2021 Best Love Poems for Her from the Heart

2023 Best Love Poems for Her from the Heart

In life, it is sometimes easier to neglect a few things in pursuit of other more important factors. This is most often the case in our relationships, especially when a few years have gone by and the relationship has been cemented.

One of such things that are usually implicated in the neglect of our relationships are all the works that make up a great relationship; the sparks; the plugs; you name it.

Suddenly, a relationship that was once exciting and invigorating, becomes bleak, dull and sapping. The two partners who once could not get enough of each other, who once could talk from dawn to twilight, suddenly find themselves drifting apart.

This does not have to be you trapped in such a relationship. In fact, with your proof of commitment matching words of “ASSURANCE”, you can turn your relationship around in full 360° circle.

These best love poems from your heart will do the trick in assuring your partner of your undying love for her.

The poems are so heartrending that they are sure to bring back all the sparks and plugs of your relationship and renew your relationship for the journey of a lifetime.

Ready? Copy any of the poems you love the most and share with your partner.

Romantic Love Poems for Your Girlfriend or Wife

You care to share some sweet poems with your girlfriend or wife? These sweet romantic love poems for her from the heart will get the job done.

1. My heart beats for you and only you.
My soul is restless without you by my side.
My whole body quakes at your mere absence.
Even though I may not say it as often as you wish,
Just know that you are my everything.

2. To the ends of the Earth,
Down to the depth of the river,
There is no other woman for me but you;
Because you are the air that I breathe.

3. A car needs fuel in its system to function properly
A fish needs water to survive.
My heart needs your love to breathe;
Because you are the spark to my engine.

4. I suck in a breath and find myself breathing in your scent.
I go for a walk, but find myself swimming in your ocean of love.
This love is scary;
This feeling is new.
But so far as you are by my side,
I will forever dance to the tempo of your love.

5. All my life, love was but a fantasy.
The reason is that I knew I could be antsy.
Who could possibly love such a surly creature?
But when you came along, I knew I was a fixture;
For you fixed me and loved me with all my flaws.
I love you with every breath in me.

6. I vow to love you in all your forms, today, now and forever.
I promise to never forget that this is a once-in-a-lifetime love.
I vow to cherish you with every breath in me.
No matter what challenges attempt to tear us apart, I will always find my way back to you.
Because I know for sure that you are my soulmate.

7. Loving you has made realize how valuable little things really are.
I have to come to love watching you sleep.
I’ll never stop losing my breath every time I see you looking back at me.
I’ll never stop cherishing the ripples of feelings that pass whenever I hold your hand.
I will never stop opening your door.
I’ll never stop choosing you every day, babe.
I’ll never get used to you because you are my life and passion.

8. You are my backbone on rough days.
You are my pillar on shaky grounds.
You are my strength on my weak days.
You are my everything every day.
And I love you with my every breath.

9. They say art is an expression of love and of feelings,
But no one ever told me that I had found within you the muse for my arts.
Your smiles me the inspiration I need.
Our memories are like plots that can be twisted for a generational love story.
You are an embodiment of perfection;
And I will always love you from the depths of my heart.

10. I dance to the tempo of your love.
I swim in the bottomless ocean of your love.
I fly knowing that my heart lies securely with you.
Your tender loving care reduces me to a child-like state
Know this, my angel; our love is here to stay.


11. I love you dearly, more than I thought ever possible.
I miss you badly, whenever you are not around.
I yearn for you earnestly, when distance separates us.
Babe, you and I together, ever.

12. I’d travel around the world if it means having you by my side.
I’d slay demons if it means having you to myself.
I’d break all obstacles if it means shielding our love.
I’d give everything that I own if it means forever with you.

13. I always thought love was a glorified version of drama.
With all the noise I thought it brings, it was no wonder I wanted a peaceful life devoid of love.
But you came along and everything changed;
Your love crept stealthily on me until it consumed me.
Looking back, I am glad it was you.
I love you forever, Mon amour.

14. Your coming into my life was a miracle.
I can’t help but bless the day I met you every single day.
And now that you are here, you are stuck with me.
Come rain, come shine, you and I will live as one forever.

15. My love for you knows no bound.
It scares me shitless, yet gives me strength.
It leaves me breathless, yet leaves me calm.
I never want to imagine life without you.
I will love you forever, my queen.

