2024 Best Take Care Messages for Someone Special

Love is genuinely expressed through the act of care and concern for our loved ones.

Family member, friends and lovers always deserve to be treated like an object of affection. A deep show of concern for their safety or a simple piece of advice like ‘take care’ would go a long way to tell them that they mean a lot to you.

This year, 2024 do not fail to give them a dose of your love by perpetually sending them some Take Care Messages for Someone Special. Do it at the dawn of a new day or the fall of the night – no time is too late to be careful.

Start with these ones to put a smile on their face and your love in the depth of their heart.

Do Take Care of Yourself Quotes and Messages for Him or Her

Amazing take good care of yourself quotes and text messages for someone special.

1. Today looks beautiful like a sunflower. Take care, my love. Make the most of the day.

2. Think it over more carefully, before making a decision. The best is coming your way. Take care, dear.

3. Start the day positively. Look forward to making the most of every situation. Take care, sis.

4. Drive with caution. Do not compromise your life. Be careful, sweety.

5. As you get interviewed for the job don’t lose your composure, neither should you be anxious. Simply give it your best. Take care.

6. I wish I could stay longer with you. However, I have to be on the road. Take care of yourself, mum.

7. I’ll keep providing for your needs as long as I have this life within me. Take care of yourself, my love.

8. Don’t overwork yourself. Do your best and live the rest. Take care, baby.

9. I hope to see you again, before the sunsets. I do not want to miss seeing your face before I go to bed. Take care, baby.

10. My wish today is that you accomplish your goals and arrive home with contentment and fulfillment. Take care of yourself, dear.

11. Don’t feel lonely and unappreciated. You’re one in a million to me. I love you. Take care of yourself for me.

12. As you start this new chapter of your life, take care. Do not give up easily.

13. You inspire me a lot. I hope today everything that has breath inspires you to be the best that you can. Take care, honey.

14. Bro, don’t be in a hurry to reach the finishing line. Your miracle is just by the corner. Take care.

15. Can’t wait to welcome you with a warm hug that would ignite our love to fly into the depth of heaven. Take care of yourself, baby.

16. You make everything seem easy and lovely. You’re such a good heart. Take care of yourself on my behalf.

17. Do not let anyone push you to the wall. Keep your emotions in check. Take care, sis.

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18. Don’t forget to give it your best, cause whatever you do will speak for you. Take care, honey.

19. You’re like a perfect star that never disappears even when the day breaks. Don’t forget to take care of yourself.

20. You’re an epitome of selflessness; a giver of love, attention and care. But never forget to take care of yourself.

21. As you love others, don’t forget to love yourself. Take proper care of yourself.

22. You’re the most wonderful gift from heaven unto the earth. Your eyes give beautiful hope and your words give life to the weak. Take care of yourself, wifey.

23. Treat yourself kind. Appreciate your effort. Love yourself whilst loving others. You deserve the best. Take care, sis.

24. When you’re far away, I feel lonely like a moon in the midst of numerous stars. Take care of yourself, so that I can see you again.

25. Always remember that I’ll be here cheering you on no matter the circumstances. Take care, son.

26. I feel your love even from a distant shore. Take care of yourself now and thence.

27. When you smile, you make the earth shine like an unblemished sparkling gem. Smile broader and happier, today. Take care.

28. Before you make any decision, think it over one more time, cause some things are irreversible. Take care, sis.

29. I believe you’re going to come home as the winner and no one will take your crown from you. Take care, baby.

30. Your happiness radiates and goes deeper into my soul like a sharp sword. Take care of yourself.

31. Do not let pride control you. Humility is always a saving grace. Take care, baby.

32. There’s nothing as beautiful as a family that stays together. We’ll always be here for you, my son. Take care.

33. With you, I can toil the earth so you can have the best of all treasures sunk in the soil. Take care, wifey.

34. May the angels never let you fall. May they guide you till safety. See you soon – take care.

35. No matter the outcome of this journey, welcoming you back home will be the greatest success. Take care, hubby.

36. I’ll reach out to you to make your day more beautiful than you can imagine. Take care of yourself, my love.

37. In my eyes, you’re a paragon of beauty that never fades away. Your youthfulness is ever young and agile. Take care of yourself.

38. Don’t skip breakfast. Don’t overlook lunch and don’t miss dinner. Take care, love.

39. Your steps are as beautiful as the flying wings of an angel. Take care of your self, my baby.

40. You’re strong, beautiful, warm, gracefully and lovely. Your part is at the most blissful portion of the earth and beyond. Take care.

41. If tomorrow must be beautiful, it starts today. Hence, don’t do the things you wouldn’t be proud of. Take care, dear.

42. I’m so eager to see you like the earth is eager to witness a new dawn. Take care of yourself.

43. Don’t overwork yourself. Don’t beat yourself up. Lastly, do the same to others. Take care, baby.

44. I love you, so take care of yourself when I’m not around. My heart will guide you wherever you go.

45. Are you aware that the most powerful angel in heaven is out to protect you today? Take care, honey.

46. Your glow beats that of the seas undisturbed by storm. Don’t stress yourself, rather take care of yourself.

47. Smile and stay happy, whether the sun shines on you or not. Take care, beautiful one.

48. You’re the true definition of a soul that harbours no grudge but sings melody at all time. Take care of yourself.

49. No matter how hard you need to fight for your dreams, don’t forget to take care of yourself in the course of doing so.

