Good Morning Prayers for Him from the Heart

Good Morning Prayers for Him from the Heart (2024)

I hope that you and yours have been enjoying the bliss that has accompanied 2024 and have learnt to cope with some of its difficulties. It is only normal that you get to be a part of what the universe has to give.

While the universe does what it wants, I think you would want to know there are things you must not forget, no matter what. They are love and good living, and they are both essential and anyone who’s lucky to have either or both must take a stand in the place of prayer.

If you, like a few other people, have a loving and caring lover- boyfriend/husband, then, you are lucky, and it’s paramount to pray him the best and make him feel loved daily. The least to do for him is to remember him in your prayers in all seasons.

It is necessary to begin the prayers in the morning to usher him into a beautiful day with thoughts of you in his heart all through the day. Below are good morning prayers for him from the heart. Go ahead and use any of them for your sweetheart.

Good Morning Prayer Messages for Him (Boyfriend or Husband)

Let your cute lover wake up to these good morning prayers and and make him have the best of the day. It’s the best collection of good morning prayers and good morning messages for your boyfriend or husband.

1. You shall not be rejected
You remain one of the happiest people I have ever known. It is not only the fact that you smile when a joke is said or when I call you sweetheart. It is the fact that you laugh with reckless abandon and smile even when the odds are against you. May you continue to be a source of joy and never someone that people see and reject. Good morning

2. You deserve the best
If strength was a person, I would have you hold me when I am weak. If joy was a coffee, I would never miss my early morning coffee because I would be drinking you. May the strength of God never depart from you, my dearest husband.

3. May grace find you
I do not apologize. I just appreciate that you accept me so well. Oh! Scrap that. I have never felt accepted by anyone as I have felt with you. Your love is golden and your person is magic. I am convinced that you are deserving of grace and blessings. May you get everything that you deserve and more. Good morning

4. Stay in the embrace of good tidings
Don’t let me even start on your spiritual journey. Just keep growing and basking in power because you, my dear husband deserve to have the best! And I pray that as you go through the day, every minute and every second of it vomit the goodness of the day for you. Good morning, love.

5. May you be celebrated
Today is another great day to be the best version of your self – to be kind and true and gracious to the core. I hope you find it in you to be all of these and more. More than that, I pray that all of these are able to push you into the greatness that is grand and worth celebrating. Good morning, love.

6. May you shine
As you go about your daily routine, I want you to keep a few things in mind – that today will begin on a great note if you believe, that the day will continue on a greater note if you believe, that the day will end on the most beautiful note if you believe. All I want you to do is believe. You will surely shine. Have a wonderful morning.

7. May you outlast every challenge
You have done a lot of good tidings enough to inspire me and others. And I think that you are due for some reward. It is, however, a bit painful that I cannot pay you in cash. The only way to do it is to pray that you never lose your essence and never get discouraged by the challenges of the world.

8. May you fulfil destiny
You are a chief cornerstone. You are special and useful to the world around you. I pray that you never lose your shine and that the world always sees a reason to reckon with you. More than that, I pray that you always be of great use to yourself and attain heights you never thought you would be able to achieve. Good morning, dear.

9. Achieve your goals
Beyond measure, you will feel God’s love and experience a reckoning from the world. As you navigate through the world and its people, everything you will be in contact with will be a pointer to the fact that your life is a testimony and that your story is to be told years to come, you will reach your goals and be happy.

10. Goodness and mercy shall follow you
May you always experience all that is good and dandy – as of today, goodness and mercies still follow people and on this day, I wish that you join the train of the people who get to be followed by the goodness and mercy of God, not only will you be qualified for these good things, you will also experience them with fervour.

11. I wish and pray that all the sources of your joy and daily living never run dry. I love you my dearest.

12. Dear husband, you have been such a gift that keeps giving and I am now convinced that you are God’s most resolute blessing to me. I pray that you continually experience the blessing that you so share freely.

13. There is nothing that gives me joy like the fact that you are mine and no one gives me peace like you. May the two things you give me most never depart from you.

14. You have been a husband that helps – a true lover of my body, mind, spirit and soul; I pray that you never have a reason to change for the worst.

15. May the grace you so gracefully exude be your companion now, always and forever.

16. Today, tomorrow and every other day of your life will mark blessings, joy and unspeakable testimonies.

17. You are my dearest husband and I believe that you deserve to have the best life. While I promise to be actively involved in making sure you have that, I also pray that the universe gives you just that.