16. As sure as the sun rises from the East, so sure is my love for you.
As sure as the sun sets each day, so sure I am that you are the one for me.
As the rain waters the Earth each year, so shall I water our love.
This pledge I make to you today and forever;
I will always love you at all times of the day.

17. Loving you is like my ups and downs.
Far from you, I experience great pain, because every minute seems like an eternity.
Together, you are my greatest pleasure because eternity seems just like a second.
I will love you forever, my dearest.

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18. They say love comes unexpectedly.
I knew how true that is when I met you suddenly;
For in that split 5 seconds that we collided,
I knew I had fallen irrevocably in love with you.
Be mine forever, my angel.

19. If loving you is heaven,
Then missing you is like hell.
I never want to spend a moment away from you,
Because I am incomplete without you.
Be mine forever, my sweetest heart.

20. I realized how routinely boring my life was,
Only when you came into my life with your infectious fun nature.
I realized how slow-paced my life was,
Only because you came in and eternity suddenly seemed too short.
They say love is who you see in your slow moments,
But for me, love is you who I see in my fast moments.
And I will always love you forever.

21. Ever since I met you, the future became bright.
Your voice sings the song within my heart.
The rhythm of your body is the only one I want to dance to;
Your heartbeat is the only sound I care to listen to.
Your soul is the only mate I want for mine
Truly you are my soul mate and I love you die.

22. “Where is home for you?”, they asked me
Home is with you in my arms
Home is where we laugh, love and have fun
Home is wherever you are, my darling.

23. If I could put my feelings into words, I’d tell you that I love you.
If I could translate my actions into words, you’d know that I cherish you.
But if you could listen to my heartbeat, you’d know that I am yours, from eternity to eternity.

24. Your mouth tells me that you love me.
Your erratic breathing tells me of the chemistry we share.
Your eyes show the depths of your feelings.
Your heart is like a mirror into your soul.
Never doubt of my own feelings towards you;
Because I love you more than words can say.

25. Imagination is nothing compared to your presence.
Dreams pale in comparison to your love.
Who needs fantasies, when I have you as my reality.
With the depth of my being, I love you, my angel.

26. It’s you in my arms;
It’s the smile in your eyes;
It’s your company that I crave for;
That makes me realize that I have truly found my home.

27. I knew the first day we met,
With your smile so bright,
That we were meant to be together,
For eternity and forever;
Because we have a cosmic connection.
I love you so much, my darling

28. Yours is the only embrace I crave for,
Your eyes are the only ocean I would swim in,
Your heart is the only abode I will dwell in,
Because I love you more than words can.

29. I knew the meaning of love when I met you;
For how else would I define the intense feelings that abound.
My heart pounds in your presence,
My lips quiver with you close,
The little butterflies in my stomach are proof that love is what I feel for you.

30. You elevate me with your unwavering support.
You nurture me with your absolute care and concern.
You empower me with your love.
Though I may forget to say it sometimes;
Thank you, my darling for being all that you are to me.
Without a doubt, know that I love you so much.

31. You are the one I can’t live without, for you make me complete.
You are the shelter that I can’t give up, for you are my home.
You are my love, my mother, my sibling.
You are indeed my everything.

32. I never thought I’d find someone like you;
One who completes me as you do.
If I could change one thing in life,
It will be to bring you earlier in my life;
For eternity seems too short with you, my darling.

33. You are my safe haven in times of trouble;
And a steadying rock in times of tremble.
You feel me completely and make me feel whole;
You are my better half and I adore you deeply.

34. From the first day I met you, we shared a connection.
Even from afar, I wanted a relation
Years later, it remains my best decision;
Because with you, I am complete.

35. I never knew how enthralling a smile could be, until you bestowed me with one.
I never considered how hypnotizing a stare could be, until you looked into my eyes.
I never understood how intoxicating love could be, until you showered me with love.
I surely never dwelt on how beautiful falling in love could be, until I completely fell for you.

36. They say there’s no perfect person in the world.
Yet from the crown of your head to the sole of your feet speaks of nothing but raw perfection;
If not, how else would you be able to complete me the way you do.
You are like the missing puzzle of my life.

37. I never thought a day would come when I’d be so short of words,
But you’ve proven me wrong again and again.
You complete me or I complete you,
Even that, I do not really know.
But beyond you, there is nothing to see;
For you are my most cherished jewel.

38. With you, I found the greatest of all treasures.
My heart skips from all the pleasures.
Eternity is but a short duration;
but for you, I’d sign up for infinity.