50. Your life matters most, before anything else. Treat this breath of life within you with jealousy. Take care, honey.

51. Don’t get drunk on anything, be it love or alcohol. Take care, darling.

52. Sleep at the right time, take a break and work when necessary. Take care, dear.

53. You’re the reason I want to be home as soon as I can. For the time being, take care of yourself.

54. I love you so much. It shows in the number of my breath and actions. Take care, honey.

55. You’re not a rose trampled on the ground. So, do not accept abuse nor disrespect. Take care of yourself for me, my love.

56. I need you to be safe out there. So, take care and be wise.

57. I’m always thinking of you. For your safety matters to me just as my breath. Take care, my love.

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58. I pray the sun and the moon look out for you out there. Please, take care.

59. Smile and feel light. Laugh and feel joy. Take care, my sweetie.

60. You come first in my heart and will always in my thought. Take care, my love.

61. Happy am I when I see you in my thoughts and vision. Take care, my darling.

62. May the Lord order your steps as you go in and out. Be safe, my dear.

63. Don’t eat it if it is not healthy, don’t drink it, if it isn’t good. Take care, my dear.

64. I feel your lovely presence in my heart. Take care, my darling. And be of good cheer.

65. Storm the weather with a smile. Overcome your challenges with a cheerful spirit. Take care, my dear.

66. If you want it to change, go do something about it. Take care, my darling.

67. Achieve all your dreams by setting feasible goals. Take care as you climb each step. Love you, my dear.

68. Nothing matters more than your wellbeing to me. I hope you stay safe and sound back at home.

69. Do your work with diligence and pride. Ignore the negativity and strive to be the best. Take care, dearie.

70. Seize the day and the opportunities knocking on your day. But, most importantly, take good care of yourself while at it.

71. Take a shower, enjoy your breakfast and go chase your dream. Take care, my darling.

72. My flowers may not be in your hands right now, neither are my hugs in your arms. But let my words caress you. Take care, my love.

73. Stay on your lane and focus on your own journey, and be the best of yourself. Take care, my love.

74. I hope you achieve your goals today and win laurels as the days go by. Take care, baby.

75. You’re not cursed but blessed. You’re not unwanted but loved. Take care, sweetie.

76. You don’t need to take care of yourself at night, the angels rest by your side to do it. Sleep tight, my love.

77. Sing joyfully and laugh cheerfully; it is healing to your soul. Take care, sweetie.

78. Stand tall in the midst of the crowd. Win big at the end of the race. Enjoy your day, sweetie.

79. Be sure to take care of your self. It’s called self- love, my darling.

80. Your smile awakens the angels to go to work on your behalf. So, smile a lot, my dear.

81. No matter how your day goes, I’m here to share it with you. Take care, my love.

82. You’re the best of everything; the best of creation and the best of love. Take care, my love.

83. It’s a working day and a loving day as well. Work and love today, my darling. Do take care.

84. The aroma of love fills my nostrils and the sweetness of love betides my heart. I’ll take care of you, my darling.

85. You’re special to me, mom. Please, take care of yourself, cause I pray you make it through to the end.

86. It’s a new turn in your life. Take this change as a chance to grow. Take care, my dear.

87. Be careful of the things you pay attention to, for it can give or deny you peace of mind.

88. Sometimes, we’d have to jump from a great height, other times, we’d have to take risk. But when you do, pls, take care.

89. I wish you a safe drive to and fro. I hope you enjoy your trip. Take care, my dear.

90. May your health spring forth as the morning. Take care, my darling.

91. Your smile warms even the brilliant sun. Take care of your happiness, my dear.

92. Do away with the stress. Hold on to love. I’m always here for you, sweetie.

93. I hope you realise that whatever takes away your peace of mind isn’t meant for you. Take care, dearie.

94. Do not worry about tomorrow. And never forget to take care of yourself today.

95. Let it into your heart today that, the one who guards you is neither asleep nor does He slumber.

96. It’s a new day and I trust it to be a good day. Take care, my love.

97. You’re precious in my eyes. And in my heart, I love you greatly. Have a great day, dearie.

98. Treat others with care. And never accept ill-treatment against you. Take care, my darling.

99. Anyone is free to smile and be happy. I hope you make the choice to do the two.

100. I am one of those who love you truly. So, I ask that you prioritize your wellbeing and take absolute care of yourself.

101. Do not let your heart be corrupted by evil thoughts. Caress your mind with good images and memories. Take care, dearie.

102. If love comes calling, answer with all of your heart. If hate beckons, look away, my dear.

103. Friends are forever. Mine you will always be forever. Take care, my dear.

104. You’re never alone cause I’m always there with you in my thoughts and prayers. Take care.

105. Stay away from trouble. Stay close to love and light. Take care, my love.

106. I’m on cloud nine because you’re there with me. Take care, my one and only true love.

107. Don’t beat yourself up when things go wrong. Instead, pick up yourself and be encouraged. Take care, my dear.

108. Even if you have so much to do, never forget to take a rest with a cup of a blissful drink. Take care, dearie.

109. Have faith in the power of the Father. Take rest in the love of the Lord. Stay safe, dearie.

110. Nothing beats your smile. Neither does anything come first but, your safety to me. Take care, my dear.

Be set to capture their heart with any choice you may have made from the above avalanche of ‘take care messages.’

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