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18. As the day dawns, so shall blessings begin for you and so shall joy take time to come into your life at the right time.
May this day bring you tidings that are happy and goodness. I desire to see your truest smile today. May God give me that.

19. You deserve happiness and love. You Have God’s love and mine for sure. I wish that every other thing in your life that I am unable to control also give you happiness.

20. Loveliest love, may this love that you have shown me with fervour find solace in your abode and keep you warm and shining.

21. There is no doubt that you deserve the best things in life. I am quite sure that all you have been to everyone around you is good. May goodness also find you.

22. I reject sorrow and sadness for you and for your sake. May you never have a reason to come in contact with it.

23. In the stead of stagnancy, may you receive speed and begin to do the exploits that you have dreamt about.

24. You are my one and only and I am here to declare that you are the love of my life and also here to demand that the universe be good to you.

25. God has plans for you may every step you take and everything you do key into God’s plan for you and yours.

26. I wish that at your workplace and out of it, you continually receive and enjoy favour. Good morning.

27. Today is a great day because you are here with full-blown love. May you have a day as great as Mine

28. It is another day to do exploits and overrun all challenges. May the Lord give you all the strength that you need to do so.

29. There are a few things in the world that outshine love – love conquers all and also is a harbinger for good tidings. May you get love in abundance.

30. Everything you need to lose to get yourself going and doing great things, you will lose them and things will start making sense to you. Good morning, love

31. I love the way you put your family first in all that you do. I need you to continue to do that – I promise to always pray for God’s blessing upon your life.

32. No matter how hard the enemy tries to bring you down, May God always keeps you floating at the top.

33. I have seen you at your worst and at your best, and by far the most beautiful you that I have experienced is when you’re helping people and doing things that matter. May God’s wisdom not depart from you.

34. You are going to be needing a lot of strength to go through life, I pray that you have all the strength you need to beat the odds of life.

35. I believe strongly that you deserve the best life and should start having fun. May you have a heart blessed and a mind relaxed enough to get to do all that you deserve.

36. I wish you a joy that is able to put life in a clearer perspective for you and yours.

37. May all that you do on your way forward be a reason to rejoice and may things and people come together to make you the best version of yourself.

38. You have been a very beautiful soul and a wonderful husband – that which has kept you going responsibly will keep you and give you even greater joy.

39. May you find your way and may things become clear on your path to success.

40. I guess all I wish is that you do not give up because I believe strongly that you will find your way eventually.

41. I have relished the way you love me and your children for so long and I definitely would love to always see that play out in our family – may the strength to continue in that light never depart from you.

42. You have made my heart dance on many occasions and I so much love how you make me feel better when I am down. May you also never have a reason to mourn or be sad.

43. I wish you strength and joy solid enough to never make you give up on all the things you believe in

44. Love is definitely the greatest gift afterlife. I have seen this through your eyes and by being your wife for years. May we always have life and love abundantly.

45. I wish you a joy that is able to send all sorrows packing and repress sadness like it never occurred.

46. I want you to always stay razor-sharp. So, I hope you understand when I clamour for life’s teachings on your behalf. What I will never pray for, however, is life’s lessons that will leave you hurting.

47. Everywhere you are hurting will at this time receive the touch of the one who is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all that you can ever ask or wish for.

48. I am not going to pretend like all is perfect at all – I am here, ever praying and strongly wishing that all that is hurting you cease. And that this year be a wonderful one for you.

49. I am here thinking about you and how much of a blessing you have been to me and your children and I believe that you deserve just as much goodness if not more. May you get all that your desires and all that you deserve.

50. I have never regretted taking your ring and I hope strongly that you never regret outing a ring on it. May our marriage always be a testament to our early love.

51. In love, all else obey and all things work together for good. I do not doubt that love lives here, and so I pray that goodness and mercy stay too.

52. I know you have a lot that you wish secretly for. I am not even going to bother you about sharing – All I want you to know is that you shall get all that you so vehemently wish for

53. There are a few surprises that reach me – good surprises being one. I pray that you receive one of those before the end of today.

54. May the love of God that we have started with not depart from us and may the strength with which you carry this family multiply for you.

55. You have been so much a blessing to me – I am sure that you can never be anything short of that. So, I believe that you deserve to be just as blessed and more. May my belief make sense to the one who is able to give an ultimate blessing.

56. Humanly speaking, I would never have agreed that it was possible to love me the manner with which you have the ability to love me – you are that gracious, and so I wish and pray that you get at least as much grace as you exude.

