Relationship Sms Messages for Him or Her

Relationship Sms Messages for Him or Her

Renewing my vow……
I will love you forever faithfully,
And will be there for you through thick and thin of life.
I will always cherish you and never will I break your heart.
I love you.

A million miles away with a thousand thoughts of your love,
Brings more than emptiness within.
How I wish me and you stay together forever.
Missing you like summer in winter.

There is no spectacular thing about life if true love is missing.
True love is rare and priceless, but you gave me yours for free.
That is sacrificial enough. I will live to love you more.

I can’t just do without you.
You are my brainbox!
I will never have another one
Neither will I cheat on you.
You deserve the best. I love you.

You’re like a bird in the hand
And you’re worth not more than two
But more than million out there.
You are my best, forget about the rest

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