2024 Best Enjoy Your Weekend Quotes for Someone Special

A person who swept you off your feet and made your heart committed to loving them is deserving of a lovely weekend quote, you’d agree!

That someone may also be the one who has been there for you at a crucial point in your life and thus, has earned a place so sacred in your heart.

Whoever that someone may be, they are not left out in this array of weekend quotes.

So, make a choice, send to them and let them know, they’re irreplaceable and you care for them this weekend and beyond.

Do Enjoy Your Weekend Wishes Quotes for Him or Her

Make your friends, boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife, and family members have the best of the weekend by sharing these enjoy your weekend quotes with them.

1. I hope the angels include your name in the book of merrymaking. Cause you deserve to enjoy this weekend, my dear one.

2. Enjoy your weekend in love. Enjoy every second of it in kindness and grace.

3. I do wish good things happen to you this weekend. And I hope you share your good news with me, my darling.

4. Somehow, I hope you ease off all the stress and regain new energy for a lovely week.

5. Bask in the pleasantness of this weekend. Have fun through it all, my dear.

6. 48hrs of love and excitement. Have a swell weekend, my darling.

7. As tasty as the kisses of your lips, so shall your weekend be, my love.

8. You’re special to me. So, I hope every second of this weekend be extremely nice to you.

9. May the bells of happiness jingle in your heart as you play through the weekend, my dear.

10. Find rest, have fun and make love. Enjoy your weekend, sweetie.

11. A new kind of fun, I hope you experience on this weekend, dearie.

12. I hope you get credit alerts in your account from an angel of kindness. Enjoy your weekend, dearie.

13. Goodies numbering as stars in the sky, hopefully, you have to yourself this weekend.

14. May an angel of kindness remember you for good these lovely two days, my dear.

15. Indelible smiles on your face throughout this weekend, I pray.

16. I hope the universe makes it obvious on Monday morning, how exciting your weekend was.

17. I hope your weekend escapes the stress of worries and pain. Enjoy, sweetie.

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18. Hoping this weekend wins your heart for good.

19. Pay no attention to negativity. Let the love have your heart and mind. Enjoy your weekend, dear friend.

20. As you exhaust your glass of fine wine this weekend and relish every plate of food, I hope you also have a great time when the weekend is over.

21. Treat yourself to a nice dinner. For it is the least you deserve this weekend.

22. Oh my love, as my words travel to you, let my kisses rest on your lips. Enjoy your weekend, sweetie.

23. I hope the seed of love gets planted in your heart this weekend, dearie.

24. Enjoy your weekend with the least expected of miracles.

25. Ease off the tension and lay aside the weight of anxiety. Have a lovely weekend, my love.

26. Read every verse of my romantic poems to you. Have a perfect weekend, my love.

27. Call to hear my voice in the middle of nowhere. I’m always ready to protect you, my darling. And I hope you enjoy your weekend.

28. Have a superb weekend with safe trip and lovely meals.

29. I’ll always love you and be your hero forever. I hope you enjoy your weekend, my love.

30. Dear love of my life; put on your favorite dresses this weekend. And enjoy every moment in them.

31. May your eyes be full of beautiful sight that’ll make such a splendid nostalgic memory as the weekend draws to an end.

32. Enjoy your weekend under the brightness of the moon and her friendly stars.

33. Enjoy every breeze the sea blows on your lovely skin. It’s an appreciation of your good work during the week.

34. My heart hungers to see you, but this weekend must pass first. So, hastily enjoy.

35. I’ll prepare a room in my heart for you to relax. You should be there throughout the weekend, my love.

36. Fill up a glass of {“wine” https://www.wine.com/} to unwind your mind. Enjoy your weekend, dearie.

37. Weekends are for smiles. I hope you do smile through the 48hrs.

38. Dance through the weekend. Make sure of it, my love.

39. Enjoy your favorite drink with a fun read through your favorite book this weekend, dearie.

40. Can’t stop thinking of you, my love. It’s the weekend and I’ll be away but enjoy every hour of it, my darling.

41. Listen to our love song as the weekend gently passes by.

42. Look in the mirror and admire the beauty of your face, look into your heart and see how serene it is with love. Enjoy your weekend, dearie.