39. A sage man once told me,
“Love comes when you are not searching for it”,
And this is true;
For you crept up on me without notice,
And now I can only hold on to you with both hands,
Because what I have with you is so rare.

40. If I was asked the best day of my life;
I would say it is the first day I met you.
If I was asked my most rare and valuable treasure;
I would say it is having your love.
Even though I may not say it often,
Know that I love you with all my being.

41. If loving you is wrong, then I never want to be right.
If being with you is against the law, then I want to become a perpetual lawbreaker.
No matter what happens, know ye this, my rare lady;
You are my greatest fantasy.

42. I thought our love would dwindle with time.
Yet many years down the line, our love is as strong and rare as ever.
Dreams and fantasies hold no interest for me again;
Because you are the reality I never want to change.

43. I have always considered life unfair to me,
For I have been hit severally by despair;
Yet the day I met you, life turned colourful;
for you came very beautiful.
I love you, my rare angel.

44. Life without you would rarely be scintillating as it is now,
Each of your thoughts and decisions shows how much you care about us.
I often get so used to your lavish attention,
that I forget to show my appreciation.
Today, I really want you to know that I am eternally grateful for your efforts

45. Your love defines my every moment,
Because with you, there is rarely anything but fulfilment.
In good times and bad, you are my strength.
With your fire, you set my heart apace,
And in dire times, you are my solace.
I will love you forever, my darling.

46. There are moments in my life I will never forget,
Because you were always there, like a gold nugget.
You lit my path like a bright lamp.
And like a rare treasure, you made my world brand new.

47. You came into my life and turned it around.
You have opened my eyes to a whole new world.
Now I can appreciate nature and all that it represents;
For it tells of your love and all that it presents.
Life has a new meaning with you, my rare treasure.

48. Like a rare dream, you floated into my life,
Leaving permanent trails of joy and love.
Holding you tight has become my life’s purpose,
Because I never want to spend a day without you.
It is us together eternity upon eternity;
For a lifetime with you seems too.

49. I never thought it possible to feel the way I do about you.
Before I met you, love was but a foreign and rare word,
And a lofty dream that I could never aspire to attain.
But all that changed the day I set eyes on you.
I love you deeply, more than words can ever convey.

50. If words can express my feelings, I’d own a bookshop to fully express them,
If actions can prove how deeply I love you, I’d win the best actor of our century,
Because with you, I have loved and felt love deeply,
Sweetheart, you are all I desire.

51. On the rainy days, your love was a shade over me.
At the times when the sun scorched me, your smile became my coolant.
How can I express the depth of my feelings for you?
Truly, my love, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me.

52. Your loving arms are my natural habitat.
In you, I have found a peaceful abode.
There is nothing good life can offer that can surpass what it has already given me;
And that is you, my beautiful queen.

53. You are my intestinal fortitude in times of trouble.
My companion at every of life,
Distance holds no candle to what we feel for each other;
For we are two souls joined together forever.
I will always love you, my sweetheart.

54. They say nothing lasts forever,
But if that is so, then I would love for us to be nothing forever,
Because I cannot imagine life without you.
I love you with all my heart.

55. Your pretty smile brightens my day,
Your flame of love makes my day glitter.
If only you can see through me;
You’d see more of yourself in me,
Because my heart reflects your love

56. I wish every day can just be like today,
Beautiful and sweet, just like you.
If I could, for your sake, I’d halt the hands of time.
I love, respect and treasure you so, my love.

57. Before you came, I was pretty content with life.
Work, food, and friends were about all I had.
But when you came along, everything changed;
You showered me with so much love, that my views changed.
Now, I ruefully imagine what I thought I had all this time,
Because now I realize, that life is nothing without love.
You are my greatest treasure, my sweet baby.

58. As a child, I wanted to be a superheroine.
As a teenager, I wanted to be a doctor.
As an adult now, I have made a life for myself.
But with you, all I ever want to be is your woman, come what may.

59. Looking back at the day we met,
How we started out as mere friends;
I can’t help but smile,
For who would have thought that the feelings we thought were little,
Has the potential of turning into such a huge ocean of love.
My love for you is depthless, my heroine.

60. The sweet whisper in my ear is what I love about you,
When you cringe about small things, I love to see your face,
When you angrily stutter when annoyed, I can’t help but think how sweet it is.
I cannot think of one thing that I do not love about you.
But my most favourite expression of yours is when you are blushing;
Because then I know how deeply you love me.

