2024 Best Happy Valentine’s Day Best Friend Messages

Valentine messages are not exclusively saved for lovers, but for friends as well. And that’s because love spreads across many facets of life.

Best friends who must have been there in good and bad times sure deserve to be sent some sweet love and pecks in form of messages on a very special day such as Valentine’s day.

So, messages that are well suited for your bestie on Valentine’s day have been formed to make them feel the love and beauty of the day.

Revamp your ties with your best friend this year, 2024 by sending them some Happy Valentines Day Best Friend messages.

Happy Valentine’s Day Best Friend Messages

Happy valentine’s day to my best friend messages to my lovely and caring friend.

1. The love between us as best friends is worth celebrating on this special Valentine’s day.

2. I may not tell you all the time, but your love has kept this friendship soaring higher. Happy val, bestie.

3. I’ll be lying if I said, “I could have a better friend beside you.” Happy Valentine’s day, best friend.

4. There’s a special spot in my heart for a very good friend like you. Happy Valentine’s day to the best friend anyone could ever wish for.

5. Our bond is to be celebrated today, cause it’s on the basis of love. Happy val.

6. I have a best friend that looks good every Valentine’s day. I’m wishing you a very happy val with the one your heart beats for.

7. Even as a friend, you held my heart from the first day I saw you. Happy val’s day.

8. You may not know it, but you’re so full of love and such a delight to watch. May this val bring you luck.

9. You may be my bestie, but you’re the reason I gave love a chance. Enjoy your val.

10. Lock your lips with the one you truly love, today. Have a lovely val.

11. I promise to be here for you, offering you nothing, but my total love. Happy val.

12. Everyone would take pride in loving a good person like you. May your heart find love in this season of val.

13. You see through me in such a way no one else would do. For being my friend and my love at the same time, I’m wishing you a memorable val.

14. Your voice awakens my soul to love again. I believe in love because you asked me to. So, today, I celebrate you. Happy val.

15. You brought down the wall of pride in me and built in me true love instead. May this val be more special than the previous.

16. I’m glad my heart chose a friend like you to be my bestie. Happy val’s day.

17. With a friend like you, my Valentine’s day would only be filled with true love and happiness.

18. Can’t wait to take the stage with you, dance to the rhythm of our favourite love song. Happy Valentine’s day, bestie.

19. You’re the only one I see on this special valentine. May our friendship live forever just as Valentine’s day lives on.

20. May this val bring you love before anything else. Enjoy your val by keeping me in mind.

21. Any val I spend far away from you, I find myself to be unhappy. I’m glad we’ll get to spend this val together.

22. May this Valentine’s day pour out so much love on us and tighten our bond than ever.

23. You’re the only friend that says what’s on my mind. Thank you for always been available in my life. Happy Valentine’s day.

24. I’m crazy about this rare bond that we share. I can’t live this life without a best friend like you. Enjoy you val, dearie.

25. There’s something about our friendship and it’s the loyalty we share. Happy Valentine’s day.

26. I’ve waited for this day like I wait for a rare moon, to tell you just how much I love you. Have a lovely valentine.

27. May our love go as far as we live. My favourite val is you. Happy Valentine’s day, bestie.

28. Love is all about giving; so today, I give you all of my heart. Happy Valentine’s day, bestie.

29. I can’t live without a friend like you. Happy val.

30. You’re the reason I hold on during hard times. I want to tell you just how much I love you on this Valentine’s day.

31. You fix me when I’m broken and show me the light when I’m too blind to see it. Happy val, my friend.

32. I want to see your extreme laughter today and feel your greatest love. Happy val to my best friend.

33. May you find love on this valentine. May this message bring you the luck you need to fall in love with the right one.

34. You’re my val because what I feel for you is true love. Happy Valentine’s day, bestie.

35. If you ever fall, I’ll be there to lift you up beyond your expectation. Happy Valentine’s day to my only best friend.

36. You rejoice when I’m happy and grieve with me when I’m sad. Happy Valentine’s day to a loyal friend.

37. On this day, I’ll choose to forgive your mistakes and accentuate your flawlessness. I love you, bestie. Have a wonderful val.

