inspirational kite flying quotes

Inspirational Kite Flying Quotes

Kite flying is an outdoor activity where a tethered flying device, a kite, is flown outdoors to experience wind, fun, and adventure. There’s nothing quite like the magic of kite flying to bring you back to your childhood. It’s relaxing and exciting, a natural stress reliever, and something you’ll want to do over and over again.

Kite flying is a nature-based activity that is best done at leisure. You see, kites symbolize freedom and independence, which is why they are associated with various festivals around the world. Kites don’t only symbolize freedom from challenges and what seems impossible, they also provide a source of entertainment to many, especially during long summer vacations.

Who would have thought that the act of flying a kite could bring so much happiness and exhilaration to people? I had a lot of fun compiling a list of inspirational kite flying quotes about kite flying and assembling them into a collection you will find useful in your kite flying endeavours.

Inspirational Kite Flying Quotes

There’s nothing like the feeling of living life like a flying kite. Maybe it’s the exhilarating rush that comes from reaching for something bigger and better than yourself, or maybe it’s that feeling of being so free that you feel your life in your palms. It’s a life you want to try out.”

1. Fly like kites. The wind will always be there. Take off, and let it take you to a thousand places.

2. What if tomorrow was a new beginning? What if your fears about it don’t come true? The only way to know is to take a chance. Fly like a kite, take risks and live your dreams.

3. A flying kite is about soaring above the ground, unbothered by earthly concerns and exploring what’s possible in the universe. Be like one.

4. Your life is your kite, and when you start flying a kite, you have to let go of your fears, or they’ll get the best of you. The wind takes you where it wants you to go, and you have to use the wind to your advantage.

5. We are not locked into the gravity of the earth. We can soar like kites above all this burden and open ourselves up to a boundless future of discovery.

6. Flying like a kite can take you to your goals. Just a little wind, and you can go just where you need to be.

7. Look at the kites. Just like them, you can fly high with confidence and joy.

8. Kites are not just toys. They are a reminder of how we can fly and allow the wind to lead us.

9. It’s time to fly like a kite. The sky that has no end will be your playground.

10. You don’t have to be a great pilot to fly like a kite. You just need to be ready for a freer life filled with many adventures.

11. Choose to be like the flying kite and see the world beyond whatever you can see now.

12. Don’t just choose to live like a flying kite. Embrace the freedom and soar above your limits.

13. There is freedom and magic that only flying kites enjoy. Chose to live like one today.

14. Choose to lie like a flying kite. Sometimes the wind is not your enemy but your greatest friend.

15. Sometimes, we think we’re not strong enough to fly, but if you just let go, the wind will take you right where you want to be like it does to the kite.

16. Choose to be like the flying kite. Don’t stay in one place. Let your dreams and wind take you places.

17. We have the power to choose to live freely like a kite. We just have to trust in ourselves and our ability to be great.

18. Your life is like a kite. You have wings to fly. You have what is needed to soar high and spread your light. So rise above the clouds and see what’s possible!

19. Be like a flying kite. The sky has enough room for you, and the wind is strong enough to take you where you want to be. Don’t let any fear stop you.

20. Our lives are like flying kites, and the wind is always blowing. Take advantage of it and let it take you where you want to go.

21. The flying kite is not just beautiful and graceful to see. It holds the potential to soar.

22. The large and endless sky will still be the playground of the flying kite, even when the wind turns against it. There are endless possibilities in living free like a kite.

23. Don’t you think of freedom when you see a flying kite? Don’t you want to be like it? Let go and soar with the wind.

24. This life is a precious gift to be enjoyed. Let go of your fears and soar like a kite!

25. Not everyone can live like a flying kite, but those who do enjoy freedom and happiness and stand a better chance of reaching their goals.

26. You never know where the next opportunity or inspiration will come from. Let’s go fly a kite!

27. The wind is always there, waiting to take us where we need to go. All we need to do is live like a flying kite.

28. You don’t have to be a great kite flier to fly like one. Fly like a kite, and feel the wind, freedom and joy.

29. Like a kite, fly. Sometimes, the wind works for your good.

30. You’ll know how tiny your world is and how large it can be when you let go of what you have now and allow start living like a flying kite.

