Life Is a Precious Gift From God Quotes

Life Is a Precious Gift From God Quotes

Life is more than just a series of random events. It’s meaningful and beautiful, but sometimes we can’t see the big picture, nor do we realize how much love is behind it all. The bible teaches us that “every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.”

Many people struggle with the concept of God giving us life. If God has such power over us, why can he allow bad things to happen to us? We may not know why certain things happen in our lives, but God has a good reason for them. The beauty in life is not in the things you see, it’s in the way you see them. If we dwell on what’s wrong with our lives too much, then we forget how fortunate we are to be alive.

I hope the following life is a precious gift from God quotes helps to inspire you to appreciate and cherish life as a gift from God and the little things in life.

Life Is a Gift of God Quotes

Life is a great gift, giving us pleasure and pain. From one day to the next, we may not know what will come our way, but with God’s help, we can face each challenge. Life has a purpose, and that purpose is to glorify Him. He makes a way for us through every experience good, or bad so that we can be victorious no matter what comes our way.

1. Life is a precious gift given by God. Each day is like a new day, a new gift and will never come back again. Make the most of it without thinking about the past or future. Appreciate the little things you have in your life.

2. One definition of a gift is something that’s freely given. They say life is a gift from God, but it doesn’t feel like a gift when we’re rushing around trying to keep up with the demands of our schedule.

3. Life is a gift from God. Wake up each morning and realize it, appreciate it and use it. Receive it with gratitude, live it with passion, give it away in love!”

4. We have only one life to live. Learn to love and appreciate all that you have, or risk losing it forever. Avoid the mistake of taking it for granted because before you know it, it will be too late. Make the most out of every moment, every experience and, every person that has ever been a part of your life.

5. Have you ever been given something as a gift and then just tossed it to the side? Don’t you think that would upset the person who gave it to you? Now imagine if the giver was God. You’re lucky enough to be here, so do something with that life, give back and most importantly, love yourself and others.

6. Life is a gift from God. So, don’t let it pass you by. You only get one life and it is up to you how to spend it best. To this end, if you find yourself unhappy, make a choice to change your situation. You have the power within you to be happy.

7. You don’t have time to be unhappy. Only you control how you spend your time, so spend it wisely. Don’t let life rule over you, but instead, make a choice to go after the life that you want. Only you can live the life of your dreams, so make it count.

8. Don’t wait for someone else to make things happen for you. Take control of your own life today and know it’s okay not to be okay. Find a way to bring joy into your world, no matter what happens around you.

9. Each day is a gift from God called life. When you face each day with a smile and a positive attitude, you always find more ways to motivate yourself and show off your strengths.

10. When you’re ready to start a new day, tell yourself that it’s going to be productive and worthwhile. Persistence is the key to success – no matter what you want to do with the gift of life that God has given you.

11. You have the power to accomplish incredible goals every single day of your life is given to you as a gift from God. People will look up to you, your friends and family will appreciate you, and you’ll be ahead of the game.

12. Life is a gift from God and it’s a journey. It’s up to you to navigate it in the direction you want, so don’t give up. Have fun and always try your best.

13. If you know that life is a gift from God, you can control your thoughts and control your life. Take responsibility for your mind, and be willing to take responsibility for your results.

14. Don’t wait for a tragedy or a breakup to happen to make you realize that life is a gift from God. Life is too short for bad experiences, negative feelings, and hating yourself. Take a chance right now. Learn to live life with purpose and passion; learn to love and appreciate everything that you have right here, right now.

15. We all need to be grateful for what we have. Some of us have more and some of us have less. But who cares? The important thing is that we are all happy. No matter how much you have, no matter who you are or where you are going, being grateful for the gift of life will always be important for human health and success.

16. If you can admit that your life is a gift from God and it has value, won’t you want to share it with the world? You have a responsibility to make this world better than how you found it because the truth is, you, are lucky enough to be here. Don’t waste that chance by not giving it your everything.

17. It’s simple, every day you are given 86,400 seconds to do whatever you want. God has blessed us with this life and we should spend it being happy and, giving back to others.

18. Life is a gift from God, with life, comes responsibility. To appreciate life, you must cherish it and work to make the world a better place.

19. Life is the most wonderful gift anyone can receive from God. Therefore, we should cherish each day and live in the moment. By doing so, we bring true happiness to our life.