43. Spread petals on your bed. Enjoy the fragrance of its smell. A lovely weekend, I hope you have, my love.

44. Every part of me wants you. But most importantly, it wishes that you enjoy the weekend.

45. Let the sound of the piano caress you to sleep this weekend, my love.

46. I send my love to you through the wind. Bless its breezes with a kiss. Have a great weekend, my love.

47. As the clock ticks this weekend, remember to enjoy every tick of it.

48. From the high heavens shall your love come from. A weekend to love, I pray for you.

49. I hope your head rests unhurt on the pillow. Enjoy your weekend, sweetie.

50. As you go on to explore and enjoy this weekend, know that I am yours truly, my darling.

51. Make this weekend all about beautiful smiles and memories to last for a lifetime. Have a great weekend, sweety.

52. Weekends are for bonding. I want to see you enjoying your weekend by my side.

53. Let Saturday be for romance and Sunday for reminiscing together under the sky. Enjoy your weekend, baby.

54. I’ll be enjoying my weekend with my heart beating for you non stop. Do enjoy yours as well, baby.

55. Don’t stress your mind. Just live to love as long as the weekend lasts, cause I’ll be doing the same. Enjoy your weekend, my darling

56. The best weekend is the one scheduled for the tryst. Let’s meet up at our favourite spot. Happy weekend, darling.

57. Weekends are for surprises that blow the mind away. I’ll take you unaware this weekend, my darling.

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58. All weekend, I’ll be thinking of you, cause you’re special to me. Enjoy your weekend, my baby.

59. Weekends are not for missing someone special, but for meeting someone special. See you soon, my love.

60. I’ll be all over you this weekend, cause I’ve missed you all week long. Happy weekend, baby.

61. The weekend came so early and it’s all because you were here with me during the week. Can’t wait to see your face again. Have a lovely weekend, baby.

62. I’ve been waiting for this weekend as a pregnant woman awaits her due date. I’m happy it’s finally here. Happy weekend, baby.

63. The best way to spend the weekend is between your arms.

64. I see a beautiful weekend in your eyes. I hope we’ll live it together.

65. I’m about to have the most romantic weekend for the first time in my life. Happy weekend, baby.

66. Boring weekends are over, cause with you, all weekends are set on fire with passion and love.

67. Seize the weekend to do the things you love the most. Enjoy your weekend, hon.

68. The best days to have a great time without thinking about tomorrow is during the weekend. Relish in the moment, darl.

69. I’m so eager to see what you have for me this weekend. Happy weekend, baby.

70. I’m here to make your weekend special than usual. Together, we’ll have the best weekend of our lives.

71. Make it a habit to stay off worries during this weekend. Enjoy your weekend, baby.

72. I love you, especially when it’s the weekend.

73. Heaven appears once it’s weekend. Happy weekend, baby.

74. I want to be next to you as long as the weekend lasts. Let’s watch out for the stars together.

75. The only weekends that matter to me are the ones I get to spend with you.

76. I love the weekends because I love you. Happy weekend, hon.

77. Without you, I’ll never enjoy my Saturdays and Sundays. I’ll only get to be by my lonesome. Thank you for making my weekends memorable.

78. Let’s make this weekend the best we’ve ever had so far.

79. Enjoy your weekend, hon. Don’t mix pleasure with business.

80. Let’s dedicate our weekend to just making each other smile, baby.

81. I want to party with you this weekend. I want you to sing me my favourite karaoke song. Let’s enjoy the weekend.

82. This little moment will count, I promise you. I’ll not let this weekend go without making you happy.

83. No matter how the weekend goes, be sure I’ll never leave you out of my plan. Enjoy your weekend, baby.

84. All I want for the weekend is you, my love.

85. I don’t need roses nor the rainbow and sunshine this weekend. I only need you by my side. Happy weekend, darl.

86. I want to engage in my favourite activities with you this weekend. Please, don’t say no to me, my love. Let’s enjoy our weekend together.

87. Weekends are meant to be shared. Hence, let’s share this weekend together in love.

88. I don’t want to find you missing during the weekend, otherwise, my heart will be broken. Please, stand next to me.

89. Let’s celebrate the weekend with love and making good memories we’ll never forget.

90. I plan to be happy this weekend, but not without you, my love. Happy weekend.

91. We’re meant to spend the weekend together. Let’s make that a dream come true.

92. I’m hoping to see you this weekend walking up to me like a ray of sun from the sky to the earth. Happy weekend, babe.

93. Let’s try a new thing this weekend. Moreover, weekends are for adventures.

94. I don’t want to have a boring weekend. Let’s make it spontaneous. Happy weekend, my darl.

95. I’m waiting to receive you like a royalty this weekend. Baby, make a grand entrance.

96. I guarantee you’ll have a love filled weekend as long as I’ll be there with you. Happy weekend, baby.

97. Let’s travel the world this weekend, even to the moon and back. Enjoy your weekend, darling.

98. The best nights lie within the weekend. Let’s enjoy it in each other’s abode, my love.

99. I’m ready for the weekend, as long as you’re ready for me. Happy weekend, hon.

100. Just I and you and the weekend will be fine.

Go make special the weekend of that special someone.

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