31. Fly like a kite. Fly knowing that the land is not for you.

32. Learn to control your life. Your life is a flying kite in the wind, and the strings should be in your hands alone. Fly high.

33. Living life like a flying kite is the best. Like the wind, you can go anywhere and everywhere.

34. Just like it is for the flying kite, it’s not how fast you go but how high you fly.

35. Your life is a flying kite. You are the one that flies it. Don’t let your fears hold you back; keep believing in yourself, and everything will be okay.

36. Your life is a flying kite. There is the wind beneath its wings, but there’s also you holding the strings.

37. Life is like a flying kite. The wind is always changing, and you have to be ready for it.

38. You are both the kite and the string that holds it that hold it. You are not the wind, and that’s fine. Staying in one place will hurt you. Let go and fly with life.

39. Live like a flying kite. Your life will change as fast as the wind. While at it, enjoy each moment, and don’t worry about tomorrow.

40. Life is a flying kite, and you are the one that flies it. The wind affects it, but you still get to choose the colour, shape, and direction. Get out there and fly!

41. Your life is a flying kite and is in your hands. You decide where your kite will go and how colourful it will be.

42. Your life is a kite. You are the one that flies it. The wind will get in your way, but don’t let it hold you back. Be who you want to be and live the life you want to live.

43. Your life is like a kite, and you are the one that flies it. You are the one who makes it beautiful and colourful. Fly with confidence and fly Higher!!!

44. Life is a kite. We are the ones that decide when ours will begin to fly in the wind.

45. Your life is a flying kite on a string in your hands. You are the one to choose when it will fly and how it will fly. You decide where it will fly and how to keep it on the right path.

46. You can only be your true self when you find freedom and start living like a flying kite. You just have to let go and fly, and a better life will be yours.

47. Life is like a flying kite. When you fly it yourself, it’s beautiful. But when someone else holds on to the string, it can turn into a disaster. Hold your string. Let your life be in your hands. Decide what happens in it.

48. Remember that your life is like a kite. You can fly it wherever you want it to go. Put your effort into the string, and the wind will take care of the rest. You can’t control the wind, but you do have control over the string, and that’s all you need.

49. The sky is for you to fly in. As long as you believe in yourself, nothing will stop you. The sky is waiting for you to fly in it like a kite.

50. Your life is like a flying kite. It’s in your hands, and you can make it fly or let it stay on the ground.

51. Your life is like a flying kite. You have to choose how beautiful it will look and then fly with purpose.

52. You can pull your life in any direction because it is like a fling kite.

53. Live like a flying kite. You can’t always expect a kite to fly anywhere you want it to go, but you can always expect it to fly in the wind.

54. Live like a flying kite and never let what life throws at you turn you around. Keep your focus on being in control, and let the wind beneath you lead the way.

55. Live like a flying kite. After all, those who can take the most advantage of opportunities are not those that are stuck on the ground.

56. Choose to live like a flying kite. It’s not all roses, but the majority of the time, you’ll have the breeze of freedom and beauty lifting you high above the clouds.

57. Life is a kite, flying high and free. And it can be difficult to keep it from drifting aimlessly at times, but with an open mind and good intentions, you can take advantage of the wind and go to where you wish to go.

58. Choose to live like a flying kite, and the wind will take you higher than the highest cloud you can see.

59. Don’t be afraid to choose flying like a kite over the safety and boredom of your current routine. You know you can soar and shine.

60. It is in the wind that you soar, not in your strength. Choose to live like a flying kite.

61. Just let go, let go of all the pain and fear, and fly like a kite. You may get hurt, but you’ll be closer to living your dreams.

62. You don’t have to be a bird in the sky to fly. You just have to be a kite in the wind.

63. Every day becomes a miracle from the day you start living like a flying kite in the wind.

64. There’s nothing like the feeling of living in the wind like a flying kite, taking life as it comes and living it to the fullest.

