Miss You Hubby Quotes for Husband (2024)

Due to many demands of life and modernisation, couples oftentimes find themselves in situations where they have to be away from each other, short term or long term. However, love is a strong feeling that can be sustained no matter the condition.

One of the most powerful sparks of love is the ability to express the depth of feelings through rightly couched words; words magical enough to warm up the numbest heart and kindle the coldest passion.

Out of sight is not out of mind if you’re able to sustain the passion of your love for your hubby by reminding them how much you miss your togetherness and the beautiful memories their presence ignite. These lovely miss you hubby quotes would definitely serve the special purpose of stamping your thoughts on the heart of your spouse.

More so, sharing these miss you hubby messages with your sweetheart also gives you great opportunity to express your thoughts on his specialness and the sweetness of his personality to you in such a way that he would want to reciprocate with more love to you.

Take this cue to be bold and articulate your exact special feeling to your husband. Share as many as you want with him, bond with him, and defy the belief that distance is a barrier.

I Miss My Husband Quotes and Messages

These sweet and heartfelt I miss you hubby quotes are the best to use for your husband or send him when he’s far away from you. Sweet and romantic missing you quotes and messages for husband across the miles.

1. If life is a dream, our life together is one amazing dream I never want to wake up from. I miss you.

2. Whenever I’m having a bad day, I just think of you and that is all it takes. The sun feels brighter, the air feels fresher and all is right with the world again. I miss you.

3. You are a magnificent work of art and everything I see in you, I want in me too. Never change, sweetheart! I miss you.

4. You are what God had in mind when he formed the idea of spouses and I hit the jackpot the day I found you, my special one.

5. My favourite song is you and even the heavenly orchestra joins in the symphony my heart plays whenever I’m with you. I’m missing you.

6. I love the way you can look into my eyes and see the things I hide, but one thing I’m unable to hide is my love for you.

7. When I’m with you, I want to reach out and hand you the moon, I want to colour the stars, I want to paint your name in the sky. You make me feel like I could. How I miss you.

8. Your smile is like the first rays of golden sunshine after a deluge. It paints the skies with rainbows and warms my heart. I pray you never lose it.

9. You are obviously the daughter of a highly illustrious sovereign. Your imperial gait betrays you. I miss you.

10. Life is a journey, and some times you may have to walk through lonely roads, but I promise you, you will never walk alone.

11. Every minute with you is a gift and the best way to enjoy the present is with you. I miss you!

12. They tell me to think with my head, not that thing in my chest, but I cannot do that, because that’s where you live and will always live.
I miss you.

13. I only miss you every time I look at my hands because the spaces between my fingers are where yours fit perfectly.

14. The sunset is not the same without you and as many times as I blink, I’ll think of you because when I do, I don’t feel so alone.

15. Whenever you’re not here, my heart whispers my love for you to the stars and I hope the stars whisper back to you. I love you and I miss you.

16. Each day, as the sun sets, I wish its rising brings you back home to me. I miss you, darling.

17. It’s still a wonder how I’m able to survive each passing day without you. I miss you sorely.

18. Meals are bland; drinks are tasteless without your presence at the table. How I miss you, sweetheart.

19. Though we argue and disagree sometimes, I’ve come to realise life away from you is the toughest battle. I miss you badly, my love.

20. I miss our time together and all the great memories that your presence brings. Missing you is an understatement.

21. Having you in my dreams and thoughts are never enough; I need your presence more dearly than the air I breathe.

22. There is nothing like waking up to watch the sunrise on you face, my love. I miss you so much.

23. Do you know the words I hate the most? Goodbye. I never want to say that to you again. I miss you.

24. I am a sentence without a verb. You are my verb. without you, everything is meaningless. I miss you, darling.

25. Living without you by my side is like going through a horrifying nightmare. Please, return and wake me up.

26. If strength is measured by the capacity to be happy without you, I would rather be weak. I miss you, dear.

27. Like a car on an empty tank, I am helpless without the energy that your presence brings every morning. I really miss you.

28. You’re are my sunshine in summer; you give vitality and vigour to my life. Life is boring without you, my love. I miss you.

29. How do I cope without an umbrella on a rainy day? How do I get on without you around me? You’re my better version and I miss all that you are.

30. Lockdown means when you are not around me. I miss you, my love.

31. The only regret I have right now is letting you go away in the first place. Come back home, baby.

32. I look like a lost child in the market place, without you, my darling. You’re my sanity, my home to run to. I miss you!

33. Like a bland soup, a tasteless wine, a starless sky, your absence feels like hell. I miss you badly!

34. If I could pause the world eternally, you can bet it will be at the times I am with you. Come back soon, dear.

35. I have been around the world, but the best place is the time with you. You are my lifetime adventure and I hate to be away from you.

36. I am a bird; you’re the wings. Little wonder I can’t fly when you are not around. I miss you.

37. They say, no amount of rain washes off the leopard’s spots; no amount of phone calls can replace the excitement of our time together.
I miss you, baby.

38. Even with a good meal and a warm bath, there remains a hollow within me that only your presence satisfies. I miss you, darling.

39. A sniff of your perfume in the wardrobe helps a little, but nothing does the magic like being with you. I miss you.

40. My new hobby is staring at your pictures and daydreaming that when I get home, you’ll welcome me with a sweet smile and a big hug.

41. I get a lot of energy for my day when I imagine your nod and smile, for the right decisions. I look forward to receiving loads of them when you return; you’ll be proud of all I’m doing while you are away.

42. My love, I have the courage to live another day when I think that you must miss me as much as I miss you.

43. Shopping bags, hanging out with friends, new targets at work; they are sore boring when you’re away.

44. I stare into space and see what used to be, times we shared, moments frozen in time. I guess all I want to say is I miss you and need you here, my love.

