I Love My Parrot Quotes

I Love My Parrot Quotes

The first time I saw a real-life parrot, it was exciting. It was strange and beautiful to see an animal that could actually say words. I would say parrots are one of the most interesting pet options.

I don’t need to get a degree in a research field to know that there are many out there who not only have pet parrots but love these cute birds madly. These are the ones I made this collection of quotes for.

If you need quotes that talk about loving your parrot, come right here. On this page, you’ll find many quotes about loving your parrot written from different angles that can be used on social media, as inscriptions on items you love and for many other purposes.

Feel free to copy, paste and use the ones you think are perfect and to edit the ones you think don’t perfectly suit what you need. You have my permission.

Now, let’s jump into this collection of lovely, cute and interesting I love my parrot quotes.


I Love My Parrot Quotes

My parrot is a sweet little bundle of joy that’s small enough to fit in your hand. Don’t let the size fool you. My miniature parrot can do amazing things. She can talk. She can sing. She can dance. And she’s so cute I just want to squeeze her! I love her.

1. I love my beautiful parrot. I feed her delicious broccoli, and she makes me feel like a king every time she shrieks, “I love you!”

2. I love my parrot. The new things we have learnt about him are really interesting. He always makes us smile. He’s the best pet ever.

3. I love my parrot because he can whistle; I can’t sing that well. He can talk; I’m the quiet type. He is a lovable thing, and he does cute things. He loves me and tries to make me smile every day. He is the creature who knows me in a way no one else does.

4. If you’re fortunate enough to have my parrot, you’ll know what I mean. It’s smart, funny and way more entertaining than a baby doll or stuffed animal could ever be.

5. I love my parrot so much that I named her with the name I wish my parents had given me.

6. I love my sweet little parrot. Not only is it the prettiest bird I have ever seen, but it’s also got a sweet voice and the way it wiggles its tail is the cutest thing ever.

7. My parrot is my friend, my sleep disrupter, and my favourite thing to see in the morning. I love it.

8. I love my parrot. It’s hard to be happy all the time, but it’s even harder not to love my parrot. She’s a sweet pet!

9. Not only is my parrot so much fun, but it’s also pretty darn smart. I love my parrot so much.

10. She’s got the voice, she’s got the moves, and she’s got more. I love my parrot.

11. I love my parrot. It’s so sweet. I saw him hours ago, and he was the picture of happiness. It made me feel so good!

12. There are uncountable reasons why I love my parrot. He’s always ready to make me laugh, and he’s also a great listener — I think!

13. I love my parrot so much that I can throw my dinner away right now just to spend time with it.

14. This is my parrot. He’s pretty much the best thing in my room. I’m sure he’s tired of me lately, but that’s just because I won’t give him his space.

15. I’m thankful for my parrot because she keeps me laughing. I love her so much.

16. How can I not say I love my parrot when I love to laugh? He’s so funny.

17. I love my parrot. She’s always happy and cheerful. I’m sure she likes me more than my dog.

18. I love my parrot: It’s so beautiful, it’s so friendly, and it’s so fun to be with.

19. I bet my life savings that my parrot is more interesting than the Kardashians. I love my parrot.

20. I don’t just love my parrot. I know her. She’s my friend, and she makes my room more interesting than it’s ever been.

21. I really love my parrot. He is so smart and funny! He’s the reason I’m smiling right now.

22. I love my parrot because it taught me how to be happy. Our friendship has been interesting from the moment we met.

23. I love my parrot, even though she seems to have given up on trying to learn how to talk and has just started making up her own words.

24. My parrot is my friend, and she’s not afraid to tell me what she thinks. I love her.

25. She’s a beautiful, smart and funny bird. She’s also my best friend. I love my parrot.

26. I love my parrot. I want it to always be with me so much that I could eat him up.

27. I love my parrot because he’s a lot like me. He talks a lot but doesn’t always make sense. He’s mischievous and very funny. He likes to play a lot. He’ll be more like me if he gets a job!

28. People say my parrot is wise and funny, but I think he’s just plain weird. I love him, though.

29. Sometimes, you just want a pet to talk back to you, and that’s where my parrot comes in. I love my parrot.

30. I smile at the thought of my parrot. We’re a really interesting couple to watch. I love my parrot.

31. I love my parrot because it’s beautiful. I also love it because of the way it jumps around and squawks at me.

32. I love my parrot because he’s annoying. He’s the only annoying thing that has a special place in my heart.

33. I feel like my parrot understands everything I say. But I love him, whether he does or not.

34. I love you, parrot. You truly are a happiness-spreading bird. I’m glad I share my room with you.

35. I love my parrot because she is unique and crazy about me. She can’t talk, but she always wants to tell me something.

36. I love my parrot because it is so smart and different. It is also very funny and cute.

37. I love my parrot because it makes me laugh. It says the funniest things, and I can’t get enough of it.

38. I love my parrot because he makes me laugh, he is my best friend, and he is always there in my room when I need him.

39. I love my parrot. It’s funny. Very funny. The raunchy bird knows just what to say to put a smile on my face.

40. I love my parrot. She has a personality that is one-of-a-kind. She’s the most fun companion I have ever had, and she doesn’t bite!

41. I own the best parrot in the world, and I love this bird more than anything in the world. I would do anything for that little guy.

42. There is probably no animal on this planet sweeter or funnier than my parrot. I love it so much.

43. How he talks. The way he looks at me. The bounce in his steps. They all make me smile. I love my parrot.

44. I love my parrot, not because it’s a parrot, but because of who I am when I am with it.

45. He’s weird, cute, and always ready for something funny. I love my parrot.

46. I love my parrot. He’s so smart, even though he talks like a child. I just can’t keep my hands off of him!

47. I love my parrot because he’s so smart and funny! He talks a lot and knows how to say words I love to hear.

48. I love my beautiful parrot. It’s so smart—it knows all the words to my favourite songs.

49. I love my parrot because he has a unique taste in music and food. He is a great friend, and I would love to keep him with me forever.

50. My parrot has so many names because it is many things to me. She’s a lot of fun, and I enjoy her company so much. I love her.

51. I’ve learned to appreciate little things about my parrot, like how my parrot uses the correct pronouns when speaking. I love my parrot.

52. I wouldn’t have a parrot if I didn’t love her to bits. Can I count the things I love about her? No!

53. I love him. He is so smart and sweet, and he even knows how to talk in little sentences.

54. I love my parrot because he is a funny little creature that talks nonsense all day long.

55. I love my parrot. He’s so cute, and I can even understand what he says.

It’s always a pleasure to see that you got to the end of the quotes I compiled for you. I hope you found many of these I love my parrot quotes that you love among these ones, that my favourite quote here is also yours and that you will use many of them.

If you have a friend that has a parrot, and you won’t mind sharing this collection of quotes with them, please do. I’ll be thankful!

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