Kung FU Quotes

Kung FU Quotes

Kung fu, also referred to as kungfu or gungfu, is a Chinese martial art, combat system and self-defence method. Kung fu is known for its physical exercises, including qigong and Chinese martial arts. It can be practised as self-defence or as a sport where you compete with a partner.

Many different people developed Kung fu over thousands of years. It was originally used as a form of exercise by monks in Buddhist monasteries who wanted to stay strong and fit while meditating. Later, it became a way for soldiers to defend themselves from enemies.

There are many different styles of kung fu, each with its special techniques and characteristics. Some styles were developed for fighting on horseback; others were designed for soldiers on foot, while some were developed specifically for use by women. Some styles involve punching and kicking; others include throws and joint locks (locks on joints).

Kung Fu is more than just a martial art – it’s an entire philosophy with its own distinct set of values and goals. To know more about kung fu, you must go through this collection of kung fu quotes below.

Kung FU Quotes

Kung fu is a form of self-defence and fighting system that utilizes physical and mental strength to defeat opponents. Kung fu is not about being strong. It’s about using what you’ve got by knowing when and how much pressure to apply when your opponent gives in and makes a mistake that allows you to seize victory from defeat.

1. The only thing you can’t learn from reading is kung fu.

2. The only way to find peace is through kung fu

3. Kung Fu is like a pen. You can’t just have one; you have to carry them all.

4. Kung fu is the art of being creative with pain.

5. Kung fu is for the one who believes that even if it’s not a good day, there’s always tomorrow.

6. Kung fu is the art of knowing no fear and transcending the mind.

7. Kung fu is the art of knowing no fear.

8. Kung fu is a long walk on the short side of life. You’ve got to be on guard at all times, or else you’re going to get hit by a truck. Be careful, that’s all I’m saying.

9. Kung fu is a way of life, not just a sport. It’s who you are and why you do what you do.

10. Kung fu is the most effective method to cut through the noise and find your path to greatness.

11. Act like a kung fu master if you have to fight. If you don’t have to fight, then don’t.

12. Kung fu is the most effective form of self-defence.

13. Kung fu is not a martial art. It’s a state of mind.

14. Kung fu is not just about strength or training. It’s about self-discipline and patience, as well as humility and compassion.

15. There’s something about kung fu that makes people want to improve their lives and expand their horizons.

16. If you want to learn kung fu, go to a Chinese restaurant. If you want to learn Chinese, go to a Chinese restaurant.

17. Kung fu is a way of life. It’s not about hitting people, it’s about defence.

18. Kung fu is a lifestyle. It’s not only about martial arts, it’s about how you live your life.

19. Kung fu can make you feel invincible. It also makes you hungry.

20. Kung fu is the most ancient art in the world. It’s been with us from the beginning of time, and there’s no way to know what would have happened without it.

21. Kung fu is like being a ninja. You’re always ready to spring into action, even in the middle of a conversation.

22. Kung Fu is the kind of power that can’t be forgotten.

23. Kung fu is the path to enlightenment.

24. Kung Fu training is never about the moves, it’s about the mindset.

25. Kung fu is like pizza. You can never have enough of it.

26. There’s nothing like a good dose of kung fu to make you feel like a million bucks.

27. The most dangerous place for your kung fu is in your head.

28. Kung fu is not just about fighting; it’s about being a better person. Thanks to the Kung-fu masters for showing us grace and a style of living

29. Kung fu is not a fashion statement but an art of self-defence.

30. Kung fu is an infinite series of life lessons.

31. Kung fu is energy in motion. It’s not just about fighting, and it’s about life.

32. Kung fu is not just a way of life but a philosophy. It teaches us to stand strong in any situation and be flexible, adaptable and resilient. It also teaches us that we always have the choice to be prepared, even when it comes to these things.

33. Kung fu is not just about fighting, it’s about the essence of being.

34. Kung fu is like a fortune cookie: If you don’t know what’s inside, how will you ever know what it says?

35. Kung fu is more like a dance and martial art than a fight. I love to watch kung fu movies and TV shows.

36. Only with kung fu can you find inner strength and personal freedom.

37. Kung fu is a state of mind. It knows you’re strong enough to get through anything—and still embrace life like it’s the best joke ever.

38. Kung Fu is not just about physical fitness but mental and emotional fitness.

39. Kung fu is about being disciplined, persevering through pain and discomfort, and never settling for less than your best.