20. Life is a special gift from God that we should cherish each day. It is true happiness to live in the moment and experience life to its fullest.

21. We can find happiness by living in the moment and cherishing it every day. Life is a gift from God and we should enjoy it wholly.

22. Living every day to the fullest is the key to being truly happy. It’s an attitude of gratefulness to God for the gift of life, giving each moment its rightful importance. By taking a moment and, enjoying the little things in life, we bring happiness to ourselves and others around us.

23. Consider the way you live your life because it’s a gift from God. Let your inner strength shine and guide your path to success. Stop fearing the unknowns and start reaching new goals. Regret is borne in living life with caution, not in living a fully explored life.

24. Life is a journey that is full of wonders and miracles. Enjoy life, be happy and live life to the fullest. Make sure you take time to cherish every moment of it because each day is a gift from God.

25. Life is beautiful. It is a gift from God to you, so cherish it and enjoy it. We have only one life, so we must try to make it as beautiful as possible. It’s all in your hands.

26. Make the most of today, it is called life. Cherish the place you live and those who surround you. Embrace what you have and make the most out of it.

27. Life is a very special gift from God, and it’s the most exciting adventure of all! So enjoy your time here by doing everything you love because life is so short. Time flies and before you know it, another year has passed. Cherish every moment enjoy every second of every day, and pursue your dreams and goals to achieve a happy and fulfilling life.

28. Life is a gift that is meant to be cherished and enjoyed. Remember, God is the giver of life and everything good in it. Be happy!

29. Life is a precious gift that God gave us, so we should take care of ourselves to be able to cherish every little moment, and live our lives in the best way possible.

30. God has granted us life and the ability to make choices for ourselves, so we should spend time showing gratitude for what we have.

31. There is no need to wait for a special occasion to celebrate life. You do not have to wait till you get married, have children or win the lottery. Your daily routine can also be an occasion to rejoice.

32. Cherish every moment of life because God has given us a lot to enjoy.

33. The purpose of life is to live and enjoy each and every moment of it. Life is a precious gift from God that we should appreciate by sharing it with people around us.

34. Life is a precious gift of God and He has put so many beautiful things around us and within us so, we must enjoy it to the fullest.

35. Open your heart and believe that every moment is a gift from God. Cherish life and know that however hard it may be, each day is a blessing.

36. Life is an amazing gift from the creator. Living each day in the moment and cherishing life is the way to show your appreciation for the gift.

37. You have a gift to live your life. Don’t waste your gift, enjoy the most out of it, and make each moment count. Life is too short to be angry, sad or frustrated. Cherish every moment that you have because it will never come back again! To live is to travel!

38. Live life and cherish every single moment of it simply because it is a gift from God. A single day may not be enough to make you understand how blessings were showered onto you. Life is like the morning dew that vanishes when the hot sun rises, just like youth, which will vanish as you grow older. You should enjoy life to its fullness before you die.

39. Live life to the fullest. Because it is a gift from God, do not take this life for granted. We have so much to live for and experience, so take time to treat yourself and enjoy the little pleasures of everyday life. There are always a million things we can choose to worry about but, I am learning every day that worrying will not change your circumstances or produce new results. It only wastes precious time you could spend enjoying right now.

40. Enjoy life, enjoy nature and enjoy the beautiful things around us. Earth deserves our loving hearts and natural hands to take care of the environment. No matter what you are doing now, don’t forget to cherish every moment in life. Life is a gift from God let us make it precious.

41. Life is a privilege and a gift. Make the most of every day.

42. Life is a gift and every day that we are given is something to be cherished. Do not waste your time for there is no getting it back. Enjoy life and cherish every moment of it because it is a gift from God and He doesn’t make mistakes.

43. Life is a wonderful gift to be cherished and celebrated. Life, like many other things, is but a gift from God, you only get one and must treasure it. God has given us this one chance to experience what it’s like living on earth. We must enjoy every second of it as if it were our last because we never know when the time will come for an end.

44. Take time to enjoy life. Take time to appreciate the beauty of nature and the majesty of God. Enjoy good food, family and friends. Enjoy a relaxing moment watching sunsets and sunrises, eat at your favourite restaurant every now and then, and take a vacation.