45. My love is strong enough to reach between worlds, just to tell you I love you and miss you.

46. My love is a beacon that can guide you home through the darkest night. I love you and miss you.

47. Sometimes I sit and whisper at the moon, hoping some way it can whisper my love back at you. I really miss you, dear.

48. Even though the distance stretches between us like oceans, when I reach out my fingers to my heart, I can still touch you.

49. Whenever you feel lost at sea, my love will be the lighthouse that guides you safely home. I miss you, honey.

50. Whenever I feel suffocated by the emptiness, I just breathe the crisp ocean air between the pages of the letters I write to you. I miss you.

51. Sometimes I catch a whiff of your scent and I’m transported back to those heady days in your arms. I miss you.

52. No matter where you are, my train of thought always leads me to you. I can’t stop thinking about you, my heartthrob.

53. I just wanted to tell you that I’ve imagined 1,003 scenarios about the day you return home. I love you and miss you.

54. When you left, you took a part of me along. But that’s okay. You left a part of yourself with me too. I miss you.

55. I found out that the flower of your love keeps growing in my heart, even when you’re not around to water it. I miss you.

56. I put your picture on my dressing table so your smile is the first thing I see every morning because your smile chases away every darkness. I miss you.

57. I have perfected the art of masking my feelings, but my fingers, they give me away every time. That’s why they’re sending you this message. I miss you.

58. I only miss you whenever I look at my hands, at the spaces between my fingers where yours fit perfectly.

59. I wish you were here not for the intelligent conversations we have, nor for the way your presence lights up my heart, but just because I feel complete with you. I love you, dear.

60. The way your smile lights up the room, it’s like a thousand stars, I can’t live without your wonderful light.

61. I think of you when I’m distracted and need to focus but thinking of you distracts me and I can’t focus; I’m lost with you but only because I know you will find me.

62. I lived a thousand days before you but meeting you feels like I’m a newborn, being taught what it means to live.

63. Talking to you is inspirational, walking with you is a privilege. I can’t live without you, because you’re divine.

64. A day with you breeds life for a thousand years, I’m glad to have met you in this lifetime.

65. Families are chosen for you, friends stratified based on society but true love can only be divine.

66. I never realized how long days could stretch, like the boundaries of an ocean, until now, being without you. I miss you.

67. Everything I see in you, I want in me too. You’re special to me and I love you.

68. I miss the way you call my name. My name always sounds like music from a flute played by a cherub when it comes out of your lips.

69. I miss that smile of yours that makes me believe that everything is right with the world again.

70. No matter how rocky and rough the path is, and even though it seems like I’m the only person treading it, I’ll always find my way to you. I miss you, darling.

71. I miss me when I miss you because you were always able to bring out the best in me.

72. Sometimes when I’m having a bad day, all I need to do is remember your words. I miss you.

73. I wish you were here, so you could place your hand on my chest and feel the way my heart flutters whenever I think of you. I miss you.

74. I know this may seem forward, but I’m really looking forward to spending the rest of my life with you. I love you.

75. This house is like an amusement park when you’re around: full of fun and laughter. When you’re not around it feels like an amusement park at night: full of terrifying shapes and strange sounds.

76. Imagine going through life without you. It would be like running through a forest of nightmares with my eyes closed.

77. Your love is like a comforting duvet on a cold harmattan morning. I love you.

78. These walls used to bury our words in their navels when you were around. Now they just bounce my words around before sending them back at me. I miss you.

79. In a world of diverse sounds, nothing calms my beating heart better than your words.

80. While searching the cosmos for a reason to live, to keep going, to overcome the hate, to fight the strife, all I found was you. I love you!

81. My heart no longer beats because of blood, it beats for you. Without you, I can’t live.

82. If tears heal, I would shed a hundred. If love kills, I would be a murderer. I miss you.

83. When thoughts flare and words are rare, emotions fill the void. I miss you.

84. Without you, the days lumber like an inebriated giant, and nights stretch like the inky sky. I miss you.

85. Without you, rooms feel empty; it’s a house, not a home. Time feels endless. Your love completes me in every form.

86. These nights I spend in bed hugging your warmth, trying to relive memories, only serve to highlight how much I love and miss you.

87. A picture without you is incomplete, a meal without you insatiable, life without you unbearable, I miss you, my love.

88. I miss having you interpret my thoughts, I miss you sharing my moods, I miss being engulfed in your depths.

89. I searched for silver and gold, for rubies and gems but found none, then I was rewarded with the greatest treasure of all: You.

90. Just the other day, I tried to picture perfection and all I could think of was you. I miss you badly!

91. It’s funny how everything about you is perfect, even your imperfections. I love you for you.

92. You are proof that the good things in life are free because I could never afford your love and care otherwise. You’re divine.

93. If beauty had a face it would be yours, if kindness had a shape, it would be yours because you are perfection personified. I miss you.

94. Life capers madly like a faulty carousel without you. You are my anchor. I love you.

95. I love how everything else fades into the night when I’m with you. You’re incomparable and I miss you.

96. I used to think the universe was this gigantic, unfathomable phenomenon. Now I know the universe can be compressed into a single person. I love you.

97. I miss the melody of your voice, that vital coolness that reminds me of the ocean breeze.

98. When I pray at night before bed, my words shimmer in the dim light whenever I say your name. You’re always on mind, my darling.

99. I miss you when the day fades and the night ignites and all nature bursts into a song about you.

100. Each day without you is like a poem without words, like a sky without birds. I miss you, my heartthrob.

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