2024 Funny Good Morning Messages for Friends

A good reason to laugh should be humour from a friend and we all most likely, or surely, look forward to that.

Change the game for your friends by beginning their day with a funny good morning message. Be a source of fun to their mornings and wake up moments.

You are just a copy and paste away from doing that.

Most Hilarious Good Morning Text Messages for Friends

When you want the best of funny wishes for your best of friends, try this collection of most hilarious/funniest good morning text messages for friends. You can thank me later.

1. As you wake up, may you find out that there’s more to life than sleeping and snoring. Good morning, buddy.

2. You’ve been one hell of a beautiful soul. I can’t wait to get to heaven and see your soul — if you’re following me to heaven. Good morning, buddy.

3. You woke up just in time to save the world from crashing. Go and get a superhero suit already. Good morning, my friend.

4. With the challenges the day brings, I pray you find someone as strong as me to stand with through it today — emphasis on “like me”. Good morning, bro.

5. You’re so close to me now that I consider you a brother. Well, who knows? The 90s were crazy. Good morning, my friend.

6. Friends like you make me want to partner with a company that produces painkillers. But y’all are so sweet! Good morning, dear.

7. Once again, this is to appreciate you for being a good friend and to ask you when next you’ll skip work so we’ll play games. Good morning, my guy.

8. Good morning. Have you learnt how to swim yet? What of how to dance? Reply ASAP.

9. Welcome to today. I hope you find more than enough food to eat today. Good morning, friend.

10. I love you, my friend, and I think you’re fit to be my pet. But I don’t want a human pet yet. So can you be a dog? Good morning, friend.

11. Good morning to the laziest bone on earth. I hope you have a great day.

12. One of the things you need most is a good morning from me, so here it is. Good morning, paddy.

13. If you ever have no idea on what to do with your morning, send two hundred good mornings to me. Good morning, boy.

14. People like you make me want to wake up and not wake up at the same time. You’re so amazing. Good morning, friend.

15. Every day gives me a chance to meet with “beautiful” people like you. Even though it feels like there is a call to cure you all of your madness, I refuse to answer the call. I like your madness. Good morning.

16. This morning is the most beautiful morning for me. I wonder what you plan to do with yours, and I’m concerned because I know how silly you can be. Good morning, girl.

17. I know you woke up today young, dumb and broke. May today make you not like me, because I’m worse right now. Good morning, friend.

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18. God sent me to the world to meet you so you would have someone to send you beautiful messages like the ones I send to you. I think you should tell God a thank you. Good morning to you, boy.

19. Never take anything for granted, anything, including the number of times you fart daily. Good morning to you, fam.

20. It’s funny how today will make attempts to be like yesterday while still trying to be unique. Let’s live above the already confused day as Jesus did with water. Good morning to you, bro.

21. Hope your breakfast has love as an ingredient and your day is filled with peace. And, if possible, I wish for myself a better day. Good morning to you, my friend.

22. You are set for a great day. I hope your boss won’t sack you when you go super excited at work today. Enjoy the day. Good morning, dear friend.

23. I’m excited that you made it to today. It’s a new day and I hope you get used to it soon enough. Lol. Good morning, my dear friend.

24. Doesn’t the air smell different today? Or is it just me? Well, over here, the air smells like my favourite soup. Good morning to you, fam.

25. It’s a new day and a good one to procrastinate. Let’s get lazy today, fam! Or wait! Let’s procrastinate the procrastination till another day. Good morning, friend.

26. There’s nothing new under the sun, so don’t expect a special greeting for me because today is called a new day. Get up and grind, mehn! Good morning to you, friend.

27. Let’s play throughout the day and extend it to the end of the month, and see if we will collect our salaries. You’re in? Good morning, buddy.

28. Life will be so boring without people like you in it, especially my life. But you still find a way to give me a headache. What should I do with you? Good morning, though.

29. I really can’t tell how bright the day is on your side, but I’m damn sure the sun lives in my house this morning. This is me giving you a reason to be jealous. Good morning, buddy.

30. I’ve forgiven all the people that hurt me in the past except you. Give me breakfast this morning to earn my forgiveness. Good morning to you, my babe.

31. Maybe we’ve overrated greetings. Well, I’ll just greet you today. Pray, I have the strength to do so tomorrow. Good morning, bro.

32. See, I pray you have the “respect” to greet all your elders today. I bring you this greeting in the name of fun. Good morning, my friend.

33. Good morning to you, baby. You’re so dear to me that I said I must send a greeting no matter how the message will be. Here is it.

34. How many days left till the end of the year? I like new years! Good morning to you, my baby.

35. Been a while since I sent a good morning text, so I’m using you to feel good about myself. Good morning, boy.

36. Sending messages does not mean I’m greeting from my heart. And yes! I’m not greeting from my heart. Good morning to you and your big head.

