Inspirational Quotes After Illness

Inspirational Quotes After Illness

It is easy to sum up all the struggles and pain that are involved in getting over an illness as defeat. In the process, we mostly fail to recognize the exhibited strength, endurance, self-motivation, and persistence that has set us on a path to a healthier and longer life. 

Agreed, time and resources have gone into treatment, and some body parts may never function the same again, but you still have the ultimate and most important gift of all – life! This is all the needed proof that things can get better, dreams can be attained, and whatever’s lost will be regained. 

So, be kind and patient with yourself, hold your head high, focus on taking the journey after a difficult period of your life easy with the inspirational quotes after illness below, and everything will work out soon enough. 

Inspirational Quotes After Illness

Everything may look and feel gloomy now, and your body may be in a lot of pain with all the recovery needed after an illness, but remember that the most difficult phase is over, and you’re still alive and standing tall.

1. You may look like what you’ve been through due to illness, but you’re also a survivor that has beaten life and one of its games. 

2. Leave the remaining signs of the illness and focus on the courage you exhibited in the last few weeks. 

3. It is more than alright for the recovery stage to be slow and steady after an illness.

4. The worst of this difficult phase is over, and it can only get better for you from here on. 

5. If you’re healthier and stronger than before, that’s all that should matter.

6. You’ve known pain in the last weeks; now is the time for your recovery and enjoyment! 

7. Your victory over the illness proves that you can take on anything without breaking. 

8. Hold your head high – you’ve earned your place amongst survivors and warriors. 

9. There’s more than enough time to build and recover everything the illness took away. 

10. The illness stretched you beyond limits to reveal a deeper dimension of vulnerability, strength, and perseverance. 

11. Start where you are with the strength and resources you have left and everything will be just fine.

12. You did your best throughout the difficult phase of going in and out of the hospital – don’t stop now. 

13. The past weeks of feeling sick and spending resources may look like a defeat, but they’re stepping stones to a better you.

14. Falling ill wasn’t your fault, but the road to recovery and total victory is now in your hands. 

15. You’re not the same person that became ill and recovered – you’re a stronger and more persistent version now. 

16. No matter how slow you go after now, the most important thing is that you’re making progress

17. Forget about tomorrow; each day will come with new strength, thoughts, and opportunities.

18. You’ve fought through some bad days, and now it’s time to enjoy the best days of your life.

19. The struggle you’ve experienced going in and out of the hospital has developed the strength you need for tomorrow.

20. Everything will seem tiring and impossible until you take affirmative steps daily.

21. You’ve put up with the rain for a long time, and your rainbow is now around the corner. 

22. If your light was visible through the illness and hospital stage, trust it to shine even brighter now that you’re recovering. 

23. When you wake up every morning and believe that things will be better than the previous day, it will. 

24. Your dreams were temporarily on hold due to the illness, but the time to unleash your greatness is here. 

25. Visible or not, you’re winning whenever you put one foot ahead of the other. 

26. You bet on yourself and overcame illness; keep up the same energy and you’ll win over anything life throws your way. 

27. If you’re standing tall today, it is because you dared to look your fears in the face and persist. Maintain the energy!  

28. Everything you prayed for and promised yourself on the hospital bed is now yours to take on. 

29. The small steps taken today will move you closer to the right direction and your dreams. 

30. You can win on this path to full recovery because there’ll always be the strength to draw from within. 

31. Finding yourself again after your brief stay at the hospital can only make you stronger and more determined. 

32. Life is not a sprint or short-term exercise – the best way to handle it is to focus on the long term and take things one day at a time.

33. Whenever you feel overwhelmed, take a moment to focus on what is good about your life and that you’re no longer ill.

34. As you navigate this period of full recovery after the illness, remember to always be optimistic and kind to yourself. 

35. If you give it time and daily effort, your body will be back to normal soon.  

36. When you count the small and big victories, you’ll realize how well you’re doing this period. 

37. No one can control the hands they’ve been dealt, but they can decide how they’re going to play the game. 

38. The past weeks of feeling sick do not define you. At best, they’re stepping stones to better and healthier choices. 

39. Even though there’s still residual pain, remember how close you are to permanent healing.

40. If you can beat the phase of feeling ill, you can masterfully navigate this phase of recovery and chase your dreams.  

41. Whether you feel like it or not, you’ve come a long way, and there are still many victories ahead for you. 

42. The best way to win during this phase of your life is to go slow and steady and extend grace to yourself. 

43. When you learn to smile in the face of challenges and fear, things will eventually align. 

44. Some day, this period of recovery will be a pointer for you to draw strength and motivation for the next challenge. 

45. You’ve triumphed over the illness that could have easily killed you, and that’s all the testimony that deserves your focus.

46. Regardless of the situation, life goes on – and yours is about to take a healthier and better turn.

47. Life has given you the opportunity today to turn your life into a masterpiece. Seize it!

48. Your name is certain to come up when examples of strong people are mentioned – don’t give up now! 

49. Now that you’re past the illness, start from where you are and use what you have and everything will eventually align. 

50. Wear your scars proudly – you’re proof of a huge testimony, and surviving a terminal illness is no joke. 

Hopefully, you’ve found our inspirational quotes after illness helpful enough to encourage and strengthen for life after dealing with an illness. 

Feel free to use as many of them as you’d like, and thank you for reading!

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