61. Distance separates us like the Earth is separated from the Heavens.
I may not be able to hold you while you sleep, but in my dreams, I cuddle you.
I may not be physically present, but I would give anything to make you comfortable.
That smile on your face, I would give my all just to keep it.
I love you more than words can say, my candy crush.

62. You are the first person that I think of when I wake up in the morning.
You are the last thought on my mind when I tuck into bed to sleep.
You have successfully caged my heart, like a hunter that has caught its prey;
But in this cage, I am willing to spend the rest of my life with you.

63. It is ironical how you changed me,
Because of you, I laugh a little harder,
Cry a little less and smile a lot more.
If there is any other word mightier than love itself;
Then I’d use it to express what I feel for you.

64. If loving you was a job, I’d win the best employee of the year.
I’d be so punctual, dedicated and loyal, in fact, I’d even work for free.
If loving you is like seeing a movie, I’d watch you over and over again.
May the heaven bless the day I set my eyes on you;
For you’ve come to be my intestinal fortitude.

65. I came into your life with no intention of falling;
I only wanted to be a harmless friend.
But as a human, I broke my very own promise;
Because now, I love you with all my heart.

66. They ask me why I love you, and I look at them and smile;
For there is no reason, no answer, no logic on why I love you,
Because if I had reasons for loving you,
One day I might wake up and realize that those reasons had vanished.

67. In an ocean of people, my eyes you alone.
I could walk eyes closed, for my heart would recognize the rhythm of your love.
I will forever be grateful to nature for making you mine
Please, know that I would forever cherish, my queen.

68. Today, I want you to know how special you are to me.
Your eyes show the wisdom of your life.
Your lips speak the lovely words of a kind and generous woman.
And your heart shows empathy beyond measure.
Here’s to you and all of the best things life has to offer.
I love you so much, my angel.

69. I love you not because you are the best,
But because you make me a better version of myself.
You are my true love: Natural, irrational, and imperfectly you.
I hope you know just how much you mean to me.

70. There is a possibility that tough times may come,
I guarantee that life may not always be rosy,
But I know for sure that if I don’t ask you to be mine,
I am guaranteed to live the rest of my life in regret;
Because I know, in my heart, you’re the only one for me.

71. Our story started right from our childhood days.
Days I knew you saw me as nothing but a friend.
And even though I lived you then, I had to pretend I didn’t.
You asked me why there isn’t anyone in my life,
But how could I explain that you are the reason?
Thank God you finally acknowledged your feelings for me,
For it was pure torture watching you with the others.
I love you forever, my heartbeat.

72. They said that love is what you feel,
And I believed that for as long as I could,
But loving you has made me realize,
That love is actually something you do,
I love you not because of who you are;
But because of who I am when I’m with you.

73. I knew true love when I met you;
And now, I cannot think of letting it go.
I love you much more than you can imagine,
And if there is a life after that,
I’ll still love you because life has no meaning without you.

74. This feeling of love scares me shitless,
I know that life gives no assurance.
Yet, I need to know that I can see your smile each morning.
I need to know that I can look into your eyes each night.
For the rest of my life, here with you, near with you; I need to be next to you.
Right here with you is where I belong.

75. I never knew how protective I was, right until I met you.
For then, I became consumed to protect you.
Only because I knew that living happily ever,
Can only happen with you my side.
Please, be mine forever.
Come rain, come shine, never leave me.

76. I love you unconditionally,
I dream of you endlessly,
I cherish you tirelessly;
I want to always be your favourite hello and your hardest goodbye.

77. A truth of life, yes, that’s you,
You are my berry, my most beloved pet.
You are my everything.
With u everything seems so new, you are my irreplaceable candy sweetie.
I love you much more than I love myself.

78. I always thought love comes only when you find the perfect person,
But with you, I realize how false this is;
For even with all my imperfections, you still love me.
Thank you for all that you do.

79. You have a special place in my heart,
Not because you are perfect,
but because even in your imperfections,
You make my heart beat faster in your presence.

80. Like a thief, you stole my heart when I least expected it.
Like a farmer tills a land, you planted love in my heart.
I am a different person because of your love.
Never doubt how much I love you, my king.

81. Life with you everyday breeds new surprises.
Every second I spend with you counts for something;
Because then, I realize how much you mean to me.
It is safe to say that you rock my world.
I love you more than I expected to ever love anyone.