37. Even though there are many ways to say good morning, I think this is the easiest. Enjoy life as time changes. Good morning to you, friend.

38. I am a bully with friends in the military. Tell me a good morning before we storm your house and make you do it. Good morning to you, friend.

39. It’s a beautiful day. I was looking for something dumb to do and I settled for sending you a good morning. So here we go.

40. I’m like a magician. I’m staying in my house to tell you good morning. No need to respond. Your magic is not impressive. Good morning to you, my friend.

41. I don’t know what else to say this morning than to ask if you’ve seen Game of Thrones. If you haven’t, just avoid me today. Good morning to you, my friend.

42. This is a greeting from my heart, the one I drew in a notebook last week. Wait. Which heart were you thinking? That one is not for men. Lol. Good morning to you.

43. Good morning. There’s a lot of life out there for us to enjoy, and there’s a lot of work in here for us to do. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Good morning, friend.

44. If your morning is not filled with bread and beans, trust me when I say it’s not as sweet as mine. Come over or keep your boring morning to yourself. Good morning, though.

45. I feel like cruising round town today, watching buildings, playing rock music and giving free rides to people. But I don’t have a car. Good morning to you, buddy.

46. I feel like there’s only one more year before the world ends. I don’t know why, but maybe it’s because I’m just bored. Good morning to you.

47. I guess it’s just funny that the world will one day give me an award for these beautiful messages I send to my friends. Good morning to you, bro.

48. Good morning. We should work on silent alarm clocks that wake you up without noise; clocks that will wake you up without disturbing you in any way. You’re in?

49. Holla, buddy. I prepared a lot of goodies for you. Come for them, but just have it in mind that goodies are relative. Good morning to you.

50. There’s something you need to see this morning. Turn on the TV now and go to your favourite channel. It’s the news. What were you thinking it was? Good morning to you.

51. Guess what? I’m having your favourite food as breakfast. You’re not invited, though. Good morning to you.

52. Remember the way you woke today? That’s exactly how I woke too. Don’t ask me how I know. Good morning.

53. There’s no way today will pass without me eating pizza. Good morning, dear friend.

54. Every day, bad things happen, but saints like me make the earth sweeter. Tell me thank you. Good morning to you, friend.

55. I wanted to be the first to tell you good morning so I dropped this wake up to message. Good morning to you, friend.

56. This is me hoping you ate well last night and that you have what to eat this morning. Good morning to you, buddy.

57. There are a lot of things that can make a morning beautiful and my good morning is the best of all of them. Good morning to you, bro.

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58. You’re so much like the brother I never had, and all my brothers were handsome. Lol. Good morning to you, friend.

59. Good morning. This is me telling you that you can be whatever you want to be. You can be as awesome as I am on a bad day and you can be like you on a good day. Get it? Lol.

60. Quick reminder: The best thing to have is Jesus. And the second best thing is me. Admit it, bro. Good morning to you.

61. It’s been a while since I felt excited enough to send you a good morning, so here we have it. Good morning, buddy.

62. Hey, boy. Remember that today has something between twenty-three and twenty-five hours? Good. Good morning to you, bro.

63. Days like this, I just want to dance from morning till night. But how can I when I can’t dance? Good morning to you, boy.

64. I have one instruction for you today. Enjoy the day till you can no more. But since you’re broke, don’t get anyone pregnant. Good morning, friend.

65. Dear friend, this is to inform you that today’s a party day for me. Good morning to you, my friend.

66. Hello, friend. Why are you so stiff? Will you ever loosen up and let’s turn stuff upside down? Good morning, my friend.

67. You’re not a funny and easily excited person, so I’ve decided to let you breathe. But I’m not doing so happily.

68. A story for you. I woke up like a king… You’ll get the end of the story later. Good morning, dear friend.

69. Been a while we spoke, so this is me being a sweetheart and breaking the silence. Good morning to you, buddy.

70. What can I do without friends like you? Wait! There’s a lot I can do, though. Lol. Good morning to you, fam.

71. Blessed are you, for you have me as a friend. Good morning to you, friend.

72. I’m not wishing you evil, but may you not be satisfied with money. Get it? Lol. Good morning to you, bro.

73. Have the best of days and may you remember to visit me today. Good morning to you, my friend turned brother.

74. May you be like salt, very important. This is also me saying may you be like me. Good morning to you, brother.

75. Hope you have all your underwear washed? Good morning to you, babe.

76. You did not visit me yesterday. Get ready and make your peace with God, because I’ll kill you today. Good morning to you, fam.