57. May all that make you tick continue to make you tick until you have attained that height that you so aspire for.

58. May you not fall of the grace that has so held you tightly and beautifully for years.

59. I wish that you get to live a happy life in good health and abundant wealth.

60. You deserve to have a permanent smile plastered on your face from life’s good tidings and the world’s blessings – I pray that you get all that you deserve and more,

61. As you continue on this journey, I wish that you get all that you need for every stage of your life with ease.

62. On your way to being the best version of yourself, you are bound to meet unrealistic challenges. I wish that you receive courage to face these challenges and outlast them

63. You have been bold, and courageous more than anyone I know for the past few years. I have seen and experienced you at your strongest and I would never wish that there is a reduction in courage, may you continue to grow in what makes you tick.

64. You should know by now that the universe and I benefit greatly from your happiness – so, I want you to be open to always being happy because that is all I will be praying you to get.

65. Dearest husband, this message is just to say how grateful I am and of course to remind you that I am praying for you – may these prayers be answered.

66. All night long, I have been unable to sleep. Prayers for you have filled my heart and mouth. You, my dearest deserve to be happy and I pray that you are happy.

67. The way you wrap your arms around me and comfort me when I need you the most is the way I want to always come through for you and most importantly the way I want God to always hold you in his embrace.

68. May you not lose the comfort and peace that you have ensured in my life for as long as I have known you.

69. If there is anything I am sure of, it is that you are the love of my life and you deserve the finest things of life. I pray that you get them with ease.

70. Everything you pursue this week will come to you and every wish in your heart will receive speedy answers

71. Dear husband, may everything that surrounds you be the reason you stay happy and laugh all the time.

72. Everything that is causing you sorrow will cease to manifest and exist in your life.

73. I hope that you never know sadness, pain or people and situations that will only bring you sorrow.

74. It has come to my notice that you are at your best when you are happy. I need you to always be at your best. Stay happy always, dearest.

75. Life would be so cruel without you beside me. And so I pray that you will live long and have an abundance of all the things you need.

76. May you have a fulfiling life and may the rest of the moments you spend on the surface of the earth be graceful.

77. You will have a reason to laugh and laugh out loud today and every day after now.

78. May the things you so wish were in your life pick you up gently and may the things you wish were out of your life run out.

79. You have a heart of gold – I see it, I feel it and wish that the stones in the world do not make it hard.

80 This grace that you carry about that makes everyone you meet fall a little in love with you will always abide by you.

81. It is yet another beautiful day to be the best version of your self, my dear husband. May you not shy away from the prospects.

82. I have experienced a lot of moments with you. By far the most cherished is the one where you had enough smile for everyone around . these defining moments have made me come to the conclusion that I never want you to lose your smile. May you never lose it.

83. I want you to grow old. I pray that the good lord satisfies you with lobby life and prosperity.

84. How wonderful it is to serve the lord that keeps his promises. Having it in mind that one of God’s promises is that your light has come.

85. I have no doubt that you are a star and that you have all that it takes to shine. May you receive the strength to be yourself..

86. The grace that you need to always be at your best and to have an abundance of wealth and love to share not leave you.

87. wish that you continue in this light and never depart from doing good.

88. Joy looks so good on you – I know this because I have seen you wear it so graciously, and so I wish that you have joy abundantly

89. This year and beyond will take you into greatness you never imagined was possible.

90. May all that you have in your hands prosper and all that you lay your hands flourish like a tree planted by the riverside.

91. All the prayers you have been rendering and all the questions you have been asking your maker will all come to fruition.

92. The God that we serve has continually shown that he has all powers. May you experience his power in a greater dimension today and beyond.

93. You will never have any reason to beg for food or favour this year.

94. My dearest husband, I believe that you deserve a smooth sail through the earth 0- may you get as much as that and more.

95. Often, I think about how far we have come together and I am always forced to pray even harder that you continuously receive the blessing of God.

96. May you experience a great turn around now, and forever in Jesus name.

97. Jesus who is lord over our marriage will be the provider of peace, wealth and love

98. May all the experiences you have had help you on your way forward to reach goals and do exploit.

99. This is a new day to pick up all the goals you have set to achieve – I pray that you get enough strength to fulfil all these goals.

100. Have your self an amazing morning and time out with friends.

Going through these messages would have done a few things to you – one of which is: it would have inspired you to start celebrating your boyfriend/husband the more.

Hopefully, you stay inspired and learn to make sending your lover daily prayers and messages a habit.

Thanks for reading through.

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