45. I find that life is too short to worry about other people’s opinions, what I’m wearing, how many followers I have on social media, or how much money is in my bank account. Life is such a beautiful gift from God and, we should cherish every moment of it. I find that the moments where I am truly happy are the ones I spend with the people that care about me the most.

46. Life doesn’t have to be a tightrope walk. We can shape it into an adventure. Things may not always go our way, but we can refuse to let them ruin our day.

47. The secret to living our life to the fullest is not to let the things that go wrong bring us down.

48. Life is a gift from God and, should be appreciated every day. Get up, live your life and enjoy it! Do not waste this precious gift!

49. Taking yourself too seriously can lead to a stressful and hectic life that no one should have to endure. Loosen up; you’ll be surprised what you can accomplish.

50. If you find yourself unhappy, change it. You don’t need to wait for your circumstances to change. Sometimes, the only thing you need to do is change your attitude and everything will fall into place. The biggest regret that people have when they die is always not having taken the leap of faith to live a life that makes them happy.

51. We have all been gifted with life as a free gift from God and with free will. While life is a gift, we were not given a free pass. We are given two choices: choose life, or choose death.

52. Life is a gift from God, He gave it to me and He expects that I should appreciate and celebrate every day that I am alive.

53. There’s never a better time than today to choose happiness. Make happiness your top priority in life and, you’ll be glad that you did because life is a gift from God.

54. Being grateful for the life God gave you is a beautiful thing. So many people just take it for granted. Cherish it every day because you never know when it will end. Make the most out of every single moment, live like there is no tomorrow because one day your clock will stop ticking and, when it does at least you can say to yourself, I lived my life to the fullest.

55. Life is a gift from God that needs to be appreciated and cherished. Live each day with enthusiasm, excitement and thankfulness. Manage your time wisely and stay focused on the things that matter most to you.

56. Life doesn’t have to be a tightrope walk, it’s what you make of it. Bad things happen, but they don’t need to ruin our day if we refuse to let them bring us down.

57. Life is a gift from God and should be valued by us. Treasure it and make the most out of it.

58. If you begin each day with a smile, knowing it’s a gift from God, you’ll be able to stay calm and accomplish your objectives. As a result, you’ll get more done in less time and find that life is more exciting and a lot more fun.

59. Enjoy life, it is a gift from God. You’re not here by chance. God has a purpose for you on this planet. Trust Him and enjoy the life He grants you.

60. Life is a gift from God. Make the most out of it. You only get one life and, it is up to you how to spend it best. If you find yourself unhappy, make your happiness a choice, no matter what happens.

61. Every morning that we wake up, God reminds us of the beauty of life. Never let another day pass without making an impact.

62. If you’re not grateful for the life God gave you, consider that this is your last chance. You only live once, so make your time count and aim to have no regrets.

63. Be grateful for the life you have been given. So many people take it for granted, forgetting how precious and temporary it is. Live in the moment and live it to the fullest.

64. If you want to succeed in life, you should be grateful for God’s blessings. Be grateful for your health and, spend time with the people who matter to you. Life is short so make the most of it.

65. Every day is a gift from God, yet we chase down the future instead of living in the moment. Life is short and we should embrace it by being present for every moment.

66. Live in the moment, enjoy life and be happy because you only have one life. Make sure you don’t get bored along the way because boredom can have a negative effect on your life.

67. Expressing gratitude for the life you have been given is a wonderful way to live. Cherish your moments because one day they will be gone. Life is a gift and, you would be wise to savour it.

68. God wants you to enjoy your life and be happy, but He also wants you to know that every life must end so everyone will stand in judgment.

69. Being grateful for the life God gave you is a beautiful thing. So many people just take it for granted. Meet new people, try new things, and enjoy every moment. Make the most out of your life by exploring every avenue and truly immerse yourself in every experience.

70. Life is a gift, so allow God to guide you through it. You only get one life and it’s all up to you. Choose happiness and, make it a choice, no matter what happens.

71. If you will begin each day with a smile, you’ll find out that there are lots of things you can do that are worthwhile. You can be what you want to be. Do what you want to do.

72. Enjoying life starts with appreciating it, no matter what you have or what your circumstances are. Be grateful every day and share that gratitude with others to make everyone’s life a little better.

73. Do you want to live a life without regret? Live like you love the world and all that’s in it. And never take anything for granted. Better yet, seize the moment and make the most of your time because this moment will only happen once.