77. When last did you have a one on one with me? It’s been long. Don’t you feel weaker? Lol. Good morning to you, buddy.

78. I don’t like you, bro. But I love you. Lol. Good morning to you.

79. One life is all we have to do all we want to do. Remember heaven, though. Good morning to you, fam.

80. This period, when you enter the house of a good man like me, remember to bring gifts, plenty of gifts, especially food. Lol. Good morning to you, friend.

81. For some days, I’ve been looking for how to dodge work for a week without having to lie. Still thinking. Good morning to you, man!

82. Every day brings a chance for us to be together. But work won’t allow us to be. Good morning, my friend.

83. I’ve been broke for too long that I’m very sure today is the day I’ll become a billionaire. Good morning to you, fam.

84. Today is a beautiful day, but very ugly when compared to my face. Good morning to you, my man.

85. Hey, friend. This is to remind you they lied when they said bad things happen to good people. Everything that happens to good people work together for their good. Good morning, buddy.

86. I’m not trying to be funny when I say I can’t live without you. But I’m trying to be super funny when I say you’re amazing. Lol. Good morning, dear.

87. When the day is young, like this, we can play on its intelligence better. So let’s rock it before it grows beards and keeps us in check. Good morning to you.

88. Every morning is like a new birth, so feel free to cry. Lol. Good morning to you, boy.

89. All the world knows that today will be awesome for me and you. The main question here is this: Do all the world really know? Good morning, my guy.

90. This morning, I feel like applying for an exam I already wrote and passed in the past, just for the fun of it, or just so I’ll write it without any pressure. Good morning to you, my friend.

91. I’m so positive about today that I feel like I should have woken up at midnight to rock the full 24 hours. Good morning to you, my dear friend.

92. When last did you gimme a call? Have you abandoned me? Or do you not recharge anymore? Good morning to you, friend.

93. I swear I can’t describe how blessed today will be for me. I’ll be so blessed that I’ll be feeling like Jesus’ elder brother. Good morning, bro.

94. Everywhere you go today, make someone happy. To make this easier, just be like me. Lol. Good morning to you, buddy.

95. When I say good morning, I mean it, except today. Good morning to you.

96. Today’s free for me? Want to do some experimental cooking? Good morning, my brother from outside the family.

97. Hey, friend. There’s a lot of good in the day for you, and I think dinner with me is the best among them all. Good morning to you, paddy.

98. Enjoy your day and stay away from trouble. But if you get into any, shout my name. I’m one call away. Good morning, friend.

99. There’s no good you can’t get today, so go and rock the day. Just remember to turn up for dinner in the evening. Good morning, my friend.

100. What manner of person are you? Don’t ask what inspired the question. I just felt like asking. Good morning to you, my dear friend.

101. I’m so strong this morning that I could beat up King Kong. I wish you strength like mine. Good morning, buddy.

102. In no time, it’ll be I and the office. I wish you a better day. Good morning, brother.

103. Take it or leave it, your today will be sweeter than yesterday, and mine will be sweeter than yours. Good morning to you, friend.

104. You’re so dear to me that I don’t mind making today longer than 24 hours just so I’ll see you today. Good morning to you, friend.

105. Of all the beautiful things earth has seen, you’re one of the most beautiful. But I am the most beautiful. Good morning, beautiful friend.

106. I’ll never really understand why the day has only twenty-four hours. But until then, let’s keep rocking it. Good morning, friend.

107. A smile will be good on your face when you’re reading this, so people around you will think it’s funny. Good morning, buddy.

108. I can tell you how today will be. First, there’ll only be twenty-four hours in it. Then forget the others. You don’t want to hear them. Good morning, dear.

109. I can’t lie that you’ve not been an awesome friend. Buy a plate of food for me today and you’ll be more awesome. Good morning to you. friend.

110. Hello, friend. Today’s going to be so bright for you, so wear sunshades so the day doesn’t make you blind. Good morning to you, dear friend.

111. Hope you meet the love of your life today. Good morning to you, friend.

112. Good morning to my friend, the best friend a person can have. What’s for breakfast?

113. I like mornings. I feel like everyone does so too. What about you? Good morning to you.

114. Messages like these, especially from me, may just be all you need to have a great day. Good morning to you, dear.

115. I have no regrets having you as a friend, except that you make me play too much. Good morning, dear friend.

116. I can’t ask for a better morning than one with bread and yoghurt. Good morning, my friend.

117. Tell me you will make breakfast today. In other words, give me hope. Good morning, dear.

118. Maybe I’m trying to book a space in your day with this text. Maybe. Good morning to you, fam.

119. How was your night? Hope you dreamt of beautiful things and people like me? Good morning, buddy.

120. Well, after all said and done, a new day is still here for us to make the best of. Let’s party! Good morning, friend.

You just finished a compilation of Funny Good Morning Messages for Friends. Take the one you love, or your favourite, and do the magic.

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