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Most Romantic Loving You Sms Text Messages for Him or Her

Loving You Sms Messages for Her or Him

1. For some people, love is spelt L-O-V-E, But for me, it is spelt Y-O-U. It’s because I have searched around and all I could find was nothing is as lovely as you are.

2. You are the one, forever, that I am loving.
As long as I can breathe and I am living.
Forever will I stick with you baby, I am not leaving,
For you are the source of my joy and hope for living.
I love you.

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3. Loving you is indeed my civic right. Missing you is my undoing. But to love you and take care of you, that will I do forever.

4. I won’t be the better one for you, but the very best is what I will be for you. No matter how much this will take, I am ready to give my all. I love you.

5. I won’t just be close to you but I will stay glued to you forever in love. I won’t just give you my heart but give the whole of me to loving you.

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No matter how far in life you go,
Whether far East or West,
Loving you is what I want to do.
Nothing pleases my heart than doing that.

I take this time out to tell you how special you are to me.
I have never met someone like you before, I confess.
Your love is pure and glassy like the sea.
You are truly the last of your kind. I’m happy I have you.
I love you.

Sweet Lovingyou Sms for My Love

More than sweetest of honey,
My love, You are my sweetness.
More than the greatest of fountains,
You are the source of joy springing in my heart.

My love for you has come to stay,
And it’s never ever going away.
Lovingyou like forever, from today,
is not too much for me to say.

Romantic Lovingyou Sms of Love

I can’t help to be away from you!
I can’t help living my life without you.
Loving you forever, is my plan for you,
For I just can’t live, without you.
I love you.

Gorgeous and lovely, that is you.
Fearfully and wonderfully made,
That is none else but you.
I love you, mwah.

Lovingyou Sms for the One I Miss

I’m feeling like I just might die,
Knowing I am lonely without you.
I long to see nothing but your face,
For without you here, my life is empty.
I miss you.

My life without you is nothing but emptiness,
A day without you is but sadness.
Living a moment without you is like I might die.
I miss you so much, is all that’s left for me to say.

Cute Lovingyou Sms to My Love

My desire daily is to love you.
And daily goal is to keep you ever cute.
Great ideas and plans I have,
But none is greater than me loving you forever.
I love you so much.

As long as you will be loving me,
Forever and ever, I will be loving you too.
As long as you want to be with me,
I am as ready as ever to he with you too.
I love you my cute lover.

Best Lovingyou Sms from me to You

I learnt to say “no” to the good
So I can say “yes” to the best.
All others might be good,
But you will ever remain my very best.

Of all that is pleasing to the sight,
I find your face and smiles the best.
Of all that is lovely in the heart,
I find a thought of you yet the best.

I am Lovingyou SMS for Goodmorning

I choose hearing your voice in the morning,
Over seeing the sun shine.
I choose seeing your face in the morning
Over seeing the beautiful atmosphere.

Nothing is called a good morning,
Without me being with you.
And nothing is called a great day,
If it doesn’t start with you.
Good morning my love.

With you, I got more than what I bargained for.
I asked for love, you gave me fufillment.
You are a rare gem and truly you are my most priced investment.
Good morning my love, have a great day ahead.

I am Lovingyou Sms for Goodnight

If the moon refuses to give its light
I am okay with the thought of your in the night,
If the stars cease to shine in the sky,
Your love in my heart, is enough to brighten my world.
Good night my love.

I wish you a night of endless bliss,
I wish you atmosphere that bask in peace.
Sleep as sweet as you ever can,
And wake up in the morning as refreshed as ever.
Wishing you good night my love.

Loving you Sms for Thank You

Family is everything, and it takes love to build one.
With you in my life, we will be the best family in the world.
Thanks for accepting me the way I am.

Loving you Sms for Someone Special

When that special moment came for me to choose the best love for me,
Many questions came to my mind, but your love was the answer I needed.
I’m blessed to have you and I will be yours forever.

Usain Bolt can’t outrun our love
neither can Lionel Messi outplay it.
We’re too tough to be handled by separation.
Me and you, together forever.

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