38. May all your lonely walls be brought down by the power of valentine. Happy val.

39. Whisper your wishes to the star and I’ll bring it to pass because you’re my val.

40. Together, we’ll make beautiful Valentine’s day memory.

41. I’m innately beautiful because you showered me your undying love. Happy Valentine’s day to my only friend.

42. You have my trust and love with you at all time. Happy Valentine’s day, bestie.

43. Having a friend like you is like having it all, cause you’re always there for me. Happy valentine.

44. You’ve been my light, love and strength at all trying time. You deserve the best val gift in the world.

45. You loved me more than a sister and just like a mother, you nursed me even though I was just a friend. Happy Valentine’s day.

46. For all those times you’ve been the angel I needed to save me, I’m forever grateful. Happy valentine to a true friend.

47. Thank you for always giving me a hand when I’m down. Thank you for touching my heart. Have a wonderful val, best friend.

48. You made me see the truth about myself and believe more in me. Happy Valentine’s day to that beautiful friend.

49. May love always favour you. May the power of love save you from the world’s cruelty. Happy val.

50. Do not run away from love, but to love on this Valentine’s day. Enjoy your day.

Valentine’s Day Quotes for Best Friend

Happy Valentine’s Day Quotes for My Darling Friend.

51. Happy Valentine’s day to the only friend I know to be true. You drive my fears away and fill my heart with love.

52. I’ll give my gifts to you and write a message of love with your name because you’re my valentine. Happy valentine, bestie.

53. Friends like you make loving the easiest thing to do. Happy Valentine’s day, pretty friend.

54. Let’s make up for the lost times, let’s celebrate what our friendship has been from the time past. Happy valentine, my dearie.

55. You’ve won my heart just like you have my respect. Happy valentine, sweet friend.

56. I’ll live to honour you as a friend in a million. With all my love for you, I wish you a blissful valentine.

57. You’ve done more than a boyfriend would do, you’ve pleased more than any lover could. Happy valentine to a friend that is true.

58. I’ll never find a number two. You remain my number one forever. Happy valentine, bestie.

59. With my friend by my side, there’s nothing in my dreams I cannot do. Happy valentine to a great support system.

60. We’ve conquered fears, won many battles and have remained friends still. Happy valentine to my sweetest friend.

61. You’ve never hidden the love you have for me. Neither have you pretended to not be my friend. Happy Valentine’s day, best friend.

62. Unlike the rest, you’ve been by my side through the stormy weather and raging sea. Happy Valentine’s day to a friend like no other.

63. With you, the sky has got rainbows. Hence, I’m confident the future is bright. Happy valentine, sweet friend.

64. You are my val and my friend, so accept my love and affection today and forever. Happy Valentine’s day, best friend.

65. We are not just ordinary friends, but friends who have the right to be each other’s valentine. Happy Valentine’s day, bestie.

66. Your laughter and jokes make my heart pump in excitement. To a friend who makes me laugh; happy valentine.

67. Searching for one who cares, then I found you. Be my val, bestie.

68. Can I have your heart forever, can I keep our friendship till eternity? Happy Valentine’s day, bestie.

69. I’ll never replace your love and attention. They’ll be my memories forever. Happy valentine, bestie.

70. To a friend who looks perfect to me; be my friend forever and my val today.

71. I am not defeated, not destroyed, nor dismayed because I have a friend like you. Happy valentine to my bestie.

72. We’ve had struggles, but most importantly, we’ve had victories too. I’m never alone with you by my side. Happy Valentine’s day, beautiful.

73. To a friend who turns water into wine by the power of love; happy valentine, sweetheart.

74. I can’t wait to say; you’re the val I’ve always wanted. Happy valentine, sweet friend.

75. Stick around till the end, be my friend whom I’ll love forever. Happy Valentine’s day, sweet friend.

76. To the passion in my heart and to the friend of ages; happy Valentine’s day, bestie.

77. My heart has found rest in a friend’s garden. My eyes has found love in the eyes of a friend. Happy valentine’s day, dear friend.

78. I could not hope to afford you, but you befriended me still. Happy valentine, bestie.

79. I’ll never fail to express my gratitude to you when the opportunity comes calling. Bless you, my friend. Happy valentine.

80. Your heart is like none. I hope you be my friend forever. Happy Valentine’s day, lovely soul.

81. A friend would never leave when it’s rough. You showed me that when I wasn’t looking. Happy Valentine’s day, best friend.