74. Life is a gift from God, make the most of it and enjoy every single moment. Remember that it’s not the quantity but the quality of your life that matters.

75. What if today was your last day on earth? How would you feel? What would be your biggest regrets? If you have the chance, right now, to go back in time and change the past, what would you do to make a better present for yourself?

76. Most people think that life is just a random and unplanned journey, but in reality, it’s in our own hands. So be positive and enjoy every single moment of life because we only live once.

77. If you see life as a gift from God and you smile every day, you’ll find there’s so much you can do with your life. You can do what you want to do and be who you want to be.

78. You are capable of anything you set your mind to achieve in life. Give each day your best and great things will happen in return.

79. Most people think that life is random, but it doesn’t have to be. You can create your own future by being positive and enthusiastic every day.

80. In a world of chaos, it’s easy to think that our lives are just random events. But that’s not true. It’s up to us to decide what we make of our lives.

81. Life is in your hands. Think big and make good decisions. There is really no point in wasting time on negativity when you can be living your best life.

82. When you are able to accomplish your goals, you can achieve the success that so many people dream of, but very few people will ever realize. Keep dreaming big and keep working hard until you get where you’re going—it’s all in your hands.

83. Life is a beautiful gift full of wonders. It gives you opportunities to explore, learn and share your joys with each other.

84. Learn to love and appreciate all that you have or risk losing it forever. Avoid the mistake of taking it for granted because before you know it, it will be too late. Make the most out of every moment, every experience and, every person that has ever been a part of your life.

85. You only have one life. Don’t waste it by taking your friends and family for granted. Enjoy every minute with them; seize every opportunity that comes your way and never forget to say “I love you” every single day!

86. To live a long, prosperous and happy life, you must realize and cherish your blessings. Enjoy them while they last because all things come to an end.

87. Every single day is a miracle. Surround yourself with beauty and joy. Be fully present for each precious moment with other people. When you do so, your life will be filled with love, hope and happiness.

88. Unless you consciously start doing something about it, this day will come. Your time is ticking, and you can’t get it back once it’s gone. You only have one chance to take control of your life. You have only one life, and you must make it a success!

89. You don’t have to be perfect, but you certainly have to put some effort into becoming a better person. It’s time for you to start appreciating life and all that comes with it.

90. In a world full of hate, there’s very little room for love. So when those rays of sunshine do shine through, soak up as much as you can because, at some point in the day, you’ll have to go back out into reality.

91. Enjoy life and cherish every moment of it. You have the power to make a difference in this world and turn it into your heaven.

92. Redefine the way you see life and nature, let it be your inspiration. Let your true strength shine and stay on your path to achieve success. Do not be afraid to explore new things, because in the end when we are old, we will always regret the thing we didn’t do more than the thing we did.

93. Life is a gift from God and should be appreciated every single day, cherish it and work to make the world a better place.

94. The most wonderful gift we can receive in life is life itself. Life is something precious, and it shouldn’t be taken for granted. We should cherish each day because each day is a blessing.

95. Our life is the most precious thing we could ever receive. We can enhance our lives and make them more joyful for everyone by living in the moment.

96. Every single day is a gift from God. You’ll feel more optimistic about life when you surround yourself with beauty and joy. Choose to spend your time doing the things that will make you feel present and at peace, by giving your full attention to the people and activities that matter.

97. Life is short, enjoy it while you can and help others. Everyone is trying to get ahead, but not everyone thinks of where they came from. Life is hard, let’s make it easier for our fellow man/woman.

98. Life is all about living it to its fullest. Though what you see may not seem beautiful, sometimes it is better to look past those things and enjoy life to the maximum. Cherish every moment of your life because time waits for no one. In the end, you will be grateful that you did.

99. Every moment of your time should be cherished and whatever you do, do it with a smile on your face.

100. Most people are familiar with the saying “Life is not a bed of roses”. They have heard it so many times that they seem to have started believing life can’t be happy and enjoyable. However, this is a misconception.

101. Cherish your time because every moment is precious. Cherish every person and every relationship because you are blessed to have them.

102. Life is a precious gift from God, embrace it by being positive, appreciating others, and not taking things for granted.

I hope these quotes let you realize that life is a precious gift from God and that it’s not just a matter of achieving milestones, but of moments and we must cherish every one of them.


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