40. Kung fu: the skill of figuring out a problem before you have to.

41. The power of kung fu is the power of knowing there’s a way.

42. Kung fu is about getting into action. And when you do, it changes the way you think and acts forever.

43. Kung fu is the art of taking what you have and making it better

44. Kung Fu is not about fighting; it’s about surviving.

45. Kung fu is a state of mind. It’s not what you do. It’s how you do it.

46. Kung fu is not about fighting; it’s about understanding and balance.

47. Kung fu is a mindset, not a martial art. It’s being in the moment and being able to react on command.

48. Kung fu is the ultimate expression of one’s innate power and strength.

49. Kung fu teaches you how to get into a fight and win. It also teaches you how to lose one.

50. The true meaning of kung fu is to know yourself before trying to change others.

51. Kung fu is a gift. It is not about what you do but how it makes you feel.

52. Kung fu is more than just martial arts—it’s about being a man of character, integrity, and self-control.

53. Kung fu is not just about fighting; it’s about self-mastery, discipline, and respect.

54. Kung fu is like a creative force. It can only be understood by those who have been touched by it.

55. Kung fu is the art of mental, physical and spiritual development.

56. Kung fu is not just a fighting style, it is an attitude. Kung fu is an attitude that can never be learned from books. It can only be learned from experience

57. If you have the strength, why are you afraid of training? Kung fu is about strength, not about physical ability.

58. Kung fu is not just a martial art. It’s your life philosophy.

59. Kung fu is not just about the punches; it’s about the respect you have for each other and the art of living life.

60. Kung Fu is not about strength; it’s about using your mind.

61. Kung fu is not about fighting or winning. It’s about being in the moment and knowing how to respond to every challenge. The character and integrity you’ve built will determine how far you’ll go with your journey.

62. Kung Fu can make you a master of your destiny. Enlightenment is a matter of practice, not of intellect.

63. Kung Fu is not only a great way to get your family together, but it’s also an excellent way to keep them away.

64. Kung Fu is like a warm cup of coffee; it keeps you alert in a world full of tired people and freaks.

65. Kung fu is not about strength; it’s about technique. That’s why kung fu masters can kick you and make you cry simultaneously.

66. Kung fu is the mind, body and spirit of life. It’s an art that teaches us how to be happy, humble and kind.

67. If your kung fu is strong, you won’t be afraid to face the demons in your mind.

68. Kung fu is the art of self-improvement. Kung fu is about making choices that bring you closer to who you are and where you want to be.

69. Each day, we are given a choice to either move forward with our dreams or stay stuck in our ways. No matter how stiff your clothes are, kung fu will get you there.

70. Kung fu is the only sport that requires more than two hands.

71. Kung fu is the most powerful art of self-empowerment.

72. Kung Fu is the art of using your body as a tool to heal yourself.

73. Kung Fu. It’s not just for Chinese people. How you stand, breathe, walk and roll is a matter of kung fu.

74. Kung fu is the product of a thousand hours of boredom

75. Kung fu is for people who don’t know how to think about martial arts.

76. What is kung fu? It’s not just about paper practice. It’s about the way you’re walking, the way you’re breathing and the way you look at the world.

77. All you need to know about Kung Fu is that your enemy doesn’t know you’re coming.

78. Kung fu is the art of knowing when to stop fighting and know when to start.

79. Kung Fu is a martial art which helps to find inner strength and self-control, improve focus and concentration, develop patience and courage, increase self-confidence and enhance leadership skills.

80. Kung fu is like water. Always flowing, never still.

81. Kung fu isn’t just cool, it’s also a great workout.

82. Kung fu is like a chicken, it has its achievements and then it’s eaten by something even more powerful.

83. Kung fu is not just a form of martial arts; it’s a way of life.

84. Kung fu is the ultimate expression of martial arts. It’s a balance between our practical, hard-working side and our creative side—a combination of strength and beauty.

85. Kung fu is the art of thinking with your hands, not just your brain.

86. Kung fu is like a game of chess. You must be in the right place at the right time to make your move.

87. You don’t need a lot of strength to achieve great things. You need a little willpower, the right attitude and some Kung-Fu.

88. Kung fu for the weak; practice makes perfect. Kung fu is for the strong; make sure you’re good at kung fu.

89. Kung fu teaches you how to be hard on yourself to be soft on others.

90. Kung fu is the greatest because it takes you to a place where you can do anything.

91. Kung Fu is the art of “killing” your ego.

92. Kung fu is the art of feeling relaxed in tense situations.

93. Kung fu is like dancing. It’s not the steps that matter, but the movement of your own body.

94. Kung fu is not a style of fighting, but rather a state of mind that transcends the limits of time and space.

95. Kung fu is a combination of flexibility, energy and spirit.

96. Kung fu is all about the right actions at the right time, so you must master the art of awareness.

97. You can’t teach kung fu, but you can learn it—and then use it to kick out of your challengers.

98. Kung fu is the most unique, powerful and effective form of exercise. It works on every part of your body, and it’s not just for guys anymore!

99. Kung Fu is not just a form of martial arts; it is also the best way to feel alive.

100. Kung Fu is a path that teaches us to walk through life with no fear. It teaches us to look at ourselves and face our fears with courage, to not be afraid of making mistakes and instead learn from them.

101. Kung fu is the mind, body and soul of our martial arts.

102. Kung fu: The most wonderful way to let someone else do your work for you.

103. Kung fu is like a good suit—it’ll look good on you, whether tall or short, skinny or fat.

104. Kung fu is life. Kung fu is power. Kung fu is a weakness. Kung fu is pain. Kung fu is potential.

105. The secret to being happy is being fit. And the secret to being fit is Kung Fu

106. The only way to defeat your enemy is with greater focus, more skill and more kung fu.

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