Please Don’t Break My Heart Messages and Quotes for 2023

I call this the heartbreak warning. Send this messages and Quotes to your lover, telling him her not to break your heart.

Please don’t break my heart messages and Quotes for Boyfriend and Girlfriend.

Please Don’t Break My Heart Messages for Boyfriend or Girlfriend

1. Make My Heart Unbreakable
I give you my heart but please don’t break it
I will give you true love and won’t fake it
Without you in my life I just can’t make it.
And my place in your heart let no one take it.
Pls don’t get my heart broken.

2. I Won’t Renege on This
I know what it takes to give someone your heart.
If it gets broken, you are going to hate you did.
Thank you for giving me your heart.
And I promise not to break your heart.

3. Save My Heart and Soul
I can’t survive life without you,
I need your help, I’m a broken Soul.
Nothing in life do I want but you,
Please save my fainting heart and soul.
And please never break it.

4. The Unbearable Loss
I could lose a million dollar and get it back,
I could find my way into the light in the dark,
But breaking my heart means I am totally lost.
Please don’t break my heart- I can’t bear the loss!

Please Don’t Break My Heart Poems for Lovers

5. Be With Me Forever
To live I have just options A and B
A is to be wherever you will be,
B is to stick forever with you,
Forever it is you and me.
Please don’t break my heart.

6. My Plan in Love
Everybody loves it when their investments yield
And everyone loves it when they meet their needs.
To keep someone’s heart is better than the two.
And my love, that is what I want you to do.
I won’t break your heart.

7. As Long as I Live
If I’ll ever be on a journey without you,
Enjoy a moment without your company,
Or live a day without you,
It will be when I’m no more in this world.
Can’t do without you as long as this world remains.
But please don’t break my heart.

8. More that the Air
I can’t live without the air,
More than that, you are to me.
Whether on land, on water or anywhere,
Wherever you are is where I’ll always want to be
But don’t break my heart please.

Please Don’t Break My Heart Quotes for Him or Her

9. The Super Gift
Loving you is more than a gift I’ll give,
It’s a lifetime commitment for me.
I will keep your heart unbroken as long as I live,
And I will stay with you no matter what the case may be.
And not to break your heart, is a promise worth keeping.

10. Full Satisfaction
Your love satisfies my longing soul,
And to have more is my daily goal,
Which ever way in life you want to go,
I promise to be with you fro and to.
And I promise to keep your heart from being broken.
I love you.

Heartbreaker’s Warning
If you have someone so caring and loving
And someone so sacrificing…
Know that their heart is worth keeping.
Breaking someone’s heart is never pleasing.
Please keep any heart entrusted to your care.

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