and I have no control over them. I feel rage when someone takes my things without asking. I feel frustrated when people won’t let me talk about my feelings.

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