65. Life is short, so live free like a kite and make every moment count.

66. You’ve got to fly like a kite. Your life may not go as fast as you want it to go, but you will be as free as a bird.

67. Fly like a kite, and do not be afraid of the wind. Look down at the ground, and you will see all your current worries far from you.

68. Flying like a kite is not about copying the birds. It’s about believing in yourself and trusting the wind to carry you higher.

69. We should all be flying like kites, not hanging onto whatever safety we find ourselves in.

70. We can all learn from a kite. Fly with your passion, and trust the wind to take you to your dreams.

71. We should see ourselves as kites that have been blown into the sky. We travel through a place where we do not yet know, but we promise to be brave and gracefully fly.

72. Choose to live free like a kite. You just have to be willing to rise above your fears and soar.

73. Fly like a kite, and don’t worry about the result. Just focus on pulling yourself up by the string.

74. Choose to fly like a kite. The wind might just blow all your troubles away.

74. Flying like a kite is not about flying high but rather feeling light and free like a bird.

75. When you’re flying like a kite, it’s easy to notice the beauty around you.

76. The wind is at your back, and the sky is where you belong. Let go and fly like a kite.

77. You don’t need wings to fly. You just release yourself like you would do with a kite and let the wind take you!

78. When you’re flying like a kite, you don’t know where the wind will take you. And that’s the most exciting part of it.

79. The sky is your playground, and the wind is not stronger than your determination. Fly like a kite.

80. I fly like a kite with the wind, and my thoughts are not tied down. I am free to live a free and beautiful life.

81. Kite flying is just like life — when you let go, you fly.

82. The wind has the power to make anyone willing to step in it like a kite fly higher.

83. Fy like a kite and discover the freedom of flight, the adventure of discovery, and the joy of letting go.

84. Let’s rise above the ordinary and reach for the sky like a flying kite. It’s one of life’s greatest adventures.

85. It’s time for you to let go and let the wind pick you up. It’s time to live like a kite.

86. As you fly like a kite, you’ll find strength, confidence, and a lot of fun.

87. When you fly a kite, every breeze becomes an opportunity.

88. Don’t be afraid to take a risk. There’s a way to live your best life, and it is letting go of what holds you back and flying like a kite!

89. Fly like a kite, touch the clouds in your way, and enjoy a freer, better life.

90. When you’re flying like a kite, the sky looks bigger and brighter.

91. Live like flying kites with the sky as your playground. Do what you love and be free!

92. Your life is your kite, but don’t just fly this kite. Master the wind and soar like a bird.

93. We can learn many things from kites. No matter the wind, they keep going.

94. Flying kites give us an example of how to live free. Choose to be a kite in the wind.

95. When the wind blows, it can lead you to all your dreams at a time, but that’s if you’re living like a flying kite.

96. Flying like a kite may not be the flashiest adventure, but it’s one you’ll be glad you went on.

97. The life of the flying kite is an adventure. Your life can be the same thing.

98. The secret to kite flying is to focus on the wind and the sky, not your fears.

99. Fly like a kite. It doesn’t matter if there is a storm. The universe is your limit when you’re floating.

100. Kites live life to its fullest. They don’t need to worry about gravity—and neither do you.

101. It’s the wind that makes you fly, not the safety of your comfort zone. Live like a flying kite.

102. Let go of the fear and let go of your comfort zone. You are free to fly like a kite.

103. We are all kites. Unroll yourself and let yourself fly into the wind.

104. Kite flying is fun and beautiful, but it’s also about having the courage to be different.

105. You can’t live freely like a flying kite if you’re not willing to let go. And sometimes, letting go is a hard thing to do. But it’s something you can do!

106. Fly like a kite. Be courageous and bold, follow your heart and never let go of your dreams.

107. The sky is calling. It’s time to jump into the sky and fly like a kite.

108. As you go through life, you don’t have to be fast. Just keep the wind at your back like your life is a kite, and you’ll be fine.

I’m glad you read through this collection of inspirational kite flying quotes. I’m sure you loved so many of them. Please, don’t forget to drop your comment and share them with your loved ones. Thanks.

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