Apology Sms Text Messages Quotes for Apology

When you need to apologize and be forgiven, these apology love sms, apology text messages and quotes for apology will do the best lovely trick.


Apology Love Sms For Your Love

I mean every word I say,
I say every word I mean,
I plead for forgiveness,
And this is all I ask for.

I have enough money,
Enough wears and foods,
But I always feel empty.
Finding out, I know it’s because of you.
And here I am apologizing.
I am sorry, please.

I wish I could have more words to say this:
I am sorry my love, I really am.
Please forgive me, and let bygone be bygone.
I love you, and I say sorry once more.

I really deserve all the insults.
I deserve all the available blames.
I am sorry, seriously sorry for it all.
Please forgive me this once.

Forgive me and I will change,
I promise to then a new leave,
I promise to be your best love.
Just forgive me and it’s done.

Apology Love Quotes For Him Or Her

The secret of every successful relationship
is never undiluted love;
It is love that is born out of much forgiveness.
We  can’t do without offending ourselves,
Please do forgive me in love. I am sorry.

The first path of forgiveness is the acceptance of one’s fault
I accept my fault. I know I am very wrong.
And I am sorry for it all. Please forgive me.

Nothing breaks relationship than not forgiving each other.
The more it deepens, the more love diminishes.
I don’t want this for us please,
Let us settle this amicably, I plead.
I am really sorry, please.

Two wrongs only make a right,
When wrongs become right;
And Apart from that,
Two wrongs never make a right.

The best way to love is to forgive
And the best way to forgive is to love.
Please forgive me and love me, I am sorry.
The one who knows the way of apology,
Can never miss the way of forgiveness.
I come begging, saying I am sorry.
I am sorry my love, mean it.

The day a man or woman proves to love,
Is the day he or she forgives most.
I want that day to be today.
I am really sorry, please accept my apology.

The one who invests in hurts,
Shall soon be a heartbreaker!
It might seem so little to you,
But the gravity is much in my heart.
I am so so sorry my love.

Apology Love Messages For Your Love

I am the one who is wrong
I am the one who is the culprit here.
It is true that I have not loved you enough.
I am sorry, please forgive me.

For all the wrongs I’ve ever done,
For all the hurts and pains I ever wrought,
For all the times I didn’t love you as I should,
I am very sorry my love.
Please accept my apology in love.

Every road now seems so rough,
My path is getting blurry by day
And all about me really sucks!
I just wish I could undo my wrongs,
But I come begging, please forgive me.

I apologize for all my wrongs,
I am really sorry for than all.
Baby, please forgive me.
Your forgiveness is all I need.
I wish I could open up my heart for you to see.
I am deeply in pains and much agony.

I am so sorry, I let this happen,
Please forgive me, and I will make of right.
I see fault in everything I call perfection.
I see backwardness in all I call progress.
I see myself getting worse by the day!
Please forgive me before I lose my heart.

I used to be dear to your heart,
I used to be your very beat,
But how sad to we things change this way!
I am sorry for it all, please forgive me.

Apology Text For Him Or Her

My life is going out of course,
I am losing my sanity and my mind.
Everything is just going bad for me,
Please forgive me before things get worse.

Apologetically, I say I am sorry.
I am so sorry for not loving you enough
I am so sorry for having treated you bad.
From within my heart, I plead for forgiveness.
I am really sorry, please forgive me.

I wish I know a better way of saying this.
Words and strength are failing me!
I am really losing my mind on this!
Please forgive me, I apologize.

I am wrong and I know it.
All the blames, I accept it.
I am sorry, baby please.
Please and please, forgive me.

I am not worthy of your love,
For I have given you much pain to bear.
I wish I could have been your best.
Please forgive me, and I will love you better.
I am sorry my love.

My heart is getting faint I tried,
But I can’t think straight
If you don’t accept my apologies,
Things will get worse for me.
I am sorry, please forgive me.

Every day passing by,
I thought of how we started,
And what we promised we would be together.
The more I think, the more sorrowful I become.
Please forgive my wrongs and I will adjust.

I Am Sorry, I Apologize

I’m sorry baby, I don’t know what went over me.
That is costlier than saying sorry.
I just wish I could undo those wrongs.
Please forgive me my love.

I couldn’t believe I hurt my angel.
From my heart, I say please forgive me.
You can put the whole blame on me.
I will take it all. Come back to me princess.

I look at you, you look at me and Guess what I see.
I see love and chemistry between us.
We are in love sweetie. Don’t let what has happened tear us apart.
I’ve learnt from my mistakes. It won’t happen again. I promise.

I am sorry for what I did.
I never wanted to make you cry.
Didn’t know what came over me.
Please forgive me for I can’t do without you.
I will make it up to you my sweet.

What I did might be minute, but it’s worth saying sorry for.
Now the burden is so much in me to carry.
I swallow my pride and simply say I’m sorry.
Please forgive me, baby I’m really sorry.

Thanks for reading Apology quotes. I pray your love for him or her stay stronger forever.

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