82. You’ve mended my heart in the broken past. You’ve sealed my heart with peace instead of a kiss. Happy valentine, sweet bestie.

83. Drink out of my wine, share the sky with me because you are my val. Happy valentine, angel.

84. I’m ready and set to be there for you always. As I am prepared to be your valentine tonight. Happy valentine, bestie.

85. I’ll always love you. For it is what I do for a living. Happy Valentine’s day, bestie.

86. When I look into your eyes, you’re worth more than the flowers and the jewels. Happy Valentine’s day, bestie.

87. Just a glimpse of your smile will fulfill this valentine for me. Be my val, bestie.

88. You’ve offered so much more than a friend would do. Happy valentine, sweet friend.

89. The love of a friend is liberating and enchanting at the same time. I never want to let you go. Happy valentine, bestie.

90. These four walls in my heart, I don’t want to break because you live inside of me. Happy valentine, bestie.

91. No matter the distance, you’ll always be my friend. Happy valentine, sweet friend.

92. You gave love to me in the middle of the dark nights. Happy valentine to the friend who deserves my heart forever.

93. Diamonds and gold are nothing new. But a friend like you is worth the keep cause you’re rare. Happy Valentine’s day, bestie.

94. I’ll go round and round this cycle of friendship with you, my bestie. Happy Valentine’s day, sweetheart.

95. You catch me when I fall. I’m amazed at the meaning of our friendship. Happy valentine, sweetheart.

96. Come have a swell time with me as we celebrate this valentine amidst the shining moon and stars. Be my val, bestie.

97. I’m ready for tonight. I hope you be my val. Happy valentine, sweet friend.

98. I hope you follow me till the end of life. I hope our friendship celebrates many more valentine together. Happy Valentine’s day, sweet friend.

99. Your picture would never fade in my heart. Happy Valentine’s day to the one who has my heart forever.

100. Me, my friend and I. Happy Valentine’s day, sweet friend. In my eyes, you’ll always find adoration. And in my heart, love that is true.

101. Friends like us would go on a valentine’s date because we’ve seen love through each other’s eyes and have fought for the friendship we believe in. Happy valentine to us, bestie.

102. I don’t mind taking you as my valentine because you are more than a friend to me. Happy valentine, bestie.

103. It’s hard to leave you out of the celebration because you are a friend who has proven to be true. Happy valentine, bestie.

104. For this friendship, we have done the impossible, and for its survival, we have won the toughest battles. Happy Valentine’s day to us, bestie.

105. Without locking lips with each other, but with great love in our hearts, we have earned the right to Valentine’s day celebration. Happy valentine, my dearest.

106. Valentines are not just for couples but for friends in love. Happy valentine, dearie.

107. Selflessness has been the core of our friendship. So, with my head high, I wish you a sweet Valentine’s day, bestie.

108. You may not be the love of my life, but you are a friend I could die for. Happy valentine, bestie.

109. You’ve given meaning to this day through the foundation upon which our friendship is built. Happy Valentine’s day, bestie.

110. I don’t mind spending the night with you under the stars because you are a friend who deserves to be my val. Happy valentine, dearie.

111. My gifts would not pass you by, cause in the years I’ve known you, you’ve warmed my heart with the light of friendship. Happy valentine, dearie.

112. Remember that you are always my val no matter what. Happy valentine, bestie.

113. Happy Valentine’s day to the friend who taught me the etiquette of a real friendship. Forever we’ll sail this ship.

114. Coupled with my gifts to you, I confess that you are more than a friend. Happy Valentine’s day, bestie.

115. On the eve of valentine, I find you to be the most amazing star in the sky. Be my valentine, bestie.

116. Laughter and joy, you have given to me because you’re my friend. Happy valentine to the one who brought happiness into my world.

117. We’ve lasted for so long, however, it still feels good like yesterday. Happy Valentine’s day, bestie.

118. Today reminds me of you; a gold amongst the stars. Happy valentine, my best friend.

119. Together we’ll hold hands and have each other’s back till the last day. Be my val all over again. Happy Valentine’s day, bestie.

120. Friendship is a gem with which you have adorned my neck. I hope we never drift apart thenceforward. Happy Valentine’s day, bestie.

Without an ounce of doubt, these best happy Valentine’s day best friend messages will make their day.

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