82. Life without you would be meaningless, boring and lacklustre.
You are like the centrepiece to my heart
A peaceful abode where I can lay;
You show me, excess love, without delay.

83. My heart skips a beat every time I think about you.
The butterflies start dancing in my stomach every time our lips meet.
My knees suddenly go weak every time you are close by;
All these are proof that our love is here to stay.

84. I never knew how sensitive I could be, right until you came along with your spark.
Just a smile from you and my whole world appears brighter.
A touch from you leaves me breathless and makes me go crazy.
And when you say “I love you”, I know I am on top of the moon.

85. If loving you is like an ailment, then I never want to be cured all my life.
With you in my life, I know that I have all that I really need.
Because even in the midst of the storms of life, you give me peace.
You are my very own superhuman and I love you dearly.

86. Before you came along, there were things I took for granted.
Holding hands, flirting, kissing and sharing a bed with others were things I could share with numerous persons;
But all that changed the day I set my eyes on you.
Because I realized that you are the only one I ever want to share my heart and life with.

87. Once in a lifetime, there comes along someone whom you can confront the world for;
Someone whom you can bare your soul to even in your most vulnerable state.
I have found that person in you.
You are my confidant and my world.
Always know that I will forever love and adore you.

88. I have lived in uncertainties all my life;
Doubting every hand of friendship and evaluating every word said.
Who could blame me? Life had dealt me a hard card.
Yet, all that changed a few months after I met you;
For you stealthily pulled down the walls that I had erected around my heart.
Because of you, I have experienced what it means to be truly in love.

89. Life is never a bed of roses.
And this I have come to understand really well, with you in my life.
Too many ups and downs have we shared in our love journey.
Yet I know that if I had to choose again whom to set out with, I would choose you again.
Because even in our weak moments, you have never ceased holding onto us.
I love you forever, my sweetheart.

90. This feeling of love is new and unexpected.
You make me feel all that I thought impossible.
With you, I am always on cloud five.
You have stolen my heart in broad daylight.

91. Heaven really exists on Earth, but only with you in my arms.
Reality can be better than dreams when it is you dancing to the tune of my love.
Trials can be less scary because I have you holding my hands through it all.
Yes, it only took you to change my whole perception of life and love.

92. I never could understand the basis of addiction.
I always thought it weak of those who got addicted.
Up until I met you, that is.
You are an addiction, that I never want to be cured of.

93. All through my life, I have searched for something.
I knew something was missing, but I did not know what it was.
When I first saw you, I realized what it was.
It was you, my love; only you and you alone.
You are my missing puzzle, and I never want to lose you again.

94. Before you came around, I thought I knew what love was.
But all those thoughts disappeared as soon as I set my eyes on you.
Because with you I found the true meaning of love.
And now life has no meaning without you in it.

95. I yearn for you every single day.
I miss you every second you are away.
I can’t imagine forever without you in it.
I love you with all that I have.

96. Like the sun sheds light for the travellers during the day,
Like the moon guides the travellers at night,
So your smile lights my path every single day;
And your love gives me the strength to conquer all and sundry
This I say from my heart;
I love you forever, my darling.

97. Like a mother hen that protects its chick,
I shall protect the love that we share.
And like the architect whose job is to build houses,
I shall daily build love in your heart towards me;
Because I cannot imagine life without you by my side.

98. Like a tree planted by a riverside,
My love for you grows steady and sure every day.
Like the blooming flowers that have to be well-tended,
I pledge to care for our love every second of every day.

99. The warmth of your love keeps me warm on rainy days
The shades of your heart are like an umbrella on rainy days
The lights from your smile are like the presence of the sun on my cloudy days
Never ever doubt the depth of my love for you, my sweetheart.

100. For the first time since we became one, thousands of miles us.
The feeling of not being close to a vital part of myself is always there.
I miss you every moment of each day, so much so that my heart breaks each time.
I cannot wait to have you back in my arms, because that is where you belong.
I love and miss you so much, my sweetest.

101. Even from afar, your love still gives me strength.
The memories of your smile keep me through rough days in a foreign land
Your pictures are all I can console myself with when all I yearn for is your presence.
Even though distance separates us, always remember how much I love you.

Now you know that even if distance separates you from your partner, you can still have a blissful relationship with all the sparks. So, do your best, wouldn’t you? Get it started to melt your lover’s heart with those love poems for her from the heart.

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